Outlandish Brady To New York Giants Idea Proposed By Radio Host

The NFL offseason is the time for outlandish theories and proposals, and one of the latest ones to crop up is related to the New York Giants and their AFC rival the New England Patriots. These two teams have of course met in the Super Bowl twice, and a rivalry exists between them even outside of that thanks to their New York and Boston connections, but one recently proposed idea would involve the most iconic Patriots player making the switch to the Giants.

It doesn’t seem all that likely to happen but it’s an interesting scenario to think about.

According to FOX Sports Radio’s Jason Smith, the Giants should make a move to sign Tom Brady for two or three years rather than handing the reins right over to Daniel Jones now that Eli Manning is retiring.

“How about the Giants replacing Eli Manning with Tom Brady? He could get a 3 or 4-year contract with the Giants. Joe Judge just took over, who was a wide receivers coach in New England. Brady is not going to play off the map somewhere in a place like Tennessee,” Smith said.

“Brady is not going to Carolina just because it’s a ‘good fit’. He’s either going to New York or Los Angeles. The Giants will do something, and either move Daniel Jones or have him sit behind Brady for a year or two. The Giants would offer everything Brady needs to continue his career, and the NFC East is one of the weakest divisions in football,” Smith continued.

That assumes, of course, that the Giants are in the market for a quarterback.

The team invested heavily in getting Daniel Jones, spending a top ten pick on him in fact, so it’s easier to believe that they’ll keep him in the starting lineup rather than placing him on the bench for a few more years after bringing in a famous quarterback like Tom Brady.

They also showed their commitment to Jones when they benched Eli Manning for him in the first place – something the staff had repeatedly said they didn’t plan on doing before the first couple of weeks of the season, before changing their mind and placing Jones in the starting lineup.

If the Giants did want to change their mind about that commitment, however, Tom Brady would be an interesting experiment – Brady is nearing the end of his career but is still capable with the right receivers and blocking, and having such a big name quarterback playing for the Giants after Manning’s retirement might help out fan interest.

With the current investment in Jones, however, and the fact that Brady isn’t necessarily worth alienating Jones for thanks to being at the end of his career, this idea is pretty much a pipe dream. Something interesting to think about, that likely won’t happen in reality.

New York Yankees 2020 Season Preview: Brett Gardner

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

He may be the oldest member of the New York Yankees, but outfielder Brett Gardner is ready to make an impact in 2020.

The 36-year-old former third-rounder is back for his 13th year in pinstripes after arguably his best season yet. His average was a bit lower than most years in 2019 but made up for it in the power department. He hit .251 with a career-high 28 home runs and 74 RBIs. His slugging was .503, and his OPS was .829.

There were two significant factors to the increase in power numbers. One is the new age of baseball, and the other is the change in the batting order. Before 2019, Gardner was the leadoff hitter but was dropped to the middle/end of the order. Dropping him gives him more opportunities with RISP, and he would take advantage, especially with the bases loaded. He hit .444 with the bases juiced.

2020 Expectations

Brett Gardner is expected to start the 2020 season as the centerfielder with Aaron Hicks recovering from Tommy John surgery. Hicks will return to the lineup in June at the earliest, but it will realistically be around the all-star break.

From there, Gardner would either shift to left or the bench dependent on the play of Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Tauchman.

His arm isn’t the greatest, but the Yankees need Gardner to continue to have a solid glove. He still has a little speed, and that helps him both in the field and on the basepaths.

Offensively, it would be great if he could have another season like 2019. If he’s going to hit in the middle of the order, he has to have some power. He needs to have some more consistency throughout the season to continue to see success.

Brett Gardner is an essential piece to the Yankees on the field and in the clubhouse, and the team is expecting another solid season from the veteran outfielder.

New York Giants: Arguments For And Against Extending Leonard Williams

The New York Giants surprised everyone when they traded for Leonard Williams before 2019’s trading deadline. Williams is an impending free agent that the Giants will need to make a big decision on in the coming months.

The Giants could re-sign Leonard Williams, but the contract will be costly. Or, the Giants could let Williams walk and save their cap space for a rainy day. In this article, I will break down the arguments for re-signing Leonard Williams, as well as the arguments against giving Big Cat an extension.

Arguments For:

Assets invested:

The Leonard Williams trade was confusing to many fans that believed the Giants already have one of the best young defensive lines in the NFL. Dexter Lawrence, Dalvin Tomlinson, and BJ Hill all looked like they could be long-term starters.

Nevertheless, Dave Gettleman needed to get himself another “hog molly.” In the trade for Leonard Williams, the Giants gave up their 2020 third-round draft pick. In addition to that, they also traded away a conditional draft pick in 2021. If the Giants re-sign Leonard Williams, the Jets will get the Giants’ 2021 fourth-round draft pick. If Big Cat walks in free agency, then the pick will only be a fifth-rounder.

Dave Gettleman invested two valuable draft picks into Leonard Williams. The 2020 third-round pick is a top 100 selection that the Giants will no longer have. In exchange, New York got a disruptive defensive lineman. But, considering the Giants already invested so much in Williams, it would look silly to let him walk away for nothing.

Talented, Young Player Who Opens Up The Defense:

Having a consistent gap-plugging defensive lineman can be vital for a defense. A defensive lineman who commands double teams as Leonard Williams does opens things up for the linebackers behind him. Two linemen trying to handle Williams leaves one less lineman available to block the Giants’ inside linebacker.

Big Cat is also valuable because he can impact both facets of the game. He is an excellent run defender and an underrated pass-rusher:

Among 87 interior defenders with 200 or more pass-rushing snaps, Williams ranked 13th in pressure rate at 11.3%, but his one sack in 424 pass-rushing snaps put him near the bottom of the list in sack rate. On the other hand, Williams led the position with 19 quarterback hits. –Pro Football Focus

At only 25-years-old, Leonard Williams could be an excellent long-term building block for the Giants’ defense. He would be one of the most experienced players on the defense with five NFL seasons under his belt, but he is still extremely young for his position.

Arguments Against:

Too Expensive:

The New York Giants are estimated by Spotrac to have over $69 million in cap space before they start trimming the fat and cutting veteran contracts. They can be big-spenders in free agency if they want to be. However, they will need to spend money on their own players before they can start taking players from other teams.

Leonard Williams and Markus Golden are among the team’s free agents that they will need to decide whether or not to re-sign or let walk. But both of these players are in-line for a big pay-day, and some might not deem Williams to be worthy of such a lucrative contract.

According to Spotrac, Leonard Williams has an estimated market value of $8.2 million on average annually. The Giants would have to give Leonard Williams a five-year extension worth over $40 million to keep him in Big Blue long-term. That is one big and expensive commitment to give a defensive lineman that totaled 0.5 sacks in 2019.

Not Enough Production:

As mentioned above, Leonard Williams only totaled 0.5 sacks in 2019. He simply did not show up on the stat sheets. Leonard also had only 2 tackles for loss this season, the lowest total of his five-year career.

Many Giants fans were unimpressed by Williams’s performance after the Giants acquired him. And, considering the Giants will have to pay him a hefty sum, many fans are fine watching the former Jet walk out the door.

Meet the future of the New York Mets: his name is Ronny Mauricio

Simeon Woods-Richardson

The New York Mets don’t have a top 10 farm system. However, there are several exciting young players that could make an impact down the road, especially in the low minors.

The most exciting name in the organizational ladder is, by far, Ronny Mauricio. The shortstop ranks number 1 in MLB Pipeline’s list of Mets prospects, and although he didn’t have a very enticing statistical profile in 2019, he has as much upside as any young player of his age group not named Wander Franco or Jasson Dominguez.

He received the “55” overall score by MLB Pipeline, which is very good. All of his tools project to be above-average, especially his hit tool and his power. He already has a 60 arm, and although he isn’t particularly fast, he projects as an everyday shortstop.

He was deemed advanced enough that the team promoted him to the Appalachian League at the age of 17.

The Mets’ future offensive weapon

Mauricio is significantly ahead of the developmental curve. He is 18 years old and already held his own in Class-A. Most of the players of his age are either on the Dominican Summer League or in Rookie ball.

The infielder, a member of the Mets’ 2017 international free agent class, had a .268/.307/.357 line with a .665 OPS. Again, not very good, but he is at least two or three years ahead of his peers. His body is still projectable and he should add more raw (and game) power as he ages.

Mauricio hit 20 doubles, 5 triples and 4 home runs in 470 plate appearances. He also stole six bases. He earned midseason All-Star honors in the South Atlantic League last season.

He is a switch hitter, although he is better batting lefty. Scouts love his swing and bat speed, and say that he will bat for average and power. Defensively, he has good reactions, soft hands and a plus arm.

He is 6-foot-3, and if his body fills out, he could also have enough bat for third base. The New York Mets have a keeper in Mauricio, and he has all the makings of a future star.

New York Yankees: 2020 is the year of Gleyber Torres

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

New York Yankees’ Gleyber Torres is one of the most talked-about players in the game, and along with the likes of Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna Jr, and other young flourishing talents in the MLB right now, is considered amongst the best of the best of the young MLB stars. With so much emphasis on the young talent in today’s era of baseball, having a player like Gleyber Torres on your team is a massive advantage.

2020 looks to be a fantastic season for the Yankees as a team, and expectations for players and overall team performances are through the roof right now. With that, there are a few Yankees players that everyone has their eyes on, and will throughout the entire season. A few of them are: Giancarlo Stanton, coming off an injury-plagued 2019 and looking to recement himself as a star in the game. Aaron Judge, who’s also coming off an injury-riddled 2019 & is supposedly entering his prime — age 28 season. The third name in terms of the Yankees’ “big three” is the aforementioned, Gleyber Torres. I expect Gleyber to put together a remarkable 2020 season, and the reasons all round out to having him atop the AL MVP voting.

ZiPS Projections over the next 5 Years for Gleyber Torres

2020 .905 41 26 136 4.6
2021 .945 44 27 146 5.1
2022 .943 44 27 145 5.1
2023 .961 47 27 150 5.4
2024 .961 47 26 150 5.4

Now, Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projections for Gleyber are out of this world good. When I look at these numbers, the most comparable player in terms of value would have to be Nolan Arenado. Arenado’s average OPS over the past five seasons with Colorado is .937, and he’s averaged roughly 40 HR a season, pairing with an average fWAR of 5.4 per season. Some people have their gripes over Arenado, from an offensive perspective, because he plays in Coors Field. While I don’t think the Coors Effect is THAT drastic on all-star caliber players like Arenado and Story specifically, the numbers do drop for Nolan on the road. Throughout his entire career, Arenado’s Home OPS is .995, to his Road OPS of .799. While Nolan is still a good hitter on the road, in the words of the late Kobe Bryant, at home, he’s “a different animal but still the same beast.”

The point is that Gleyber projects to be — essentially — Nolan Arenado levels of play, but without the Coors effect, and all before turning 28 years old. To have a player with that much talent and pure raw skill on your roster at his age is as almost unheard of.

Now, the one thing ZiPS doesn’t entirely account for is the fact that despite Gleyber’s excellent HR numbers, some of the advanced stats might say there’s some regression due. Gleyber’s HR/FB% was 21.5%, but his HH% was 39.7%, and his Average Exit Velocity (courtesy of Statcast) was only 89 MPH — for reference, his AVG Velo of 89 MPH ranked 182nd amongst qualified MLB players. With that, he still managed to hit 38 HR to feed into an SLG% of .535. I do expect Gleyber’s HR numbers to take a slight dip, especially since the juiced balls are probably done with, but even then, he’s a mid-to-high 30 HR shortstop with a dependable glove.

Gleyber’s defensive numbers

The one thing I am excited to keep an eye on, in regards to Gleyber having his best season to date this upcoming year, is seeing him in his natural position full-time. When in the minors, and even as an international prospect, Gleyber was regarded as an outstanding middle infielder with a quick glove and excellent range. However, over the past two seasons, Gleyber has been having to play 2B — the majority of the time — and hasn’t been nearly as valuable because of it. Here is a table comparing his defensive stats from both 2018 & 2019, and at both shortstop and second base (via Fangraphs):

YEAR (POS) 2018 (SS) 2018 (2B) 2019 (SS) 2019 (2B)
Innings 152.0 915.2 659.2 547.1
UZR/150 -21.5 -16.7 -4.7 -11.7
DRS 0 -1 1 -7
Errors 5 12 11 9

Gleyber, when allowed to play his natural position specifically in 2019, was a far more valuable player. To see what he’s also shown improvements over his first two seasons leads one to believe that he will continue to trend upward defensively. I imagine that this upcoming season, Gleyber will be one of the better defensive shortstops in the AL. I don’t think he’s going to — back to the Arenado comparison — be a platinum glove candidate, and make jaw-dropping plays seemingly every week. I do expect him to be an above-average defender that’s able to cover the ground and show some flash now and then. Pairing he and DJ LeMahieu, both at their natural and best positions, will benefit the Yankees massively this upcoming season.

2020 Expectations for Torres

There’s a genuine reason to believe that Torres will be the best Yankee player this next year. I am a massive believer in Aaron Judge, and I have always been an advocate that he should be a Yankee for life and captain this team going forward, but Gleyber can reach Judge’s level of impact. Gleyber has the galaxy as his ceiling right now, and there’s no telling what he is capable of achieving and accomplishing. Having him, along with numerous other talents on this roster, is going to bode well for the Yankees for the future.

With that, Gleyber’s 2020 should be one of the best by a shortstop in recent years. Even if he is to regress slightly in the HR total, he is very capable of OPSing .950 with 40 HR. The reasonable expectation, if I had to give one — .900 OPS / 37 HR / 4.7 fWAR — and that’s on the rather safe side. I genuinely do believe that Gleyber Torres is the game’s next Nolan Arenado, but without the atmospheric benefits. Look for Torres to continue on his quest toward greatness this upcoming season and make his case as the best shortstop in baseball.


New York Giants Mock Draft: What to expect

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants are finally getting close to finalizing their coaching staff for the 2020 NFL season.  After that is complete, only one question will remain.  What will the 2020 Giants roster look like?  Free agency kicks off on March 18th, which is when we will start to really see some pieces fall into (or out of) place.  The lead up to the NFL Draft will begin painting a clearer picture of what the Giants will do with the 4th overall pick.

Giants 7 Round Mock Draft

Round 1 – Pick 4

Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia

There are two important aspects of the Giants offense that need to be addressed with this regime change.  Protecting Daniel Jones and his tendency to fumble, as well as utilizing Saquon Barkley the way he should be.  Andrew Thomas is an answer to both.

Thomas is a powerful tackle that excels in the run game.  He can set the edge for Barkley, letting him get into space to do what Saquon does best.  Thomas does need to work on footwork a bit before he develops into a high quality left tackle.  However, for an offense that will get the ball out of the QB’s hands quickly, his power will translate very well.  Alabama’s Jedrick Wills and Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs may have be slightly better in pass protection, but Thomas is the perfect fit for the Giants.

Round 2 – Pick 36

Patrick Queen, LB LSU

Possibly the biggest riser from the National Championship game, LSU linebacker Patrick Queen is the three down LB Giants nation has desired.  Queen has tremendous sideline to sideline range.  In the title game, he showed off his coverage abilities and intelligence in the game.  He blew up screens, covered offensive weapons down field and got into the backfield to disrupt the pass.  With the addition of LB Coach Kevin Sherrer, look for New York to give him players to work with.  Patrick Queen would be quite an addition and an immediate impact player.

Round 4 – Pick 100

Alton Robinson, EDGE Syracuse

I’m expecting the Giants to sign a talented pass rusher in free agency, which would make the need to draft one a little less important.  However, adding depth and talent is still important.  Insert Orangemen Alton Robinson.  Robinson was impressive during the Senior Bowl, accounting for two sacks in the game.  The New York Giants scouting staff had meetings with many players during the Senior Bowl week.  Alton Robinson was one of them.  Robinson will need to improve on his technique, but he can quickly develop into a worthwhile rotational pass rusher.

Round 5 – Pick 132

Adam Trautman, TE Dayton

Another standout player from the Senior Bowl, Adam Trautman could hear his name called much earlier than this.  However, if he’s available here, he would be a great addition for the Giants.  Evan Engram has been good, not great with some injury history.  Kaden Smith looked promising at the end of the season, but will that success be maintained in a full season.  Rhett Ellison may no longer be a Giant.  Adding to the tight end position may be an overlooked need for this team.

Trautman still has some work to do, but his basketball background makes him a great target in the red zone.  The Giants could utilize him in different positions across the offense.  Trautman began his career in Dayton as a quarterback before transitioning to tight end.  Will the Giants be able to utilize his passing ability?  If nothing else, it is fun to consider.

Round 6 – Pick 163

Chase Claypool, WR Notre Dame

A big, physical wide receiver is something the Giants need and something Jason Garrett loves to have.  Chase Claypool could be that guy for New York.  Claypool is a very reliable wide receiver that has a bit more of a diverse route tree than you’d see for a big guy.  His speed is questionable, but paired up with Darius Slayton, he would likely see some space to get open.

Round 7 – Pick 195

Reggie Robinson II, DB Tulsa

Another guy that had solid Senior Bowl moments, Reggie Robinson II could be the versatile asset the New York Giants covet.  In the Senior Bowl, Robinson delivered a hit that jarred the ball loose from Baylor running back JaMycal Hasty.  Robinson can play cornerback or deep safety, which would be important for the New York Giants.  His ability to track the ball carrier could see him succeed as a special teams ace in the beginning of his career.

Round 7 – Pick 215

Calvin Throckmorton, OT Oregon

It is no secret that Nate Solder has not played up to the contract he was given.  Solder has expressed his willingness to play a different position along the offensive line.  However, if that doesn’t work, it is important that the Giants have good depth and talent to develop.  Throckmorton would be a worthwhile addition to see if he can develop into a quality depth player.  Calvin has very good power and punch, but will need to work on his footwork and burst off the snap to be a starter in the NFL.

The New York Yankees Were Cheated by the Astros, Again

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve

After the investigation into the Astros confirmed what’s been suspected for years, the New York Yankees will love nothing more than to kick the snot out of the Astros in 2020. But, through whatever rationale, the Yankees have been cheated (once again) by the Houston Astros.

New Houston Manager Means he’s the All-Star Game Manager?

The Astros signed Dusty Baker to replace the recently sacked AJ Hinch. Signed to a one year deal with a team option for 2021, it seems pretty innocent enough, right? Especially for an older manager (who is out of vogue in baseball these days) who hasn’t managed since 2017.

But… Baker gets what seems an unfair bonus signing with the Astros. Since the Astros were the AL team in the World Series, that team’s manager manages the league they’re in during the All-Star Game. It gives credence to those arguing that MLB really wasn’t interested in punishing the Astros as an organization, but was merely forced to investigate when the story became public in the Athletic.

Unnecessary Drama for a Harmless Exhibition

Since doing away with the silly rule “Whichever league wins the All-Star game, receives home-field advantage during the World Series”, the All-Star game returned to it’s the truest form, an exhibition. But, the Astros were found to have been guilty of cheating… blatantly cheating. It resulted in the Astros manager getting suspended for the entire season.

Why should the Astros manager still manage the All-Star game, when AJ Hinch would have still been serving his suspension during the game? The next obvious managerial candidate for the game is the manager who came in second to the Astros last season, Aaron Boone of the New York Yankees.

Baseball has to make up its mind once and for all on the Astros. Are they going to punish the team, or not?

New York Giants: How much is Jason Garrett going to help Daniel Jones?

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

The New York Giants hired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett after he was released from the Dallas Cowboys’ head coaching position, and this move should benefit quarterback Daniel Jones significantly. Jones learned under Pat Shurmur in 2019, and while his fumbling issues were a concern, he showed incredible promise as a rookie, especially in processing coverages and ball-placement.

The New York Giants needed to ensure Daniel Jones was well taken care of:

Finding a suitable replacement as a teacher for Shurmur was always going to be difficult, but considering the job Garrett has done with Dak Prescott and formerly Tony Romo, it’s fair to say that he was the ‘best’ choice.

Former quarterback for the Cowboys, Troy Aikman, who spent 11 seasons in the NFL, leading Dallas to three Super Bowls in the 90s, spoke to Garrett’s influence and hopeful impact on Jones:

“Jason has proved to be a good coach and he keeps in perspective what it was like for him as a player, what he liked and didn’t like,” Aikman said. “And he’s got great personal skills. …I’d be surprised if he and Daniel Jones don’t hit it off right away and develop a real chemistry.”

“I think he’s going to bring some accountability, some structure,” Aikman said on Garrett. “He’s going to be very well prepared. There is not going to be any stone unturned. When they go into a gameplan every player is going to know exactly what is being asked of them. I think it’s a great situation for Jason. I thought he did a nice job when he was calling the plays as the offensive coordinator… He comes from a pretty good perspective having been around good players but also around good coaches. I think that’s probably been the biggest influence on him. And then having played. I think that helps.”

Garrett helped Prescott refine his technique and develop the grit to lead the league in offensive production last season. Jones will undoubtedly benefit from his focus on the unit and precisely the quarterback position. Factor in Jerry Schuplinki and his time teaching Tomy Brady, Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy G, and the Giants have the perfect coaching staff around Jones.

Mets rejected Pirates’ approaches for Davis, Nimmo and prospects in separate deals

The New York Mets pursued center fielder Starling Marte for a big portion of the offseason. That is no secret, as there were on-and-off conversations between the Pittsburgh Pirates’ representatives and Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen.

However, the Mets were unsuccessful in their efforts and the star outfielder was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks a few days ago for a pair of 19-year old prospects. Good prospects, while we are at it.

According to SNY’s Andy Martino, we now know a little bit more about the Mets – Pirates negotations.

As it turns out, the Pirates offered the Mets three different packages for Marte. That makes sense, since at least three times since the offseason began, it was reported that the two teams were talking.

One of those packages was centered around 2019 breakout star J.D. Davis and another one around outfielder Brandon Nimmo. Pittsburgh asked, in a third deal, for two of the Mets’ five best prospects.

The Mets wouldn’t cross the line

All those proposals were rejected in Flushing, as Van Wagenen had a strict line he wouldn’t cross.

“There was a package offered to them that was centered around J.D. Davis, the Mets said no,” Martino said. “I don’t believe that’s been reported. There was another package centered around Brandon Nimmo, which we knew, but the Mets said ‘no, we’re not willing to trade Nimmo for Marte.’ And then there was another ask which was like two top prospects — say two out of the top five top prospects in the system. And that was a no,” SNY reported.

For reference, people tend to view these names as the team’s top five prospects: INF Ronny Mauricio, C Francisco Alvarez, RHP Matthew Allan, 3B Brett Baty, and INF Andres Gimenez.

“They had an opportunity, they were in serious talks with the Pirates around the new year, and they just weren’t willing to do any of those things,” Martino said.

New York Yankees: 2020 projected lineup is soild from top to bottom

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

@YESNetwork tweeted out on Tuesday the projection for the New York Yankees’ lineup for the 2020 season and it looks absolutely terrifying to any opposing pitcher.

There really isn’t a hole in this lineup, as everyone that’s stepping to the plate has some serious talent and can be extremely productive for the team. With that being said, this doesn’t mean the team won’t struggle at times.

Now more than ever, there’s so much pressure on the Yankees this season. After landing Gerrit Cole and everything with the Houston Astros cheating scandal, the entire MLB knows that the New York Yankees are heavy favorites to win the World Series and that’s just a fact.

This lineup does get every Yankee fan excited though. There’s power from top to bottom and then there are guys like Brett Gardner, DJ LeMahieu, and Gio Urshela who will go up and put the ball in play a high percentage of the time. For any opposing pitcher, this lineup is exhausting and there’s really nobody on the team that will be an easy out.

If everyone stays healthy, I fully expect the New York Yankees to have another successful year and a huge run into the playoffs. I don’t wanna say that the success from last season considering all the injuries was a lot of luck, but we definitely don’t wanna run into that again so it’s imperative that everyone stays healthy.

The rotation even got revamped from last season. Obviously the addition of Gerrit Cole is monumental, but having a healthy Luis Severino and James Paxton is a big three to begin a series.