Should the New York Giants look to trade Evan Engram this offseason?

New York Giants, Evan Engram

If only New York Giants tight end Evan Engram had better hands, he would be an All-Pro level player. Engram has been one of the more polarizing players for the Giants since being drafted back in 2017. The Giants have already picked up his fifth-year option for 2021, but some might argue he should be a trade candidate this off-season after a tumultuous 2020 season.

Interestingly, Engram was tapped with a Pro-Bowl nod this past year, finally playing in all 16 games after dealing with injuries in his first three seasons. Oddly, he wasn’t much more productive than any other year, he just remained healthy. He recorded 654 yards and just one touchdown, the lowest scoring year in his career. In addition, he recorded the second-lowest catch-rate of his career at 57.8%. He also recorded his first fumble in four years, which indicates that maybe he didn’t deserve to make the Pro Bowl after all. In fact, the video of him finding out shows him just as surprised as we were.

On top of his average numbers, Evan was directly responsible for eight drops and five tipped balls that turned into interceptions. In total, he can be blamed for six turnovers once you include his fumble. It is very odd that officials from around the NFL hold him in such high regard, considering his average blocking abilities and inability to catch passes consistently.

The New York Giants still believe Evan Engram is an asset and not a liability:

However, if we are going to harp on the negatives, it is only fair to state the positives. Engram is capable of providing electric play-making ability at any given moment with his elite speed from the position. Not only is he an above-average athlete, but he is a hard worker who commits to refinement. According to PFF, though, he had his worst year in the NFL in 2020, with a 60.5 overall grade.

It is very odd that a player with his qualities simply can’t manage to round out his skill set. His catching technique needs a lot of work, as he often jumps right before the football reaches him, making it easier for defenders to dislodge the ball and harder for him to haul in the catch. Considering he’s going into his fifth year in the NFL, it is very unlikely he fixes these consistent problems in one off-season. However, remaining healthy for the first time in his career is something to be proud of. The Giants do consider him as one of their top playmakers, so I don’t believe they will move on from him this off-season, especially considering his price-tag. Engram will earn $6 million in 2021, up from $2 million this past season. That is a 300% increase, so trading him for a third-round pick, if possible, might be in their best interest.

New York Yankees Analysis: The Yankees are building a Juggernaut of minor league pitchers

The New York Yankees are doing nearly nothing. At the same time, they wait to see if they can re-sign DJ LeMahieu; they are not addressing their Major League need for a premium type starting pitcher. They need to replace Tommy Kahnle in the bullpen, but they have been quietly building strength in the minor leagues’ available pitchers. In November, the Yankees selected RHP Roansy Contreras and Alexander Vizcaino from Tampa Tarpons. During December, they assigned pitchers Matt Krook and Reggie McClain to the Yankees.

In the mid-month of December, they signed pitchers Lucas Luetge, Luis Garcia, Matt Bowman, and Adam Warren, who previously pitched for the Yankees. During January, they have signed pitchers Nestor Cortes Jr., Tyler Lyons, James Reeves, and just yesterday, Jhoulys Chacin. Just this offseason, the Yankees have added 14 pitchers to the already 70 plus pitchers they have in the minor leagues, and that doesn’t include the rookies pitching in the Dominican Republic. It makes you wonder what the New York Yankees are up to.

It appears at the moment that baseball is counting on a 162 game season that might possibly allow some fans in the stands at some point in the season. However, with the slow distribution of the new coronavirus vaccines, it doesn’t look as though those stands will return to full occupancy until very late in the season if then. The full health protocols and whether rules implemented last year will be continued yet to be seen.

However, after a 2020 canceled minor league season, there will be changes this season as well. It appears that the Triple-A season will start on time, but the lower levels will be delayed until the Triple-A players leave camp. This is obviously being done to increase social distancing and limit player interactions.  There is no definite date set as of yet.

With the Yankees pitching needs, the New York Yankees will be watching all of these pitchers to see how they may contribute during the 2021 season. We know that Deivi Garcia will certainly be on the opening day roster. Depending on what the Yankees do to augment the every day pitching staff, fans will surely see Clarke Schmidt, Micheal King, Luis Gil, and Luis Medina at some point in the season. As far as the bullpen is concerned, the Yankees will have many arms to evaluate. Two relievers could come into play this season; Greg Weissert and Glenn Otto have worked their way up through the ranks.

A photo accompanying the article is of Yankee pitcher Luis Media who has have an excellent winter season in Puerto Rico.

Can the Buffalo Bills make a playoff push after a dominant regular season?

Since the year 2000, the Buffalo Bills never managed to attain more than 10 wins in a single season up until now.  After three straight Super Bowl visits from 1991-1993 and a handful of dominating playoff appearances in the years to follow, the Bills fell from grace once the 2000s rolled around and struggled to figure out how to put together a winning season for the next 15+ years.  Ending their 17-year playoff drought in 2017 with a 9-7 record to show for, it was uncertain whether this was a sign of hope or merely just a fluke.

But ever since 2017, a lot has surely changed.  Following a disappointing exit in the playoffs, the Bills decided to launch a full-scale rebuild and invest in a new franchise quarterback, selecting Josh Allen out of the University of Wyoming with the 7th overall pick in 2018.  Coming off a challenging rookie season where he struggled with his throwing accuracy and decision making, Allen made large strides in his player development over the last two seasons, refining his skills to such an extent that, at times, he’s looked truly unstoppable.

With their young new quarterback growing and progressing at an incredible pace, the Bills had the opportunity to also sign and draft a variety of valuable additions for both their offense and defense in the process that has allowed this team to transform into the menacing franchise they are today. In fact, if you look at their top 28 starters combined from both their offense and defense (meaning their starting 11 for each unit and then Isaiah McKenzie, Cody Ford, Tyler Bass, Levi Wallace, Dean Marlowe, and Tyler Kroft included), just about over 78% of those players were acquired or drafted between 2018 and 2020 (ESPN).  In other words, only 6 players out of that group of 28 joined the Bills in 2017 or earlier.  And after two years of tweaking and meticulous adjustments, the Bills finished with the second-best offense in the league this season and constructed a formidable defense that is as well rounded as any in the NFL (ESPN).

However, the looming question for the Bills comes down to how well will their resilient level of play translate to the playoffs.  Suffering a brutal overtime loss to the Houston Texans last year, a lot rests on this first game.  After surpassing expectations all season, they still have a lot to prove and particularly in the playoffs.  As many have seen before, it’s one thing to dominate the regular season, but it’s another to remain undefeated during a playoff run.  The room for error is marginally small in the playoffs, and with every single game-deciding each team’s fate, the pressure to perform reaches a whole other level that can be challenging to bear for many.

Kicking off their playoff run against an underrated Indianapolis Colts team, the Bills will have a sizeable and unfamiliar foe to overcome and defeat.  Although they certainly remain to be the favorites in this clash, here’s a brief, analytical take on how well the Bills’ offense and defense matches up against the Colts in what will be their biggest playoff match in over two decades.

Offense: To put it simply, the Bills offense has just about everything one can ask for.  From star talent to leadership, to balance, to incredible chemistry, this offensive unit stormed onto the scene with sheer dominance and authority and was the second-best in the league for a reason.  Averaging a hefty 396.4 total yards per game, with 288.8 coming in the air and another 107.7 coming on the ground, the Bills were nearly first in the league in points per game at 31.3, just coming up short to the Green Bay Packers who led the charge with 31.8 (ESPN).

Led by Josh Allen, who had an influential MVP caliber season (throwing for 4,544 yards and 37 TDs whilst rushing for another 421 yards and 8 TDs) and supported by debatably the best offensive line in the game right now, this Bills offense is simply stacked with talent in every single position (ESPN).  With a stout, young, athletic running game fueled by Devin Singletary and Zack Moss and a wide receiver unit that not only contains the receiving title winner in Stefon Diggs but is also accompanied with lethal slot threats in Cole Beasley and Isaiah McKenzie along with deep threat specialist in John Brown, this offense can break down its opponents any which way possible and can pile on points in a flash (ESPN).

Despite facing a Colts defense that ranked 8th overall on the season, the Bills offense could be in for a big day as the Colts struggled to defend against the pass all of 2020, finishing 20th overall and allowing 241.6 passing yards per game in the process (ESPN).  The only concern for the Bills is how well they will be able to run the ball against a defense that was the second-best in the league at stopping it.  Conceding only 90.5 yards per game, the Colts’ front seven has proven to be lights out in eliminating the run game and can surely manage to do so against Moss and Singletary (ESPN). But the deciding factor that gives this Bills offense a leg up, whether they can run the ball or not, starts with their resilient offensive line and ends with the fact that they have a quarterback who possesses an uncanny level of awareness, elusiveness, and mobility, making it very difficult to slow down their scoring output.  Ultimately, the Bills have been winning games all season with their offense.  And facing a Colts defense that allowed over 20 points per game, this Bills offense is bound to have another dominating performance to kick off their playoff run (ESPN).

Defense: Defensively, the Bills contain a lot of talent from top to bottom but have had a hard time establishing any consistency. With their fair share of ups and downs throughout the 2020 season, surrendering over 350 total yards and 23.4 points per game in the process, this Bills defense has had to depend a lot more on its offense to outscore its opponents than they would have liked to (ESPN).  Although they’ve struggled to defend the pass, the biggest concern for this unit is bottling up the run game, where they’ve allowed a whopping 119.6 yards per game to their opponents this season (ESPN).  And with the Colts averaging over 120 rushing yards per game led by the dangerous rookie Jonathan Taylor, this defense’s front seven could have a challenging time shutting down the run and will need to clog up the running lanes and force turnovers if they intend to stand a chance against the Colts (ESPN).

That being said, although they aren’t as dominant and cohesive of a unit to the likes of their offense, this Bills defense has a lot of stars that have demonstrated many-a-time that they can make the big plays when they matter most.  With veteran Jerry Hughes leading the charge alongside second-year pro Ed Oliver up front and tackle machine Matt Milano anchoring a versatile team of linebackers, the Bills also have a ball-hawking unit of defensive backs in Tre’Davious White, Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde, and Josh Norman that bring lockdown coverage, sharp play recognition and proficient tackling.  Even though Philip Rivers brings years of experience and knowledge that will be very difficult to match up against, the weapons he has around him are containable and will have to fight for every pass thrown their way, posing a daunting task for Rivers to overcome.  Holding the Colts offense to 20 points or less will certainly be a tough challenge for this Bills defense to surmount.  But with their broad range of talent, there’s no reason why they cannot.

This matchup will make for an intense battle. But the Bills should come away with their first playoff victory in over twenty years.  Final Score Projection: Bills 37- Colts 20.

New York Yankees’ Gerrit Cole named in usage of illegal pitching substance

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees

We all remember when the Houston Astros embarked on their infamous cheating scandal, but we didn’t expect their issues to follow Gerrit Cole to the New York Yankees. During his time in Houston, Cole used an illegal substance, curated by Brian “Bubba” Haskins of the Los Angeles Angels.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Cole is a major piece in this case, as a text message was released to the public. The Angels fired Harkins after the MLB began investigating into the band substance he was provided to pictures.

Here’s a look at the text message from the New York Yankees ace:

“Hey Bubba, it’s Gerrit Cole, I was wondering if you could help me out with this sticky situation,” the pitcher, then with the Astros wrote on Jan. 17, 2019, adding a wink emoji, according to the reports. “We don’t see you until May, but we have some road games in April that are in cold weather places. The stuff I had last year seizes up when it gets cold.”

Cole took his talents to the Yankees this past season on a nine-year, $324 million deal, getting as far away as possible from Houston. During his first year in pinstripes, Gerrit finished with a 2.84 ERA, 94 strikeouts, and 23 earned runs over 73 innings pitched. He ranked fourth in Cy Young voting, once again proving he is one of the best starters in the MLB. However, this substance he was utilizing back in Houston allowed him to increase his spin rate exponentially, according to 2020 Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer.

Baauer wrote in the Players’ Tribune last year that pitchers for the Astros saw significant improvements to their game when utilizing the substance.

“When I see a guy go from being a good pitcher for one team and spinning the ball at 2,200 rpm, to spinning the ball at 2,600 or 2,700 in Houston, I know exactly what happened,” Bauer wrote.

While Trevor never specifically named Cole in his story, he knew it was being used all along. Of course, Cole has been wrapped up in many different scandals at this point in his career, some of which were not his doing. This one seems to have stuck, pun intended.

MLB insider proposes a Yankees’ prospect that could be part of a package for Arenado or Story

New York Yankees

After the New York Mets traded for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco on Thursday, they took a huge step towards real contention. The New York Yankees, though, are still in wait-and-see mode and are taking this slow this offseason, despite having several needs on their roster.

Signing a top free agent may be out of the question, but the trade market also has some stars that the Yankees may find appealing. Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado, a pair of Colorado Rockies’ infielders, are two of them.

To entertain a deal with the Rox for either player, the New York Yankees would need to compensate Colorado with prospects.

Per Jim Bowden of The Athletic, a Yankees’ shortstop prospect is not only among the most underrated in the game, but also, he can be used as a trade piece to lure the Rockies into trading Story or Arenado (as a part of a package.) His name is Anthony Volpe.

The Yankees have a promising project in Volpe

“Volpe can flat-out hit with a short, compact swing, loud sweet-spot contact, above-average exit velocity and the ability to hit line drives from foul pole to foul pole. He can hit high velocity, breaking balls and off-speed pitches as well as any teenager in the minor leagues. Defensively, he’s an above-average defender with plus range to both sides, soft hands, good first-step quickness and an average quick-release arm from the hole. He’s an above-average base runner and has a chance to be the next long-term shortstop for the Yankees. He could also end up being a top prospect included in a blockbuster trade for a star player like Trevor Story or Nolan Arenado if the Yankees decide to go that route,” Bowden wrote.

Volpe’s only professional experience with the Yankees came in Rookie ball in 2019. There, he slashed .215/.349/.355 with two homers, six steals, and a 102 wRC+.

Still 19 years old, he is at least two or three years away from being considered for a callup. He needs to see lots of minor league pitchers and grow as a hitter. But before the Yankees can entertain the idea of him helping the big club, he could be used as trade bait.

New York Mets Sign Brandon Drury To A Minor League Deal

The New York Mets strengthened their minor league depth by signing utility player Brandon Drury. The 28-year old veteran has played every position other than center field, pitcher, and catcher. Drury is hoping to revive his career after a couple of down seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays. He played with the Arizona Diamondbacks when current Mets GM Jared Porter was in his first year with the club.

Drury had a good start to his career as a member of the D’backs. He batted .279 with a .441 slugging in just under 300 games with the D’Backs. Before the 2018 season, the New York Yankees acquired him in a three-team trade. Injuries and lack of production forced him to spend time in the minors before being dealt to the Blue Jays for J.A. Happ.

During his 149 games in Toronto, Drury only hit .208 with 15 home runs. Since 2018, he has only hit .205 with flashes of power. His power with his ability to play as a utility man makes for a useful player with a chance to make the opening day roster. Drury is another example of a low risk, high reward minor league signing the Mets have made all offseason.



New York Yankees News: Gio Urshela to miss much of spring training due to surgery

New York Yankees, Gio Urshela

The New York Yankees are being blamed again for mishandling a Yankee player’s injury across much of social media, but this one can’t be hung on the New York Yankee’s training staff. With so many questions arising, I thought it appropriate to republish an article on the truth behind the surgery that I wrote at the time of the surgery.

The New York Yankee’s third baseman Gio Urshela had surgery to remove a bone chip from his throwing arm. I was announced that he would be away from the team for up to three months and would miss part of the 2021 spring training at George M. Steinbrenner Field training facility.  Many fans wonder why, like James Paxton last year, wait until the last moment to have surgery that will impact the upcoming season.

Urshela was bothered by his throwing arm for much of the pandemic-shortened Yankee season. He was placed on the 10-day injured list with a bone spur in his right elbow on Sept. 4 and was activated on Sept. 15 after missing 11 games. General manager Brian Cashman said on Oct. 14, five days after the playoff-ending loss to Tampa Bay, that Urshela did not need surgery. He said this because the cortisone shot was working.

So why did he wait until now to have the surgery? Urshela recently revealed the real answer to that question. After a few weeks of the postseason, Urshela traveled back to Columbia to be with his family. After only a week or so, he contracted the ugly COVID-19 virus. After getting over it, he had to wait to be tested negative. He then had to be quarantined before he could return to the United States and the Yankees. Before he got the virus, his arm had gone bad again, but being quarantined prevented him from getting the surgery. When he was allowed to travel, he then had the surgery.

“I was feeling good when the season ended,” Urshela explained, crediting a cortisone shot. However, after being in Colombia a couple of weeks, “I started feeling the bone chip, like I had something there.”

Urshela also offered when asked how having the virus affected him; he said that he had it really bad for only three days and then got over it quickly.  When he waited to return to the U.S., he found a way to help his fellow Columbians who were too poor to purchase hand sanitizer. After Urshela worked through the worst of COVID, he contacted Negron, whom he has joined in many community endeavors, including the distributing of hand sanitizer in The Bronx this past year. Negron connected Urshela with Zaccagnino, the CEO of H2One Hand Sanitizer, who is in the process of shipping 36,000 bottles each of his products to Colombia and Venezuela, where Urshela’s Yankees teammate Gleyber Torres is similarly aiding his countrymen and women.

For his efforts to help the people of both the Bronx and his native countrymen in Columbia, he will receive the New York Yankees Thurman Munson Award at the annual Munson Dinner, which will be held virtually on Feb. 2 of next year.


Rangers D K’Andre Miller stands out in first week of camp

New York Rangers rookie defenseman K’Andre Miller is standing tall among the defensemen in his first training camp with the club.

Miller practiced with the team this past summer while the team prepared for their qualifying round against the Carolina Hurricanes, but he was not eligible to be placed on the playoff roster. He left a good impression with the coaching staff in July and brought that work ethic with him to training camp looking for a spot on the 23 man roster.

“I thought K’Andre Miller was really good tonight,” Quinn said after the scrimmage. “He just moves so well, he takes up so much space, he’s got such a long reach, he closes on people quickly. His puck decisions, to me, have really been the surprise to all of us. We knew he made some good decisions, but to adapt as quickly as he has so far — and again, let’s keep it in check, it’s bubble practices and now it’s training camp — but he’s certainly shown a lot of things you look for in a defenseman,”

David Quinn

New York Post Larry Brooks reported how excited head coach David Quinn was following Thursday nights 6-1 Team B win over Team A.

Quinn elaborated on what he saw from Miller prior to the team going into the Toronto bubble last summer.

“I’m sure that gave him a lot of confidence coming into training camp this year,” Quinn said. “We were disappointed we weren’t able to bring him with us [to the bubble], but right from the get-go when he got here last year, you could tell this guy’s got a lot of things that you like. Obviously we drafted him high and we thought very highly of him when we took him. He certainly hasn’t disappointed, that’s for sure.”

Miller played on the left side and was paired with Brendan Smith. The 20-year-old is battling for a left defenseman position along with Jack Johnson, Libor Hajek, and Anthony Bitetto.

The rookie still has plenty of work in front of him in order to make it out of camp. Hajek, Johnson, and Bitetto were all on the losing team Thursday night but that was just one game. Quinn and his staff will be looking to see if Miller can remain consistent while the team continues to scrimmage against each other with no preseason games scheduled due to Covid protocols.

The practices and exhibition games will gain more intensity with less than a week to go before the regular season begins.

Miller most certainly is on the taxi squad, but he is looking to hear his name announced, in an empty arena, unfortunately, next Thursday night when the Blueshirts host the New York Islanders.

The first-round pick in the 2018 NHL entry draft by the Rangers played his college hockey at Wisconsin under former Ranger Tony Granato and signed his entry-level contract during the pandemic shutdown last year.

Exhibition Game Recap

Team Blue (group B) defeated Team White (group A) be a score of 6-1.  the Blue team was lead on the score sheet by their first line with Brett Howden, filling in for Mika Zibanejad, recording two points (one goal) along with Chris Kreider (two goals) and Pavel Buchnevich (one goal, two points).

Philip Di Giuseppe and Filip Chytil, assisted by Alexi Lafreniere, had the other two goals for Team Blue. Ryan Strome had the lone goal for Team White which was assisted by Artemi Panarin.




New York Yankee News: Yankees hire 15 game winner but it doesn’t offset Met’s blockbuster deal

The New York Mets sealed the deal on a blockbuster deal yesterday, and the New York Yankees countered with the late-night signing of 15 game-winner, right-hander Jhoulys Chacin. On the surface, this might seem like a great counter, but it isn’t. Chacin, for the most part, is a washed-up once-dominant starting pitcher. His best career year was in 2018, but he has been an in the cellar pitcher for three teams for the last two years. This is why the Yankees signed him to a minor league deal to see if he has any promise.

When introduced to the New York Mets as its new owner, Steve Cohen said that he wanted to make the Mets New York’s team and a World Series contender. The New billionaire financier that has taken over the team had vowed to make the team better and wouldn’t be afraid to make the moves to make that happen. Yesterday he kept his word and made two major improvements in the team with the blockbuster deal that brought the best shortstop in baseball to the team in Francisco Lindor, once a Yankee target. The deal also included Carlos Carrasco, a premium mid-level starting pitcher, both from the Cleveland Indians.

I am sure that the New York Yankees move was not to counter that deal, and most likely was in the works before the Mets deal. But it is another case of the Yankees doing far less than they should be doing to improve a team with many needs. The Yankees have brought back to pitchers that they previously dumped, Adam Warren and Nester Cortes Jr. They now bring a once-great pitcher that has fallen apart in the last two seasons. Chacin with the Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, and Minnesota Twins has a career record of 78-87 with an ERA of 4.04. This past year he was 1-0 with an elevated ERA of 7.20. In 2019  he was 3-12 with an ERA of 6.01 with the  Brewers and Red Sox.

In the last two years, Chacin’s big problem is that he is another pitcher that gives up home runs and lots of them. While increased flyballs will lead to increased home runs, the home run rate can fluctuate wildly. Chacín was tied for the 8th highest HR/FB rate among pitchers with at least 100 innings last season, which should regress a bit in future seasons. Balls contained within the fences also found holes against Chacin. He will have to figure that out before the Yankees even allowing him to pitch at Yankees Stadium.

Meanwhile, with the DJ LeMahieu negotiations stalled, everything else is basically on hold. The team’s true needs, a good mid-level starter, and bolstering the once-great bullpen sit unaddressed. The New York Yankee brass has said that they are “satisfied” with the starting rotation, but the fact is they need at least one premium type starter that they can count on behind Gerrit Cole. The Yankees will get Domingo German back at the start of the season. He was the Yankee’s best starter in 2019. Sometime before the All-Star break, they will also get Luis Severino back in the fold. Although both of these additions are good news, the Yankees have no idea how they will pitch after not pitching for so long. German hasn’t pitched in a year and has gotten roughed up in Winter ball. Severino hasn’t pitched during the last two years while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.

The Yankee bullpen has needs too. They lost Tommy Kahnle to the Los Angeles Dodgers and have no way of knowing if Adam Ottavino can bounce back from two subpar seasons. They need a solid premium type reliever to replace Kahnle. Cortes Jr., Warren, or the newly hired Chacin is that pitcher.

On Jhoulys Chacin’s part, it’s been an exciting, happy week for him, culminating in signing with the New York Yankees on Thursday. Just one day earlier, the 32-year-old Venezuelan-born Chacin became a naturalized U.S. citizen Wednesday. He turned 33 on Thursday. If he advances to the Major League team, you will want to know his name is pronounced Jo-lease Sha-seen. There is no way of telling what general manager Brian Cashman knows; he could be another gem in the rough, as improbable as that seems.




Bellator: Will Tito Ortiz be Fedor’s last opponent?

Right now, Bellator has been having some preliminary discussions on what to do with Fedor Emelianenko (39-6,1 NC). Fedor is one of the greatest of all time and he’s getting very close to the end of his career.

At 44 years old, the next time we see Fedor in the Bellator cage, it might be the final time. Scott Coker has talked about doing the promotion’s first event in Russia with Fedor headlining for his final card.

Of course, that all depends on the fans situation. Coker has made it clear that Bellator doesn’t want Fedor’s final career fight to come in front of just the production crew and the promotion’s staff.

If all goes as planned and fans can return, Bellator will attempt an even in Russia with fans in the stands for Fedor. That’s one aspect of figuring out his final fight and of course the other is figuring out the opponent.

There are a couple of different options for Bellator to pick from. One option is of course Josh Barnett (35-8). Barnett was actually my first thought when thinking about who Bellator could pair him with. However, another interesting possibility is emerging.

Will Bellator book Fedor – Ortiz?

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz (21-12-1) is wanting to return to the Bellator cage. Ortiz is wanting to come back and be the man who faces Fedor in Fedor’s final career fight.

It’s worth noting that Ortiz hasn’t fought for Bellator since 2017. However, he did go 3-1 in his four fight run inside of Bellator and even challenged for the Bellator light heavyweight championship.

Ortiz was always known as a big light heavyweight and wouldn’t have much of an issue fighting Fedor at heavyweight. In terms of name recognition, Ortiz is probably the bigger sell than any other option in front of Bellator.

Ortiz is riding a three-fight win streak at the moment. Granted, the 45 year old’s last two victories have come against Alberto Del Rio and a very old Chuck Liddell. He did defeat Chael Sonnen in his final Bellator bout.

While Ortiz has offered to take the fight on Twitter, there is no word on if there are active talks at the moment. However, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them materialize. It definitely would be interesting if it happens.