New York Giants: Reacting to the ridiculous Kadarius Toney ‘bust’ narrative

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Some fans and analysts are already clamoring on about New York Giants‘ first-round pick, Kadarius Toney being a bust due to a few inauspicious offenses. When the Giants traded back in the 2021 NFL draft with the Chicago Bears, nobody expected them to take the Florida stand-out receiver, but he offers another element to the offense with his shifty abilities and powerful running style.

However, he has gotten off to a rocky start so far with the Giants, and somehow people are equating that to a bust narrative, despite him showing no signs of lacking respect or discipline. After rookie camp, where Toney was given the wrong size cleats without a guaranteed contract, he waited out voluntary camp but showed up to the facilities to ensure the coaching staff he was at the very least around the building.

One analyst devised an article questioning Toney’s start, harping on the time he spent with the second team during minicamp — a lazy analysis from NBC Sports analyst Mike Florio.

Via Dan Duggan of, Toney spent the mandatory minicamp working exclusively with the second-string offense. That meant he got no reps with quarterback Daniel Jones.

Toney, as noted by Duggan, has had a clunky start to his NFL career. His performances at rookie minicamp became undermined by a cleat issue (he did drills with one bare foot) and a minor injury. Then, he skipped three weeks of OTAs because he didn’t have a contract.

It seems as if Florio tries to pin these claims on Dan Duggan, who simply pointed out the transgressions and didn’t jump to a conclusion regarding several isolated incidents that were justified.

The events that have transpired since the New York Giants drafted Kadarius Toney:

1.) Missed VOLUNTARY workouts

Toney missed voluntary workouts after dealing with equipment issues that nearly lead to an injury. Having yet to sign his rookie contract, which was completely out of his hands and reliant on his agents, they elected to keep him healthy and safe from any further issues. This is completely justified; Saquon Barkley did the same thing during his rookie season back in 2018.

2.) Left mandatory camp early due to a family EMERGENCY

Toney left mandatory camp early on the final day of practice due to a family emergency. Another completely isolated incident that is justified, based on the obvious nature of the situation.

3.) Started with the 2nd team during mini-camp to get acclimated

Some analysts and fans are having a hard time realizing that head coach Joe Judge likes to start his players at the bottom and force them to work their way up. Toney is no different, getting acclimated to NFL-style camp with the second team. It makes complete sense since the first team already understands what is expected of them and knows a portion of the playbook. Toney is entering with no prior knowledge of NFL-level training nor the scheme, so his insertion wouldn’t have done him any good.

I expect to see him participating with the 1’s come training camp, but making a big deal out of mini-camp is utterly ridiculous.

Trae Young’s dad throws shade at New York Knicks fans

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The New York Knicks were embarrassed by the Atlanta Hawks over five games in their first postseason appearance since 2012. Despite the Knicks having an admirable regular season, led by head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star Julius Randle, they simply didn’t have enough star talent to push them forward when it mattered most.

Despite the fans’ best efforts, they were unable to discourage the Hawks, even sending out a few profanity-ridden chants toward Trae Young.

However, there were a few instances throughout the series that were uncalled for, specifically a fan spitting toward Young in an outrageous expression of misguided emotion.

Young’s dad, Ray, came to his defense, taking a fair share of shots at New York Knicks fans in the process for their lack of respect.

“I’m seeing a lot of dry hating on the app right now,” Ray Young wrote Friday night from his personal Twitter account, targeting Knicks fans specifically. “Doesn’t get any worse than that. Wishing for another teams downfall because your team got embarrassed. Y’all take them 4 L’s and focus on next year. Quit cheerleadin.”

Ray has a point, as the Knicks fans didn’t treat Young and the Hawks particularly well, but his son did a fair share of gloating during and after games. Some of the chants were undoubtedly over the top, but Trae didn’t seem phased, stating after the series that he enjoyed the atmosphere, despite the physical altercation that caused a fan to be banned permanently from The Garden.

“I didn’t feel it. I saw the video and it’s disgusting,” Trae Young said. “For me as a player, I come out here to do my job and play. I had no problem with the fans and what they’ve been saying, things like that. It’s a part of it. It’s basketball and I enjoy it, I love it. I’m not mad at the fans who chant things or whatever. That’s for another subject. But for spitting and things like that, that’s uncalled for in any arena, any environment.

Especially during Covid, spitting toward a player from your luxurious courtside seats is not tolerable. The fan is not a representation of the Knicks fan base as a whole, and while Ray’s comments are justified in that respect, generalizing the entire fan-base is a bit outlandish.

New York Yankees: 4 Major takeaways from Yankees 8-7 loss to the Phillies

New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman

Yesterday late afternoon, the New York Yankees, after failing to sweep the Minnesota Twins, took the field at Citizen’s Bank Park hope to right the ship and get a two-game sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies. That was not to be and now will hope to split the series in a Matinee today before moving on to a three-game series in Buffalo against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Starter Taillon failed miserably

Time may be running out for Jameson Taillon as a Yankee starter. The Yankees, can’t have a starter in the rotation that has an ERA hovering around 6.00. So far he has only one win, the Yankees have lost 8 of his 12 starts. Last night was his worst performance of the season. He went 1/3 of an inning, giving up earned runs and putting the Yankees into a hole they couldn’t recover from.

Taillon would get strikes but couldn’t find the pitch to put hitters out. He threw 34 pitches with only one put out as the Phillies continued to foul off his pitches. In an after-game interview, Taillon said that he feels great, better than he has in a long time. He said he knew the pitches to throw; he just couldn’t execute them. Taillon said it was the first time in his five-year career he left a game in the first inning.

Gutsy Yankee comeback falls short

It was the first inning, not a single Yankees had come up to the plate yet, and they were already 4 runs behind in the game. The often silent Yankee lineup took on the challenge and clawed their way back to a 7 run tie in the ninth inning. They immediately answered the Phillies with 2 runs in the bottom of the first. They got another run in the sixth and eighth and exploded for 3 more runs in the top of the ninth to tie it up.  Unfortunately, Aroldis Chapman took his second loss in a row in the bottom of the tenth.

The New York Yankees had their fifth game in a row, hitting double-digit hits. Gary Sanchez, Rougie Odor, and DJ LeMahieu all hit home runs in the game. One thing that has dogged them all season long was again apparent in last night’s game the Yankees went 2 for 12 with runners in scoring position. The Yankees could have fallen victim to the National League park that put Giancarlo Stanton out of the lineup.

Yankees’ challenge going in the wrong direction

So far in this up and down season, the Yankees are failing to make progress; in fact, they are going in the wrong direction. They are now the farthest behind the East-leading Tampa Bay Rays that they have been this season, in their worst start since 1991. After last night’s game, they are 7 1/2 games behind and 5 1/2 behind the Red Sox. They are even with the Toronto Blue Jays, who they play next week in Buffalo.

The fortunes of the Yankees have switched up a bit. In recent games, the Yankee hitting has seemed more alive than it has all season. But on the reverse side, the pitching, both starting and in relief, is starting to show some cracks. The two main problems are that when the Yankees send out Jameson Taillon, they can almost be assured of a loss. More concerning than that is that the bullpen that has nearly carried the Yankees over the first 40 or 50 games is starting to show wear. Cessa, Green, and Chapman have all imploded in games.

Luis Severino leaves a game injured

During last night’s game in Philadelphia, the New York Yankees got bad news from Brooklyn. Luis Severino left the mound in the Renegades game injured. There is no information on the exact injury or how bad it is. But in the video showing him coming off the field helped by two coaches, he appeared to be in extreme pain.

We do know that a ball did not hit him. It appeared he misstepped after making a pitch, and the pain became immediately evident. In his 1 2/3 innings, some of his pitches neared 100 mph. After the game with the Phillies, Aaron Boone said he was aware of the injury but had few details say that he would go for an MRI on Monday. The Yankees were looking forward to his return to the team in a month or so. Now that may be in question, as the Yankees hope the injury is minor.


Zack Britton: After Thursday night’s game in Minnesota, Boone said it was likely the Britton would re reactivated sometime during this road trip. Yesterday, fans were surprised to find that he was activated just hours after that statement and pitched a clean 8 pitch inning last night.

Domingo German takes the mound: In a matinee game today, the Yankees will wrap up their short series with the Phillies. Domingo German will take on the Phillies Aaron Nola. The 1:05 pm game will be televised on the YES Network, NBCSP, and out of market.

Israel Adesanya shuts out Marvin Vettori at UFC 263

In the main event of UFC 263, we saw a rematch for the middleweight title. The undisputed champion Israel Adesanya (20-1) returned to the middleweight division to take on a familiar foe in Marvin Vettori (17-4-1).

Back at UFC 259, Adesanya attempted to become a two-division world champion by moving up and challenging Jan Blachowicz. Ultimately, Blachowicz handed Adesanya his first professional loss and Adesanya came up short in his attempt to become a champ-champ.

Now, The Last Stylebender returned to his home weight class where he’s been perfect. Nobody has ever defeated Adesanya at 185 pounds and that includes Marvin Vettori. The two previously met in the UFC back in early 2018.

Adesanya won a split decision and to this day, Vettori believes he won the fight. Since then, both men have gone on impressive streaks. Vettori has strung together five consecutive wins to earn this shot at UFC 263.

UFC 263 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 263 main event starts without a touch of the gloves. Vettori takes the center of the octagon and eats a leg kick from Adesanya. Adesanya lands another calf kick as he circles on the outside. Lots of pressure from Vettori.

Jab lands for Marvin Vettori, but Adesanya lands another powerful kick. Two good kicks land for Vettori and more pressure from the challenger. Adesanya throws a kick, but Vettori catches it and lands a takedown.

Full guard here and Adesanya tries to work his way to the fence. Heavy pressure from the challenger here. Adesanya uses a scramble to get back to his feet. However, Vettori maintained a body lock and pressed Adesanya against the fence. Adesanya shrugs him off and they’re back striking.

Another leg kick lands for Adesanya. 1-2 just misses for Vettori. Vettori is using a lot of pressure, but eats another leg kick. Jab lands for Vettori and Adesanya almost lands a big shot. Big left for Vettori, but Adesanya counters with a big combination.

The UFC champion starts moving forward and throws a head kick that’s blocked. Another calf kick for Adesanya. Stiff jab for Adesanya lands and Vettori whiffs with a left. Leg kick for Vettori lands. Razor close round one, but I lean towards the champion.

Round 2

First round could’ve gone either way at UFC 263. Vettori takes the center to start the second, but he eats two consecutive massive leg kicks. Lots of pressure from Vettori, but he’s eating some counters here. Vettori hitting air here in the second.

Another leg kick from the champion finds it’s home. Two jabs land for Vettori, but again, he eats a big kick. Another leg kick and Vettori gets deep on a double leg attempt. However, Adesanya defends well and keeps it standing.

Adesanya breaks the body lock and were striking. Vettori pushes forward, but he’s not hitting Adesanya. He’s a bit out of reach. Jab lands for Marvin Vettori, but Adesanya gets out of the way of the big shots. Good counters land for the UFC champion.

Both men trade jabs as Adesanya circles. Buckling leg kick lands for Adesanya. Vettori pushes forward and lands a jab before trying for another takedown. However, Vettori cannot get Adesanya down. The round comes to a close and it’s 2-0 Adesanya at UFC 263.

Round 3

There was a serious sense of urgency in the Vettori corner here at UFC 263. Vettori gets in deep on a takedown attempt to start the third and he gets Adesanya down. The challenger gets half guard and has heavy pressure here in the third.

Adesanya looks to hip-escape while Vettori looks to pass. Vettori lands some shots to the body. Adesanya tries to spin, but Vettori has his back. Vettori looks like he’s got a rear-naked choke. It looks deep for a second, but Adesanya spins right out.

Adesanya then takes the top position and stands up. After an eye poke break, were back to striking. Good lead uppercut lands for Adesanya and a heavy leg kick behind it. Another brutal leg kick from the champion.

Vettori lands a stiff jab and he’s really pressuring the champion here. Big leg kick again lands for the UFC champion. Another one that buckles Vettori. However, Vettori keeps pushing forward. Another leg kick from the champion.

The challenger is looking a little fatigued and a leg kick sits him down. However, Vettori gets right up and pushes forward again. Good moments in the third for Vettori, but I have it 3-0 Adesanya after three at UFC 263.

Round 4

It’s do-or-die talk in the challenger’s corner here at UFC 263. The fourth round starts with more pressure from Marvin Vettori. He tries for a takedown, but nothing is home. Adesanya throws a big combination that just misses.

Vettori has him against the fence, but Adesanya just circles away and lands a leg kick. Adesanya lands another leg kick and Vettori shoots for a takedown. Vettori is deep on a shot and he gets the takedown. However, Adesanya uses the fence to reverse the position and they’re back to striking.

Powerful leg kick from the champion. Good lead right hand lands for Vettori who pushes Adesanya against the fence. However, Adesanya just shrugs him off. Head kick then leg kick lands for the champion. Jab lands for the challenger.

Low kick lands for Marvin Vettori. Both men trade low kicks, but obviously Adesanya’s did more damage. Body kick for the champion. Huge combination lands for Adesanya and Vettori pushes forward.

Vettori uses a ton of energy to try and land a takedown, however, Adesanya defends. The fourth round comes to a close and it’s a shutout for the UFC champion on my personal scorecard.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC 263 and Marvin Vettori needs a miracle here. Vettori pushes forward with pressure to start the fifth and he looks for a takedown. He gets Adesanya against the fence, but the champion defends well.

Vettori is just holding Adesanya against the fence and he gets a warning from the referee. Lots of boos from the crowd here. Adesanya gets the separation and were striking. Head kick lands for the champion and Vettori pushes forward.

1-2 lands for Marvin Vettori. Double jab lands for Marvin Vettori, but none of the strikes are doing much to the champion. Another big leg kick lands for Adesanya. Combination lands for the champion.

Adesanya is trying to find a finishing blow, but Vettori is defending head shots well. Jab lands for Marvin Vettori. Vettori shoots in for another takedown and he gets to the back of Adesanya briefly. However, the champion stands right back up.

A minute left here and little offense from Vettori. The referee separates the two men and Vettori goes back to the pressure. Another leg kick lands for Adesanya. 1-2 for Adesanya. The fight comes to a close and it wasn’t eventful, but it was a shutout at UFC 263 for the champion.

Israel Adesanya def. Marvin Vettori by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

Brandon Moreno submits Deiveson Figueiredo to become UFC flyweight champion

In the co-main event of UFC 263, we saw the flyweight title rematch from one of the fights of the year in 2020. The flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1-1) was back to defend his title against top contender Brandon Moreno (18-5-2).

These two men first met back at UFC 256 in December. The two men went to war in an instant classic. Figueiredo started extremely fast looking for the finish, but Brandon Moreno was game. Moreno took the best shots from the champion and would fire right back.

Overall, Figueiredo was getting the better of Moreno ever so slightly in December. However, a massive kick that landed low cost Figueiredo a point. That one-point deduction took away a decision win for Figueiredo and made the fight a draw.

Since the two men fought to a draw, the UFC decided to run things back tonight. Heading into this fight, this was the favorite for fight of the night and given the first fight, it was easy to see why.

UFC 263 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 263 flyweight title fight started out with a touch of the gloves. Immediate pressure from Figueiredo to start the fight, but Moreno quickly takes the center of the octagon. Moreno lands the first strike with a big leg kick.

Jab lands for Moreno. Another leg kick for Brandon Moreno. Moreno pushes forward with a combination, and Figueiredo is just feeling things out early. Lead left hook for Brandon Moreno and he’s the one pressing things early.

Moreno pushes forward and lands again. Figueiredo lands his first shot and its a massive hook to the body. Moreno using a ton of volume here in the first. Figueiredo looks for a right hand, but nothing lands. Step-in elbow lands for Figueiredo.

Good combination lands for Brandon Moreno. The UFC champion lands a big leg kick, but Moreno is throwing way more here. Moreno drops Figueiredo as the champion was coming in and he settles into the champion’s guard. Big moment for the challenger here.

Figueiredo looks comfortable on his back as he looks to sweep. The champion gets back to his feet and Moreno pops him with a jab. Kick lands for Moreno and the round closes. Lopsided first round for the challenger at UFC 263.

Round 2

Entering the second round and all the momentum is with the challenger here. Figueiredo takes the center to start the second. Moreno hits Figueiredo clean with a left hand, but the champion gets a body lock.

Figueiredo lands the takedown and immediately starts to look for his top guillotine. Elbows to the body landing for the champion. Figueiredo looking to connect his hands here and lock in the submission. Moreno forces the scramble and he pushes Figueiredo against the fence.

Moreno lands a takedown of his own and he briefly has Figueiredo’s back. However, Figueiredo spins and gets it to full guard. Good elbows from the bottom lands for Figueiredo. Another solid elbow for Figueiredo lands from the bottom.

Figueiredo forces a scramble, but Moreno is able to hold the top position. The round comes to a close and it’s a close one. However, with the bottom work and early top control, I lean towards the champion in round 2 at UFC 263.

Round 3

Entering the third round it’s either tied or 2-0 Moreno at UFC 263. Moreno takes the center to start the third round. Body kick lands for Figueiredo. Spinning back kick and a jab lands for the champion. Leg kick lands for Moreno, but Figueiredo counters with a straight.

Tons of pressure from Brandon Moreno here. Moreno gets a takedown and spins to the back of the champion. Body triangle for Moreno and he’s close on a rear-naked choke. However, Figueiredo defends well, but he’s in trouble in the third.

Moreno softens Figueiredo with a couple of shots and slips in the choke even deeper. Figueiredo tries to fight it, but is forced to tap. Brandon Moreno is the first Mexican-Born UFC champion.

Brandon Moreno def. Deiveson Figueiredo by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)