Knicks hammer Hawks as starters lead the way in 3rd straight win

Knicks Randle

On Saturday night, the New York Knicks hammered the Atlanta Hawks, scoring 117 points compared to 108 from their opponents.

After executing a trade with Atlanta this past week, the Knicks enjoyed playing the Hawks without Cam Reddish, who is averaging 12 points this season over 23 minutes. While Trae Young did contribute 29 points, his -13 +/- was the worst on either team.

Alongside Young, Danilo Gallinari contributed 17 points, but the team shot just 36.4% from three-point range. The Knicks were far more effective with their shooting efficiency, hitting 41.9% of shots from deep and 50.6% from the field.

Every starter for New York posted double-digit points, including 26 from RJ Barrett on 2 of 5 shooting from three-point range and 8 of 20 from the field. Julius Randle added 24 points with a game-high +12 +/-, six rebounds and a team-high nine assists. Mitchell Robinson also had a stellar performance, contributing 14 points and 13 rebounds, including five offensive.

Barrett has led the way for the Knicks’ offense and recent days, stringing together nine consecutive double-digit performances, including three games with 26 points or more.

In the month of January, Barrett is averaging 24.3 points and hitting 50% of the shots from deep, showcasing one of the team’s more fruitful resolutions.

The Knicks are always looking to steal a game against Atlanta, especially after being knocked out of the postseason last year in the first round. Despite Trae’s outing, New York’s defense played admirably.

This season, it was only the first time that all Knicks starters scored at least 14 points, with Barrett and Randle combining for 50 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists. After reaching a .500 record in the win over the Dallas Mavericks, the Knicks are now one game above and slotted into the 10th seed.

Over the second half of the season, the Knicks will have to pick up a lot of ground to guarantee a playoff appearance, but they are only three games behind the 6th seeded Cleveland Cavaliers.

Calvin Kattar brutalizes Giga Chikadze at UFC Vegas 46


In the main event of UFC Vegas 46, we saw big time showdown in the featherweight division. Top contenders battled it out in a matchup with big time implications as Calvin Kattar (22-5) returned to take on the surging Giga Chikadze (14-2).

UFC Vegas 46 was the first time we’ve seen Calvin Kattar in about a year. Last year, Kattar kicked off the UFC’s 2021 when he took on Max Holloway in a headlining fight on Fight Island. Had Kattar won that fight, he might’ve had a title shot in 2021.

However, he fell short and took such a beating that he took some time away. Now, he’s refreshed and was ready to go tonight. Overall, Kattar is 2-1 in his last three and the two wins came against top contenders Dan Ige and Jeremy Stephens.

Standing across from Kattar tonight was Giga Chikadze. Chikadze has been on a sensational run since joining the UFC. Chikadze is currently sitting at 7-0 with the promotion. In his last fight, he completely destroyed Edson Barboza and proved he’s one of the best in the world.

UFC Vegas 46 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 46 main event kicked off with Kattar taking the center and he eats two strong leg kicks from Chikadze. Front kick just misses from Chikadze. Kattar holding the center but Chikadze is looking fast here in the opening minute with his kicks.

Kick from Kattar is checked. Kattar coming forward with a lot of pressure and he lands a jab. Chikadze circling on the outside trying to stay elusive. Two powerful body kicks land for Chikadze. Chikadze’s speed is something else here in the opening part of the fight.

However, he sleeps throwing a kick and Kattar jumps on him. Chikadze bounces him up Kattar gets a body lock and slams Chikadze to the ground. Kattar immediately gets into half guard with half a round to work. Nice shots to the body are landing from Kattar here.

Chikadze trying to defend but he’s eating some shots from Kattar. The two start scrambling and Chikadze nearly gets on top. However, Kattar reverses and is able to get Chikadze’s back. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Calvin Kattar at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Vegas 46 and it’s clear that Chikadze needs to keep this one standing. Kattar again takes the center to start the second round. Chikadze throws a big body kick that lands flush. Nice right hand lands over the top from Chikadze.

Kattar is pushing forward but he eats two more big kicks from Chikadze. Nice combination lands from Chikadze and Kattar just keeps pressuring. Powerful right straight from Chikadze but here comes Kattar. Kattar lands three straight jabs. Right straight from Kattar.

The two exchange straight shots. Big shot from Chikadze but he’s starting to look tired here. More pressure from Kattar and he lands a big combination on Chikadze. Chikadze is really starting to breathe heavy here as Kattar is relentless with his pressure.

Knee lands for Kattar and he hits Chikadze with a big shot over the top. Massive elbow lands for Kattar. Big combination from Chikadze but Kattar just walks through it. Kattar is walking Chikadze down here. Big shot lands for Kattar and he lands a jab behind it.

Three left straights land for Chikadze and now he pushes forward. Spinning back elbow from Kattar. Kattar and Chikadze are just throwing here. Big takedown from Kattar to end the round at what a round it was. 2-0 Kattar at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 3

Entering the third at UFC Vegas 46 and all momentum is with Calvin Kattar here. Chikadze breathing very heavy here in the third round. Two jabs open the round for Kattar. Another jab from Kattar and Chikadze is very flat-footed here. Stiff jab from Chikadze finds Kattar’s chin.

Kattar shoots in for a takedown but can’t get Chikadze down. Both men exchange jabs. Nice lead elbow for Calvin Kattar. Powerful 1-2 lands for Kattar. Kattar is piecing Chikadze up here in the third round. However, Chikadze answers back with a nice 1-2.

Low kick from Chikadze. Jab from Kattar and another low kick from Chikadze. Huge right hand from Chikadze and that forces a takedown attempt from Chikadze. Chikadze had to use the fence but he stays on the feet. They separate and they’re back to striking.

Both men are looking really tired here. Left over the top from Kattar and then he lands a big elbow. Jab from Kattar and he lands a nice right hook over the top. Counter left hook from Kattar as Chikadze comes in. However, Chikadze hurts Kattar with a combination of his own.

That said, he’s too tired to really follow up and Kattar recovers. Kattar answers back with a couple of big shots. Chikadze pushes forward strong in the final seconds and both men exchange gis shots. After three at UFC Vegas 46 and it very well might be 3-0 Kattar.

Round 4

Chikadze was able to land some big shots in the third and he needs to continue that in the fourth. Kattar immediately starts pressuring to start the fourth. Both men exchange big shots in the center. Kattar triples up on the jab to back up Chikadze. However, Chikadze lands a massive body kick.

Kattar pushes forward and is just touching Chikadze here. Takedown attempt from Kattar is blocked. Step-in elbow from Kattar. Jab from Kattar and then Chikadze lands a calf kick. Kattar switches stances and lands two more jabs. Jab and right hook lands for Chikadze.

Chikadze pushing forward more here and it looks like he’s found a second win. Nice shots from Chikadze, however, Kattar clips him and that backs Chikadze up. Right jab and a big left hook behind it from Kattar. Kattar tries hard for a takedown but Chikadze keeps it standing.

Jab and lead elbow from Kattar. Another elbow from Kattar and Chikadze is looking out of it here. More pressure from Kattar and he lands another jab. Slicing elbows in tight from Kattar. Right hook from Chikadze lands.

He tries for a head kick but Kattar blocks. Body kick from Chikadze. Now here comes Chikadze. Big combinations from Chikadze but he eats a big elbow from Kattar and that hurt him. Kattar pushes forward and closes the round strong. 4-0 Kattar at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 46 and Chikadze needs a finish to win this one. Kattar comes forward and eats a kick from Chikadze. Big combination from Chikadze and he’s throwing everything he has here in the opening seconds. Kattar withstands it well then he comes right back at Chikadze.

Chikadze lands a nice right hook off his back foot. Kattar pushing forward and lands a nice 1-2. Two more jabs from Kattar and another big elbow that wobbles Chikadze. More jabs from Kattar and Chikadze throws a body kick.

Two more jabs and a big right hand over the top lands for Kattar. Chikadze tries to answer back but nothing there. 1-2 from Kattar. However, Chikadze stops the advancement with a couple of clean shots. Kattar goes right back on the pressure but eats a big kick.

Three straight jabs land for Kattar. Step-in elbow from Kattar lands a bloodied and battered Giga Chikadze. Body kick from Chikadze. Big combination from Kattar lands and Chikadze just eats it. Right over the top lands for Chikadze.

Another huge elbow and a left straight lands for Kattar. Jab from Kattar and a jab counter from Chikadze. Spinning elbow from Kattar. Chikadze lands a combination. Kattar lands another elbow and these two are going to throw to the end.

Chikadze gets dropped by Kattar in the final seconds and the bell saves Chikadze. What a dominant performance from Calvin Kattar!

Calvin Kattar def. Giga Chikadze by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-44)

Katlyn Chookagian outpoints Jennifer Maia at UFC Vegas 46

On the main card of UFC Vegas 46, we saw an important matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Top contenders battled it out for a second time as former title challengers Katlyn Chookagian (16-4) and Jennifer Maia (19-7-1) went to war.

As mentioned, this was the second time that these two flyweights will square off. The first time came back at UFC 244 with Chookagian picking up the decision win. That win earned Chookagian a title shot against Valentina Shevchenko.

Of course, Chookagian lost in that opportunity. Since her loss to the champion, Chookagian has gone 3-1 with the lone loss coming against former UFC champion Jessica Andrade. That said, she was riding a two-fight win streak heading into this evening.

On the other side of the cage was Jennifer Maia. Maia was looking to pick up her second consecutive win. The last time we saw Maia was back at UFC 264 when she took on Jessica Eye. That night she was able to win a decision.

That win came on the heels of her title loss to Valentina Shevchenko. The winner of tonight’s fight looked to be in a good position in the flyweight division.

UFC Vegas 46 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 46 flyweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Chookagian immediately takes the center and looks for her jab. Nice jab from Maia and Chookagian answers with a body kick. Stiff jab lands for Chookagian then she lands a big 1-2.

Nice calf kick from Maia lands. Both exchange jabs in the center. Chookagian lands a body kick then follows it with a front body kick. Big right hand lands for Jennifer Maia. Powerful calf kick from Maia and she follows it up with a 1-2. Some swelling on the face of Chookagian here.

Nice step in jab for Chookagian but she eats another big calf kick from Maia. Good combination from Chookagian lands. Maia lands a big right hand but Chookagian grabs a body lock. With the body lock, Chookagian is able to get the takedown and she settles right in the half guard.

Chookagian looks like she’s attacking an arm-triangle here and then she transitions into side-control. Nice knee to the body lands for Chookagian. Shoulder strikes from Chookagian. Maia is able to scramble and get back to her feet just before the round ends. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Chookagian at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Vegas 46 and Maia needs to get some momentum in this one. Maia comes out very aggressive in the second and she throws a combination. Good body kick from Maia but then she eats three straight jabs from Chookagian. Chookagian catches Maia coming in as Maia swung wild with a right hand.

Another wild right from Maia allows Chookagian to get a body lock. However, Maia defends well this time and uses the fence to keep it standing. Knee to the body from Maia and they break. Stiff jab from Chookagian. 1-2 lands for Jennifer Maia and Chookagian immediately answers with a combination.

Maia grabs a body lock of her own and pushes Chookagian against the fence. However, Chookagian immediately reverses and pushes Maia against the fence. Knee to the body from Chookagian and they break. Front kick from Chookagian and she lands a jab. Maia lands a very powerful log kick.

Big knee to the body lands for Chookagian but Maia lands a big combination to follow. Head kick just misses from Chookagian. These two just start swinging in the center. Chookagian lands a nice knee up the middle but Maia eats it and moves forward.

Maia shoots in and tries for a takedown. However, Chookagian reverses beautifully and gets Maia’s back. The round comes to an end and it was a very close round, but I have Chookagian up 2-0 at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 46 and Jennifer Maia likely needs a finish. She takes the center immediately but eats a body kick. Nice 1-2 lands for Chookagian. Maia swings a big right that just misses and Chookagian lands a nice knee to counter.

Stiff jab and then a combo behind it from Chookagian. Check left hook lands for Chookagian. Another jab from Chookagian. Nice dodge and counter from Chookagian who is looking really good here in the third round. Right hand over the top from Chookagian.

Chookagian tries pushing forward but eats a combo from Maia that backs her up. However, after a reset, Chookagian lands another nice 1-2. Right hand over the top connects from Maia. Body kick finds it’s home for Jennifer Maia. 1-2 from Chookagian snaps Maia’s head back.

Another stiff jab from Chookagian and she’s turning it on here in the third. Big jab and a body kick from Chookagian. Maia tries blitzing forward but nothing lands. Leg kick from Chookagian. Nice counter right hand lands for Maia.

Another combination lands for Chookagian and she’s beating Maia to the punch here. Lead left hand from Chookagian and she backs it up with a 1-2. The fight comes to an end and this should be a clean sweep for Chookagian at UFC Vegas 46.

Katlyn Chookagian def. Jennifer Maia by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

New York Giants: Patrick Graham could be on the radar of Minnesota Vikings

New York Giants, Patrick Graham

The New York Giants have fired Joe Judge, and they might see Judge’s top coordinator choose to take his leave also. According to a report from Aaron Wilson, Patrick Graham is getting attention around the league and is on the radar of the Minnesota Vikings as a head coach candidate.

Graham, of course, is the most respected member of the Giants staff right now. In fact, Graham is arguably in the running to replace Joe Judge as the head coach in New York. It would be a longshot, however, and there’s no guarantee that Graham stays around if a better job comes up elsewhere.

It’s a change from last season, when Graham turned down an interview for the Jets head coaching position. Graham didn’t seem that interested in becoming a head coach back then, but that is changing after the situation for the Giants grew worse over the past year. Additionally, Graham came to the organization because of the Judge hire. With a friend no longer there, Graham may see less reason to shy away from looking for a better job.

It’s unclear whether any teams are considering Graham as one of their main candidates, but it’s not unreasonable to say that some teams might be willing to look past the drop in performance in Graham’s defense over the past season. Not only did the Giants suffer from an unlucky amount of injuries compared to the league average, the defense was also forced to cover constantly for an offense that couldn’t stay on the field.

It seems like Graham could have a head coaching job sooner rather than later. If he doesn’t end up promoted within the Giants organization, that chance could come elsewhere instead.

Rumors connect Brian Flores, Deshaun Watson to New York Giants

Deshaun Watson, New York Giants

The New York Giants are currently searching for a new general manager and a new head coach. Among the top head coach candidates are some familiar names, like Brian Flores. The Miami Dolphins fired head coach Brian Flores this offseason despite a 9-8 record that included a seven-game win streak. According to new rumors from Jordan Schultz, Brian Flores is interested in taking his talents to the Big Apple – and apparently, he has plans to bring Deshaun Watson with him.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson did not play in the 2021 season due to a number of sexual assault allegations from various women. Watson has been working to settle many civil court cases over the last year. The Miami Dolphins nearly traded for the controversial quarterback mid-season with Brian Flores being the one who “nearly orchestrated” the deal.

Jordan Schultz claims that Brian Flores has a desire to coach the Giants. Schultz says Deshaun Watson has also “expressed a strong desire internally to play for the Giants.” Sources claim Watson and Flores have been in “constant communication trying to navigate a scenario where they go to the same team.” Both men are hoping that the New York Giants end up being that team.

Could the Giants consider the controversial Deshaun Watson?

Brian Flores is an excellent head coach candidate in which the New York Giants are expected to be interested. However, their level of interest for Deshaun Watson might not match that of Brian Flores. As Ian O’Connor (NY Post) points out, “it would be tough for [John] Mara to OK this one.”

There is so much controversy surrounding Deshaun Watson. The many allegations he faces are bound to scare teams away, as they did last season. Knowing the New York Giants place a heavy emphasis on off-the-field conduct, it seems unlikely that a trade for Watson would be considered.

Deshaun Watson is an elite, top-five quarterback in the NFL when he is healthy and on the field. But the reputation that Watson possesses could reflect poorly on any team that trades for him. In all likelihood, these rumors will remain rumors and the New York Giants will go in a different direction.

Overview of New York Giants’ 9 general manager candidates

joe schoen, giants

After what felt like an endless nightmare, Dave Gettleman’s tenure as the Vice President and General Manager of the New York Giants is over. Along with the end of the Gettleman era, Giants Head Coach Joe Judge has also been relieved of his duties. Finally, after four years of pain during Dave Gettleman’s 19-46, it’s starting to seem like there is a little bit of hope for the Giants due to the very impressive list of GM candidates that have been assembled so far.

The Giants have requested to interview 9 candidates with no prior ties to the franchise, a stark contrast to the 2017 GM search, which only contained one outside candidate: ESPN personality Louis Riddick.

Here’s a quick look at the 9 current GM candidates:

Joe Schoen – 43

Schoen is the current Asst. GM of the Buffalo Bills and was hired from the Dolphins, where he served as the director of player personnel from 2014-2017 after being internally promoted from being a college scout from 2009-2014. Schoen spent his first NFL years as a ticketing intern for the Panthers and later served as a scouting assistant until Miami hired him.

Schoen has just completed his first interview with the Giants; Co-owner Steve Tisch attended the meeting along with John and Chris Mara. The Giants are very intrigued by Schoen, and he seems to be the leading candidate as of now, partially due to his endorsement by former Coach Bill Parcells. Expect to hear his name come up often throughout this process, as the Vikings and Bears have also requested interviews.

Per uSTADIUM, Joe Schoen “crushed” his interview with the Giants.

Ryan Poles – 36

Poles took a job with the Cheifs back in 2009 and has been with the organization for the last 13 years, starting as a scouting assistant and working his way up to Director of Player Personnel.

The former college offensive lineman plays a key role in KC’s drafting strategy, serving as General Manager Brett Veach’s right-hand man in the war room. Poles was also involved in the rapid reconfiguration of the Cheifs O-Line following last year’s disastrous Super Bowl performance. Poles is especially attractive for a Giants organization that has been starving for good offensive line play and for a quarterback in Daniel Jones, who has been pressured practically as much as anyone in the NFL through his first three years.

Monti Ossenfort – 43

Currently, the Director of Player Personnel for the Titans since 2020, Monti Ossenfort has spent 16 years working his way through various scouting departments of the Patriots organization. According to Joe Rexrode, Ossenfort’s specialty lies in scouting college players, but he also manages the ready lists for the Titans.

Ossenfort had a strong relationship with former HC Joe Judge but is still a strong candidate without that connection. He was interviewed twice for the Panthers’ job opening last year and was also interviewed by the Browns in 2020.

Ryan Cowden – 43

Ossenfort’s Titans counterpart, Cowden, is in his 22nd NFL season and his 6th with the Titans. After 16 years with the Panthers’ organization, Cowden was offered to be the Director of Player Personnel for the Titans and was promoted to Vice President of Player Personnel in 2018. Cowden oversees all aspects of the Tennessee Titans scouting department and is widely considered to be in line for a GM job in the near future.

Adam Peters – 42

The 49ers’ Assistant GM is speculated to be one of the Giants’ top choices for their GM vacancy. Peters has 18 years of NFL experience, working his way up through the Patriots (2003-2008) and the Broncos (2009-2014) before becoming the 49ers VP of Player Personnel before the 2015 season. When current 49ers GM John Lynch was hired, he had no prior FO experience and hired Peters to be his right-hand man. According to John Barrows, “Peters has run the 49ers drafts since 2017.”

Ran Carthon – 40

Carthon has taken over Peters’ former position with the 49ers as the VP of Player Personnel during the 2021 NFL season. He previously served as the 49ers Director of Pro Personnel (2017-2020), the Rams’ Director of Player Personnel (2012-2016),  and cut his teeth as a pro scout for the falcons. The bears have also requested to interview Carthon.

Adrian Wilson – 42

Wilson is a former 5x Pro Bowl safety for the Arizona Cardinals and now serves as their Vice President of Pro Personnel. Previously, Wilson spent three years following his retirement from the NFL in 2015 as a scouting assistant for the Cardinals. Quickly rising through the Cardinals ranks, expect Wilson to be an active candidate during the Giants’ search.

Quentin Harris – 44

Harris, the Cardinals’ current VP of Player Personnel, was also a former Cardinals safety and has been with the front office for 14 years. According to the Cardinals, “Harris currently works alongside GM Steve Keim, managing both the college and pro personnel departments. His duties include evaluating the top college prospects nationally as well as the organization and implementation of the draft process. He oversees the pro personnel department, which includes player acquisition, evaluation, and assisting with player contract negotiations.”

Joe Hortiz – 47

Hortiz is currently in his 19th season with the Ravens’ Front Office and his 7th as the director of college scouting. Hortiz oversees all aspects of college scouting and is an especially attractive candidate due to the massive success that the Ravens have seen with their draft classes since he took over. Hortiz, who joined the organization in 1998, spent eight years as a scout for Baltimore before transitioning to a front office position.


Yankees officially sign top international shortstop prospect

New York Yankees, Brian Cashman

The New York Yankees have been picking up shortstop prospects at an incredible rate, and their latest acquisition was top international prospect Roderick Arias.

Arias is a phenomenal young infielder with tremendous physical attributes and potential. On January 15, the international signing period began, in which the Yankees landed Arias for $4 million.

The majority of the Yankees’ $5.179 million signing pool will be allocated toward Arias. The 17-year-old Dominican Republic native has a great arm, fantastic athleticism, and features a switch-hitting bat, an added value.

Via MLB Pipeline:

“Arias has plus arm potential. His throws are accurate and effortless, and he’s always in a position to make the throws. His arm is strong from any angle. He also shows good footwork with soft hands and above-average range.”

Via Baseball America:

“He’s a switch-hitter whose swing is quick, compact and adjustable, with the ability to recognize spin well for his age and good performances against live pitching. He makes hard contact for his age, with more power now from the right side, and a chance to grow into above-average power once he fills out his lean, athletic frame.”

The Yankees have an insane amount of talent in the minor leagues:

With Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza climbing through the Yankees’ farm system, they will have another young player to continue developing in the years to come. Considering he’s just 17 years old, Arias has 4/5 years until the Yankees could elevate him to the big leagues.

It is possible that Roderick works his way up with Jasson Dominguez, the Yankees’ other top international prospect, also known as “The Martian.” MLB Pipeline has Arias ranked as the No. 1 prospect, and Baseball America has him at No. 2, just behind Cuban outfielder Cristian Vaquero, who’s just 16 years old.

Interestingly, MLB Pipeline believes that Arias will immediately become the Yankees’ No. 5 overall prospects behind Volpe, Peraza, Dominguez, and Luis Gil.

If the Knicks can unlock Cam Reddish’s best basketball they will walk away with a steal

cam reddish, hawks, knicks

The New York Knicks can do some intriguing things with new acquisition from the Atlanta Hawks, Cam Reddish. Having played with RJ Barrett at Duke during his collegiate career, Reddish was once on the Knicks’ radar back in the 2019 NBA draft. However, the front office elected to stick with Barrett with the 3rd overall pick.

Reddish hasn’t experienced a lot of opportunity in Atlanta, something he hopes to gain in New York.

Reddish is averaging just 23.4 minutes this season, the lowest of his career by a sizable margin. He’s started seven games, despite being relatively healthy and recovered from an Achilles issue last year.

The 6’8″ small forward is contributing 11.9 points and shooting 38% from three-point range, both career highs in low minutes. As a small forward, he can contribute versatility, but some scouts believe he will fill the 3-and-D void the Knicks currently have after letting Reggie Bullock walk this past off-season.

According to Greg Joyce of NY Post, scouts are intrigued by the Knicks adding Cam Reddish:

“Most of the time, you say hey, when a guy’s been in the league about three years, maximum four years, he is what he is,” former 76ers scout Michael Vandegarde said in a phone interview. “But on the flip side, he still is 22 and he missed a significant chunk of time over his first three years. So you could look at it as a glass half-empty, glass half-full.

“A three-and-D guy, there’s massive upside to that for Cam Reddish and maybe he can be more. Maybe he can be a guy that finds a little more offense in his game. He definitely has the skill set to have more offense in his game.”

Reddish hosts a 113.8 defensive rating and -10 net rating. Low confidence and motivation might be a catalyst behind his lackluster play at times, having informed Atlanta’s front office he would prefer a bigger role on another team. Pairing up with Barrett will give him a familiar face to work with, and the energy of MSG can be reinvigorating.

“He’s an ascending offensive player and can defend multiple positions,’’ an Eastern Conference scout said. “He’s just 22 and the Knicks don’t have a big wing that talented on the roster. Cam hopefully will get a fair shot at this and make the most of it.’’

If the Knicks can get the most out of Reddish, they would walk away with a steal, having given up a 2022 protected first-round pick via Charlotte and Kevin Knox.
Given the third-year forward has experienced a tremendous increase in three-point efficiency, connecting on just 26% last season, witnessing a 12% increase this year.
Unfortunately for players like Quentin Grimes and Miles McBride, Reddish could eat into their playing time given his experience and versatility. His improvement as a shooter is something the Knicks can work with.
Reddish has seen a 10% increase to 50% with unassisted field goals made this season compared to last, meaning he’s becoming more of a creator. His percentage of points coming from the three-point shot has elevated to 42.9%, which is enticing given his efficiency this year. There is no doubt New York can extract ample value from Reddish moving forward, but Tom Thibodeau is going to make him fight for a spot on the team, which is the right move, in my opinion.

Knicks gain advantage over Hawks whether Cam Reddish plays or not | RJ Barrett excited to reunite with Duke teammate

On Thursday afternoon, theNew York Knicks executed a trade with the Atlanta Hawks, acquiring third-year guard Cam Reddish, formerly a Duke stand out.

Reddish is still dealing with an injury, so the Knicks will have to wait a few days before they can feature their brand new small forward, a position they don’t necessarily have on the roster at this point in time. While Evan Fournier is capable of playing the small, he’s primarily a shooting guard this season, utilizing his three-point efficiency as a result of the analytics department.

Over the next few days, the team’s front office will evaluate Reddish and identify the different ways he can impact with different play combinations. Coincidentally, the Knicks will play the Hawks on Saturday night, but they have a slight advantage whether Cam plays or not.

This season, Reddish is averaging 11.9 points and connecting on 38% of his shots from 3-PT range. Negating those numbers from Atlanta’s averages gives New York a competitive advantage.

“It gives us an opportunity to look at Cam,” Thibodeau said, via Greg Joyce of the NY Post. “We’ll see when he gets here, see how he fits in and then we’ll go from there. … Size, athleticism, wing position, that sort of thing. Sometimes a change of scenery is good for people. So we’ll see how it unfolds.”

In the deal, the Knicks gave up Kevin Knox and a 2022 protected 1st round pick via Charlotte. Overall, New York walks away with more immediate value, given they gain a player with versatility who can fill different roles. In fact, former Duke teammate RJ Barrett spoke of Reddish’s capabilities.

“It’s great to play with my Duke brother again,” Barrett said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m happy, can’t wait till he gets here. … I mean, he’s 6-8, very skilled, [can] shoot the ball, finish with both hands, plays great defense. So you’re getting a good, talented player.”

Barrett and Reddish were extremely successful during their playing days at Duke, and the Knicks nearly executed a trade-back to land Cam in the 1st round. However, they’ve stuck with Barrett and built around his skill-set.
RJ has been tremendous as of late, breaking a franchise record as the youngest player to enjoy consecutive games with 30+ points. In fact, he’s landed 30+ points in three of his last five games, shooting 50% from range in the month of January. The Knicks swapping an unproductive player in Knox for a legit role player in Reddish should give the Knicks more firepower to win close games if you’re playing the averages game.

WATCH: Yankees’ star prospect Jasson Dominguez hits lasers into outer space

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

There might not be a more exciting prospect in baseball than Yankees‘ Jasson Dominguez, despite being just 18 years old and featuring in Low-A ball this past season with the Tampa Tarpons.

There is not a single analyst and coach in the Yankees’ system that isn’t excited about his potential, having been compared to players like Mike Trout and Lou Gehrig back in their younger years.

However, Dominguez has a long way to go before he can realize that potential, but in the meantime, we can enjoy watching him smash baseballs into outer space.

Recently, general manager Brian Cashman gushed over Jasson’s qualities, specifically his work ethic.

“His work ethic is exceptional; his will to be successful is exceptional,” Cashman said recently, via Bryan Hoch of “When you engage all the departments, whether it’s player development, performance science, the measurables that come along with it — he’s basically an anomaly, something that doesn’t come along very often.”

Take a look at Dominguez hitting laser beams into the night sky that appear to fade into the abyss:

Via MLB Pipeline:

Dominguez not only has the potential for well above-average tools across the board, but he also has the advanced instincts and skills to get the most of them. A switch-hitter, he exhibits a smooth stroke, tremendous bat speed and strength from both sides of the plate. With precocious feel for the barrel and a mature, disciplined approach, he should hit for power and average.

If Dominguez can continue to develop at this rate, there’s no doubt he will end up being a phenomenal player at the big league level. With switch-hitting capabilities and unmatched athleticism for a player of his size and his age, all that he needs is the right coaching end guidance.

Luckily for the young slugger, the Yankees’ first minor-league female baseball coach Rachel Balkovec will have a hand in his growth. When asked about his capabilities, Balkovec harped on his character and personality, dodging his physical attributes.