The New York Giants Might As Well Reunite With Odell Beckham Jr.

At this point, the New York Giants may as well reunite with Odell Beckham Jr., their former prodigy of a receiver who has also been somewhat down on his luck this year after being dealt to the Cleveland Browns in the offseason. That move, however, was carried out under the regime of Dave Gettleman, who may not return to the General Manager position this offseason.

Any argument for Beckham ending up a Giant again would assume two things. First, that Gettleman won’t be the GM of the team going into this offseason. The Giants may be reluctant to get rid of another GM, and after only a couple offseasons at that, so there’s a chance that they don’t even make the change that would almost certainly lead to another attempt at a full rebuild. Second, it assumes that the post-Gettleman front office believes that the Beckham trade was an ill advised idea.

It’s true, of course, that it looks like this might be a down season for Beckham. There’s still games to be played but at this point he has 805 yards and will likely head in for surgery after the season. The Browns as a team in general haven’t done much better this year. At 6-7 as of now, they aren’t the Super Bowl contenders that many predicted during the offseason. They aren’t even playoff contenders.

According to reports, it seems like Beckham is getting desperate to get out of Cleveland – and why wouldn’t he be? He never asked to be traded to the Browns and would likely have preferred to stay with the Giants. It’s clear from social media and press conference remarks that Beckham took offense with the decision by the Giants to send him off, something that was partly done for off the field reasons.

Dave Gettleman has shown a preference for getting rid of outspoken players, even if those said players are team leaders, but that might not be a factor in the future. The Giants could very well have a new General Manager who may have different views on players like Beckham.

Beckham becoming available in the offseason via trade isn’t necessarily far fetched – even if this season is a down season, playing for the Browns is something of an automatic excuse. Considering the reputation of the Browns and their quarterbacking play, it’s not reasonable to say that one bad season there is going to drop the value of a receiver too much in the eyes of many teams.

But could the Giants be one of the teams interested in making a trade?

If the Browns really are going to move Beckham at a reduced rate because of his apparently outspoken desire to get out of Cleveland, the Giants certainly have pieces to move, that might be on their way out any way due to the lack of success that the Giants’ current team composition has had over the past couple of years.

The Browns might have a hard time getting Beckham’s full value, based on the results of this season. But a package offering Janoris Jenkins, Nate Solder, and a draft pick – or something else along those lines, might be enough for the two sides to reach an agreement if the Browns do decide that they want to move on and end the Beckham era after one year.

Of course, there’s debate to be had about whether or not the Giants regret moving their best receiver, but it’s safe to say that many of the decisions of the current front office regime will be questioned by the next one should Dave Gettleman end up replaced this offseason. The plans of making Sterling Shepard into the next Beckham haven’t worked either, for the Giants. Golden Tate hasn’t reached his full potential, missing time this season due to both suspension and injury.

It’s a long shot, but the Giants reversing their trade and bringing back their former star receiver might not be the impossibility that it sounds like at first glance.

New York Yankees: Gerrit Cole Will Likely Sign This Week

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

It’s likely that starting pitcher Gerrit Cole will sign with a team this week, and hopefully it will be the New York Yankees.

From what we’re hearing, teams are submitting offers to Cole and his camp. We have some leaked information about what the Yankees offer will be; around seven years for $245 million.

Experts originally thought that was the exact offer, but later found out that the Yankees are still finalizing the offer. Other teams likely to submit an offer include the Astros, Phillies, Rangers, Angels, and the Dodgers.

If the Yankees keep the offer around seven years, $245 million, it would be a record for a per-year salary in the MLB.

With the Winter Meetings this week, it seems even more likely that Cole will sign a deal. He can meet with the teams of his choice throughout the week and make a decision at the end of the meetings.

The 29 year old had a stellar 2019 season with the Houston Astros, going 20-5 with a 2.50 ERA. He was an all-star for the second straight year, and finished second in the Cy Young award after a fifth place finish in 2018.

Cole really began to peak with the Astros, showing off his full potential. He just got better and better after a few up-and-down years with the Pirates.

In 2008, Cole was drafted by the Yankees with the 28th overall pick. Instead of going pro, he decided to go to college for three seasons at UCLA. That led to him being the first overall pick in the 2011 draft.

Signing Gerrit Cole would be huge for the Yankees, and would bolster an already great starting rotation.



New York Yankees unload massive initial offer to Gerrit Cole

Could the New York Yankees pursue Gerrit Cole this offseason?

The New York Yankees have presented their first offer of free agency to star pitcher Gerrit Cole, unloading a seven-year, $245 million deal to start negotiations, per Bob Klapisch of the New York Times. This would already best Zack Greinke’s $34.4 million per year contract.

The Yankees are reportedly all-in. They have “total focus” on locking Cole in for an extended period, which would solidify the starting pitching rotation and alleviate any concerns moving into 2020.

The excitement a deal like this would bring to New York is unprecedented, and it would elevate the probability of a World Series appearance exponentially for the Bombers next season.

The New York Yankees have competition:

With a record-breaking deal sitting on the table, Cole has leverage, especially with other teams interested in signing him. The Los Angeles Angels/Dodgers are two potential landing spots for the West Coast native, making the pursuit of Cole a bit more interesting.

Super Agent Scott Boras will likely go back to the interested teams and leverage the Yankees’ position against them, which gives the advantage to New York unless one of the two West Coast teams is willing to part with that kind of capital.

Cole, 29, has evaded the Yankees for quite some time, initially taking his talents to UCLA after being drafted by the Bombers out of high school in 2008. He was then selected first overall in 2011 by the Pittsburgh Pirates, to then be traded to the Houston Astros in 2017.

This is the third opportunity for the Yankees to lock in Cole for multiple years finally, and gaining the best pitcher in baseball would ultimately reinforce their talents. His 3.20 ERA (136 ERA+) and 4.78 strikeout-to-walk ratio over the last three seasons lead the way regarding his value. I expect Cole to surpass the initial offer and pursue more in the coming days.

Rick Porcello Might be Out of the New York Mets’ Price Range

New York Mets, Rick Porcello

The New York Mets are scraping the bottom of the barrel in their efforts to replace Zack Wheeler.

It’s the first day of the Winter Meetings and the news couldn’t be worse for Mets’ fans. Andy Martino of SNY is reporting that the New York Mets are looking at Rick Porcello or more of a depth piece.

If the Mets are looking at more of depth piece than Porcello fans should be worried. Porcello had the worst ERA among qualified pitchers last season at 5.52. His FIP wasn’t much better at 4.76. He’s was one of the worst pitchers in all of baseball last season.

There’s upside with Porcello though. He won a Cy Young award in 2016 and his spin rate is elite. Those things might raise Porcello’s price out of the Mets’ range.

The question is what’s more of a depth piece than Porcello? He had the worst ERA in baseball in 2019 how can there be something worse available? This means the Mets are likely looking into minor league signings to fix a spot that was occupied by Zack Wheeler.

This isn’t what Mets’s fans want to see. They were only three games out of the playoffs last season. A better manager likely gets them into the playoffs. The Mets should be looking to aggressively add pieces to keep pace with the Braves, Nationals, and Phillies. Instead, they’re swimming in the same pool as the Marlins and the Orioles.

This is hugely disappointing news. It shows that the Mets’ payroll issues are likely worse than fans originally thought. It’s possible that the Mets are working with a budget that’s even less than the $13 million before the luxury tax threshold.

It’ll be up to Brodie Van Wagenen to figure out how to creatively add to this team and keep them competitive. One name to potentially keep an eye on is Matt Boyd. The Tigers looked to trade him at the deadline and couldn’t get a deal done. He’s arbitration-eligible for two more seasons after this one, and will only make $6.4 million for 2020.

Considering the Mets’ willingness to deal Dom Smith and/or J.D. Davis that kind of deal seems plausible. It seems more likely that the Mets’ will add pieces by trade than by free agency.

New York Jets Edge Miami Dolphins in glorious fashion 22-21

New York Jets, Sam Ficken

The New York Jets narrowly avoid a second straight loss. They’ve now won four of their last five games.

The New York Jets were led by their kicker Sam Ficken in today’s game. He made all three of his field-goal attempts, including the game-winner as time expired.

The Jets offense was up-and-down al day. Sam Darnold mostly played well int this one, with his big blemish being his one interception. He did throw for 270 yards on 55.6% passing, 7.5 yards per attempt, and two TDs. Those aren’t the best numbers, but they are tainted by his teammates. Darnold saw at least four of his passes dropped.

The Jets offense finally ran the ball effectively. They ran the ball 32 times for 112 yards. That’s only good for a paltry 3.5 yards per carry, but it was good enough to keep the Dolphins off the Jets passing game.

For a third straight week, Robby Anderson led the way for the Jets receivers. He had 117 yards and 1 TD on 7 receptions.

The Jets defense had an uncharacteristically bad day against the run. The Dolphins had 112 yards rushing on 27 attempts. which is good for 4.5 yards per carry. That’s well over the Jets season average of 2.9 yards coming into the game.

The Jets pass defense was better than it appeared during the game. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for only 245 yards on 56.8% completion with zero TDs and one INT. The Dolphins passing game was aced by Isaiah Ford who had 92 yards on six receptions.

The Dolphins were unable to get into the end zone despite moving the ball at will. The Jets forced Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders to kick eight field goals, he made seven.

Sam Darnold led a game-winning drive with only one minute 29 seconds left on the clock. An overturned pass interference call on a third and 17 saved the drive.

The Jets have their toughest test all season on Thursday when they head to Baltimore. They will see Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in prime-time. The Jets open up at 14.5 point underdogs in that game.

New York Yankees: Is Hal Steinbrenner living up to George’s expectations?

New York Yankees, Hal Steinbrenner

Reports from the New York Yankees higher brass has disclosed that signing Gerrit Cole is the top priority for the team this offseason. And they’re reportedly not concerned over how much they’ll pay extra for the luxury tax. It’s “Sign Cole, or else”.

Hal Doesn’t Have the Team’s Interest at Heart Like His Dad

George Steinbrenner, whom I never really cared for as an owner, at least was obsessed with making the New York Yankees the brand name that they are today. In George Steinbrenner’s first 12 years as owner, the Yankees had 5 postseason appearances, 3 pennants, and 2 World Series titles.

Hal started taking over more control of the team in 2007, though he didn’t become the principal owner until after George’s death in 2010, we’ll start in 2007. In Hal’s first 12 years, they have 9 postseason appearances, 1 pennant, and 1 championship. When it’s World Series or bust… 1 for 9 just doesn’t cut it.

Hal is Too Frugal to be an Owner

When George wanted a player, he got that player. Did that player always help the team? No, but it kept the team relevant. When Hal needed a player, it was never to help the team or fill an urgent position, but it followed through on George’s path of “Keep the team relevant.”

We needed pitching last season. 2 pitchers. James Paxton was a dud before the All-Star break. And Happ was completely ineffective. We could have had Corbin, but Hal didn’t want to give the extra year. We could have gotten Cole 2 years ago, but Hal and Cashman killed the deal because… why?!

And Hal was taking over control in 2007… when the Yankees resigned Alex Rodriguez to that 10-year contract. And every year since… “We need to stay under the luxury tax!”

Yea. That one was all on you, buddy boy.

Hal, do the right thing. Sell the team. YOU were the reason why we’ve been so close but oh so very far the last 3 seasons. 

Yea… and that Jacoby Ellsbury deal you signed? You should have been voted off the board for that one.

New York Knicks: Why we should keep an open mind on Mike Miller

After two straight losses by a combined 81 points, the New York Knicks fired David Fizdale and his head assistant Keith Smart on Friday.

The Knicks promoted assistant coach Mike Miller to interim head coach in a corresponding move.  Miller has been with the Knicks organization since 2015, in that time he has proven he deserves a chance to improve the team before they search elsewhere.

Miller has been coaching basketball since 1990 and got his first head coaching job in 1994 at Texas State. In his six-year tenure, Miller earned a record of 87-79, won two regular-season championships and won the Southland Conference Tournament in 1997 guaranteeing Texas State an NCAA Tournament appearance, somewhere they have not been since Miller’s tenure.

After his tenure at Texas State Miller would not be a head coach again until 2005 where he had a somewhat underwhelming tenure at Eastern Illinois, Miller had a 75-130 record in seven seasons. Since Miller’s departure Eastern Illinois has only had one winning season; the same amount they had during Miller’s tenure at the school.

After Eastern Illinois,  Miller was an assistant for the Austin Spurs of the G-League from 2013-2015. This was Miller’s last job before becoming head coach of the Westchester Knicks.

Miller was the head coach of Westchester for four seasons before being promoted to the Knicks coaching staff heading into this season.

Miller showed his ability to improve a team immediately upon joining Westchester as the team more than doubled their win total from the previous season. In the season before Miller’s arrival, Westchester had 10 wins, but in 2015-16 the team had 22 wins and made it to the postseason.

Miller made the playoffs three of his four seasons with Westchester including two semi-finals appearances.

Miller’s crowning achievement was winning G-League coach of the year for the 2017-18 season after leading Westchester to a 32-18 record and a first-place finish in the Atlantic division. The team lost in the semifinals to Raptors 905.

In Miller’s four years at Westchester, he turned the team from a bottom feeder to a team with championship aspirations. Westchester is struggling in their first season without Miller, currently sitting at 3-7.

  Throughout his career, Mike Miller has shown an ability to leave teams better than when he came. Whether college or professional, Miller has shown an ability to maximize his teams potential and get the best out of individual players, which is where Fizdale has failed. 

The Knicks have seen regression from the likes of Dennis Smith JR. and Alonzo Trier, along with ineffectiveness from important players like Julius Randle and Kevin Knox which ultimately lead to his dismissal.

In Miller’s tenure at Westchester, he helped developed a number of players who have gone on to make contributions at the NBA level. The likes of Luke Kornet, Trey Burke and current Knick Damyean Dotson among others have seen their careers improve after working with Miller.

It is only fair for New York Knicks fans to come in with an open mind and hope Miller can work the same magic he did at Westchester or Texas State at the NBA level.

What will Jordan Montgomery’s Role be if the New York Yankees Sign a Top Pitcher?

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, is expected to be at full strength on the mound next season, after recovering from Tommy John surgery. He has only appeared in eight games the last couple of years (Baseball-Reference), so it will be interesting to see how Boone and new pitching coach Matt Blake use him.

The tall lefty impressed the organization in his rookie season and still has time to reach his top potential. Montgomery went 9-7, with a 3.88 earned run average in 29 games, and recorded 8.3 strikeouts per nine innings (Baseball-Reference). He is more of an old-fashioned pitcher by the way he mixes pitches to keep batters off balance. Even though his velocity is below average, he makes up for it with his two-seam, changeup, and curveball mix.

Montgomery’s Expected Role to Start the Next Season

In recent news, the New York Yankees are among the top three candidates to land Gerrit Cole this offseason. With Cole in the rotation, the Yankees top options for the rotation would most likely be James Paxton, Luis Severino, Domingo German (assuming he does not receive a suspension), and Masahiro Tanaka, leaving Jordan Montgomery and J.A. Happ out of the rotation. There is also a possibility that Happ will be on the move this offseason, meaning  Montgomery. could fill in as a sixth starting pitcher.

Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, will probably have Montgomery in a long-relief role to start the season and monitor his progress as time goes on, especially if Happ stays. He may have a role similar to Nestor Cortes Jr. or Stephen Tarpley as well, who appeared in long relief and sometimes, threw to only one lefty hitter.

Trading Montgomery is not a viable option for the Yankees right now. He does not have much worth and his durability is now in question. However, he still has a lot left in the tank and can contribute to Yankees’ wins in whatever role he is assigned.

New York Yankees: Gerrit Cole offers to be made this week

The New York Yankees could pursue Gerrit Cole this offseason.

The New York Yankees have met with Gerrit Cole this week where no money was discussed but they made it clear that “the money will be there.” Hal Steinbrenner has already given Brian Cashman and the front office to set a record deal to land him and Cole knows that a big contract is on the way.

Other than the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels are in the mix of teams that are pursuing Cole heavily. It’s expected that this week every team that is interested in him is going to be making their offers.

I fully expect the Yankees to be offering anywhere from $240 million and up. The Yankees have historically not signed a pitcher to a deal longer than seven years, but if Cole is looking for eight years, you give it to him. He is the top-tier level of free-agent pitchers and if the Yankees want to make a big power move, they’ll need to do whatever they can to land him. If Cole ends up somewhere else but the Yankees offered everything he wants, so be it. But if the Yankees are lacking something another team is offering, that just can’t happen.

Signing Cole wouldn’t just help the Yankees win number 28 next year, but they’ll be high favorites for the next several years. Think of Cole as an investment to win a number of World Series during the ’20s. After not appearing in a World Series this last decade, it’s turning into must-win years for the Yankees.

New York Yankees likely bringing back Brett Gardner on one-year deal

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees have a decision to make regarding veteran outfielder Brett Gardner. Having already spent 12 seasons in the Bronx, the Yankees Captain is looking to re-join the team on a one year deal, similar to his contract in 2019.

Last season, he signed a one-year, $7.5 million contract to stick around with the Yankees and contend for a World Series. This off-season, general manager Brian Cashman has been in talks with Gardner and his representation, and they continue to strive towards finding a meeting point to bring him back for a 13th year.

“Yankees made another offer to Brett Gardner so the sides continue to talk,” Heyman tweeted. “Gardy has made clear he prefers to return to them for a 13th season. They love him as well, and with Hicks sidelined to start the year, it’s hard to imagine Gardner and the Yankees not working things out.”

With starting centerfielder, Aaron Hicks, set to miss 8 to 10 months after having Tommy John surgery in late October, re-signing Gardner is justifiable. Also, Gardner’s numbers from 2019 deserve more appreciation, as he hit career highs in home runs with 28, RBIs (74), and .829 OPS. He could earn more money in 2020 then the $7.5 million he raked in last season, based on his production at the plate. He is also a quality outfielder that can be a starting option in place of injured players.

Considering Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge’s injuries last season and their inconsistency in the category, Gardner is a perfect player to supplement any losses. The Yankees also have Mike Tauchman, who is expected to play a more significant role with the team moving forward.

The New York Yankees’ muscle and toughness comes from their savvy veteran:

Gardner is much more than just a player, though, he’s a testament to the grit and passion bleeding from the Yankees organization. His infamous bat busting scene became a viral sensation across baseball and developed into a sign of success at the plate, with players mimicking his actions after getting on base.

The reality is, Gardner played well enough to earn another contract, and Cashman is more than happy to oblige when he came calling for another season in the Bronx. There’s no question he should be a priority signing.