New York Giants Announce New Free Agent Numbers

New York Giants, James Bradberry

The New York Giants announced the numbers that their newly signed free agents will be wearing in 2020. The Giants announced the numbers for ten of the twelve free agents they signed this offseason. The two players whose numbers have not been announced are Corey Coleman and Casey Kreiter. Coleman will likely wear the same number he wore with the Giants the last two seasons (19) but Casey Kreiter will have to find himself a new number. He wore 42 in Denver but the New York Giants have retired that number.

The New Numbers:

James Bradberry- 24

Colt McCoy- 12

Levine Toilolo- 83

Austin Johnson- 93

Blake Martinez- 54

Kyler Fackrell- 51

Cameron Fleming- 75

Eric Tomlinson- 85

Nate Ebner- 43

Dion Lewis- 33

Numbers of Notice:

James Bradberry will be keeping his number 24 from Carolina. The Giants did have a number 24 on the roster in 2019. Rookie safety Julian Love wore 24 after switching from the number 37 that he wore during the preseason. Love will undergo another number change in 2020. After giving 24 to Bradberry, Julian will switch to number 20 for the upcoming NFL season.

The Giants also gave number 51 to new pass-rusher Kyler Fackrell. This number was occupied in 2019- and the twelve seasons prior. 51 was the number donned by long snapper Zak DeOssie since 2007. But the Giants are moving on from DeOssie this season, signing free agent long snapper Casey Kreiter. So, for the first time in 13 years, number 51 will be worn by a player not named Zak DeOssie.

New York Giants Still Committed To Injury Plagued Evan Engram

New York Giants, Evane Engram

The New York Giants haven’t exactly gotten what they expected when they drafted Evan Engram, but the team still remains committed to the tight end according to Paul Schwartz. Engram has, of coursed, missed significant time over the past couple of years with injuries and hasn’t been able to get back to the level of play from his rookie season.  But despite these problems, the Giants aren’t thinking of a move that would send Engram away and stop the bleeding while getting something back while they still can.

According to the New York Post, it wasn’t even a move that the Giants considered making this offseason.

Stop asking.

Evan Engram is returning for a fourth season with the Giants, and no, the new coaching regime did not consider dumping him.

Before the trade deadline, Engram was supposedly one of the untouchable players that the Giants wouldn’t consider moving. It seems their commitment to keeping him has remained strong, although it raises questions about why the organization has so much faith in a player that hasn’t been able to achieve his potential and hasn’t even been able to stay on the field for a significant chunk of his career.

During his rookie season, Engram had an impressive 6 touchdowns and 722 yards, and most fans believed that subsequent years would improve upon that performance. That hasn’t quite been the case with Engram not being able to stay healthy for much of the time during the next two seasons, and a yards count which decreased in both 2018 and 2019.

Still, it looks like Engram is the answer for the Giants when it comes to pass catching tight ends, simply because the organization won’t consider moving on from him. Is it for the better? That may depend on Engram’s performance this year. A third straight mediocre season, after all, would say something about the odds of Engram reaching the potential he showed as a college prospect and later as a rookie.

Finally, some legitimate optimism about the COVID-19 breakout

beautiful sunset in new york city

Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered some good news in his daily COVID-19 briefing. He said that the models are showing improvement, and he believes that New York State is reaching its apex. Models also show that New Jersey is also beginning to flatten and reach its apex.

This is excellent news, but other states aren’t as fortunate. Louisiana is one of those states, and according to their government, they may run out of ventilators and ICU beds over the next week.

However, all states should be on the verge of an apex relatively soon. Stricter and stricter guidelines are being put in place all around the country. Cuomo said that New Yorkers are following guidelines for the most part, and that’s why the state is likely at its apex.

It’s more important than ever to follow social distancing guidelines. Continuing to follow them as much as possible will lead to a decrease in positive cases and an increase in recovered patients. It also allows our healthcare system to catch up.

What this means for sports:

The good news is that the first states are beginning to reach the apex of coronavirus. But, sports can’t even be a question until all states (and even Mexico and Canada) are showing a downward trend. Once that happens, you can start to think about getting sports going soon.

The thing is, if we jump the gun too quickly, there’s a chance that this thing will come back. A few Asian countries have seen another rise in cases because they jumped the gun too quickly.

The first order of business is to get people back to work, and companies open again. Once we safely do that, we can focus on getting it safe enough for 20,000+ people to pack an arena or a stadium for a game.

We have seen the first legitimate optimism, but for right now, we need to continue to be smart. If we keep staying smart, all states will eventually be on a downward trend, and we can enjoy sports again.

Keep social distancing. Keep washing your hands. We will get through this and be back to normal soon.

New York Yankees are expected to sign this elite international prospect

New York Yankees

While there are currently no games being played due to the coronavirus outbreak that caused all major sports to halt their operations until further notice (not to mention thousands of deaths in the United States and the world, so far) that doesn’t mean that the New York Yankees have been completely dormant.

Quite the opposite, actually. According to a report from Baseball America’s Ben Badler, the New York Yankees are considered the favorites to sign one of the best international free agents of his class.

His name is Hans Montero, and he was born in the Dominican Republic, a land of talented baseball players. He plays the shortstop position, which gives him a plus in the eyes of prospect gurus and talent evaluators because it is an up-the-middle position, significantly more difficult to cover than the corners (first and third base, left and right field.)

The scouting report on the Yankees’ newest target

Montero, currently 16 years old, was born in Christmas. Here is Badler’s scouting report on him:

“The Yankees landed the top international prospect in the 2019 class, signing Dominican center fielder Jasson Dominguez for $5.1 million. This year they’re going to spread their bonus pool space around more, with Montero likely their top target. Montero projects to stay at shortstop, with soft hands, a strong arm and above-average speed. He has a short righthanded swing with a line-drive approach and gap power.”

Speaking of Dominguez, so far he’s lived up to the hype, but he is miles away from a callup, which is expected to come in three years at the earliest. Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone was impressed with his physique and compared him to an “NFL running back.” He opened some eyes in a January batting practice session with Gary Sanchez and Miguel Andujar.

The Yankees tend to like up-the-middle players, meaning they usually sign catchers, shortstops and center fielders. They often emphasize athleticism, and Montero has plenty of that.

The Yankees are expected to secure the services of Jesus Galiz, a Venezuelan 16-year-old catcher, as well, according to’s Brendan Kuty.

The New York Jets and Giants are embarking on a virtual NFL Draft experience in 2020

New York Jets

The NFL is preparing to embark on a virtual representation of the Draft, and it’s going to be a wild experience. Especially for the New York Jets and Giants!

The 2020 NFL draft will be different than any other draft for the New York Jets and Giants and the NFL. Roger Goodell won’t be shaking Joe Burrow’s hand and taking a picture as he holds up the Bengals jersey. There won’t be a war room filled with GMs, scouts, and coaches; instead, Joe Douglas and Dave Gettleman will likely be on Zoom with their staff. This is a drastic change, but with the current state of the world, it’s not the least bit surprising.

The NFL Trudges On

League personnel and many NFL analysts believe the decision to go forward with the draft is a heavily controversial one. Adam Schefter even said on ESPN that, “They are determined to put this on while there is carnage in the streets.” The league is determined to move forward and adapt to the continually changing conditions of our world and put on the draft. Now this year’s draft is less spectacle and more Fantasy Football. Let’s just hope nobody auto picks their draft.

In all seriousness, the NFL is providing a distraction for the country in these wild times, but at what cost? The players don’t get to celebrate with the commissioner and enjoy the recognition they’ve fought for so long to earn. The players can’t even enjoy the moment with extended family without disobeying CDC guidelines. The players are being deprived of the joy associated with achieving their childhood dreams of being drafted. It leads many to wonder if there would be more joy associated with the draft had it been postponed.

In the end, there’s going to be a draft. There’s going to be trades and the usual wall to wall coverage. The social aspect of the draft and the festival-like atmosphere that was prominent in Nashville last year is gone. Instead, the world will watch from home as Joe Burrow gets the call to achieve his NFL dreams from home, along with every other prospect as they celebrate while following CDC guidelines. 

New York Yankees: Gerrit Cole and Adam Ottavino’s “backyard baseball” is helping them stay in shape

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, which has all the baseball industry fearing that there may not be a season at all in 2020. However, there is some optimism that games could be played within the next couple of months, at some point. For now, the New York Yankees and the rest of the league are on an extended break.

Yet, some Yankees’ players are still working out and staying in shape. Such is the case of pitchers Gerrit Cole and Adam Ottavino, who are, according to the New York Post, seemingly keeping each other company during the hiatus.

Cole, of course, was signed this offseason to a record-shattering, 9-year deal worth $324 million. Ottavino already has a season’s worth of innings in the Bronx.

Cole told the Post that he has been working out his arm with the help of Ottavino, manager Aaron Boone and catcher Radley Haddad. The reliever posted a series of pictures over the weekend of Cole throwing a bullpen session in one of the two’s backyard.

Yankees’ backyard baseball

The post had the words “Backyard baseball,” written by the 34-year-old reliever as a caption. According to Cole, has has been “hunkered down” with his pregnant wife, Amy, in their new Connecticut residence. That’s not far from Ottavino and his family live.

“Staying on my regimented workout routine here at my residence,” Cole said. “Being able to stay in that routine has been beneficial. Trying to keep the pilot light on like other players and being as ready as we can be when we are called back to being able to play.”

Ottavino said that while the “backyard baseball” thing isn’t the same as regular-season work, it has helped him stay in shape and avoid losing all the progress he made in spring training. Hey, there’s not much more he can do given the circumstances!

The season won’t start this month and May isn’t a realistic option either, so “backyard baseball” may be all that this pair have for now.


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New York Mets’ general manager Brodie Van Wagenen thanks healthcare officials battling against COVID-19

The MLB season was supposed to be underway by now. However, the current coronavirus pandemic has changed everybody’s plans, and professional sports leagues of nearly all countries are currently on an indefinite break as each country tries to prevent the disease from spreading even more. That’s why the New York Mets aren’t playing right now. Them, along with the other 29 teams, are currently waiting and seeing how things unfold in the next few weeks.

MLB has reportedly discussed the possibility of playing a shortened season with some games without fans. However, the players’ association wants play to resume when there are no travel restrictions and when taking the field doesn’t represent a risk to anybody involved in the game. The earliest that the season can resume is mid-May, but that is unrealistic. July is looking like a possibility.

New York Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen, meanwhile, recently posted a message through the team’s Twitter page, supporting healthcare workers who are on the front lines battling the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mets’ GM statement:

“As we all stay home and follow the guidelines of our health officials, I just wanted to give a big thank you to the doctors, the nurses, and all of our healthcare workers for keeping us safe, for going to work, and fighting this pandemic on the front lines every day,” Van Wagenen said.

“But it’s those of you that are getting people healthy, getting people back home to their families, and putting yourselves at risk — sacrificing for the better good of our entire community. Thank you to all of you and let’s get through this together. Thanks,” he closed.

Some Mets’ players are training in their own houses, such as Marcus Stroman and his unique bullpen setting. Manager Luis Rojas said last week that he is frequently in touch with his players.

“Obviously, with what’s going on with the virus, it’s something we’ve never seen before, so we’re swimming in unfamiliar waters as far as being able to anticipate what’s going to happen in the future,” Mets manager Luis Rojas told last week. “But as far as adjusting and adapting, like we’re all doing in our lives, I think [the baseball mentality] has helped us as a team.”

New York Mets aren’t interested in a reunion with Matt Harvey

While he has been struggling to keep a job since 2016, it is easy to forget that Matt Harvey was one of the best pitchers that the New York Mets have brought up to the major leagues since the turn of the millennium.

His stay with the Mets came to a rocky end May 2018 when the team designated him for assignment. Here are his seasonal ERAs since the 2016 season: 4.86, 6.70, 4.94 and 7.09 last season with the Los Angeles Angels.

In 12 starts with the Angels in 2019, he had a putrid 5.88 K/9 and an elevated 4.37 BB/9. He allowed almost two home runs (1.96) per each nine innings. He had the lowest fastball velocity of his career, at 93.6 according to Fangraphs.

Was there any scenario in which the Mets could reach out to Matt Harvey to see if there is any mutual interest in a reunion? Well, according to New York Mets’ beat writer for Anthony DiComo, the team isn’t considering the “Dark Night.

Answering questions from fans, DiComo wrote: “To my knowledge, no. The Mets weren’t interested in Harvey when he failed to land even a Minor League deal this winter. I find it hard to believe they would be interested now, particularly considering their checkered history with him.”

An awesome Mets’ debut, then the wheels fell off

Harvey debuted with the Mets in 2012. In 59.1 frames, he had a stellar 2.73 ERA (3.30 FIP) with 10.62 K/9 and 3.94 BB/9. A year later, he pitched 178.1 innings of 2.27 ERA (with a jaw-dropping 2.00 FIP.) Harvey missed the 2014 season recovering from Tommy John surgery but returned to a 2.71 ERA in 2015. Things started going south in 2016.

Simply put, since he was released from the Angels, there hasn’t been a lot of interest in Harvey’s services around the league. He hasn’t been even decent for four years now, so he may have a hard time finding a job.

Darrelle Revis represents Jets in NFL All-Decade Team

Former New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was selected to the 2010s All-Decade Team by the NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame. Revis, the only Jets player selected, is one of only three cornerbacks selected to the team, alongside Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman. The true lockdown corner had an incredible tenure with New York and his career statistics speak for themselves.

Career stats

Revis was never a huge interception threat. However, that was partly because opposing quarterbacks were so reluctant to throw to his side of the field. In his prime, he was arguably the most difficult corner to throw against. Here are some of his career numbers:

  • 29 interceptions
  • 3 touchdowns
  • 139 passes defended
  • 494 tackles
  • 6 forced fumbles
  • 2 sacks
  • 4 All-Pro selections
  • 7 Pro Bowl selections
  • 1 Super Bowl (with Patriots)

Being a true lockdown corner in today’s NFL is so rare, with only a few that could maybe fit that title. Revis was unarguably a lockdown corner and was even given the nickname “Revis Island.” He helped bring the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship games in 2009 and 2010. Revis did eventually win a Superbowl with the Patriots before returning to New York for a second stint.

What’s next

Canton. The Hall of Fame. Having a spot amongst the greatest of all-time seems like a certainty for Darrelle Revis. The hopeful first-ballot selection would be added to the great New York Jets players enshrined for eternity.

Yankees will likely have to wait one more season for prized pitcher to reach majors

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

The Yankees continue to battle injuries, and one young player was in line to earn reps in 2020; however, he’s better of developing in the farm.

The New York Yankees‘ prospect list is headlined by pitcher Deivi Garcia, who climbed the farm-system in just three months last season. His skill-set and youth have brewed a sense of optimism regarding his potential for reaching the majors in 2020.

However, it seems as if he needs a bit more time to develop after struggling during Grapefruit League play. Deivi finished his spring before the MLB shut down operations with a 7.36 ERA, and seven runs allowed over 7.1 innings. His statistically poor performance was accompanied by eight strikeouts and a more prioritized curveball. His accuracy and consistency in that category remain his biggest weakness, as his speed and ball-movement continue to feature as his best attributes.

The New York Yankees might have needed him in 2020:

With James Paxton going down with a cyst in his lower back and expected to return in early-May, Garcia was in line for potential innings at the back-end of the rotation. Factor in the loss of Luis Severino and suddenly the starting rotation was being stripped clean of their best talents.

Garcia’s incredible curve-ball and fastball, which as touched 97 MPH keep him atop the Yankees’ prospect rankings, and rightfully so. He has replaced Estevan Florial as the Yankees’ most exciting youth play. MLB Pipeline ranks him as the No. 3 overall prospect for the Bombers, but Baseball America considers him the 2nd overall prospect.

What the Bombers saw in Garcia landed him a contract of just $200K, while Jasson Dominguez earned a $5.1 million international signing bonus at just 16-years-old. Garcia is nearly 21, and he landed just a fraction of that massive number, despite being one of the top options in the farm.

Factoring in his youth, I don’t believe Garcia will play for the top team this season, instead working his way up the minors and adapting to each level of play. Luckily, he has plenty of time to refine his skills.