New York Giants Let Fans Down One More Time In Win

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

There’s not many reasons why fans would want their own team to lose. But plenty of New York Giants fans had that stance going into the team’s late season matchup with the Washington Redskins, and there’s legitimate reasons for them to feel that way. Yes, wanting the team to lose to a rival is something that just feels scummy. But what feels worse than that?

The idea that the Giants are going to have to spend any more time than they already are rebuilding, and suffering through more bad results because a win in a late season meaningless game pushed the team out of position to get the second overall pick.

It doesn’t look like the Giants are going to be in a spot to take Chase Young, potentially a generational pass rushing talent who could fill the void that has existed for years at the position for the Giants, and at the end of the day that will probably be more remembered than Daniel Jones throwing five touchdowns against Washington.

“The Washington Redskins select Chase Young,” are words that no Giants fan wants to hear, but thanks to a temporary win, they may become reality. The Giants may be reminded twice a year of the player that they could have had, when their offensive line finds itself on the other side of the ball from Young – after all, with the Dolphins winning, it looks almost certain now that the Redskins will have the second pick rather than Miami.

Of course, there’s a couple different ways this hurts the Giants. Young ending up in the hands of Washington is one way, but certainly not the only one.

With four wins this season, things may look better on paper than they actually are for the Giants.

Which might motivate the team to not clean house at the end of the year. Some might say that it’s crazy to fire the coach and General Manager in the second year of a rebuild, but the fact of the matter is that in a three year rebuild, the trajectory is supposed to be heading upwards at the end of the second year. The Giants may have achieved good results against some of the worst teams in the league, the Dolphins and the Redskins, but there’s hardly reason to have confidence.

Let’s not forget how the Giants have performed this year against good or even mediocre competition.

Two years into the rebuild and the offensive line is only marginally better than the one that preceded Gettleman, the secondary has problems and requires more key players after making Janoris Jenkins the leader failed to pan out, and the pass rush is lacking for yet another year – something that will likely stay the same after the Giants won and removed themselves from position to take Chase Young.

It’s been said that we haven’t seen Gettleman yet with money to spend.

But based on his track record so far, we might not want to see that. Trusting Gettleman with free cap space may set the team back further. It will likely result in overpaying players who may just be past their prime and don’t deserve it. In selling out more cash for players like Nate Solder who may be on their way out in one or two years.

The New York Giants may get quicker results at this point from burning things down completely than trusting in Gettleman’s plan and suffering through more years of losing.

The question is, however, will a four or five win season that looks better on paper than it did when the season was ongoing be enough to blind the organization to that fact?

New York Mets: Seth Lugo Year in Review

The savior the New York Mets desperately need in the bullpen was the right arm of Seth Lugo. There were numerous issues in the bullpen all season, but Lugo was the one guy the Mets could count on all year. Lugo pitched so well that he will head into 2020 as the projected closer, instead of Edwin Diaz.

Lugo came into the year as a middle inning swingman, who was supposed to bridge the gap between the starters and the combination of Jeurys Familia and Edwin Diaz. As both men struggled throughout the year, he quickly became the one-pitcher Mickey Callaway could rely on in the bullpen.

One Month Good, One Month Bad

While Lugo’s numbers looked good overall, he would have a great month followed by an okay month.

March/April: 4.08 ERA

May: 0.96 ERA

June: 4.85 ERA

July: 0.00 ERA!!!

August: 4.05 ERA

September: 1.29 ERA

Lugo did have some incredible stretches throughout the season, which included a streak of 15.2 straight scoreless innings, in which he only allowed four base runners. He had three scoreless innings streaks of at least ten innings in 2019.

One of the things that comes with dominance is the need to use Lugo as frequently as possible. The Mets were very stringent about avoiding using Lugo in back to back games. They also gave him the same number of days off as innings pitches (ex. two innings pitched= two days off). The “Lugo Rules” were put in place to prevent his elbow injury from worsening.

Starting Pitcher in 2020?

Lugo has made it very clear in the past that he wants to be a starting pitcher. With the acquisition of Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha, it seems like he will be stuck in the bullpen once again. 2019 was the first season of Lugo’s career, where he made all of his appearances out of the bullpen. Brodie Van Wagenen said the Mets would look to get him starter ready in the offseason, but for health purposes, he will be better off in the bullpen.


Pitching Repertoire: A+, Fastball/Curveball combo can match up with anyone in baseball. He even added a reliable changeup this year.

Control: A+, 16 walks in 80 innings pitched, seemed like he was always throwing the ball wherever he wanted.

Composure: A, Had the perfect demeanor to be a closer.

Intangibles: A+, Quiet leader, and only cares about winning.

Overall: A+, One of the best, if not the best, season by a reliever in Mets history.

Three Relief Pitchers That The New York Yankees Should Consider

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have a few holes that could be filled in middle relief. Dellin Betances is their top target, but here are three other pitchers that the team should consider:

Cody Allen

The last two seasons for Cody Allen have been sub-par, but he’s a high risk, high reward talent. He had an ERA of over six with the Angels in 2019, and an ERA near five with the Indians in 2018. But, he was completely dominant in the six seasons before.

With new pitching coach Matt Blake, he may be able to help Allen diagnose his problems and get him back to his old self. It’s really strange seeing a player nosedive like that.

Steve Cishek

Steve Cishek is one of the more underrated relievers in the MLB. The sidewinder had a sub-three ERA in 2019, and his career ERA is also under three. He had a 1.8 WAR in 2019 with a 4-6 record. Cishek is a high usage pitcher, throwing in 70 games in 2019.

His sidearm release could provide the Yankees some more versatility and strength in the middle innings.

Ryan Buchter

Ryan Butcher had the opportunity to elect free agency earlier this offseason, and did so. With a sub three ERA in 2019, Butcher is also one of the more underrated arms in the MLB. He’s bounced around a bit throughout his career, but spent his last two seasons with the Oakland Athletics.

Butcher is another lefty that the Yankees could use in the bullpen, giving even more of a balance between lefties and righties.

New York Mets: what will Pete Alonso do for an encore?

The 2019 season was a fun one for two New York Mets’ players: Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso. The former showed that his 2018 breakthrough was no fluke. The later rose up to the big stage with a bang: a league-leading 53 home runs and the NL Rookie of the Year award.

In a team with Michael Conforto, Robinson Cano, Wilson Ramos, McNeil, Brandon Nimmo, J.D. Davis and Dominic Smith, Alonso was the top offensive threat. He and McNeil led the Mets with a 143 wRC+.

The question is: what will Alonso do for an encore? His sophomore season will be a crucial one for the Mets. They need him to replicate his production if they want to secure a ticket to the postseason.

The Mets’ offensive stalwart

Is Alonso capable of repeating his amazing rookie season? It is fair to say that he took advantage of the “juiced” ball, but so did the rest of the league. If there is any change in the ball for 2020, it will be reflected in his HR/FB rate and, indirectly, his home run total.

Considering that he put up a 143 wRC+ and a .260/.358/.583 line, he set a high bar. However, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to match or improve those numbers. He had a 184 wRC+ in 2016 as a first-year pro in A- ball, a 157 mark in 2017 in Class A+, and a fantastic 180 in Double-A in 2018. He has it in him. It is unlikely that he changes his approach, though.

It would be difficult to show more power than hitting 53 home runs, and because of that, any improvements he makes offensively would be on his batting average. He already has a healthy 10.4 BB%. From 2016 to 2018, he hit .321, .286, .311 and .314 in four different stops.

A 2018 67-game stint in Triple-A resulted in a slash line of .260/.355/.585, almost a copy of his .260/.358/.583 performance with the Mets. The most likely scenario, therefore, is that he has morphed into a .260 player with a +.320 ISO, a change from the .300 hitter with a ~.260 ISO he was until reaching Triple-A. And that is more than fine!

If he approaches .300, it would likely be because he sacrificed power in the process. The Mets would surely prefer the player he is today to the one he was in 2016-2018.

With a similar performance and a modest improvement on defense, Pete Alonso can surpass the 5 WAR mark in 2020. What will he do for an encore? The New York Mets can’t wait to find out.

Watch: Yankees mutant prospect Jasson Dominguez smashes baseballs

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

It is not healthy for a 16-year-old to stand at 5’10” and weigh 190-pounds. New York Yankees’ Jasson Dominguez, though, has defied all logic and continues to grow at an astronomical rate, not only in physical size but also in baseball abilities. He is rated as the number one prospect in the Yankees’ organization, and is regarded as one of the best international prospects in baseball.

Jasson has been compared to his players, such as Mickey Mantle, Mike Trout, and Bo Jackson. Growing up as a Yankees fan, Dominguez has always dreamed of playing in pinstripes, and he was handed the most significant international signing bonus of any player at his age.

Here are his grades:


  • Hit: 55
  • Power: 55
  • Run: 60
  • Arm: 60
  • Field: 55


Again, at 16, Dominguez has the potential to develop into an elite player. He is still at the amateur level of baseball and will not enter the minor leagues for quite some time, but his physical attributes are impressive and borderline inhumane. Signing for $5.1 million on July 2 of last year, Dominguez is just another top international Prospect the Yankees have managed to get their hands on.

“He’s possibly the best combination of tools, athleticism, and performance that I’ve run across,” said Danny Rowland, who is an international scout for the Yankees. “Now, there’s a whole lot of time, a whole lot of at-bats and a whole lot of proving it between now and hopefully reaching the major leagues. Given his baseball background, his baseball acumen, his desire, his competitive nature, his work ethic, it’s never an easy thing to drop $5.1 million on one player, but he made it pretty easy.”

The Yankees already have a bright future ahead of them with Gleyber Torres and Aaron Judge setting the stage. Still, they can be excited for even more in Dominguez, who possesses all of the right tools to develop into a deadly at the top level.


Analyzing the Yankees Best, Worst, and Meh Trade Options

New York Yankees, Yankees, Brian Cashman

Rather than ad more payroll to the team, Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees are exploring bolstering the team via trade. If you want to get the big-name player, it’s gonna need to be a top-flight talent you’re trading. So let’s look at the Yankees best, worst, and meh trade options in threes (because everything good comes in threes).

The Best Trade Options

These are the three players with the highest possible trade value the Yankees can offer.

Gio Urshela

Many are reporting (and begging) that the Yankees trade Miguel Andujar to make room for Gio. Except Gio has a helluva lot more going for him now than Miggy does. Urshela is coming off of a banner 2019, posting career bests in all offensive categories. The fact that he also struck out less than 100 times in a league where you’re either striking out or hitting home runs will only add to his value. Many teams are probably willing to look past the fact that Gio’s defense took a major slide last season if only he continues to swing a hot bat.

Tyler Wade

Utility men are in vogue right now in baseball. Tyler Wade is the Yankees’ answer to Ben Zobrist. Wade has logged time at 2nd, 3rd, shortstop, and all three outfield positions, making him valuable to just about any organization. With his biggest bugaboo being hitting, Wade turned it on last September, finishing 2019 with a .245 batting average, .692 OPS, 7 stolen bases (no caught stealing), as well as 2 home runs. Continuously bouncing between AAA and the Bronx, Wade might finally be able to blossom on a different team, while giving the Yankees the parting gift of a needed piece to the 2020 World Series championship.

Devi Garcia

I believe that the Yankees should have Garcia be in the pen as a long reliever/spot starter/opener. But he is our biggest touted prospect. While he’s a below .500 pitcher in the minors, he has an ERA of 3.37, with over 400 strikeouts across 293.2 innings pitched in the minors (these are his career minor league stats). He’s also only 20 years old. Teams are salivating for young, strikeout pitchers. Garcia could be the lynchpin in a blockbuster deal that deals with the Yankees’ next dynasty.

The Worst Trade Options for the Yankees

These are the Yankees with possibly the lowest trade value for the team.

Miguel Andujar

I’ve written about how the Yankees would benefit from having Andujar and Urshela in the big club. And it’s largely since Andujar has to prove he’s back to form. Remember the last time a Yankee made a big splash in his first year with the club, the missed the season due to surgically repairing a torn labrum in his shoulder? I do. And his name was Greg Bird. Andujar has to show that he doesn’t repeat what Bird went through, that he can still hit big-league pitching, and if he can show his defense improved, then his trade value will be where it was at after finishing second to Shohei Ohtani in the ROY voting. If you trade him, it’s gotta be by the trade deadline in July.

Clint Frazier

Clint Frazier’s time in New York has been mired by both injury and mediocrity. The kid is a 25-year-old DH, limiting who you can trade him too. His defense is so shaky in the outfield, he’s making Andujar’s defense during 2018 Gold Glove-caliber. Think about it, Frazier’s career WAR is -0.4, career oWAR is 0.9, and career dWAR is -1.7. His career TZ is -18, and he’s about a full point behind league average for range as an outfielder. This kid needs a lot of fine-tuning in the minors. So much so, I doubt he’ll ever be a full-time MLB player.

Luis Severino/Gleyber Torres

Short of trading for some of the other top prospects/vets we have, these two would be the absolute worst we could trade. Why? Well… they’re just too good to give up! But to land someone like a Fransisco Lindor, we have to trade someone of the caliber of Severino or Torres.

Our Best Meh Options

Meh is based on the ideology of “They may land us someone good, but they’ll equally get us no one of value that we need.” The players aren’t too spectacular, or they have enough baggage that we’ll not be able to get someone off too special.

JA Happ

Happ had a lackluster year to say the very least. But, he’s a middle of the road pitcher who had, at best, a small handful of All-Star caliber years in-between. So There’s some value in having someone who had the success Happ had in his past, on top of his veteran status, it’s a 50/50 split on who, or what we’d be able to get for Happ’s $17 million contracts.

Any number of our top prospect pitchers

Devi Garcia is one of our best pitching options BECAUSE he’s a young, controllable, strike-throwing pitcher. But So was Justice Sheffield. And Justice Sheffield is, by this point in his young career, is an absolute dud in Seattle. Every single minor league prospect has the chance of being a future Hall of Famer, but most end up being a middling ballplayer. While Clint Frazier’s offensive capabilities can be viewed as above average, his completely lackluster defense makes him middling as an overall ballplayer.

DJ LeMahieu

DJ is a fantastic player, but he’s above the age of 30. All statistical analysis is saying “You can’t have a middle infielder playing who’s older than 30 because he can’t get to the ball as quickly.”

DJ happens to be 31 and will turn 32 during the season. While he’s a spectacular ballplayer, it’s a matter of time before he’s going to slow down even more like a ballplayer defensively. And it’s a matter of time before his bat loses its speed, making him such a great hitter.

If we get a shortstop that ISN’T Gleyber Torres, and Gio Urshela and Miguel Andujar are healthy, AND Luke Voit and Mike Ford are healthy, what room do we truly have for DJ LeMaihieu on the club?

Are the New York Yankees Prepared for the 2020 Season?

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, Gerrit Cole

Courtesy of Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman the New York Yankees have got their big prize before Christmas, the best pitcher in baseball Gerrit Cole. So, the one thing they lacked last season, a true ace, has been fulfilled. The Yankees now have a starting rotation that should match up with any team. After last year’s unprecedented injuries, manager Aaron Boone learned the importance of having players to fill in when those injuries occur. Last years’ patchwork team, most of the year performed very well, so well,  that many fans didn’t want the regular players to return. The only problem they faced last year, is that in replacing players, they were not sure how they would perform. As it turned out they were surprised in most instances. Mike Tauchman was more than adequate in the outfield and Gio Urshela became a Yankee star player at the hot corner.

From what Aaron Boone learned last year with a constantly changing lineup, it will help him this year when the inevitable injuries do happen. With the immense injury problem they had last year, odds are that if they do have injuries, they will likely not be as widespread as they were last year. As the Yankees start the season they might very well have one of the best benches in baseball. Assuming all the regular players will start the season, Boone is left with Mike Tauchman, Mike Ford, and Miguel Andujar (if not traded) sitting on the bench, which is a tremendous luxury for Boone. It’s not a guess if any of those players can fill in and perform. And that’s not considering above-average hitting Clint Frazier, sitting in wait in Scranton. This is just a guess, but it appears that Cashman is not looking to trade any of their Yankee assets away. Of course, the situation is still fluid.

There are also reports out there, that suggests that the Yankees may be interested in adding left hand hitting to the lineup. The New York Yankees have discussed adding infielder and free agent Joe Panik to the lineup. Joe is a left hand hitting infielder that has been an All-star and Gold Glover at second base. The 29-year-old played for the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets last year. He would fit in well with the Yankees. At the end of the season, he batted .277 for the Mets in 39 games. The infielder is a New York native, having attended John Jay High School in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., and St. John’s University before the Giants selected him in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft. If Panik were to join the Yankees, he’d be just their fifth true left-handed batter on the roster.

With the big-money acquisition of Cole, and with the Yankees solid four-man pitching rotation of Gerrit Cole, James Paxton, Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka, and available pitching options for the fifth spot of J.A. Happ (if he is not traded), Jordan Montgomery, Jonathan Loaisiga and at some- point Domingo German who was 18-4 last year, they should be okay if there is an injury to the staff.  That and the New York Yankees’ deep proven bench, they look to be prepared to have another great season and a very good chance of getting another World Championship, or as Gerrit Cole put it, “3 or more”.   Even though it looks as though the Yankee is pretty well set, don’t be surprised if Brian Cashman is not done yet,  in improving an already great team.  The only two areas that might need to be addressed was shortened to just one today as they signed Erik Katz as a third catcher, leaving just shortstop where they may wish to upgrade.

New York Yankees news, rumors: Luxury Tax could hit Yankees hard, Domingo German, more!

New York Yankees, Domingo German

The New York Yankees will likely surpass the luxury tax threshold in 2020 after the signing of super-star pitcher Gerrit Cole. Last season, the Bombers landed at $226 million, just over the limit, and being that they will earn the “repeat offender” title, there will be harsher monetary penalties.

…New York’s rate will rise from 20% to 30% on the first $20 million over, 32% to 42% on the next $20 million and 62.5% to 75% on any amount above $248 million. If the Yankees exceed $248 million, which now appears likely, their top selection in the June 2021 amateur draft would be dropped 10 places.

The Yankees appear to be under the $248 million limit. Still, depending on what happens to JA Happ and Jacoby Ellsbury, it will be nearly impossible to get them down to $228 million, which means they will pay a hefty tax — queue the increased prices of beers and hot dogs at Yankee Stadium, a place where a tall-boy of Bud Light costs $15 on a good day.

This leads us into our Yankees rumors/news of the day:

Domingo German:

Bob Klapisch –

#Yankees will have to wait a little longer for clarity on Domingo German situation. Told “nothing imminent” regarding discipline. “The idea is to get (German) better first” says industry source, which raises possibility hurler is/has been in rehab or therapy.

The Yankees are waiting on German, who’s preparing to face a lengthy suspension for a domestic abuse allegation made against him for striking his wife. I don’t imagine the Yankees will have to push on without him for a majority of the 2020 season. Still, a 45-60 game suspension seems realistic, especially with the MLB looking to make examples of aggressors.

Jacoby Ellsbury:

The MLB Player’s Association is filing a grievance on Ellsbury’s behalf after the Yankees stated they would not be paying his 2020 salary of $26 million. The former Boston Red Sox outfielder has been injured for the last two seasons, and while the Yankees were able to recoup some of his lost salaries through insurance, they are not prepared to part with $26 million.

The Yankees are claiming that Ellsbury received medical treatment from an outside doctor, which would violate the terms on his contract. It seems as if the Bombers are taking an avenue to keep Jacoby off the books.

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New York Rangers Have a Power Outage on Their Power Play

New York Rangers, Mika Zibanejad

The New York Rangers and parts of the state of California have had similar problems recently. Parts of California have been cutting electricity so that their electrical equipment would not start widespread fires. One such shutdown affected 25 counties around the San Francisco area. The Blueshirts are having an outage on their power play, going 0-3 Friday night to make it nine straight times they have failed to score on their man-up opportunities.

Too much passing on the power play for the New York Rangers

In Friday’s loss to Toronto, they went 0-for-3 on the power play, extending their streak to nine man-advantage opportunities without a goal. One of the criticisms of the Blueshirts has been the reluctance to take shots during their man-up situations.  Their head coach agrees. “Our problem — whether it be five-on-five or five-on-four — is we too often will only shoot the puck if we think we’re going to score,” coach David Quinn said. “We will not shoot the puck if we think we’re going to create a chance for somebody else. And that’s why, over the last year-plus, our shooting percentage has been so high in the league. It’s because too often we only shoot when we think we’re going to score.” The Rangers’ hesitancy to shoot has been amplified in the last three games, where a timely goal could have made a drastic difference.

How can the power play improve?

Head Coach David Quinn and his coaching staff have tried to get the message across to their players about the recent power play performances.  Quinn wants the Rangers to be more committed to getting the puck and bodies to the net instead of playing on the outside while in search of the perfect goal. He has stated in the past that “We talk about where people are [on the ice] and whatnot, but I mean, you have to have pace on your power play. You have to be ready to shoot — you can’t stand there and stick-handle it. ”

Sunday’s chance to turn things around

The Rangers will get an opportunity to fix their power play and end their three-game losing streak when they host Anaheim on Sunday afternoon. The Ducks are situated at the bottom of the Western Conference standings but do rank in the top ten in power plays defended.  Henrik Lundqvist will get the start in goal for the Blueshirts.


New York Giants news, 12/22 – The Giants could keep Mike Remmers in 2020

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The New York Giants’ offensive line has ranked towards the bottom fo the league for consecutive years. After GM Dave Gettleman invested high-value assets into the front five, it was expected that they would take a big step forward in 2020. Establishing Nate Solder at left tackle, Will Hernandez at left guard, Jon Halapio at center, Kevin Zeitler at right guard, and Mike Remmers at right tackle.

Since this construction of this unit, Giants’ quarterbacks have once again resorted to running for their lives as a way to preserve plays and make the most of two seconds in the pocket. For those that are still wondering, this played a significant part in Eli Manning’s reliance on the dump-off game.

However, not many expected Remmers to be a force on the line this year, and while he’s far from great, he’s been serviceable despite undergoing back-surgery last offseason.

Offensive line coach, Hal Hunter, praised Remmers’ abilities on the field, but also his leadership:

“I think after missing all of that time and coming back from that back surgery and he missed all of spring, and then he didn’t practice. We had to hold him out a bunch at camp and everything. I think he’s practiced pretty solid, played pretty solid,” Hunter told reporters.

“I think last week his guy never touched the quarterback. It’s been a long time since he’s given up a sack. The thing that I like about Mike is he’s 303-304, he’s not a giant guy, but he plays with good leverage. What he is, he is so competitive and so tough and it’s so important for him, he just overachieves every time he’s in the game. He’s going to get his job done or die trying.

The Giants are likely going to move on from Remmers, who inked a one-year, $2.5 million deal to prove he could still play in the NFL. They may retain him as offensive line depth, but I can not imagine him earning a starting role in 2020, especially after seeing Nick Gates play the past few weeks.


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