New York Giants Fans Left To Trust The Process With Jets Loss

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants are a team that continues to slide down a hill each week, and after losing to one rival on Monday Night Football, they managed to blow another game that they had led at one point and cost themselves their chance at bouncing back and getting some redemption going into their bye week.

The Giants haven’t had a victory since week four against the Redskins, and at this point, they’re competing with Washington for the title of worst team in the NFC East rather than competing with Dallas and Philadelphia for the division lead. What do the players have to say to the fans about going into the bye week with a record like this?

Trust the process.

“First, I’m going to apologize to the Giants pride because I know how important this game is. I know we were expecting to come out and get a big-time win against another New York team and we didn’t. The only thing I can ask at this point is just be patient and trust the process,” wide receiver Golden Tate said following the loss.

The process so far hasn’t brought about results, but it is a step forward – it’s been rare this season for the players and staff to truly admit that there’s a problem, rather than just repeating buzzwords that haven’t resulted in an actual improvement of play. Now, changes are on the table and there’s no one that isn’t aware of it.

Everyone is aware of that, but it’s not enough to get Shurmur to change his disposition. Shurmur has still claimed to be taking everything week by week, and that the Giants are on the right path. What leads Shurmur to believe that, exactly?

“I think I’m seeing the things that will help us in the long run. Certainly, we haven’t done enough in the short run. We’re all going to get to see now, all of these young players, and we added a few more out there today, we’re going to get to see them develop as we go forward,” the head coach said, when asked about that.

How did Shurmur reply, though, when questioned about what exactly will help the Giants in the long run?

“That’s not for here,” Shurmur replied, in an answer that continues the recent trend of the Giants organization to keep the public out of the loop, despite a number of results that warrant more accountability and explanation.

Players are starting to acknowledge that there might be changes, and if Shurmur doesn’t turn out to be correct very soon about the Giants being on the right path right now, he could quickly find himself losing the locker room in addition to the support of the press and the fans, which he’s arguably already lost.

“I just worry about what I can control. We all know this league is a business and winning is everything in this league. When you don’t win, everything starts to look different. I’m worried about going out there each and every week and putting the best football I can on tape, do whatever I can to help my team win,” said Jabrill Peppers.

There’s no mutiny, but it’s a far cry from the players coming out to defend their head coach. From the point of view of a fan, there really is nothing to do but trust the process, but with the way things are going, there’s no guarantee that Shurmur will be a part of that process as the season continues.

The Giants ownership showed with Ben McAdoo that they aren’t afraid to quickly fire a head coach if the results get bad enough. Will Shurmur’s results pass that threshold? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens during the bye week.

New York Yankees: Expect The Worst In Deivi Garcia

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

There have been high regards for New York Yankees pitching prospect Deivi Garcia. People are saying that he should be a starter for the team in 2020. But, the Yankees need to be cautious with him and build their team as if he didn’t exist this offseason.

Pitchers Are Available

Of course, everybody knows that there are some huge arms out on the free-agency market, but none are more prominent than Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg.

It would be an ideal situation if the Yankees could sign one, if not both of them, but others like Madison Bumgarner and Zack Wheeler are also on the market. They need to focus on this over wanting to use Garcia as a starter in 2020.

Not Completely Proven

A lot of the high regard for Garcia came after a hot stretch for him in AA but wasn’t that great after he was promoted to AAA. His ERA was near 5.50 with a 1-3 record. He has been inconsistent over his career; some levels he had a lot of success at and others not as much.

If the Yankees had him starting in 2020, I can tell you that he would get shelled every time that he went out there. He isn’t ready.


Playing for the Yankees organization comes with a lot of stress, and often the weight is also felt in minors. With a lot of news about his success and a potential call up in 2019, the pressure probably got to him. His name was being mentioned a lot, and that gets to a player.

A lot of guys also kind of flatten out at the AAA level, and there are no better examples than Luis Cessa and Chance Adams. Both pitchers were great in AA but never had much success after. Could Garcia be another victim of that curse?

I think that Deivi Garcia has the potential to be good, but all I’m saying is that the Yankees need to act like he doesn’t exist when building their team this winter. If they plan to put him in the rotation and he struggles, they won’t have a fallback option.

You can never have too many pitchers, and if Garcia proves himself in 2020, there’s no reason why he can’t make it into the rotation, just not when camp breaks.

New York Mets: Terry Collins Not a Bench Coach Candidate

New York Mets, Terry Collins

Unfortunately the only reunion the New York Mets will get is with their manager. Terry Collins will not return to the dugout as the bench coach under new manager Carlos Beltran.

Collins last managed in 2017 and has been very happy with his role as a special assistant. Even if he wanted to return to the dugout, the Mets will not give him an opportunity as a candidate for the job. Collins will still provide Beltran with any support he needs throughout the season as they have a tight relationship.

Narron to Get the Job?

Earlier last week a zoomed in photo revealed Jerry Narron as a potential candidate for the job. While the fans have a preference for Collins, Narron is a very qualified man for the job. He has experience as a manager along holding various roles as a coach throughout the big leagues.

It will be very interesting to see how the Mets fill out the rest of Beltran’s coaching staff. Beltran likely has his own crew of guys he wants to bring in, but the organization may way to retain Chili Davis and Phil Regan. Both provided a big impact on the 2019 team and carry a lot of key knowledge on the hitters and pitchers. Should Beltran get more of a say in his coaches, we may see some more former Mets back in uniform for the 2020 season.

New York Giants owner John Mara too angry to look up at reporters after loss

New York Giants, John Mara, Dave Gettleman

Losing to the 1-7 New York Jets might have been the final straw for New York Giants owner, John Mara. He was reportedly seen heading towards the locker room with his head down, and an angry expression stretched across his face.

The Giants falling to arguably the worst team in the NFL is embarrassing, but their star running back recording one-yard on 13 carries is the icing on the cake. Is it possible Mara is blaming head coach, Pat Shurmur, for this deafening loss? Absolutely, but the reality is, his relationship with rookie quarterback Daniel Jones could save his job.

General manager Dave Gettleman is in the second year of his full-team rebuild, and while there are several positive signs, the defense and offensive line have faltered in a big way.

Unloading a massive contract to left tackle Nate Solder is proving to be a bad idea, and with three substitutes featuring against the Jets on Sunday, Jones was under constant duress, being sacked six times.

What will New York Giants majority owner John Mara do?

Firing Gettleman is off the table, but Shurmur could take the fall for the state of the team. The team shows promise and grit at times, but seem incapable and uninterested in competing for most games. The Jets, at 1-7, had far more motivation and energy, allowing them to overcome a lowly Giants team.

This ultimately gives the Giants a great shot at Chase Young, one of college’s best pass rushers. The NCAA recently suspended young for violating rules. The Giants are climbing closer and closer to a top-three draft selection, and with the Chicago Bears waiting for them on the other side of the BYE week, things are looking bleak.

The New York Yankees have a Clint Frazier problem

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

Since being acquired by the New York Yankees, Clint Frazier has had a hard time sticking with the team. Whether it was due to injuries (concussions derailed his 2018), or his apparent inefficiencies on defense (which sent him back to AAA last season). But one problem remains for the Yankees in their rocky relationship with their red-headed outfielder.

Next year is the last year the Yankees can option Clint Frazier. Which means we could very easily lose one of our top trade prizes to another team on waivers.

Will the New York Yankees consider trading him?

Frazier has been linked multiple times as trade bait. Should the Yankees have accepted Pittsburgh’s offer, Frazier and Miguel Andujar would have been sent to the Pirates for 2020 free agent mega stud Gerritt Cole. On the one hand, we saved ourselves something special in the 2018 season Miguel Andujar had. On the other hand, we could have had Gerritt Cole, and spared ourselves from the subpar 2019 we lived through with JA Happ.

It’s imperative that if Clint Frazier doesn’t work out in New York, we get something for him. Frazier is one of the top prospects in baseball, and it’s evident that Frazier has promise. A .254 batting average is pretty good for a 24-year-old who hasn’t had a full season in baseball yet. His on-base percentage, OPS, and slugging are all respectful, and will only improve the more at-bats this kid can get.

But he has a career WAR in the negatives. The more he plays in the outfield, the clearer his defensive deficiencies become. His record for defensive runs saved are also in the negatives for his career. Is it fair to make these judgments over a kid who’s played in less than 100 games? We did it to Miguel Andujar, who managed to land a third base starting job due to his play over veteran third baseman Brandon Drury. And Andujar may have lost his job to Gio Urshella.

Clint Frazier has a promising future in baseball, but it possibly isn’t going to be in the Bronx. Sonny Gray had a promising career in baseball. Then he came to the Yankees and was sent to the bullpen. Being a Yankee isn’t for everyone; the stresses of the bright lights and expectations from the fans can be overwhelming. Frazier seems like he can’t cut it in New York, and it’s no fault of his, but the Yankees should get something in return for the bright future he’s sure to have. So they need to act before he can get picked up on waivers by the Red Sox.

Why the Yankees hit a home run with new pitching coach Matt Blake

New York Yankees, Larry Rothschild

The Yankees made it a priority to bring in a forward-thinking pitching coach after the forced departure of Larry Rothschild. They elected to hire Matt Blake of the Cleveland Indians, known for his progressive mentality and ability to dissect pitchers beyond the analytical node.

What are the Yankees getting with Matt Blake?

Four years ago, Blake was the pitching coach at Lincoln, Sudbury Regional High School, where he also founded “Elite Pitching Developmental,” a program that allowed him to analyze and work with arms like Curt Schilling, Max Scherzer, and Noah Syndergaard.

Blake’s experience with top-level pitchers and his ability to refine their existing skills, allowed him to progress through the coaching system and find his way to the majors, where he helped the Indians develop plenty of quality arms. Bringing his approach to the Yankees organization will not only serve youngsters like Michael King and Deivi Garcia well, but the veterans on the team will also benefit from his incredible talents.

As per the NY Post:

“He’s ahead of his time,’’ said Kirk Fredericks, who brought Blake on as his pitching coach at Lincoln-Sudbury about a decade ago.

“Matt was very progressive with video analysis,’’ Cressey said. “He was ahead of the curve. He picked it all up from scratch.’’

“You can have all the analytics you want, if you can’t disseminate it to people, it doesn’t matter,’’ Cressey said. “And that’s what separates Matt.’’

Blake seems to be ahead of the curve, speaking about launch angle and spin rate before almost anyone else. His ability to see the next trend is what ultimately earned him the job as the top pitching coach for the New York Yankees. It was likely an easy job to take once it was offered, considering he worked with the Bombers as an area scout earlier on in his career.

It will be interesting to see his approach towards the game and how he will help the existing pitchers on the roster increase their efficiency on the mound.

New York Giants Week 10 Game Day Inactives: Who’s Out & Who’s In?

The New York Giants face off against their in-town rival New York Jets today at 1:00 p.m. Both New York teams have struggled tremendously this season, combining for 3 wins. The Giants are 2-7 while the Jets are 1-7.

Here is the Giants’ Week 10 injury report for their matchup against the New York Jets.

Week 10 Inactives:

Seven players are inactive for the New York Giants today:

  • Tight end, Evan Engram (foot)
  • Wide receiver, Sterling Shepard (concussion)
  • Right tackle, Mike Remmers (back)
  • Center, Jon Halapio (hamstring)
  • Guard, Chad Slade
  • Linebacker, Chris Peace
  • Quarterback, Alex Tanney

This means that four starters will not be playing today for the Giants. Mike Remmers and Jon Halapio will each miss their first game of the season. Evan Engram will be inactive for the second time this season. Sterling Shepard will miss his sixth game of the season (and could miss even more). Slade, Peace, and Tanney are healthy scratches (as usual).

Week 10 Replacements:

The Giants will start Rhett Ellison in place of Evan Engram today. Ellison has seen limited playing time in 2019 but has made the most of his opportunities. He has caught 15 passes for 125 yards and 1 touchdown so far this season. Rookie Kaden Smith should also see some playing time.

Sterling Shepard is out again, so expect to see another game with a high volume of targets for Golden Tate. Darius Slayton and Cody Latimer could also see an increased role.

Nick Gates will make his first career start today at right tackle in place of Mike Remmers.

Spencer Pulley will be back in the Giants’ starting lineup today, filling in for Jon Halapio. Pulley played in 13 games and started 9 of them for the Giants in 2018.

The Giants will also have a few reserve players active to serve as backups. Offensive tackle Eric Smith, offensive lineman Evan Brown, and linebacker Devante Downs will all be active for the Giants today.

New York Knicks: Point-Guard plat will be essential moving forward

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina, Julius Randle

New York Knicks starting point-guard Frank Ntilikina has found his confidence. Ntilikina put two straight significant, and solid performances together. The Knick guard scored 11-points on 5-7 shooting along with 4-assists and 3-blocks during the loss against the Detroit Pistons.

The following game against the Dallas Mavericks Ntilikina scored 14-points on 5-12 shooting along with 4-steals, 3-blocks, and 4-assists. Ntilikina also connected on 4-5 three-pointers. The young guard is bringing it on both ends, and he’s being rewarded with big minutes. Frank is solidifying himself.

Growing pains is normal for a newly constructed team. The New York Knicks are learning each other, and there seems to be an identity-forming with the young group. The defense will be critical for the Knicks moving forward, and Ntilikina is becoming the anchor.

Knick fans have been either hot or ice-cold on Frank Ntilikina. Many nonsupporters say there isn’t anything there in terms of talent. However, many pro-Ntilikina Knicks fans believe the complete opposite. Ntilikina has been proving the naysayers wrong, and the supportive fans are loving every second of it.

Overall, the Knicks seem to have found their long-sought for point guard moving forward. FIBA Frank will look to continue his two-way onslaught.

Defensively, Ntilikina can hang with the best of them. If he isn’t shutting the opposing guard down, he’s making them uncomfortable due to his ability to use his wingspan and quick hands. Steals, chase-down blocks, and taking charges embodies the defensive style of Ntilikina for a full 48 minutes of NBA action.

New York Giants: 3 keys to beating the New York Jets in week 10

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The 2-7 New York Giants taking on the 1-8 Jets won’t be as exciting as the 2011 matchup where Victor Cruz took a quick button hook 99-yards to the house, which helped them secure a playoff spot and an eventual Super Bowl victory.

The Giants and Jets of present-day are both incompetent and incapable of being quality teams. Blame the coaching, overall player talent, or decision making, the bottom line is that both sides are ways away from being competitive, and that’s what we should expect to see on Sunday afternoon.

Here are three keys for the New York Giants to overcome the Jets:

1.) Daniel Jones’ ball security

Jones currently leads the league with 18 turnovers, and he missed the first two games of the regular season. Turnovers aren’t necessarily a bad thing in a quarterback’s rookie season. Learning coverages and taking risks are all part of the developmental process, but at a certain point, the total has to even out with his scoring production.

The Jets recently traded Leonard Williams to the Giants, which creates a hole in the middle of their defensive front. Jones will have a more relaxed day against a lesser Jets defense, but he must be careful with the ball and elevate his awareness — a part of his game he has struggled with this season.

2.) Saquon Barkley must be used appropriately

Head coach Pat Shurmur has utilized star running back Saquon Barkley in an underwhelming way this year, and that’s to be expected to a degree considering his high ankle sprain. Compromising his health and overloading his touches won’t help the Giants at this point in the season, so keeping him on the lower side of usage is justified. However, if Big Blue wants to win games, they must be creative with getting Barkley the ball.

Shurmur can still use Barkley appropriately and keep his work-rate down to a reasonable level.

3.) The secondary must step up

The Jets’ top playmaker is Le’Veon Bell, who has struggled to find holes in the scheme. The Jets’ offensive line is abysmal, which gives the Giants a significant advantage in the run game. It will boil down to Sam Darnold and his arm. The Giants secondary must step up after being thrashed against the Dallas Cowboys last Monday night.

Allowing 37 points and two touchdowns of over 40-yards, the safeties and cornerbacks need to have a bounce-back game to elevate the confidence in the locker room. Cornerback DeAndre Baker and slot option Corey Ballentine struggled against Dak Prescott, and when their No. 1 pass catcher in Amari Cooper was lined up over Baker, it was catastrophic.

Baker will have to limit Robby Anderson and Co. at MetLife in an “away” game, but their quality doesn’t even resemble a fraction of what Cooper brings to the table. A confidence-boosting performance against the Jets would do wonders for this struggling defensive backfield.


Former New York Giants defender Justin Tuck Shows Appreciation for Navy Veteran

New york Giants, Justin Tuck, Michael Strahan

Ask any New York Giants player who one of the greatest men to wear blue was, and many of them will say, Justin Tuck, not just for his plays, but for the generosity and kindness he exudes off of the field.

Just recently, former Giant Justin Tuck sent a letter to United States Navy veteran Michael Cathcart, 34.  Cathcart was an avionics technician for the Navy, whose job was to ensure that pilots can perform their tasks and duties with their aircraft correctly by assisting from the ground.

Cathcart met his wife, a marine, who was also in the military while stationed in Miramar as part of Operation Freedom.  Just three months after his first child was born, Cathcart was deployed.  He felt devastated, leaving his bundle of joy, but thought that this made them have an unbreakable bond.  Cathcart also has a younger daughter and a son and loves spending time with them, dedicated to being a loving and supportive father.

Cathcart, a native of Bayonne, New Jersey, is a hometown hero and an avid New York Giants fan.  He says he was born into a family of Giants fans.  To honor Cathcart this upcoming Veteran’s Day, Tuck penned a letter thanking him for his service.  The letter reads”

“I wanted to send you a note personally thanking you for the years of service to our country as a member of the U.S. Navy.  The freedom our country enjoys is only possible because of the bravery, sacrifice, and selflessness shown by you and your fellow servicemen and women.  What I experienced on the field will never equate to what you experienced in combat.  I am thrilled to hear that your Sundays were filled with Giants football while you were deployed.  Without your service, there would be no football, no NFL, no game days-for that and a million other reasons, I say thank you!  I salute you and Happy Veteran’s Day!”

Sincerely, Justin Tuck

Go Giants, God Bless

Cathcart says Tuck is his all-time favorite player because he complimented the defensive line well and admires the work he does off of the field.  When they presented him with the letter, Cathcart was overwhelmed with Tuck’s kind words and appreciated Tuck’s support for the country and the military.

It truly does not get any classier than Tuck.  The simplest gesture made Cathcart’s day and brought a smile to everyone involved!

They say America is the “home of the free, because of the brave” and that is so true.  We thank Cathcart and all of the other men and women for their service this Veteran’s Day and every day!