New York Giants could target electric receiver in 2nd round

New York Giants, Elijah Moore

The New York Giants are still looking for offensive support this off-season, whether it comes through the NFL draft or free agency. One way or another, they need to offer quarterback Daniel Jones more weapons on offense, otherwise, he will struggle once again to get things going in the passing game, and his protection may be lackluster for the third season in a row.

As we know, the Giants had the 31st ranked offense in 2020, averaging 17.5 points per game and had the worst-rated pass-blocking OL in the NFL. Coordinator Jason Garrett also developed poor route concepts but put together a decent running game that the Giants were forced to rely on. Opponents simply played cover-0 and cover-1 for most of the contest, forcing the Giants to get rid of the ball quickly and make the receivers beat man-coverage. Ultimately, their plan worked for the most part, but the Giants’ defense rose to the occasion and helped them extract a few improbable wins.

Now, the Giants are looking toward this off-season to help Jones, and there’s one receiver in the second round that could fit the bill.

Should the New York Giants target Ole Miss receiver Elijah Moore?

While Moore has a mid-second-round grade, if a team likes a player for their scheme, it is never too early to make that selection after the first round. Traditionally, taking the best player available is the most efficient thing to do in the first, but the Giants have the 43rd overall pick and can draft an immediate impact player to help their offense. There are several options that meet the eye, including Rondale Moore from Purdue or even Terrace Marshall from LSU if he happens to drop.

Moore, though, had a fantastic 2020 campaign, posting 1193 yards and a touchdown over just eight games. He averaged 13.9 yards perception, a career-high. In fact, all three of these categories were highs for him at Mississippi, and now he’s preparing to make the transition to the NFL. As a former four-star recruit, Moore is 5-foot-9 and 184 pounds but plays with fantastic strength and elusiveness in the open field.

Moore has the ability to align inside and out, but his dynamic style of play is what makes him so attractive. He has fantastic agility and the ability to stop on a dime and change direction. He isn’t the most refined route runner, he has fantastic speed and the ability to break tackles in the open field. He is a big-play threat at any given moment, which is something the Giants desperately need to help Jones in the short/intermediate range of the field.

One of the major attractions when it comes to Elijah is his ability to separate — which the Giants struggled with considerably in 2020. I see him as a stellar receiver in the 0-15 yard range, which is exactly what the Giants need for Jones, especially if the OL is going to be lackluster in pass protection again. Jones needs to get the ball out quickly, and having a receiver who can create separation and present a reliable target is a positive. The problem, he is small and isn’t much of a contested catcher but rather utilizes his speed and agility to get open.

While I likely wouldn’t select him with the 43rd overall pick, if the Giants executed a trade back and acquired another selection in the 2nd, I would consider him a few spots back. He has the ability to make an impact right away, and he would fit the Giants’ game well in the slot to replace Golden Tate.

Yankees’ Jameson Taillon details the key to his dominance against Pittsburgh

New York Yankees, Jameson Taillon

The New York Yankees took on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday afternoon, falling 2-3 in the rain. However, they got a nice look at starting pitching acquisition Jameson Taillon.

Taillon hadn’t pitched since 2019 when he lasted just 37.1 innings before undergoing Tommy John surgery for the second time in his career. He was teammates with Gerrit Cole for quite some time in Pittsburgh, who advocated for his quality, which ultimately convinced GM Brian Cashman to target him during the off-season.

Cole was expected to pitch against the Pirates, but due to the rain, he settled for a live BP session instead. Taillon ended up starting, getting in 2.0 innings of work and picking up four strikeouts in the process.

“Yeah, I thought it was good work, I’m happy we got the game in, I wasn’t so sure with the rain,” Taillon said. “That first start being only seven pitches, there’s some things I haven’t experienced in a couple years. Like in-game situations, runners on, holding running, mixing my tempo, mixing my looks to second with a runner there. Even the little things like going through sign packages with the catcher, that’s a situation I haven’t been in a while. So I was actually pretty happy to get put in that spot, and put in a spot where I had to make some pitchers with traffic on.”

The Yankees are hoping Taillon can continue improving, and he’s already starting to gain momentum:

Taillon has begun experimenting with different pitch sequences and strategies. He has incorporated more leg into his delivery, which will hopefully mitigate any future arm injuries. Having already suffered two Tommy John surgeries, Taillon is trying everything to avoid the potential for a third. By using more of his lower body, he can take significant stress off his arm.

“We’re still in the information gathering stages, but for sure I’ve noticed pitching up in the zone to both side of the plate,” Taillon said. “I used to pitch up to lefties a good amount, but righties I was like sinkers in, and I would just throw my four-seam down and away. But like I got a strikeout today on a four-seam up in the top of zone. For me that’s really exciting, because it’s a pitch in the past I’ve just never put a ton of emphasis on.”

Back in 2018, Jameson pitched 191 innings and recorded a 3.20 ERA. If he can replicate that performance and pitch even better, the Yankees will have a fantastic starting rotation composed of Cole, Corey Kluber, Taillon, Jordan Montgomery, and potentially Domingo German.

UFC will make Yan – Sterling 2 as soon as possible per Dana White

The only title that changed hands last night at UFC 259 was the bantamweight title. Former champion, Petr Yan (15-2) was disqualified in the fourth round and Aljamain Sterling (20-3) became the UFC bantamweight champion.

It was the first time in the history of the promotion that a title has changed hands due to a disqualification. In the first round, Sterling was smothering with his pressure on Yan. However, Yan landed a massive shot and dropped Sterling late in the first.

From that moment on, Petr Yan seemed to be in complete control at UFC 259. At least, that’s what I was seeing. In the fourth round, Aljamain Sterling was clearly starting to break. Yan was doing some serious damage and you got the feeling that the fight wouldn’t last much longer.

Late in the fourth round, Sterling went for a sloppy takedown. Yan pushed Sterling’s head straight to the mat and Sterling stayed low to avoid a knee to the head. Yan looked over to his corner for advice and one of his cornermen said he was good to throw a knee.

The former UFC champion threw a huge knee that landed flush on Sterling. Sterling was hurt badly and after a few minutes, the referee called a stop to the action. Because the ref had warned Yan a little before the knee, the fight was ruled a DQ due to the intentional knee.

UFC’s Plans

Dana White was asked in the post-fight press conference what the plan was. He stated that the UFC matchmakers are going to meet on Tuesday and they will get the rematch between the two men booked as soon as possible.

White also acknowledged that he believed Yan was well on his way to winning the fight. However, the decision to knee was baffling to him. Sterling was cleared at the hospital and Yan came out of the fight with no injuries.

With that, the UFC will likely book the rematch in the early summer. I could see June being the targeted timeline for this matchup. Of course, we will likely find out more this week, but I expect this rematch to be booked as soon as possible.

New York Yankees Analysis: Major takeaways from the first week of spring training

Baseball has been relatively kind to the New York Yankees so far in spring training. Two big things are prominent, the Yankees have no major injuries to key players, and the pitching of pitchers that have not pitched in awhile has been better than good. At this point in spring training, which is only a week old, things look pretty good for the Yankees. The Miami Marlins lead the pack so far with a 4-1 record, the Yankees are in the middle of the pack with a 3-3 record. But the bottom line is that wins are irrelevant in spring training; it’s all about evaluating the players for the regular season and building up the players to take on a 162 game season.

Here’s a look at the Yankees’ spring training so far; keep in mind that this is just a tiny sample.

Domingo German:

Domingo German has only started one game in spring training, but he looked outstanding in his two innings pitched. He didn’t allow a run and had only one hit, with no walks and 4 strikeouts, that 18 strikeouts per nine innings. So far, of all Yankees pitchers, he looks the best. Before his suspension, he was 18-4 during the 2019 season. It’s early, but so far for the New York Yankees, German looks very encouraging.

Corey Kluber:

Kluber has only pitched one inning in the past two years but is a 2 time Cy Young Award winner. If he can return to his previous form, the Yankees have another ace on their hands. Kluber seems healthy, and in his two innings, he looked good, allowing no runs while striking out 3 hitters. He also has not allowed a hit.  Although the sample is small, this is another encouraging sign for the Yankees.

Jameson Taillon:

Taillon is coming back from his second Tommy John surgery. The Yankees picked him up in a trade with the Pirates. So far this season, he pitched in relief in one game, and for an inning, he allowed no runs; he faced three batters striking out one. Yesterday he had his first start in the first inning; he put away the Pirates. In the second inning, he had a good test; he allowed two singles and walked the bases full. Taillon worked out of trouble and has not allowed a run in spring training.

Gerrit Cole:

Gerrit Cole so far has not started the season as he would have wished. Cole has not been allowed to pitch to his personal catcher in spring training, not in a bullpen session or in this one inning start. His ERA is 9.00. In his game with Gary Sanchez catching, he had three hits with a run scored and only one strikeout. Last season the ERA with Higashioka compared to Sanchez was demonstrative.

Deivi Garcia:

Simply put, Garcia got hammered in his lone start. He gave up two runs in two innings of work for an ERA of 9.00. The good takeaways are that he struck out 3 hitters of the eight he faced and did not allow a walk. He was a victim of the long ball. Garcia made his major league debut last year and is contending for a rotation spot this season.

DJ LeMahieu:

LeMahieu last season batted .364 and was the batting champ for all of baseball. During the offseason, he signed a six-year deal with the New York Yankees. So far in spring training, he has picked up where he left off last season. He is batting .500 4 hits in eight plate appearances.

Gary Sanchez:

We all know that Gary Sanchez had a horrible season last year, batting only .147. The Yankees are looking for a major rebound this year to the kind of player he has the potential to be. So far, the signs are encouraging, he has performed well catching and has a home run to his credit in every four plate appearances. The power is definitely there.

Gleyber Torres:

Torres is another player that had a subpar season last year. Torres has been in four games for eight appearances at the plate and has a home run to his credit. He is batting .500. He had only 3 home runs in all of last season. So far, there have been no issues at shortstop. The Yankees hope he will bounce back to his All-Star form.

Gio Urshela:

Urshela has had limited playing time so far this spring training. He has had no hits in his two times at the plate. But the good news for Urshela is that there appear to be no lingering issues resulting from his elbow surgery.

Jay Bruce/Derek Dietrich:

Bruce and Dietrich were offseason pickups for the Yankees. Both are in contention for a place on the bench, and both are making the best of it. Bruce has three hits, one a double, and is batting .750. Dietrich has a home run and 2 RBI’s, and a 1.833 OPS. They will be competing with the likes of Tyler Wade and Mike Ford, so far they are winning the challenge.

Giancarlo Stanton/Aaron Judge/Luke Voit:

If there is any bad news, it’s that the big three, Judge, Stanton, and Voit, haven’t performed as they warmup for the regular season. Judge is batting .250 with 2 doubles in 9 plate appearances. Stanton, who was so hot in the postseason, has gotten no hits in his 4 times behind the plate. Luke Voit, last year’s baseball home run leader, is batting just 1.11 in 9 at-bats with no home runs.

All in all the New York Yankees are in pretty good shape entering their second week of spring training on a route to a 28th World Championship.

UFC: Holly Holm injured and out of Julianna Pena fight

A highly anticipated matchup in the UFC‘s women’s bantamweight division is off. We learned tonight that former bantamweight champion, Holly Holm (14-5), has sustained an injury and is out of her May matchup against Julianna Pena (10-4).

Julianna Pena tweeted out the news about the Holm injury as she was watching UFC 259. At this time, there is no word on what the injury is for Holly Holm or how long she will be out of action.

Holm had one of the best performances of her career last October on Fight Island. She looked better than ever and she appeared to be heading for another shot at the UFC bantamweight title.

To get that shot at the title, she was going to have to beat Pena. Pena is currently ranked sixth in the bantamweight division while Holm is ranked second. At this time, there are rumblings that the promotion might do something different with Pena, but this entire situation is fluid.

What will the UFC do?

Depending on the injury news, the UFC could always rebook this fight at a later date. If the injury is relatively mild and the fight can be pushed back to June, I could see the promotion moving in that direction.

However, if Holm is going to need more time, the promotion will likely look at different options for Julianna Pena. Pena has been very vocal about her desire to fight two-division champion, Amanda Nunes (21-4).

Nunes just defended her featherweight title at UFC 259. However, Pena has a steep uphill climb to convince the promotion to give her the next bantamweight title fight. The reason is because the number one ranked contender, Germaine de Randamie (10-4) just put her to sleep in October.

My guess is that De Randamie will likely get the next shot at the bantamweight title. Yes, she’s fought Nunes and lost twice already, but she’s the most deserving. You can’t give Pena that shot when she was just put to sleep by De Randamie.

I know she’s coming off of a loss, but perhaps a fight with Irene Aldana (12-6) could be next. Or even a shot against Aspen Ladd (9-1). Both contenders are ahead of Pena in the rankings and would make for quality opponents.

Jan Blachowicz grinds out decision over Israel Adesanya at UFC 259

Corey Anderson

In the main event of UFC 259, we had the light heavyweight title fight that people have been talking about for months. Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya (20-0), was moving up to challenge the champion, Jan Blachowicz (27-8).

There might not be a bigger superstar in the UFC right now than Israel Adesanya. The Last Stylebender has everything you’re looking for in a star. He’s a champion, he’s undefeated, he’s flashy, and he’s extremely charismatic.

The man is also incredibly slick when he’s in the cage. Adesanya has risen through and cleaned out the UFC‘s middleweight division on his way to being champion. Having gone through the middleweights, Adesanya was looking for a new challenge which is where Jan Blachowicz enters the picture.

Blachowicz is truly a remarkable fighter. Just a few years ago, Blachowicz was 2-4 in the UFC. He looked like he was going to get cut, however, that’s when he turned his career around. With a new focus, Blachowicz has gone 8-1 in his last night fights.

The culmination for Blachowicz came at UFC 253 when he fought Dominick Reyes. Many considered Reyes to be the uncrowned champion and Blachowicz went out there and knocked him out. Blachowicz was looking to show the world that his Polish Power can stop even the best of strikers.

UFC 259 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 259 main event opened with a leg kick from Adesanya. Blachowicz tried a couple of leg kicks of his own, but Adesanya slides out of the way. Blachowicz pushed forward trying to close the distance.

Adesanya was patient just trying to get the timing down. A couple of nice kicks land for Adesanya. Blachowicz pushes forward with big shots, but nothing lands. Two minutes in and nothing significant has landed for either champion.

Blachowicz again tries to close the distance, but can’t land. Adesanya throws a headkick that gets blocked. A nice jab to the body lands for Blachowicz. A big headkick is thrown by Blachowicz, but Adesanya blocks it. However, it was powerful.

A nice 1-2 lands for Adesanya. This is a very high level chess match in the first round. A good body kick lands for Blachowicz. A good front kick lands for Adesanya. Blachowicz pushes forward and lands a nice body kick. Round one comes to a close and I’m not sure which UFC champion takes the first. I lean Adesanya.

Round 2

The second round at UFC 259 started and both men were still feeling the other out. A nice body kick lands for Blachowicz to start the striking. The pace appears to be picking up a little her in the second.

Blachowicz is landing more, but he’s a little out of range. A nice check left hooks lands for Blachowicz. A nice stiff left lands for Adesanya and Blachowicz storms forward with big shots. A powerful jab lands for Blachowicz.

Jab to the body lands for Blachowicz, and now Adesanya is opening up a little. Adesanya moving forward with more pressure here in the second. A nice low kick lands for Adesanya. The two men come together in a clinch and Blachowicz tries for a takedown.

However, Adesanya defends well and they stay standing. Blachowicz pushes forward trying to land bombs, but nothing big lands. A nice body kick and left straight lands for Adesanya. One minute left in this round and it’s up for grabs.

Stiff jab lands for Adesanya and Blachowicz blitzes again. Good body kick lands for Blachowicz. A couple of nice low kicks land for Adesanya. Good jab and leg kick lands for Adesanya. Round two comes to a close and I think it’s 1-1 at UFC 259.

Round 3

Third round opens with immediate pressure from the UFC middleweight champion. Blachowicz starts the striking with a leg kick. Adesanya comes in and Blachowicz blitzes to back him off. A good left hook lands for Blachowicz.

A mad scramble and a stinging shot rocks Blachowicz. Adesanya is almost fighting mad now and he’s touching Blachowicz more here in the third. A nice jab lands for Adesanya. Blachowicz forces a clinch and pushes Adesanya against the fence.

Adesanya breaks the clinch and immediately throws a big leg kick. Both men trade power jabs. Adesanya’s speed was allowing him to get the better of the striking here in the third. Another round of nice shots from the UFC’s middleweight champion find their target.

Blachowicz lands a body kick off of another blitz. A very stiff jab lands for Blachowicz. Adesanya lands a jab, but Blachowicz counters with a big left hook. Blachowicz forces a clinch briefly, but Adesanya breaks it. Round three is in the books, and this fight is razor close. I lean 2-1 Adesanya at UFC 259.

Round 4

The UFC light heavyweight champion opens the fourth with pressure and immediately looks for a takedown. However, Adesanya defended well and kept the fight against the fence. A nice right hand lands for Blachowicz off the break.

Another big shot lands for Blachowicz. The fourth round is going well for Jan Blachowicz. A powerful leg kick lands for Adesanya, but Blachowicz lands a massive body kick to counter. A beautiful counter right lands for Adesanya.

Adesanya starts opening up with his striking and Blachowicz lands a takedown. They are in the middle of the cage and Blachowicz is heavy with the pressure. Adesanya was looking for ways out, but Blachowicz was too much with his top pressure.

A couple of nice hammer fists land for Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz passes into side control and he was just riding him here in the fourth round. A dominant fourth round for Jan Blachowicz and it’s 2-2 in my opinion at UFC 259.

Round 5

Entering the final round and whoever wins this round will be the UFC light heavyweight champion. Both men trade leg kicks to open the striking. Blachowicz was breathing very heavy in the fifth round, but Adesanya looked tired too.

A nice lead right hand lands for Adesanya. Blachowicz tries to push forward, but his speed wasn’t there at all. A big jab lands for Blachowicz. However, Adesanya counters well with a couple of shots.

A big overhand right lands for Adesanya. Blachowicz lands a nice kick, but Adesanya counters with a big 1-2. Beautiful spinning back kick lands for Adesanya. A big takedown attempt and Blachowicz gets Adesanya down.

If Adesanya can’t get up, this is going to be the fight. Adesanya has no answer on the ground and he’s just letting Blachowicz control him on the ground. We’re into the final minute and Blachowicz is just riding him. The round comes to a close and Jan Blachowicz should take this one and remain UFC light heavyweight champion.

Jan Blachowicz def. Israel Adesanya by Split Decision (49-46, 49-45, 49-45)

Amanda Nunes demolishes Megan Anderson in one at UFC 259

In the co-main event of UFC 259, we saw the return of the greatest women’s mixed martial artist of all time. Two-division champion, Amanda Nunes (20-4) was back to defend her featherweight title against top contender, Megan Anderson (11-4).

This was Nunes’ first fight since she became a mother in late 2020. The last time we saw Nunes was at UFC 250 when she completely destroyed Felicia Spencer over the course of five rounds.

Nunes has won eleven fights in a row leading up to UFC 259. Every person the promotion has put in front of her, outside of Valentina Shevchenko, she’s destroyed. She was the massive betting favorite in tonight’s co-main event.

Megan Anderson is the former featherweight champion in Invicta. When she made her UFC debut a couple of years ago, people were thinking of her as a potential champion. However, she’s only gone 3-2 in five fights so far with the UFC.

Her two losses have come against Holly Holm and Felicia Spencer. Both of those opponents were dominated by Nunes which is why Anderson was nearly a +800 underdog on some sites heading into tonight’s fight.

UFC 259 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 259 co-main event opened and the champion had a big smile on her face. The two touch gloves and Anderson started moving forward. A good low kick lands for Nunes to start her striking.

Anderson was switching stances and Nunes lands a massive overhand right. Another massive right hand lands and Anderson is wobbled badly. Nunes pushes forward and drops Megan Anderson with a big shot.

The UFC champion was beating Anderson badly here in the first. Nunes locks up a triangle choke and this one is over. Anderson taps and Nunes retains her featherweight championship.

Amanda Nunes def. Megan Anderson by Submission (Triangle Armbar) – Round 1

Aljamain Sterling wins by DQ to become champion at UFC 259

The first of three title fights tonight at UFC 259 was the bantamweight title fight between Petr Yan (15-1) and Aljamain Sterling (19-3). These two were originally supposed  to fight back in December, but the fight got delayed.

Tonight was the first title defense for Petr Yan. Yan won the bantamweight title back at UFC 251 when he stopped Jose Aldo. Since making his debut with the UFC back in 2018, Yan has been perfect going 7-0.

While it’s been relatively smooth sailing for Yan so far, tonight was going to be his toughest test. There is no questioning that the top contender in the UFC‘s bantamweight division is Aljamain Sterling.

Sterling has strung together five consecutive wins to earn this title shot tonight. None of the wins were as impressive as his victory over fellow top contender Cory Sandhagen. Those two met back at UFC 250.

The fight was supposed to be incredibly even, however, it didn’t appear that way. Sterling was able to get Sandhagen to the ground quickly and submit him within 90 seconds. He was going to be the biggest test Petr Yan has seen in the UFC so far.

UFC 259 Recap

Round 1

The UFC bantamweight title fight opened with immediate pressure from Sterling. Sterling opens with a couple of nice kicks to the body. A nice jab lands for Sterling and Yan looked very composed early on.

Yan had his guard high just trying to time Sterling. Another nice body kick lands for Sterling. Yan’s body was really red from the kicks of Sterling. Sterling was pushing forward with a ton of pressure here in the first.

A nice combination lands for Sterling. Yan catches a kick and throws Sterling to the ground, but lets him up. Sterling goes right back to the pressure. A flying knee lands for Aljamain Sterling, but it didn’t seem to hurt Yan.

First big takedown attempt for Sterling and he gets Yan down. However, Yan gets right back up. Yan separates and lands a massive combination that floors Sterling. Sterling is wobbling around, but goes right back to the pressure.

The UFC champion floors Sterling with a leg kick. Sterling gets back up, but his facial expression has changed. Yan is smiling at Sterling in the final minute. Sterling tries to grapple and Yan slams him down. Good start for Sterling, but the UFC champ takes the first round.

Round 2

The UFC champ wanted to get right back to the action in the second round. Sterling opens the striking with a body kick. A nice jab lands from Sterling and he tries to takedown the champ. Yan defended well and threw Sterling to the ground.

Yan was smiling at Sterling and lets him up. Sterling goes right back to the pressure. A couple of nice body shots lands for Sterling and he shoots in for another takedown. However, he couldn’t get Petr Yan down here in the second.

While Yan defended well, Sterling wouldn’t give up on the takedown attempt. Sterling tries a trip and still can’t get Yan down. Yan separates, but Sterling gave him no room to breathe. Sterling went right back to the takedown attempt against the fence.

One minute left in the round and these two were just along the fence. A nice knee lands for Petr Yan and Sterling tries hard for the takedown, but Yan separates. Again, Sterling goes right back to the pressure. With ten seconds left, the UFC champion lands his own takedown. With the pressure, I lean Sterling in round two.

Round 3

The third round opens with again, more pressure from Sterling. However, he did seem slower in the third round. A couple of nice jabs land for Aljamain Sterling. Yan pushes forward and lands a nasty hook to the body.

The UFC champ started opening up here in the third. Yan was pressuring Sterling more in the third and lands some big shots. The pace was significantly slower for Sterling her in the third round. A sloppy takedown attempt from Sterling is easily defended by Yan.

Yan was walking Sterling down here in the third. A nice 1-2 lands for Yan and he uses a clinch to just throw the challenger to the ground. Yan lets him back up and the UFC champ went right back to work. However, Sterling was able to use a takedown attempt to hold Yan against the fence.

Sterling looked exhausted here in the third round. The two come together again and Yan just throws Sterling to the ground. Sterling gets back up and tries for more takedowns, but they were very sloppy. Clear third round for the UFC bantamweight champion.

Round 4

Petr Yan looked much fresher in between rounds here at UFC 259. Sterling opens the fourth round with a body kick. Yan grabs the leg of Sterling and he throws the challenger back to the ground.

However, he didn’t follow him to the ground. Instead, the UFC champ went to work with kicks to the legs. A big knee to the body lands for Yan as Sterling gets up. A big combination lands for Yan, but that forces Sterling to push forward.

A couple of nice hooks to the body land for Aljamain Sterling. A stiff straight left hand from Yan backs off Sterling. A huge body kick lands for the UFC champion and he’s turning it up. However, Sterling shoots for another takedown to stop the pressure.

Yan immediately turns Sterling around and separates. Halfway through the round and Sterling looks like he’s moving in slow motion. Another body kick lands for Yan. The champ lands a big left hand. Both men were looking fatigued here in the fourth at UFC 259.

A huge left straight hurts Sterling. Sterling was starting to walk away from Petr Yan. Sterling then started shooting for takedowns out of desperation. A huge combination lands for Yan and Sterling keeps plotting forward.

A big illegal knee lands for Petr Yan and Sterling is hurt on the mat. This one looks like it’s going to be over. Aljamain Sterling is going to be the new UFC champion by disqualification.

Aljamain Sterling def. Petr Yan by Disqualification (Illegal Knee)