New York Mets: Brandon Nimmo vs. Jeff McNeil in the Leadoff Spot

The New York Mets have one of their most dynamic lineups in years, but one of their biggest questions is on who the leadoff hitter will be. Brandon Nimmo and Jeff McNeil both have been successful leadoff hitters, but both offer different approaches at the plate. Which one will be the best table-setter for the Mets?

Brandon Nimmo

Nimmo struggled in 2019 due to his neck injury. During 2018 he emerged as an everyday player hitting .263/.404/.483. Nimmo is the best the Mets have at getting on base and working into deep counts. Even in a down season, he still managed to put up a .375 on-base percentage.

He is not going to hit above .270 due to his approach. Nimmo will be good for over 100 strikeouts, but he will also be good for close to 100 walks as well. If Nimmo hits leadoff, McNeil will be the two-hitter, which makes an easy fix for where McNeil hits. Nimmo has a career .378 on-base out of the leadoff spot, but his highest is .430 out of the six spot.

Jeff McNeil

During Nimmo’s absence, McNeil took over the role as the Mets leadoff hitter. He slashed .320/.386/.521 out of the leadoff position and only struck out 60 times in the 93 he hit leadoff. McNeil’s added power to go along with his Tony Gwynn-like ability to find base hits making him an enticing option as the Mets leadoff hitter.

Should McNeil leadoff, Pete Alonso would likely hit second as he did in 2019. This would move Nimmo to the lower part of the order behind the power bats the Mets have. McNeil will likely play in more games than Nimmo, which should make him a more enticing leadoff option since he will play there every day.

Approach is Key

The Mets could not have two more polar opposite options. McNeil swings at the first pitch more than anyone on the roster, and Nimmo does his best work deep in the count. There is no wrong answer to the leadoff hitter. It will fall on Luis Rojas’s preference out of a leadoff hitter along with his plans for the rest of the lineup. The best part of this year’s Spring Training is that the Mets have options throughout their team, which they have not been able to say in a long time.

Spencer Dinwiddie is constantly talking about the New York Knicks

Brooklyn Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie

The New York Knicks have a residency in the mind of Spencer Dinwiddie.  No matter how good or bad the Brooklyn Nets are performing, he can’t help himself but talk about the Knicks.

Dinwiddie likes to fire up the Knicks fan base with all the shots towards the organization.  And while it may give him some joy for the moment, the Nets aren’t doing spectacular things this season either.

Yes, the Knicks are one of the worst teams in the league and they’re bad.  No, need to continue to tell fans that because that’s something they already know.  Get new material.

New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy reports Dinwiddie’s two-cents before he competed and lost, in the first round, of the skills competition this All-Star break.  Dinwiddie said on the Knicks this season, “You want a real answer (about whether the Knicks will be much better)? Probably not.”   Well, the same could be said about the Nets even without Kevin Durant.

There was, and still is, much more hype surrounding the Nets, even without Durant, and they haven’t performed.  And the East is bad.  So what does say about the Nets.

Dinwiddie did admit that the Nets will never take out the popularity of the Knicks, true.  He said, “We’re a better basketball team than the Knicks.  We were last year.  Probably will be next year.  It’s kind of what it is.  So I know Knicks fans are going to get mad, but that is the truth.”  Yes, it’s the truth but again, get new material.

Until the Nets actually do something noteworthy, minus the Kyrie Irving and Durant signings, Dinwiddie might as well be quite.  The Nets will be better than the Knicks next year.  But even with Durant coming off an injury they won’t be taking down the Bucks, Heat, Celtics or Raptor in there first season together.

Dinwiddie loves talking about the Knicks it’s almost weird.  It just goes to show that no matter how bad the Knicks may be, it’ll always get under his skin and he’ll try to make the Knicks fans feel some type of way.  Whatever he says, Brooklyn Nets will never be bigger than the New York Knicks.

New York Giants could pick up former Eagles linebacker in free agency

New York Giants, Nigel Bradham

The New York Giants are in the market for a new linebacker, and if they don’t land Isaiah Simmons in the draft, there are a few free-agent options that could fit the bit.

A new target might have emerged on Tuesday, as the Philadelphia Eagles cut Nigel Bradham to open up more cap space. Formerly a fourth-round pick by the Buffalo Bills, Bradham was hampered in 2019 with an ankle injury, recording 61 tackles and an interception over 12 games.

Bradham offers a quality linebacker in coverage, but his injury history is a concern. The Giants could bring him in on a team-friendly deal to act as a backup or potential starter depending on how he looks in training camp and pre-season.

The New York Giants should be all over Nigel Bradham:

If I were GM Dave Gettleman, I would be considering the defender heavily, as he offers plenty of value in the middle of the defense, even if they select Simmons in the draft. It will be necessary for the Clemson standout to have veteran experience around him as he adapts to the NFL level (theoretically).

Not only was Bradham a key piece on the Eagles’ defense since 2016, but his cutting with just semantics. They needed to clear cap-space and embark on a mini-rebuild. The Giants could easily benefit from this decision, as he would offer a quality cover-linebacker in the middle of the defense and would supplement any injuries that could arise.

Nigel is a solid tackler with the ability to play multiple positions in the middle of the defense. New head coach for the New York Giants, Joe Judge, made it known that he wants his team to be diverse and adaptable if he requires them to fill other roles. I believe Judge will be intrigued by Bradham’s quality of play and leader-mentality.

How the Yankees can utilize Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton perfectly

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Both Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton are returning from season-ending injuries in 2019, but they join the team with a full bill of health for 2020. The New York Yankees have a bit of a puzzle to deal with in left field, especially if they wish to mitigate any injury concern with Stanton.

This offseason has been plagued with trade rumors, as they often are, and Andujar was at the center of them all, specifically regarding a potential trade for relief arm, Josh Hader. While these rumors were flowing, manager Aaron Boone ensured the media that Andujar would remain a part of the Yankees’ plans for 2020, as his health was in a good place.

Boone also mentioned that Andujar would begin testing out other positions, as Gio Urshela emerged as a far superior defender and hit .314 in 2019 with 21 homers to cement himself on the hot corner.

Miggy will begin earning reps in left field and at first base, but surprisingly on Tuesday, he was a part of drill fielding ground balls in right field, along with Aaron Judge and Stanton. This seemed to be more of a general outfield drill that specific position, so we can still assume he will battle it out in left.

How the New York Yankees should approach left field:

Tossing Stanton out into left seems like the most probable course of action this upcoming season. Still, the perfect scenario would incorporate both Andujar and Giancarlo, who both hold an enormous amount of offensive ability. Gaining back Stanton’s 30+ homers every season and Miggy, who hit .297 with 27 homers in 2018, will undoubtedly help the team flourish, however, finding a way to use both at the same time could be problematic.

Here’s my idea: If the Yanks can get Andujar to a point where he’s comfortable defensively in left, they can rotate the two to lessen the probability of injury and promote a strong offensive presence. It’s all about extracting as much offense as possible, which makes this scenario rather attractive. Again, it’s yet to be seen if the younger of the two can handle the defense load in the outfield.

New York Giants Have A Top 2019 Rookie Class In Rankings

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

The New York Giants may win or lose on the backs of youth this season and according to, they had one of the better rookie classes in the league last year. Of course, that wasn’t enough last season to get the team very many wins and put them in a position to compete in the standings for a playoff spot, but it may end up being one of the deciding factors in whether or not the Giants win in future years.

The class was of course headlined by Daniel Jones, who the Giants took with their first pick in the draft to much controversy – Jones spent most of the season in the starting lineup, replacing Eli Manning after the Giants opened up with a couple of losses, but he wasn’t the only one to make it into the lineup as time passed.

Darius Slayton made a big impact at receiver and despite coming in late, Julian Love proved that he’s worth considering for the rotation this year when the Giants set their starters at the various secondary positions… DeAndre Baker had a rougher time as a starting cornerback from day one, but will likely remain in the job going into his second year thanks to the Giants not having another option yet.

The collection of players was enough to earn the team an A- grade on the class from, which ranked the top rookie classes of the previous year.

The Giants, in fact, made it all the way to the fourth spot on the list – it’s probably the best the Giants have been ranked in anything over the past unsuccessful year or so.

The Giants made the most of their haul from the Odell Beckham trade, which landed them, in part, the 17th overall pick, by selecting Lawrence, who had a solid rookie season. New York also might have found its franchise QB in Jones, answering a huge question for the team’s foundation. Baker had a tough start but finished strong and stands to make a significant improvement in Year 2. Ximines was effective in his first season despite making just two starts, recording 4.5 sacks. Love is an exciting young player for the back end of New York’s defense. Darius Slayton was an excellent find in the fifth round. Ballentine struggled with a position change to the slot, but he could improve with more time.

The team does have a chance to add some more young talent to what they already have soon enough. The Giants hold the fourth overall pick in the draft and may decide to take a player rather than trading down for more selections.

It’s still unclear which first year players will join during the draft… But easy to say by now that if there’s one area that will help the Giants in 2020, it’s their current youth which is far more promising than most of the team’s veteran players.