New York Yankees could be forced out of Tampa as Florida prepares for the worst

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees elected to stay in Tampa and continue informal workouts while practicing healthy safety precautions due to the Coronavirus. The pandemic has sent a good portion of the country into a spiral economically and by means of lifestyle.

However, the Yankees have remained steady in Florida, spending their days working out and receiving treatment…from six feet away. Floria, though, is preparing for the worst, which could shut down gyms and other sporting complexes, which would force the Bombers to depart from the state and back to their respective homes.

Officials are preparing to enact a policy that would force people to stay-at-home with the exception of necessities like food and medical supplies. This would lead to injured players like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and James Paxton to begin training in a different location, outside of the state.

Other players are still working out and spending time around the team but will need to find alternative locations as well. Most gyms in the state are closed and/or open with minimal access.

What will the New York Yankees do if Florida enacts this policy?

Aside from going home and participating in-home workouts, injured players might be forced to progress through their recovery steps by means of their own, unless they have conditioning coaches available in Tampa.

The Yankees have already seen two minor league players come down with the virus, and they have an entire team camped out in a hotel to mitigate any concern of spreading the virus.

When will the season start?

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred stated two weeks ago that the Regular Season could begin in eight weeks, but that date is seeming to be an optimistic one. Reports have varied in the potential length of the pandemic — ranging from 2-4 months of quarantine and isolation. Yankee players have been participating in social distancing, which is a highly advised practice to stop the spread.

New York Giants: ESPN Disses Bradberry Signing As ‘Overrated’

The New York Giants came into the offseason with no leader in the secondary after moving on from Janoris Jenkins last year, but they quickly solved that problem in free agency by bringing in former Carolina Panthers cornerback James Bradberry as a free agent. Bradberry is set to fill in for the role that Jenkins previously played – both on the field and in the locker room as the experienced leader of the team’s group of cornerbacks.

However, despite the deal being praised by fans, not everyone thinks that it was a good move.

Pro Football Focus doesn’t rate Bradberry as highly as some others and ESPN listed Bradberry with their overrated free agents partly for those reasons.

Consider he has failed to crack a 65.0 coverage grade in each of the past three seasons, and none of those seasons ended with him ranking among the 50 best cornerbacks in the league in our ratings.


Over those past three seasons, Bradberry gave up 53 explosive plays of 15-plus yards at outside corner, five more than anyone else in the NFL in that period. The Giants’ secondary was pretty poor before the move (it ranked 30th in team coverage grade in 2019), and it’s hard to tell how much a player like Bradberry really moves the needle.

The sources used will of course be controversial, because the grades from Pro Football Focus contradict Bradberry’s performances last season, where he was one of the league’s better lockdown corners – a better version of the player that he’s set to replace for the Giants, Janoris Jenkins.

In his biggest matchups, he only allowed a touchdown to Michael Thomas, but shut him down in the second matchup between the two and only allowed him no receptions in two targets. He did allow seven receptions and 82 yards to Mike Evans, but no touchdowns, and the performance appears to be more of an anomaly than a regular thing. Especially as Bradberry allowed few yards to other top receivers such as Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins.

It’s hard to knock the Giants for signing such a player, regardless of what the advanced analytics and the models from Pro Football Focus say.

Bradberry will have a good chance to display why predictions like this are wrong, of course – this season, he’ll come in as the top corner on the Giants by a wide margin, and a lot of pressure will fall on his shoulders accordingly. Will the new signing respond? We’ll find out quickly enough this fall.