New York Giants: Stephen Gostkowski could be perfect fit if Aldrick Rosas is released

New York Giants, Stephen Gostkowski

The New York Giants simply can’t get out of their own way this off-season, with the latest development being kicker Aldrick Rosas and his drunk driving accident. Rosas ran a red light going 100 mph, according to TMZ, hitting a car and fleeing the scene on foot.

Police picked up Rosas near the scene of the accident, as he was bloodied and bruised. They took him to the hospital to be evaluated before arresting him and putting him in county jail. The evidence seems quite stacked against Rosas, who was oddly drunk driving at 8:25 AM in the morning on Monday.

Ultimately, this now forces us to explore alternative options at the kicker position. One option that stands out is Stephen Gostkowski.

Why should the New York Giants target Stephen Gostkowski?

Gostkowski is the most experienced option currently available on the free-agent market, and his connection with Joe Judge makes him an excellent alternative to Rosas. Bringing in familiar faces with experience in a winning culture is essential, and Rosas being willing to put his professional job in the NFL in jeopardy gives another player an opportunity. Of course, it is fair to let the situation play out before making cemented judgments, but the evidence is quite clear of his wrongdoing. The Giants will likely begin scouring the free-agent market as a precaution anyway, and Gostkowski fits the bill nicely.

Gostkowski finished his 2019 campaign with a season-ending hip injury. Despite this development, Judge and Gostkowski had spent time together from 2015 to 2019. Judge was the Patriots’ special-teams coordinator during that time-span. However, the current free agent spent 14 seasons with the Pats as one of the best kickers in the NFL.

Stephen went 7 for 8 on field-goal attempts last season but only hit on 11 of 15 attempts from the extra point spot. This was the worst completion percentage of his career at 73.3, but it could be an outlier based on his statistical past.

Bringing in an established veteran should be a serious consideration for the Giants, and one that has a connection with their current head coach is obvious. However, I imagine the team will let things play out with the process before rushing to any judgment and making a premature signing. We will update you with any more information on the matter.

Arizona Cardinals Corey Peters Knows Reading is FUNdamental

Corey Peters, Arizona Cardinals

They say reading is fundamental and Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Corey Peters, who graduated from Michigan University with a Master’s in Education, is embodying that message perfectly. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Peters saw fit to spread his love of reading and use it to uplift others during this difficult time.  To provide a source of recreation for high school students in Arizona, Peters created the Corey Peters Playbook, a virtual book club via Zoom a segment of his Peters Educational Enrichment Project, which galvanizes the passion of learning to local youth. 

Teaming up with powerhouse publishing company Scholastic, Peters provided three books Looking for Alaska by John Green in which protagonist Miles Halter embarks on a quest for adventure, realizing along the way that the relationships we forge can deeply have an effect on us, Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork and Dear Martin by Nic Stone, a heartbreaking look at the unjust and despicable racism that exists for young unarmed African American men in America, free of cost to each participant.

The book club kicked off its inaugural session this past Wednesday, June 10th, starting off on a light note discussing students’ future hopes and aspirations, with Peters ending with words of encouragement and guidance on how to deal with the trying times in our lives.   Peters and participants discussed the book the opening chapters of the acclaimed book Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork, which chronicles teen Marcelo Sandoval affliction with a disorder akin to autism and his journey of immersion into the “real world”.  Along the way, Marcelo learns a lesson of how we can create great change (no matter how insignificant it may seem to us) from negativity, a vital message we can all glean and enact in our own lives.

Sessions will continue each subsequent Wednesday and those wishing to participate are encouraged to visit  to sign up.  Participants of this book club will not only glean a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the books they will be reading, but they will also ponder and mull over the more profound lessons in life.

A leader in every sense of the word, it is no surprise that Peters has been named team captain, been inducted in his alma mater the University of Kentucky’s Hall of Fame, and supports his teammates both in on the fields in their careers and off the field by participating in their respective charities.  

Peters has always been one to turn a negative into a positive and has always given back in any way he can.  Throughout his long and successful career, Peters has utilized his platform to help others and promote change, garnering him the Ed Block Courage Award, which recognizes NFL players for their contributions in the community.  

Whether it be taking students on a shopping spree during the holidays, guiding young kids as part of the NFL’s Huddle for 100, making the Thanksgiving season a little brighter for elementary school students, showing appreciation to veterans, taking kids to the aquarium. reading to toddlers at a daycare center and so much more, Peters does everything with heart.  He is an absolute shining star with a heart so pure and giving!  They say a book is a gift you can open and open again and Peters is not only a gift to the NFL, but to the world!

New York Knicks: Leon Rose isn’t sold on Kevin Knox

New York Knicks, Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox has been a bust, there’s no other way around it. Ever since the New York Knicks selected him with the ninth pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, Knox has simply failed to live up to expectations and has played poorly for the Knicks.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, new Knicks president Leon Rose “is not sold” on Knox and really wanted to see him play over the final 16 games of the season before the league was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, with the NBA set to return in the near future under a special 22-team format, the Knicks are one of the eight teams who didn’t make the cut so Rose won’t get to assess Knox properly until next season. This was a big opportunity for Knox to make a good impression on Rose, and him not being able to do that now could hurt his chances of sticking around much longer.

Many Knicks fans have already begun to lose their patience with Knox, as he has been a liability at times on the floor. During his rookie year, Knox had one of the highest usage rates amongst rookies, but he was one of the least efficient players in the entire league with one of the worst true shooting percentages. Still, despite his efficiency problems, Knox showed promising flashes and averaged about 13 points and 4.5 rebounds per game, so there was hope that he could take a step forward in year two.

That wasn’t the case, as Knox actually got worse this season. He struggled mightily on both the offensive and defensive end, and went from averaging almost 30 minutes a game to about 18 minutes coming off the bench. He averaged an underwhelming stat line of 6.4 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 0.9 assists per game, and shot just 36 percent from the field and 33 percent from three. Knox also just looked lost a lot of the time, lacking the confidence and aggression he showed more of the year prior.

Neither David Fizdale nor Mike Miller were able to unlock Knox’s potential, so Rose and the Knicks will be hoping that the new head coach will have better luck, assuming Knox is still on the team. Rose not getting the chance to assess Knox’s play over the final 16 games of this season might mean that he chooses to move on from him this offseason rather than give him a chance to stick under a new coaching staff next year.

We shall see what ends up happening, but as of right now Knox’s future with the Knicks doesn’t look too promising. He’s still very young, as he’ll only be 21 at the start of next season, but time is running out for Knox to prove himself in New York. I think because of his age it makes sense for Rose to give Knox a chance under the new coaching staff, but it’s not a guarantee that will happen. And if it does, Knox will be on thin ice and will have little room for error.

Fireside Giants Episode 27: Aldrick Rosas arrested reactions, Saquon Barkley’s mega-deal, center position evals

New York Giants, Fireside Giants

In this week’s episode of Fireside Giants – a New York Giants podcast, Alex Wilson and Anthony Rivardo dive into the latest Aldrick Rosas news, regarding the drunk driving accident that resulted in him fleeing from the scene bloodied and bruised.

The Giants are now in a tough spot, where they all need to look into alternative kickers to supplement the loss of Rosas. Alex and Anthony give their reaction and back up plan in the scenario. Considering the evidence against the Giants’ kicker, things are not looking great for him at the moment.



However, if we’ve learned anything from the DeAndre Baker case, it is that jumping the gun too judgment is not ideal. We should give him the appropriate time to figure out what exactly happened before we guarantee anything, but the clear-cut evidence suggests that it will be difficult for him to bounce back normally. He could have lost his career over this incident that occurred at 8:25 AM on Monday.

Next on the list, we dive into Saquon Barkley and the mega-deal that’s pending. Barkley had a phenomenal rookie season but spent most of 2019 nursing a high ankle sprain. The injury severely limited his ability to cut and make Barkley-like plays. Nonetheless, he is a very capable running back and should be able to bounce back in 2020. Whether or not he’s worth $17 million per season is another story. He would have to have a historical season to earn that type of pay, but he has the ability to do so.

We then take a look at the center position, where Nick Gates, Shane Lemieux, Spenser Pulley, and Jon Halapio well compete in a position battle for the starting job. Gates has recently worked with Derek Carr in Vegas under center, attempting to get as many reps as possible before training camp.

You can check out the podcast on iTunes, Google, Spotify, and YouTube for the visual version.

One New York Jets Receiver Enters A Make Or Break Season

New York Jets, Robby Anderson, Sam Darnold

The New York Jets lost Robby Anderson this past offseason. The loss was one that set the Jets back at wide receiver. Anderson was the go-to target for Sam Darnold. He was a deep threat who could stretch the field and add another layer to the Jets passing game. The Jets return Jamison Crowder, a safety net for Darnold and a dynamic slot piece. They also added a presumed steal in rookie Denzel Mims. Mims brings a big red zone presence with his size and catch radius. Although he brings speed, he will be trusted to grow with Darnold and be groomed into a do it all number one receiver. The Jet receiver trusted to bring the deep threat presence and fill the void of Robby Anderson is Breshard Perriman.

Perriman Needs A Big Year

When Perriman signed with the New York Jets, just hours after Anderson inked a deal to defect to Carolina, I broke the news here at ESM. I touched on his inconsistencies in his past, but one thing I harped on was his recent successes. In 3 years, Perriman had 55 receptions for 916 yards and 5 TDs. Last season, he had 36 receptions for 645 yards and 6 TDs. In the final quarter of the season, Perriman didn’t have a game with less than 70 yards. Perriman was on fire and flashed the potential that got him picked by the Ravens with the 26th pick in the 2015 draft. Perriman parlayed those flashes into a 1 year deal with Gang Green. The Jets will give him the opportunity to start and earn meaningful reps. If Perriman can put up solid numbers, he could revitalize his career.

Perriman fits into the model Douglas is trying to build “prove it deals”. Perriman must put up a quality season in order to become a true fixture in this league. With all the speed in the world, if Perriman can continue to develop his route tree this offseason, similarly to what Anderson did last season. At 26, the best could be ahead for the Breshard Perriman.

The never ending drama that is the Islanders’ arena saga

New York Islanders, Nassau Coliseum

Just when you think the New York Islanders are in the clear when it comes to their arena problems, they get thrown another curveball.

Yesterday, a report from came out with information that Mikhail Prokhorov, whose Onexim Sports and Entertainment which operates the Nassau Coliseum under the lease of Nassau County, is planning to shut down its doors as they try to find new investors to take over the arena’s operations and help pick up the $100 million debt remaining on the building.

The Coliseum hasn’t hosted any events since the coronavirus shut down the entire country and the Islanders’ season.

The last time the Isles did host a game there just five days before the shutdown — a controversial 3-2 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. And truthfully, that game might have been the last the Islanders ever play in their original, and since refurbished Old Barn. With no postseason games expected to be hosted in the building — the NHL decided the playoffs will be taking place in Las Vegas and another hub citym which will be chosen sometime next week — and the prospect of the following season possibly not beginning till January with or without fans, uncertainty is once again staring the Isles right in the face.

This latest development with securing a home is just another “spoke in the wheel” the Islanders continue to endure until they finally have a shiny, brand new building of their own at Belmont Park, which will be ready to open for the 2021-22 season.

The Islanders and their fans have been through anything and everything imaginable when it comes to wanting to have a stable facility that will provide long-term security. It’s been this way since the early ’90s when the Coliseum, already over 20 years old. Was beginning to fall apart. There were talks back then of the possibility of a new facility, but the incompetence of government officials always clouded them. John Spano, the person who technically owned the Isles for several months towards the end of the ’90s, was in talks with Nassau County about building a new home for the franchise. That all went out the window when he was convicted of fraud and lied about who he was and how much money he was really worth.

That was really just the start of it all.

After Charles Wang became part-owner of the team in 2000 and then sole owner a year later, he had his own vision of a brand new building. It was part of his overall plan — The Lighthouse Project (who could forget that jingle) — to help revitalize the entire hub that surrounded the Coliseum. The plan never saw the light of day because of Kate Murray and the buffoonery again that was Nassau County politics. Dealing with such a dense crowd even prompted Wang to look at other options, which included Kansas City and Quebec for possible relocation of the franchise.

Fast forward a few years later and the latest jolt to get the Islanders a new home came in the form of a plan between Wang and former county executive Ed Mangano. The proposal called for a $400 million arena paid with taxpayer’s money. Of course, that plan also went nowhere after the powers that be decided to have Nassau County residents vote on whether to green-light the plan stupidly at the beginning of August. The decision was horrendous and again left the Isles with a murky future.

Then came a little bit of hope, or so we thought.

Out of options and patience by October 2012 — the NHL was also just at the beginning of what would be season that was locked out until January — Wang did what he could to save the franchise from moving. He agreed to move the Islanders to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center after the team’s lease with the Coliseum ran out following the 2014-15 season. The contract was said to be “ironclad” for the next 25 years.

When the Islanders did start playing in Kings County, it was a disaster. The obstructed seats, the total disconnect between the fans, players, and organization with the building, and the building not being suitable to house an NHL team was impossible to ignore. It’s no wonder the new owners of the team — Scott Malkin and Jon Ledecky — were immediately looking for another place to play, not even before the end of the first year in Brooklyn.

Things only continued to get worse as the Brooklyn experiment, and at one point, it was reported that Barclays wanted to kick the Islanders out. By 2017, it was time for the two-decades-long drama to stop.

Enter Belmont Park.

The Islanders put in a bid to build a state-of-the-art facility on the grounds of the park, which was state own land. They were awarded the bid in December, and it seemed there was finally light at the end of the tunnel. Wrong. After the franchise won the bid, there were lawsuits, red tape, community outrage, and just pure stupidity that tried to stop the project or make sure it was years before it got started.

Surprisingly, everything worked out for the Islanders, but they still were going to need a place to play while the building would be built, which brings us back to Nassau Coliseum.

The team has been playing there since it was announced they would return to the Coliseum for 12 games for the 2018-19 campaign. They split the home schedule with Barclays this past season and were all set to play the playoffs plus all 41 home dates next season, which was made official by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in early March. After yesterday’s story, that announcement feels moot.

So when will the drama end? I tweeted it could come in 477 days. By then, it will be October 2021, and the new hockey season ready to begin.

That date still feels like a long ways away. But it will get here. Until then, we’re all still living in the reality show that is the Islanders arena drama.

A story that never seems to want to end.


2020 (Or 2021) Will Be the Bounce Back Year For Robbie Cano, Don’t Ya Know?

New York Mets, Robinson Cano

So I know there isn’t much hope for a season but I think there will be baseball this year in some capacity. Even if there is not, next year this still applies in my opinion. Robinson Cano had a rough 2019, and there’s just nothing to say that he didn’t. This angered Mets fans (and I’ll be honest gave us Yankee fans something hilarious to watch), but I’d be ignoring the facts if I laughed and said “He’s never going to be good again!”. I love Robbie Cano, don’t love that he left New York and don’t believe that he was worth his contract, but his peripherals offensively show that he should be able to have a good 2020/2021 in my opinion based off of the metrics

Cano Still Has Pop In His Bat

So let’s look at his slugging percentage and why it is low at .428, it’s not the full story in my opinion. Let’s look at how hard he hits the ball, with 46% hard-hit percentage, average Exit Velocity of 90.8 MPH, and on top of that he has a solid but not great .450 xSLG. He does still hit the ball hard, and I personally believe that given the opportunity to play without injury, he can get his number up on the power side. I think you can easily see Cano get his SLG to the .460 range and have a solid amount of longballs, something the Mets would love to have out of that position.

Seeing Improvements in OBP

Cano only had a .307 OBP, the 2nd lowest in his career, and was one of the metrics that took a lot of analysts by surprise. With a career .352 OBP, it didn’t make sense to many as to how his OBP could drop so heavily after one year, even if his power was seemingly gone. This isn’t the full picture, as Cano heavily relied on hits to have a higher OBP, walking just a bit to get it up to a solid number, but by only hitting .256, he saw his OBP suffer as his walks didn’t spike up. His xBA was .280, so calculating his BB% and his xBA to figure out what his hypothetical OBP should’ve been, .338 which while it isn’t great, shows that he was slightly better than his traditional numbers show.

The reason I bring up OBP isn’t just because of his xBA, but because of his walk% being 9.2 last year and around the 7% mark since 2015, yet it dropping to 5.9% this year. I think you’ll see it go back to around 6.6%, and if he has 200 At-Bats in a short season with 58 hits, he should have around a .355 OBP next year to pair with a .460-.470 SLG meaning offensively he’s going to perform pretty damn well.

What Does the Future Hold For Cano?

With the DH in 2020 (hopefully) Cano in my opinion should DH and try to focus on offense as to be able to stay healthy and rake for the Mets. He won’t have too many years of success left in my opinion but I could be proven wrong, I won’t project farther than I have numbers to back it up by. It’d be wrong on my part to tell you when he’ll drop off, so take it year by year for Robbie

For his next season though? He’ll be solid offensively, and be able to bounceback as a top 10 2B in baseball next season.

With Khabib And Gaethje’s Lightweight Championship Fight Set, Who Should Tony Ferguson Fight To Regain His Title Shot?

Tony Ferguson, UFC

UFC 249 was a monumental event. With an already exciting selection of preliminary fights that featured the return of Fabricio Werdum and Anthony Pettis, the main card was one for the ages. After impressive TKOs by both Calvin Kattar and Francis Ngannou, a controversial title defense by Henry Cejudo, and a tenacious striking battle between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje, UFC 249 ended on a jaw-dropping note. With the surprise announcement of Cejudo’s retirement and the revelation of George Saint Pierre’s induction into the UFC Hall of Fame, it’s fair to argue that this might have been the best sporting event of 2020 with half a year still left to go.

But looking back at this event that took place a little over a month ago, there’s still one, big, looming question that’s left to be answered coming out of the main card: Who does Tony Ferguson fight next to earn a shot at the title? What’s important to remember here is that Ferguson has been trying to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov since 2015. Their scheduled bout on April 18th this year, was the fifth time the two lightweight superstars were set to fight each other. And for the fifth time in five years, it was cancelled once again. Furthermore, Ferguson’s latest fight against Khabib was announced on November 25th, which means for about four months straight, Ferguson was immersed in his training camp to prepare for his fight against Khabib.

However, when he was tasked to fight Gaethje instead, Ferguson had to adapt his training camp quickly to prepare for a fighter who is the complete opposite of Khabib. Gaethje is an incredibly talented wrestler; but almost everyone knew he was going into this fight standing up, something Khabib hardly ever does on the contrary. Essentially, Ferguson has still yet to get a chance to fight Khabib for the title, and when the opportunity finally arrived with Gaethje, he had about three weeks to prepare for it.

Although this was downright unfair for Ferguson (who’s been fighting for this opportunity for years), Tony’s not new to this position and is going to have to fight another contender outside of Khabib and Gaethje before he gets another real shot at the title. A rematch against Gaethje is certainly a must, whether he’s the new champion or not. But because that won’t be Ferguson’s next fight, he’s going to need to battle one of the other contenders to get his chance. But which candidate makes for the best fit?

1) The best challenger for Ferguson’s next fight, is Dustin Poirier. There’s a lot of reasons why this fight makes sense. First off, Poirier is right behind Ferguson in the lightweight rankings and hasn’t fought since September. After losing badly to Khabib, Poirier needs to jump back into the win column to be considered a true contender and has been scheduled to fight Dan Hooker on June 27th to put that to the test (ESPN). A lot rests on this fight: If he loses this bout, Poirier’s chances to fight Ferguson next would drop significantly. But because Poirier is the favorite to win, it would make plenty of sense to schedule a fight with Ferguson next if he comes away victorious to determine who fights for the belt. Moreover, Poirier is one of the best lightweight strikers in the division who happens to be in the prime of his career at age 31 (ESPN). Prior to fighting Khabib, Poirier was on a deadly four fight winning streak where he knocked out Anthony Pettis, Justin Gaethje, and Eddie Alvarez before he bashed Max Holloway for the Interim UFC Lightweight Championship (ESPN). Before Khabib mauled him on the ground in Abu Dhabi, Poirier was the talk of the town (ESPN). Coincidently, this was also the case for Ferguson prior to fighting Gaethje. Both of these lightweights are easily two of the best fighters in the division and both need a big fight in order to position themselves as the next contender for the belt. And alongside the fact that Ferguson has never fought Poirier before, this matchup makes for the best fit to solidify his spot as the next Lightweight Championship contender.

2) Outside of Dustin, the next best challenger is none other than Conor McGregor. Yes, the man just retired. But this is also the third time he’s done so, making the legitimacy of his retirement rather questionable and uncertain at only 31 years old (ESPN). However, if UFC President Dana White can reel in Conor back into the octagon, this is the fight that could propel either of these lightweight superstars towards the title shot they’ve been waiting for. McGregor is one of the deadliest strikers we’ve ever seen in UFC history and would be the greatest challenger to Ferguson outside of Gaethje. We’re talking about a fighter who not only took down Max Holloway but also TKO’d the likes of Dustin Poirier, Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Eddie Alvarez and most recently, Donald Cerrone (ESPN). That being said, the reason why McGregor’s second to Poirier is because he has shied away from fighting Ferguson when the occasion has presented itself, even most recently when he was offered to fill in for Khabib. In addition, Conor wants to fight Gaethje or Khabib, and one victory over Cerrone, won’t propel him towards the fight he wants. Although it’s a long shot, this certainly makes for an excellent lightweight bout that would grant Ferguson the chance at redemption. And if you want a “Showtime” kind of fight, this is it right here.

Outside of these two contenders, the rest don’t really qualify for a matchup with Ferguson. If Dan Hooker does defeat Poirier, he would certainly rise as a potential challenger. But even then, Hooker has still a lot more to prove, considering he squeaked by with a split decision victory in his last fight against Paul Felder (ESPN). Moreover, Ferguson is a totally different monster than Poirier and Hooker hasn’t shown a whole lot of signs that he can last three vicious rounds against “El Cucuy.” Lastly, you could make an argument for Charles Oliveira, who’s won his last seven fights over the course of the last two years (ESPN).But during this stretch, the most dangerous opponents Oliveira’s had consist of Jim Miller and Kevin Lee, two lightweights that haven’t even cracked ESPN’s Top 10 rankings (ESPN). Although Oliveira’s on the rise, putting him up against Ferguson is certainly a mismatch.

At the end of it all, Ferguson is still one of the most dangerous fighters in the UFC and deserves a fair title shot that he can fully prepare for. Ferguson vs Khabib has been the fight UFC fans have wanted to see for a very long time, with many believing he was the greatest threat towards Khabib’s reign and legacy. We’re talking about a man who won 12 fights in a row dating all the way back to 2013 before his loss to Gaethje; a man who bashed Anthony Pettis and forced a doctor’s stoppage with Donald Cerrone at UFC 238 (ESPN). At age 36, Ferguson still remains to be one of the most feared lightweights to ever set foot in this division (ESPN). But to earn his chance at the belt, he’s going to have to bounce back stronger than ever. And fighting Poirier or McGregor next, will confirm once and for all, whether Tony Ferguson deserves another shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship Belt.

UFC: Ian Heinisch out; Kyle Daukaus to fight Brendan Allen at UFC on ESPN 12

The UFC‘s June 27th card has seen it’s first fighter fall. UFC middleweight, Ian Heinisch (14-3), was scheduled to fight Brendan Allen (14-3), but an injury has forced Heinisch off the card. Heinisch just competed back at UFC 250 on June 6th, but he wanted a quick turn around. With Heinisch out, the UFC turned to a veteran of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series to be the replacement.

UFC dream realized for Daukaus

Brendan Allen will be staying on the card, and he will be fighting Kyle Daukaus (9-0), who will be making his official debut in the UFC. Daukaus is a wizard on the ground, winning eight of his nine fights by submission. Daukaus was the Cage Fury Fighting Championships middleweight champion, and he will get to step right into a UFC main card. This fight is incredibly facinating on paper due to the fact that both men carry eight submissions wins into the Octagon on June 27th.

For Allen, it’s a big change in styles. Heinisch is the kind of guy who is going to go right after you on the feet, where as Daukaus is the kind of guy who wants the fight to be on the ground immediately. Allen was going to have a very short camp to prepare for Heinisch, and now he has an even shorter camp to prepare for Daukaus at UFC on ESPN 12. There are not a lot of highlights of Daukaus out there, but if you want to learn more about him, check out the video below done by Cage Fury detailing Daukaus and his brother, Christopher.

New York Giants: Is James Bradberry an upgrade over Janoris Jenkins?

New York Giants, Janoris Jenkins

The New York Giants’ defense struggled in 2019, especially after they cut Janoris Jenkins for the comments he made towards a fan on social media. The fight started on Twitter, Jenkins posted his stat line for the 2019 season, four interceptions and 45 solo tackles. One fan wrote back that they were irrelevant.

Jenkins replied with:

“I can only do my job,” followed by the word “retard.”

The New York Giants’ secondary couldn’t cover a slot receiver to save their lives in 2019! In free agency, the Giants made moves to fix the secondary with the addition of former Carolina Panthers corner, James Bradberry. This is a former Dave Gettleman draft pick from 2016. When Bradberry heard the breaking news, he said he had no idea he was heading to New York. 

“Honestly, he reached out to my agent. I really didn’t talk to (Dave) Gettleman. They came out of nowhere and made an offer, I didn’t even expect them to make an offer. He already knew the type of guy I was, and I already knew the type of guy he was. I already knew what type of organization he was trying to build over there in New York. I knew it was nothing but positive.”

James Bradberry 2019 stats

In 2019, Bradberry started in 15 games, recorded three interceptions and 51 solo tackles. As you can see, Bradberry’s numbers were very similar to Jenkins’s numbers in 2019. I think having a guy like Bradberry is huge for the Giants because he can cover the number one receiver and cover him anywhere he goes on the field. On multiple occasions, Bradberry was seen following a receiver into the slot, this is something the Giants need because they can never cover small slot receivers like Cole Beasley.

Bradberry went up against some of the top receivers in the league in 2019 and also put up some great stat lines. The NFC South is no easy division, Bradberry faced off against Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, and Julio Jones twice last season. A guy like Bradberry has a few years under his belt, and facing this competition really is a promising sign for the Giants. I think he is a huge upgrade over Jenkins because Jenkins was primarily an outside corner. With the addition of Bradberry, he can cover a team’s number one receiver in the slot and also spread out wide. The man can do it all, it will be interesting to see what the Giants have in store for him in 2020.