New York Giants Interview Jason Garrett For OC Job

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett isn’t a very popular choice for the New York Giants offensive coordinator job, but it looks like he’s receiving serious consideration regardless. Garrett has been somewhat linked to the Giants ever since they fired Pat Shurmur, and after Garrett was officially fired from Dallas himself, there was speculation about him taking the head coach role.

In reality, the job went to Joe Judge, despite the Giants also interviewing Garrett. But now, Garrett has supposedly interviewed for the Giants again, not for the head coaching job this time but for the offensive coordinator spot which is still sitting vacant.

The decision on who to bring on as the coordinator is going to be left up to Judge, and co-owner John Mara has already said that personally, he has no objections to bringing in Garrett.

After being with the Cowboys since 2011 and receiving a lot of leeway for failure, but still managing to not win much in the playoffs or even reach the playoffs at all in most of his years, there’s a lot of skepticism within the Giants fanbase about the potential hire – especially because Garrett coached a division rival, putting his skills or lack thereof on display for Giants fans in big games twice a year.

The Cowboys, in fact, often haven’t played great against the Giants. Despite having their number for the past few years, their performances are rarely anything too earth shattering, and it makes sense that Giants fans would be skeptical of having this offense come to their team after witnessing how the Cowboys have played in the NFC East under Garrett.

But with continued interest between Garrett and the Giants, a deal might just be inevitable at this point. No other candidate has interviewed once for the head coaching job and once for a coordinator job, after all.

New York Giants’ Saquon Barkley posts awesome hype video (WATCH)

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

When New York Giants‘ star running back Saquon Barkley went down with a high ankle sprain in week three of the regular season, he would never return to his usual form until the final few weeks of the campaign.

Going eight consecutive games without reaching the 100-yard mark, Barkley suffered what some call a “sophomore slump,” and while the injury might have played a significant part in his demise, he will never admit it.

Check out this awesome hype video Barkley posted via Instagram.

The final three weeks of the 2019 season, though, Barkley exploded onto the scene, racking up 393 total yards and four total touchdowns, eclipsing the first three-quarters of his tumultuous campaign.

The expectations are high for Barkley entering 2020, especially with a new head coach entering the mix and an offensive coordinator that will hopefully maximize his abilities. However, this video will show you why he’s preparing to return with a vengeance.

Commissioner Rob Manfred is protecting baseball for all of us

New York Yankees

I seldom write an opinion piece, but this is solely my personal opinion:  If you can’t believe in the integrity of the game of baseball, there is no more national pastime!  If you can’t believe a team lost or won the game or a series with their talent, then why bother watching at all.  Baseball then becomes a show, similar to professional wrestling and not a sport where the best team wins.

Most believe that Commissioner Manfred has handled the Astros sign-stealing situation harshly and correctly.  Those that disagree think the punishments should have been even harsher.  Many cite the rather small $5MM fine.  Their World Series win probably netted the Astros, in ticket sales, vendors, and merchandise $30MM or more, making the penalty seem minuscule.  The bottom line is that the MLB constitution only allows for a maximum fine of $5MM.  What Manfred did do is hand out yearlong suspensions without pay for general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch; the loss of the team’s first- and second-round draft picks for both 2020 and 2021; a $5 million fine, and put former Assistant GM Brandon Taubman on the ineligible list.  Subsequent to Manfried’s nine-page report being released, Astros Manager Jim Crane did the right thing and fired Luhnow and Hinch.

Manfred left out present Red Sox manager Alex Cora from any discipline, as the investigation into the Red Sox is ongoing.  Alex Cora was the mastermind in the whole Astro sign-stealing scheme.  Then as manager of the Red Sox, the 2018 World Series comes into question.  Same scheme, different club.  I believe that when the investigation is complete, Alex Cora will be out of baseball for good.  Even if he doesn’t receive a lifetime suspension, he is damaged goods, and no one will touch him.  In the case of the Red Sox, John Henry and company fired Cora when they fully understood Cora’s unquestioned involvement as laid out in Manfred’s report, even before the Red Sox investigation is complete.

The rules are clear, traditional sign stealing has gone on forever and will continue, but it can’t be done using any electronic technology. Commissioner Rob Manfred continue to do your job and protect the game we love.

New York Giants: What’s Next For Eli Manning?

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

The New York Giants are entering a new era. No longer are we in the Eli Manning era. With the close of the decade came the end of Manning’s tenure as New York’s starting quarterback. We now enter a new, young, and exciting era. The era of Daniel Jones is upon us.

Daniel Jones took over as the starter in Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season. Eli Manning did get to make two more starts towards the end of the season with Jones injured, but those games were not a “welcome back” to Eli, they were more of a “farewell.”

Since the season’s end, there has been some speculation as to what Eli Manning will do next. When asked about coaching, Manning explained that he “felt like” he was a coach this year. Eli also stated that he “didn’t enjoy it that much.” However, more recently, Giants’ owner John Mara refused to close the door on Eli Manning.

John Mara made it clear that he would welcome back Eli Manning as a backup quarterback if that is what Eli wanted. However, Eli still does not know what he wants. John Mara explained that Eli is not fully decided on what he wants to do yet and that the two of them would discuss things further in the near future.

The question is, what are Eli’s options? What is it that Eli Manning is contemplating in his final decision? Obviously, retirement must sound appealing to a 39-year-old father and husband. But will Eli’s love for the game suck him back into the NFL?

Continue As Daniel Jones’s Backup

Eli Manning started four games for the New York Giants in 2019. The season’s other twelve games featured rookie quarterback Daniel Jones in the starting role. Eli had to succumb to a new role as a backup quarterback- a role of which Eli has stated he was not a big fan.

“I doubt it. I doubt it,” Manning said the day after the Giants completed a 4-12 season where he spent most of his time as the second-string quarterback. “Backing up is not real fun.” – via Jordan Raanan of ESPN

It is hard to believe there is a market for Eli Manning outside of New York. Yes, Eli is a highly-accomplished NFL quarterback. But there are not many teams around the league looking for 39-year-old quarterbacks to thrust into the starting role and build around. The league is getting younger, faster, and more dynamic. Teams are looking for succession plans, not recession plans. If Eli wants to continue playing football, he will likely have to stay where he is and continue as Daniel Jones’s backup.


Eli Manning has been in the NFL for 16 years. He has played in 236 football games and has won two Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVPs. Manning is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the history of football and is sure to be in the Hall of Fame one day.

For all the peaks that Giants fans have witnessed Eli climb, they have seen him fall into quite a few valleys as well. The Giants won only eight games with Eli Manning as their starting quarterback in 2017 and 2018. Manning has been benched twice in the last three years. The most recent benching, however, is permanent. The Giants are Daniel Jones’s team now. He is the face of the franchise.

All good things come to an end, which includes Eli Manning’s prestigious career as the New York Giants’ quarterback. No one has ever embodied what it means to be a New York Giant, both on the field and off the field, more than Eli Manning. But do Giants fans really want to watch Eli Manning lose more games?

It would be tragic to see Manning’s perfectly even career record of 117-117 fall below .500. Maybe now is the perfect time for Manning to kick his feet up, crack open a cold one, and watch some football at home on Sundays.

New York Yankees Trade Lefty Pitcher

The New York Yankees announced on Wednesday that they have traded reliever Stephen Tarpley for third base prospect James Nelson of the Miami Marlins. Tarpley was recently DFA’d by the team.

The lefty from Los Angeles, California had a 5.88 ERA in 31 career games. He was DFA’d with the new three batter minimum rule, since he is considered a lefty specialist. Batters hit just .146 from the left side compared to .378 from the right side. There was just no real reason to keep him on the 40-man roster.

Miami should be a nice fit for Tarpley. He will be able to get consistent major league appearances while figuring things out in a low pressure environment. With Miami picked last in the NL East, they are looking for relievers. Good luck to him there.

The Return:

James Nelson is, well…… a prospect. I would of thought that the Yankees would of done much better, unless they see something we don’t.

In 2016 and 2017, Nelson had success in rookie ball and A-full season, batting .284 and .309 respectively. He was called up to high-A afterwards and has stayed there since. He hit .211 in 2018 and .228 in 2019. The power really isn’t there either, just 14 career home runs and seven of them were in one season.

He had five stolen bases last season, so I guess that’s…… something.

Nelson is an awful fielder to say the least. He made less than 89% of plays at third, 35 errors in 119 games. That’s an error every three to four games.

Maybe Nelson will surprise us, but he needs a lot of work. He obviously won’t be a factor for a few years, if at all.

New York Giants could hit home run with offensive line coaching target

New York Giants linked to Bill Callahan in coaching search.

The New York Giants‘ offensive line issues have been well documented over the last few years, and it could all change with one stellar hire.

If former head coach for the Cowboys, Jason Garrett, becomes the next offensive coordinator for the Giants, his former assistant Bill Callahan, could be persuaded to follow in his footsteps.

Callahan, who helped curate one of the best offensive lines in the NFL with the Cowboys, would be a home run hire for the Giants, who watched Hal Hunter obliterate any semblance of quality the Giants hopes to enjoy in 2020.

How the New York Giants’ offensive line looked in 2019:

Left tackle Nate Solder struggled immensely last season, left guard Will Hernandez saw a downward trend from his rookie campaign, center Jon Halapio rated as one of the worst in the league, and right tackle Mike Remmers struggled during the first half of the season.

Kevin Zeitler, who was the only adequate lineman, is simply a talented player who held his own against the opposition. Callahan would offer elite coaching and plenty of experience with top-level offensive lineman. If the Giants could lure him to East Rutherford, they would see the benefits.

The New York Rangers Will Face an Agitated Islanders Team Thursday Night and Sparks Should Fly

New York Rangers, Brad Skjei

The New York Rangers realize that their task will not be as easy Thursday night as it was during their last game against the Islanders. After the Islanders quickly scored the first goal, the Rangers responded hard and often, finishing the night with a resounding 6-2 victory that left a bad taste with the Isles.

Captain Calls Out His Islander Teammates

After the game, the Islander captain was angry, mainly upset with the lack of effort in a rivalry game. They got the message, and the following night they crushed the lowly Detroit Red Wings 8-2. Even if it was against a last-place team, the Isles skated with much more purpose then they did in their loss against the Rangers. They also vow to bring that effort into Thursday night’ rematch.  “Any time you get beat like that, you want another crack at them,” said Jordan Eberle. This should mean a much more physical match in Long Island, which may or may not include a couple of fisticuffs like was witnessed Monday night.

What the New York Rangers Will Bring to the Table Against the Isles

One of the more significant issues that have dogged the Rangers for a bit is the question on what to do with the three goaltenders.  During the Wednesday morning skating session, Henrik Lundqvist and Alexandar Georgiev spend most of the time in net. This generally means that those two will dress for the game, with the prevailing notion that Georgiev will get the start due to his excellent record against the Islanders. Regardless of who starts in net, the Rangers still expect to unleash their potent offense.

The offense that has allowed ten Rangers to 20 or more points this season. They are one of six NHL teams that have ten or more players who have recorded at least 20 points this season.  This includes Adam Fox, who has registered a goal and eight assists over the last seven games. Since Dec. 31, Fox’s eight assists and nine points are both the second-most among NHL defensemen. As a team, the Rangers have registered 44 goals over the last 11 games, and those 44 goals are tied for the most in the NHL over the span (tied with Tampa Bay).

How Lucky Did the Mets Get With Commissioner Manfred’s Report

The NY Mets organization must be breathing a sigh of relief after commissioner Rob Manfred released his findings on the Houston Astros. Considering what was discovered in the report, and what’s coming down the pipe… Carlos Beltran is about as lucky as a leprechaun.

What Happened

We’ve all heard about the Astros sign-stealing scandal. The commissioner’s office concluded their investigation and found the evidence was OVERWHELMINGLY against the Astros. So, what ended up happening was this:

  • Astros, as an organization, were fined $5 million.
  • Astros, as an organization, forfeit their first and second-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 drafts.
  • Astros manager, AJ Hinch, and GM, Jeff Luhnow, are suspended for the 2020 season.
  • An hour after all this is delivered by Rob Manfred, Astros owner, Jim Crane, fire them both.


Why The Mets Should Be Relieved

Alex Cora, then bench coach when the Astros developed this sign-stealing scheme, was named in Manfred’s report as being one of the key players in all of this. As was Carlos Beltran, who was cited as being one of the chief organizers of the whole thing. Alex Cora is expected to face a punishment similar to Hinch and Luhnow for his involvement in the Astros cheating scandal, as well as facing serious punishment for his Red Sox stealing signs watching the feed in the replay room.

If Cora isn’t fired, which would be the hardest of hardest sales by Red Sox brass, he’s likely to face a minimum 2-year suspension. One year for the Astros, one year for his Red Sox. Beltran, in all likelihood, cooperated fully and completely with MLB’s investigation into the Astros, saving his bacon (probably). How do you come back from that as a manager? Being suspended from baseball in your first year as a manager?

Former Giants GM George Young Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

It’s been a long time coming, but former New York Giants general manager and franchise saver George Young will finally be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Young, who left the Giants in 1998 and passed away in 2001 at age 71, was the driving force behind the Giants’ renaissance of the 1980s after being ‘appointed’ the Giants’ GM by then-NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle in 1979 in an effort to solve a long standing feud between owners Wellington Mara and his nephew, Tim.

Young built a winner after taking over a franchise that had just two winning seasons and now playoffs in the prior 15 years. He turned the Giants into two-time Super Bowl champions by hiring coaches such as Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin and bringing in top players like Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Michael Strahan, Tiki Barber, Amani Toomer, Carl Banks, Bart Oates, Mark Bavaro, Joe Morris, Rodney Hampton, O.J. Anderson, Carl Banks, Jeff Hostetler and many others.

From the Giants: Young served as the Giants’ general manager from 1979-97 and a five-time NFL Executive of the Year, was announced today as a member of the Hall’s Class of 2020, a uniquely large 20-member group selected in conjunction with the league’s centennial. He was one of three contributors chosen from a list of 10 finalists by a special panel comprised of members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Hall of Famers, coaches, football executives and several leading football historians.

“George is certainly very deserving of being in the Hall of Fame,” said Giants CEO John Mara. “My only regret is that he’s not around to enjoy this. He took our organization from being in last place and not having a lot of respect around the league to being a Super Bowl Champion. He made every football department in our organization more professional. He changed the reputation and level of respect that our team had for the better. He improved us in so many different ways. He certainly is a very deserving Hall of Famer. Again, I only wish he could be around to enjoy this moment. It’s long overdue. All of us here are very happy that at long last he will be enshrined in Canton, Ohio.”

“George Young transformed our organization,” said Giants chairman Steve Tisch. “My father (the late Bob Tisch, who purchased Tim Mara’s 50 percent ownership in 1991) always appreciated George’s leadership and vision, and George was vital to our family as we transitioned from our traditional business interests into the National Football League. For that, we are grateful, and his election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is most deserving and a long time coming.”

Young was not always an easy person to get along with but he was fair and now the football world is retuning the favor. He is where he belongs.

New York Giants: Offensive Coordinator selection boils down to two specifics

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants haven’t hesitated in piecing together their new coaching staff, as head coach Joe Judge has already hired familiar faces from his past to lead the charge. Defensive coordinator Patrick Graham worked with Judge in New England, and defensive line coach Freddie Roach spent time with Judge in Alabama for a brief spell.

The next vacant position on the docket is offensive coordinator, and with LSU’s Joe Brady off the board, the Giants need to settle on an alternative option. Jay Gruden, Jason Garrett, and others remain solid options for Judge, but his selection needs to be tailored to two specifics.

What the New York Giants need in their next offensive coordinator:

One thing former HC Pat Shurmur did well was develop rookie passer, Daniel Jones, who had multiple games of four-touchdowns or more. Ensuring his progression remains positive is a priority for Judge, and the Giants’ next OC must understand that Jones’ development is essential to the success of the team.

Judge did bring in Patriots’ quarterbacks coach, Jerry Schuplinski, who helped groom Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy G during his tenure in New England. Now, he will have the task of helping Jones perfect his fundamentals and extract the most value out of the first-round pick from 2019.

In addition to Jones, Saquon Barkley must be utilized in an expanded role, as his usage was limited by Shurmur’s play-calling scheme in 2019. A lack of targets in the passing game and first-down running plays severely hurt his efficiency. The Giants need an OC that will develop creative plays for Barkley to get into open space and maximize his tree-trunk like frame.