New York Giants: Kicker Aldrick Rosas Charged With Three Misdemeanors

The New York Giants haven’t had a great time this offseason when it comes to what their players get into off the field, and the second big legal case of the year for the team has moved forward a little bit.

It’s looked increasingly like the Giants are going to part ways with kicker Aldrick Rosas, and Rosas recently being charged with three misdemeanors for the hit and run incident that jeopardized his future in the first place only increases the team’s chances of getting rid of him.

What charges did the county file against Rosas?

The Butte County district attorney’s office decided to level three charges at Rosas – reckless driving on the high way, hit and run property damage, and driving with a license suspended for DUI. While NFL players have certainly picked up larger charges in other incidents, it’s no small matter for Rosas to end up with these charges.

His next hearing is set for September 4th, which is about a week after the Giants are scheduled to begin their training camp.

It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall. Sometimes, players remain on the roster after an incident like this because they’re viewed as bringing a high value to the team. But Rosas is a kicker, a position that’s often overlooked. The Giants can replace Rosas and likely get similar results on the field. And the replacement player wouldn’t have to miss time in training camp handling legal problems.

Rosas had a dropoff from his Pro Bowl season, finishing with only 70% of his field goal attempts made. He’s already coming into the offseason with a reputation as not being the most reliable player.

Based on all these factors, the Giants might just get better performance out of the 36 year old Stephen Gostkowski.

Regardless of if they sign Gostkowski or not, though, it looks increasingly clear – Aldrick Rosas probably cost himself his Giants career with last month’s hit and run incident.

New York Yankees News: Hoax, or is Domingo German never going to be a Yankee again?

New York Yankees, Domingo German

The New York Yankees world was stunned last night when Yankees fans read an Instagram post that suggested that Domingo German was done with baseball.  The post read:

“Todo aquel marca su historia en ambos lados, creo que marqué la mía en el #yankeestadium si decido no regresar quedaré orgulloso de mi esfuerzo en 11 años de carrera. Dios bendiga a todo aquel que me apoyó #cadalococonsutema.”

Translated that said:

“Each person leaves its mark in both sides, I believe I left mine at #yankeestadium if I decide not to come back, I’ll be proud of my effort and work in my 11-year career. God bless eveybody who supported me.”

The question is, is this the real Domingo German or some kind of deceitful joke from his brother or others? A photo accompanying this statement did not appear to be Domingo German.

Back late in the 2019 season, MLB put German on hold while they investigated a claim that he had slapped his wife during a dinner between the two. Apparently this was done in front of several witnesses, and Major League Baseball after investigation suspended German for 81 games for violating MLB’s domestic policy protocol.

On September19, he was put on administrative leave by MLB.  He served further suspension that prevented him from playing in the 2019 postseason. Before the administrative leave and eventual suspension, he was the New York Yankees best pitcher, going 18-4 in just 24 starts. Although he still had 63 games to serve he was expected back in the 2020 season with plenty of time before the playoffs.

Now with the coronavirus season shortened to just 60 games, he was not expected back before the 2020 postseason.  Now with this post supposedly by German, the New York Yankees will not see Domingo German in the 2021 season or even beyond.  It’s hard to believe that a pitcher this good would decide to throw away a very lucrative career. But if this Instagram post is true and not a hoax, that appears to be the case.

Why would German post a statement with his brother’s picture?  Something is rotten in Denmark.  Even Brian Hock of believes German has left baseball. This writer believes the whole thing is a hoax and Domingo German will be back with the New York Yankees early in 2021, and not in the Dominican Republic sipping a Mamajuana. If it is true, it will be the most bizarre development in baseball in recent years.


Yankees’ Domingo German suggests retirement in cryptic Instagram post

New York Yankees, Domingo German

New York Yankees right-handed pitcher Domingo German, currently suspended for his involvement in a domestic violence incident last year, wrote a cryptic Instagram post in which he suggested that he may be retiring from baseball.

It would be a very inconvenient development for the young fireballer, who is in the New York Yankees’ plans for the long term after he finishes his suspension.

He wrote, in his official (and verified) Instagram account @domingogermandr: “Todo aquel marca su historia en ambos lados, creo que marqué la mía en el #yankeestadium si decido no regresar quedaré orgulloso de mi esfuerzo en 11 años de carrera. Dios bendiga a todo aquel que me apoyó #cadalococonsutema.”

The translation would be: “Each person leaves its mark in both sides, I believe I left mine at #yankeestadium if I decide not to come back, I’ll be proud of my effort and work in my 11-year career. God bless eveybody who supported me.”

In Spanish, “cada loco con su tema” means “to each his own.”

Yankees fans were confused and surprised

The comments section of the post was filled with Yankees’ fans surprised and sad to read those words. No official announcement was made, though.

On January 2nd, Major League Baseball suspended German for 81 games, per Hannah Keyser of Yahoo Sports. He was originally placed on administrative leave on September 19, 2019, meaning that he needs to sit 63 additional games.

He will miss the 2020 season but is fully expected to return next year, if he wants to keep playing. The 27-year-old pitcher allegedly slapped his girlfriend during an argument after a September 16 charity event.

Also, he was involved in a car accident in the Dominican Republic in February, but wasn’t injured.

For his career, German is 20-11 with a 4.52 ERA and a 4.53 FIP. He had a breakout season in 2019, especially in the first half, but couldn’t pitch in the postseason as the details of the slapping incident emerged in September.

New York Giants: Is Dalvin Tomlinson The Most Underrated Player On The Giants?

New York Giants, Dalvin Tomlinson

The New York Giants‘ defensive line is slowly turning into one of the best units in the NFL. The combination of Leonard Williams, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Dexter Lawrence will leave opposing offensive lines struggling to gain ground in 2020.

On that defensive line, there is a player who is rarely talked about. Dalvin Tomlinson, the heart and soul of the Giants’ defensive front, has been one of the best and most consistent defensive linemen in the NFL over the past few years. Heading into 2020, Tomlinson is still an underrated and underappreciated talent.

Why Dalvin Tomlinson Deserves More Respect

Since entering the league as a second-round draft pick in 2017, Dalvin Tomlinson has been a rock on the Giants’ defense. Dalvin has not missed a game in his career, starting in 16 games every season for the past three seasons. Tomlinson was already a solid player in his rookie 2017 season but he has only gotten better each year.

Tomlinson finished with 50 or more tackles in each of his first two seasons. In 2017, Dalvin totaled 50 tackles, and in 2018 he totaled 59. He improved his tackles for loss total to 5 in 2018 after posting only 1 in 2017. Dalvin Tomlinson is not a flashy player, but he gets the job done.

In 2019, Dalvin Tomlinson recorded 49 combined tackles with 7 tackles for loss. What made Tomlinson’s 2019 season so exciting though was his improvements as a pass-rusher. After failing to record a single sack in 2018, Tomlinson totaled a career-high 3.5 sacks in 2019. Dalvin Also totaled 13 pressures in 2019, 5 more than he did in 2018.

Dalvin Tomlinson is far from a household name. He has never been to a Pro Bowl and he is rarely discussed as one of the best defenders on the Giants. But silently, Dalvin has been the Giants’ best defensive player over the past three years. Entering a new Alabama-like system in 2020, Tomlinson is bound to break out and get the respect he deserves (and maybe even a new contract).

Veteran New York Jets blocker Kelvin Beachum has found a new home

The New York Jets’ offensive line mainstay has agreed to a new deal with the Arizona Cardinals to protect Kyler Murray.

It’ll be the same spot, but a new first-round commodity to protect for Kelvin Beachum.

The former New York Jets blocker has signed with the Arizona Cardinals, the NFC West team confirmed on Friday. Thus ends Beachum’s three-year tenure with the Jets, one saw that him miss only three games.

Beachum, 31, joined the Jets on a three-year, $24 million deal during the 2017 offseason. He previously entered the league as a seventh-round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers, spending four years there before a single season with Jacksonville. Beachum became known for protecting the blindside of quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Josh McCown.

It’s likely he’ll help fill a similar role for 2019’s top overall draft pick and Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray. The veteran Beachum will possibly serve as a depth option behind DJ Humphries.

Off the field, Beachum made a name for himself in the New York community. He was the Jets’ nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award during the 2018 season. His efforts centered on eradicating hunger and providing STEM education for minority youths.

“You trust him, you know he’s extremely reliable, you know he’s going to execute his assignment, and he’s going to help other guys up front,” Jets head coach Adam Gase said of Beachum in November, per Olivia Landis of “I think he’s a guy that’s played a lot of football, he’s seen a lot of different blitzes and he can help our group in a lot of different ways.”

Beachum perhaps became expendable once the Jets added both George Fant in free agency and Mekhi Becton with their first pick in April’s draft. Fellow starting blocker Brandon Shell also left this offseason, inking a two-year deal with Seattle in March. The Jets also added Greg Van Roten and Connor McGovern in free agency and likewise drafted Cameron Clark during the draft’s day three proceedings.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

New York Yankees players say intrasquads are nice, but they are ready to play other teams

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees have certainly taken advantage of intrasquad games for nearly two weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic and the tight schedule have reduced the number of exhibition games significantly, so each team has had to prepare for the season while mostly facing teammates. That’s good for a while, especially for a team as talented as the Yankees. But at some point, more competition is needed.

Make no mistake, for the New York Yankees hitters, facing that pitching staff is no piece of cake. Gerrit Cole, Masahiro Tanaka, Jordan Montgomery, J.A. Happ, James Paxton, and arguably the majors’ best bullpen. And the same goes for the hurlers: it’s hard to try to retire guys like Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and many more.

The Yankees will play other clubs soon enough

That’s why some Yankees, like Luke Voit, are eager for exhibition games to begin, as few as they may be. He needs to adjust to other looks, other stuffs. And that’s natural. He will get his wish starting this weekend, as the Yankees will face the Mets a couple of times and then the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday, before Opening Day against Max Scherzer and his Nationals.

“It’ll be nice to play another team,” Voit said. “I think that would get the jitters going more than having to face the same guys over and over. I think it’ll finally make it feel like it’s an actual game … guys will be more dialed in.”

“I’ve never faced Michael King, never faced Clarke Schmidt, and then you face them the next time so you kind of have an idea of how they’re going to pitch you. But again, I’d rather face other guys instead of our same guys all the time,” the slugging first baseman explained.

The Yankees, however, have done a fantastic job at simulating game situations in the middle of this situation. “The staff and team has done a great job of getting us a lot of at-bats. We also have the added benefit of the quality arms we’re facing. There’s nothing really that can simulate the game speed of having a guy standing on the mound throwing to us. Guys are starting to put together some really good at-bats and their contact point is moving out front a little bit more. We’re hitting some balls hard,” Mike Tauchman said.

Meanwhile, Mike Ford stated that “they all get a [scouting report] sheet every day, and it’s interesting to see after the game what their plan was to attack you. I like to see what the other side’s going to do to me. Just from facing our team, I’m very glad that I don’t play for another team.”

Why Yankees’ Aaron Judge can be the team MVP in 2020

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

Yankees’ Aaron Judge has been on and off the field with all kinds of injuries the last couple of seasons. Fans are starting to place him in the injury-prone column but way too soon, in my opinion.

Judge dealt with a broken wrist and broken rib the past two years. He had surgery for both and has little risk of reinjuring them. Judge went down while he was helping his team. He got hit in the wrist by a 96 mph fastball and injured his rib diving for a ball. I see Judge being perfectly healthy this year and having the best 60-game season on the team.

Even though Judge has been off the field quite a bit, he has been very productive on the field. In fact, despite missing almost 110 games in the last two seasons, he has still produced an 11.4 WAR. That’s fantastic. That isn’t the only thing that Judge did well in both those seasons. He’s lowered his strikeout numbers, hit more singles and doubles, and gotten better in the field.

Defensively, he combined for a 3.1 dWAR and had no errors in the field. CBS Sports ranked him as the 40th best player in the MLB. That’s a joke. When he’s on the field, he is no doubt a top ten player in the league.

If the Yankees had to pick a captain, it would be him. He’s a great player, a great teammate, and a great person. What more could you want. Aaron Judge wants to do his best every time he goes out on the field. He’s already said that he won’t stop playing his heart out every game just because of a couple of injuries. 

So, how will he look this year?

This year, everything has been unpredictable. There can be another virus that starts spreading tomorrow and cancels the season. But for now, the season is on, and Judge is ready. He has been working very hard to get to 100%, and he says he feels better than ever. In Wednesday’s intrasquad game, he went back in the lineup after a sore neck and crushed a solo shot to center field off of James Paxton. His swing looked smooth and a lot like his 2017 self.

My prediction is that he will be the MVP for the Yankees in a shortened season. I think he not only performs elite at the plate but in the field as well. To me, he’ll look even better than his rookie self. Now, that’s not to say that he’ll go out there and hit 25 home runs in 60 games. I mean, he will become a better all-around player. I don’t think hitting bombs will be the story of his season. It will be racking up RBI’s and getting on base. Fans love to see Judge hit 450 foot home runs every at-bat, but I think Judge has developed into a more complete player. 

With that being said, here are my predictions for Judge this season: 203 AB, 63 H, 12 HR, 16 BB, .310 AVG, .383 OBP, .530 SLG, .920 OPS, oWAR 3.7. 

Those are great numbers in a 60-game season and might seem like a little much to most fans. However, I am very confident in Judge this year. I feel that he is a top-five player in the league and that fans are underestimating him. Judge will be the best player on the Yankees this year. Remember those words.  

New York Yankees: Today “Joltin Joe’s” 56 game hitting streak ends 79 years ago

For the New York Yankees, some days in Yankee lore are more interesting than others. Today happens to be one of those days.

1941:  Joe DiMaggio in his career, received many award accolades, and broke several records. Besides having the most home runs for a rookie, he also had the most home runs in his first two years, a record not broken until 2009. Joe’s record could have been even better, but Yankee Stadium left-center field back then was 457′.

In 1941 Joe had a 56 game hitting streak. During the streak, DiMaggio hit .408, and the Yankees went 41-13. His streak still stands today; the closest anyone has come to it is Pete Rose in 1978. On July 17, 1941, Joe’s 56 game hitting streak came to an end. He went 0-for-3 with a walk in the Yankees’ 4-3 win at Cleveland Park, twice grounding out to Keltner at third, who makes incredible stops to throw out DiMaggio.

1961: Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle both hit home runs in a game against the Baltimore Orioles.  This was the midpoint in the famous home run race between the two sluggers. It was Maris’s 36th and Mantles 34th, but both homers were erased due to rain that canceled the game before it became official.

1978: Another fight occurred between slugger Reggie Jackson and New York Yankee manager Billy Martin. On this day, Martin ordered Jackson to hit away.  Jackson ignored him and bunted.  Martin furious suspended Jackson as the team sank 14 games back.  But harm no foul, the Yankees came all the way back and won the World Championship from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

1987: “Donnie Baseball” Don Mattingly, on this day in 1987, becomes the first AL player to hit a home run in seven consecutive games when he goes deep in the Yankees’ 8-4 win in Texas.

2018:  In the Midsummer Classic All-Star game, the American League defeated the National League, 8-6, at Nationals Park. A record 10 home runs are hit, five from each team. The game’s first by The New York Yankee’s Aaron Judge off hometown starter Max Scherzer. The Astros’ Alex Bregman earned MVP honors as the AL wins its sixth straight Midsummer Classic. Interestingly this year’s opening day will be at Nationals Park against that same Max Scherzer. Will Aaron Judge repeat the for the New York Yankees?

New York Mets: Cespedes will play the outfield against the Yankees and is “moving better” every day

New York Mets, Yeonis Cespedes

As Opening Day keeps approaching and is only a week away, New York Mets’ manager Luis Rojas now has a clearer picture about the form of his players. He has seen them train and play for quite a few days now, and the píeces are starting to fall into their place.

One important piece in the Mets’ puzzle is Yoenis Cespedes. By now, virtually every fan knows that he hasn’t played a Major League game since July 2018 because of multiple surgeries in his heels and his ankle.

The New York Mets are among the teams that will benefit the most from the universal designated hitter rule, because they get to slot Cespedes and his potent bat almost every day without him risking his legs in the field. But wait… what about if he could play the outfield every once in a while?

The Mets want him to be able to play the outfield occasionally

According to what Rojas said Friday to Tim Britton of The Athletic, Cespedes playing the outfield is something that “we’re definitely getting more confident every time we see him out there.” That would be incredible news for a player that has worked hard to return, and for a team that could use the extra flexibility.

“He’s moving well. We are hoping to put him in the outfield for one of the two games against the Yankees, and that will say a lot. Yankee Stadium has got a big gap, so moving around and taking a first step off the bat, if he can play left there and get challenged a few plays will say a lot to us. That’s something we haven’t seen yet in our games as much, him getting really challenged,” the Mets skipper said.

Rojas conceded that Cespedes seems to “move better every day. We have seen him on the bases, making turns, cutting angles. He’s done a good job. He’s done his homework as far as his progression and doing what he has to do with the performance staff.”

For now, Cespedes is expected to be the New York Mets’ designated hitter come Opening Day, but if he passes the Yankee Stadium test, he could find himself in the outfield every once in a while.

Tyler Johnson views the Brooklyn Nets as a chance at ‘redemption’

Tyler Johnson, Brooklyn Nets

Tyler Johnson will be one of the handful of new faces suiting up for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA restart later this month.

Ironically, Johnson signed a four-year, $50 million offer sheet with the Nets in 2016, but the Miami Heat matched the contract, as the guard was a restricted free agent.

Johnson is “ecstatic” to finally be playing for the Nets (quotes per Brian Lewis of the New York Post).

“My mom still says Sean is one of her favorite people of all time. We’re very fortunate to be in this position. I signed that offer sheet four years ago, so I was ready at that time to become a Net,” Johnson said, referring to a restricted free agent offer sheet.

“Obviously we know the story, Miami matched it. But … we were very interested in what was being built here. So we actually did sign that offer sheet and I was ecstatic when we got that call to come back over here.”

Nets interim head coach Jacque Vaughn says Johnson “fit into the description of what a Net is.”

“I did meet Tyler and overall impression was this was a guy we’d love to have with us in our organization, a guy that understands what it means to play and consider more than just himself when he’s on the floor. So he fit into the description of what a Net is,” Vaughn said.”

“Part of life’s twists and turns. We get him a little later, and fortunate to have him on the team now.”

The Heat traded Johnson to the Phoenix Suns two and a half seasons into his four-year deal. The Suns released Johnson in February.

Johnson ponders whether he was “100 percent” in Phoenix.

“Maybe I wasn’t at 100 percent. I was working through it, trying to get right. But I didn’t have that pop, that bounce I used to have where I’d try to go up over the top of people. Who knows if that played a role in anything,” said Johnson, adding his knee is OK now. “I don’t put any blame anywhere but myself. At the end of the day I can only control myself.”

Johnson views being with the Nets as a chance at “redemption.”

“Obviously it didn’t work out the way I would’ve wanted. There was a handful of things that could’ve gone better, not necessarily being anybody’s fault. Coming in and having the quick change, it took a long time for everyone to get on the same page. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. But fortunately, I’m here. I find myself in a position where I can have a little bit of redemption.”

Johnson averaged 5.7 points and 1.6 assists per game while shooting 38.0 percent from the field across 31 games with the Suns this season.