New York Giants Left Without Answers By Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals aren’t the best team in the league, having come into their matchup with the New York Giants as the worst ranked team in their division, but on Sunday they managed to dominate in the first half against the Giants regardless, holding on long enough to secure a win by about a touchdown.

The result might spell the end of the Giants’ hopes to be competitive this season, as the team falls to a record of 2-5 going into their next game with the Lions. Sitting three games behind just .500, it looks more and more unlikely that the Giants will be able to bounce back enough to even get into the conversation for making the Wild Card round of the playoffs this year.

It wouldn’t be the first season in recent memory where the team is ruled out of contention far before the closing weeks of the season are approaching – last year, the team was already almost definitively out of the race, and that looks like the case here.

After all, the team’s pass blocking was in shambles, the Cardinals were able to run against the Giants at will, and the coaching staff currently have few explanations except for the thing that’s already a well known fact: that the Giants have to get better.

“I think they had a couple of explosive runs against us. There were a lot of runs that we defended well. We’ll go back and look at the reason why the couple of them split on us. We need to do a better job all over— offense, defense, special teams did a good job blocking. But, we have to make our field goals, too. We just have to do a better job all the way around,” head coach Pat Shurmur said after the loss.

But saying that the team needs to get better is hardly enough of a response to actually turn the team around at a time like this.

“We have to get better in all areas. That’s where I view it. It starts by getting ready to play Detroit,” Shurmur repeated when asked about the team’s situation now that they’re sitting at 2-5.

The Giants may just find the improvement that they’re looking for, but for now, with little improvement in the performances between weeks and with a coaching staff that can barely give definitive answers about what went wrong, that improvement might be beyond the scope of the season.

While there’s still a lot of football left to be played this year, if this one game is anything to go on, it may not be the most fun to watch for fans of the Giants.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones admits the team is frustrated

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

After a tough loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon, the New York Giants have a ton of self-reflection to do before trotting back out onto the field against the Detroit Lions in week eight.

Sitting at 2-5 on the season, the team is rightfully frustrated and disheartened, and head coach Pat Shurmur hasn’t done them any favors when it comes to time management and quality decision making.

The New York Giants can’t count on their head coach to help them win games:

Shurmur was the difference between winning and losing against Arizona, which is hugely concerning considering this is his second season as head coach for the Giants and has helped build the team. At the end of the day, he might be a better offensive coordinator than head coach. Alternatively, maybe he needs to give up play-calling and focus on managing his time in-game.

Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones has taken a beating at times due to these porous calls, but he tried his best to stay positive after the defeat.

“Yeah, we’re frustrated. Everyone is frustrated. But I don’t think we’re discouraged at all. We’ll be back to work tomorrow. We’ll be looking forward to the opportunity against Detroit. We’re frustrated, but kind of rightfully so. We all know we can play better, and we’re determined to play better. So, back to work tomorrow.”

Jones took a lot of the blame, as he did throw an early interception and fumbled three times. Three of the turnovers resulted in points, 17 points to be exact. He is a primary reason the team has struggled, and there’s no denying that fact, but his teammates have not done him any favors either.

When asked about his development and progress, he stated:

“I think I’m making progress in some areas, and still need to improve a lot in others. Obviously, taking care of the ball is a big thing, and has been. To not do that today is disappointing. I have to get better there.”

There’s plenty of time and future experience for Jones to enjoy, but his current struggles seem to be consistent. Ball security and forcing passes are two weaknesses he needs to develop into strengths. Rookie seasons are meant for those exact issues, however.

15 Reasons Why The New York Yankees Lost In The ALCS

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees have lost to the Houston Astros in six games in the 2019 ALCS, ending their season. Overall, the team played extremely poor in the ALCS, and here are 15 reasons why the Yankees lost the series (in no particular order).

Jose Altuve

First, we’ll start with the most immediate reason why the Yankees lost the series. After DJ LeMahieu tied the game with a two run home-run in the top of the ninth in game six, Jose Altuve hit a two run shot with two outs on a 2-1 slider thrown by Aroldis Chapman. It was just the fourth home run surrendered by Chapman this season.

There are a lot of questions to weather Altuve should of been pitched to or just intentionally walked. Jake Marisnick came in to pinch run for Michael Brantley in the prior inning, and was on deck. Marisnick is not nearly as dangerous (if at all) compared to Altuve.


You can’t really blame umpiring for the result of a series, but the strike zone was so inconsistent all series. It helped and hurt both teams, but it seemed that the Astros got more favorable calls.

That umpiring is completely unacceptable, nonetheless in the ALCS.

Batting Order

Aaron Boone couldn’t stick with a consistent batting order all series. For example, Gleyber Torres hit in three different batting slots, and Brett Gardner bat as high as third and as low as ninth. Players thrive off of consistency in the batting order.

In comparison, Astros skipper AJ Hinch only made a few minor tweaks to his lineup all series.

Starting Pitching

The starting pitching this series for the Yankees was by no means ideal. They got a good start out of Masahiro Tanaka in game one, but James Paxton and Luis Severino pitched bad in games two and three. Tanaka wasn’t great in game four, but Paxton was pretty good in game five.

If they had starters who pitched better and deeper into games, there would be a lot less stress on the bullpen and less fatigue.

Lack Of Offense

Except for DJ LeMahieu, the Yankee offense was terrible all series. Gleyber Torres had the big hits in game one, Judge had a big hit in game two, and Hicks had a bit hit in game five. That’s it. Nobody else had anything until game six. Gio Urshela, Gary Sanchez, Edwin Encarnacion, Didi Gregorius, and Brett Gardner had nothing.

Swinging For The Fences

Guys came up to bat all series with one intention: hit a home-run. Everybody but LeMahieu was just completely swinging out of their shoes. They were also swinging at literally everything. If guys had a better approach and didn’t try and hit the ball 500 feet every time they came up to the plate, they may of actually gotten hits.

Not Preparing And Stretching Relievers

Relief pitchers were not adequately prepared for postseason pitching. When Tommy Kahnle pitched three days in a row, that was the first time a pitcher did so all season. I’m not saying do it consistently, but high leverage guys should try pitching three days in a row a few times a season to be prepared for the postseason.

Giancarlo Stanton

You can’t blame Giancarlo Stanton for his injury, but he looked really bad up at the plate in the two games he played. He did have a game one home run, but was otherwise lost at the plate. He was taking too many hard swings at balls not in the zone.

Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin Encarnacion undoubtedly was the worst player on the Yankees roster. He registered just one hit in five games, and struck out a bazillion times. He would take fastballs down the middle before swinging at crap in the dirt or high and inside. When he did swing, he swung completely out of his shoes.

Didi Gregorius

Didi had a handful of hits throughout the series, but couldn’t come through in several big spots. He rolled over to the right side at least three times in the series with the bases loaded, and all of which I believe were on the first pitch. If he came through in those situations or at least took a few pitches, it could of significantly changed the outcome of the series.

Gary Sanchez

Like Encarnacion, Gary Sanchez looked very lost at the plate. He had a home run in game four and an RBI single in game six, but his at-bats were embarrassing otherwise.

On defense, he looked like the Gary of old: passed balls and having difficulties blocking pitches.

Adam Ottavino

Adam Ottavino was really bad in the ALCS. With the exception of game six, he couldn’t locate his pitches and it resulted in several hits and walks. When he came into games, it would become the start of a really bad inning.

Domingo German

Domingo German wasn’t on the Yankees postseason roster, but let the Yankees down by not being on it. He was suspended by the MLB for violating their abuse policy. Missing an 18 game winner is huge for a team, and his impact would of sure been felt on the mound.


The Yankees infield defense wasn’t great, especially in games four and five. They had four errors in game four, and a few crucial misplays at the start of game five despite the fact they won.

Not Wanting To Spend

Part of the Yankees postseason failures were in part of not wanting to spend money and pull the plug on trades. The Yankees stayed quiet at the trade deadline, failing to pick up a starting pitcher like in the off-season. If Brian Cashman was willing to deal guys like Clint Frazier at the deadline, the Yankees could of had more guys ready to make a postseason impact.

Former New York Giant Jameel McClain a True Class Act

New York Jets, CJ Mosley

Former New York Giant Jameel McClain was a pure powerhouse and could not be stopped!  He gave the New York Giants momentum and was the definition of a team player.

Now, Jameel McClain is still making an impact-this time off the field!  The former NFL linebacker created the 53 Families Foundation and with this charity organization, he has done extensive philanthropy work.  Through his wonderful foundation, McClain has been a beacon of life for those less fortunate.  During the summer months, McClain holds a football and fitness camp to teach kids the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Come Thanksgiving, McClain caters a meal, gives gifts and provides entertainment for needy families.   McClain hosts a back to school drive where supplies and other essentials are donated to help set kids up for a successful school year.  When the holiday season rolls around, McClain a holiday gift drive so those who may not have a lot can still have a cheery holiday season!

McClain is a true hero in every sense of the word.  He is a pillar in the community and provides hope to those who need it most.  McClain is always gleaming and it is contagious as all of those he interacts with leave with a smile on their face.

There is no stopping McClain from leaving his mark on the community.  Along with his wonderful wife, Keisha, (who is a realtor and also owns a beauty spa that caters to women offering nails, esthetics, lashes and other treatments), McClain owns a Retro Fitness Center in Clintonville, providing a place for the community to better themselves and improve their lives.

McClain is also Director of Player Engagement with the Baltimore Ravens and supports players in their endeavors.

There are not enough good things to say about McClain.  McClain is the true definition of a class act and the epitome of kindness.  McClain is the nicest, most down-to-earth person you will ever find and his compassion and generosity is truly admirable.  He is a role model and an inspiration to us all.

New York Giants: Garrett Dickerson On the Cusp of Greatness

NEW YORK GIANTSGarrett Dickerson may not be a household name, but that will soon change.

Dickerson, a native of New Jersey was a star at Bergen Catholic High School setting records and earning accolades that extended off the field.

After getting offers from Stanford, Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, and Michigan State Dickerson ultimately committed to Northwestern University.  He showed off his versatility playing both tight ends and serving as a back for Northwestern’s Wildcats football team.   Dickerson’s brother Cameron was also a stand out at Northwestern and had quite a collegiate career.

Dickerson is a hard-working individual who is nothing short of talented and skilled.  Each and every opportunity he is given, he goes out there and not only makes plays but is a backbone for the team as a whole.

Perhaps what is truly admirable about Dickerson is his heart.  He is one of the nicest guys you will ever find.  Dickerson is the epitome of class and strength and is always giving back to the community.  This summer, Dickerson held a free football camp in his hometown of Englewood, New Jersey for boys and girls ages 8-14 to teach them the skills they need for football.

Since this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the NFL started an initiative called Crucial Catch to bring awareness to this disease.  Dickerson participated in an event with the American Cancer Society serving dinner and spending time with those afflicted with cancer.  At the event, he always had a smile on his face and served as a beacon of hope, brightening up the day of those he met with.  Dickerson also became an ambassador for the American Cancer Society to serve as a participant in finding the cure and stomping out this disease once and for all.

Dickerson is extremely accomplished and ingenious when it comes to the game of football.  He is an asset to any team and the New York Giants are lucky to have him.  What really sets Dickerson apart from the rest is his compassion and generosity.  Dickerson is a true class act and a hero in every sense of the word!

New York Mets: Michael Conforto Year in Review

Michael Conforto had a quiet, but very consistent year for the New York Mets. After his injury riddled 2017 season, Conforto has become someone who can be counted on the play everyday and produce.

Conforto had his best offensive year for the Mets. He hit 33 home runs with 93 RBIs and an .856 OPS. He did a great job not just hitting, but getting on base with runners in scoring position. Conforto had a .435 OBP and 63 of his RBIs came with RISP.

The Mets Go How Conforto Goes

During Mets wins, Conforto hit .330 with 23 home runs and 69 home runs in wins while only .181 with 10 home runs and 23 RBIs in losses. The Mets asked him to play right field a majority of the time after spending the last two seasons splitting time in the other two outfield positions.

He was a below average defender in center field, but in right field the metrics were in his favor. With J.D. Davis, Jeff McNeil and potentially Yoenis Cespedes crowding left field, Conforto will likely see most of his action in right.

Conforto is arbitration eligible and should see an increase in his salary, which he deserves. He should be predicted to make just under 10 million dollars which is over double what he makes now.


Contact: B-, still struggles to make contact against good lefties, but had a lot less swing and miss this year

Power: A, best power season of his career

Defense: B, bad in center, good in left. Strong throwing arm

Speed/Baserunning: B+, best stolen base year for a guy with limited speed

Intangibles: B, very quiet but underrated leader on the team

Overall: A, great year for the young star

New York Giants: Jordan Dangerfield, native of New York, Excels with the Steelers

New York Giants, Oshane Ximines

NEW YORK GIANTS – They say kind people are hard to find, great people are even rarer and Pittsburgh Steelers safety, Jordan Dangerfield is one of the rarest of them all!

Originally signed by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent in 2013, Dangerfield spent time with Brooklyn Bolts of the Fall Experimental Football League.  Currently, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Elmont, New York native is nothing short of excellent.  Dangerfield is a powerhouse when it comes to playing on special teams.  He has both the size and agility to be a mighty and robust safety.

Dangerfield has always been one to achieve his goals and is most certainly not complacent.  Thinking of his future and life after football, Dangerfield went back to Towson University and finished his degree!  He is truly a great role model for his son, showing him that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Dangerfield is not only a fantastic player, but also a truly wonderful son, brother, husband, father and an all-around great guy.  Although his father, Jordan Dangerfield Sr., a firefighter who passed away in 2009 from a heart attack, Dangerfield honors him through little gestures such as wearing “Rest in Peace Dad” on his game gear.  Dangerfield most certainly is making his dad and his mother Erica proud.  Dangerfield is a dedicated husband to his lovely wife Theresa and a doting father to their extremely adorable son.

There truly aren’t enough good words to describe just how nice of a guy Dangerfield is!  I can personally attest to this, as I have met him and he was the most down-to-earth, nicest, warmest guy you will ever find!  Jordan may be a Danger on the Field, but in life he is a sweetheart!

New York Knicks: Is David Fizdale on the hot seat after preseason performance?

New York Knicks, David Fizdale

After yet another loss this preseason to the against a Zion Williamson-less New Orleans Pelicans team, the New York Knicks could be headed towards a tough decision. It’s hard to imagine that head coach David Fizdale is on the hot seat after preseason losses, but considering the way his team played last year, it’s justifiable to ponder the idea.

Reports of Knicks player being frustrated with their amount of playing time has bubbled to the surface, as per the NY Post. Fizdale has attempted to mix and mash his starting lineup to include veterans and youth players, but it seemingly hasn’t worked out to his advantage so far.

It’s fair to consider the fact that’s it’s still preseason, and this period is used to experiment with different combinations of players and test scenarios to see who rises to the occasion and who falters. I can’t imagine Fizdale is on the hot seat after just four preseason contests, as that would be ludicrous.

When Fizdale was asked about a potential rift, he stated:

“These guys all seem to have the right agenda.”

However, it’s challenging to think the head coach is sitting comfortably atop his mountain. The Knicks are expected to compete this season after splashing a boatload of cash to bring in quality veteran players. If he cannot help them to 30 wins this season, the campaign will be a disappointing one. The Knicks aren’t heading into the upcoming season with hopes of the 1st overall pick or super-star veteran free agent signing; optimism is losing its boil.

The New York Knicks need to understand their reality:

The fact that both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signed with the Brooklyn Nets attests to the lack of appeal the Knicks currently have and the added direction of the front office. Their mentality, motivation, and agenda need to change. They believe Fizdale can give the team a different imagine — a player welcoming one, which doesn’t seem to be developing considering his lack of ability to bring in any big-name players.

Adding up all these factors and it’s fair to consider that Fizdale might be fighting for his job in the coming months.

Did the New York Giants find a stud defender in David Mayo?

New York Giants, David Mayo

After rookie linebacker Ryan Connelly went down in week three for the New York Giants with a torn ACL, linebacker David Mayo subsequently filled his spot. The expectations for the position dropped to a low-point, but Mayo has risen to the occasion and played well despite the lack of confidence in his abilities.

When you hear the name David Mayo around the Giants, his mentality, intelligence, and tenacity are all part of the conversation. He’s the definition of an all-around solid player, and he’s played that way in the last few weeks. Handling the middle of the defense while Connelly is out wasn’t precisely what Mayo envisioned his role being this season, but he has had experience doing so before with the Carolina Panthers. In fact, it seems as if he enjoys the duties.

Where has David Mayo contributed to the New York Giants?

Mayo has not only showed he’s of value on the field, but he’s an asset in the locker-room as well, acting as a voice of reason and helping his teammates develop into better players. He’s precisely the type of player general manager Dave Gettleman went out to find in an attempt to shift the atmospheric pressure in the club-house. Interestingly enough, Mayo was a former disciple of Gettleman, so the GM knew exactly what he was getting. That’s the benefit of experience.

This past offseason, however, Mayo signed a two-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers but was later cut after moving his family out to the west coast. It was a blessing in disguise considering where he ended up — calling the shots on the Giants defense and showing he still has plenty of gas left in the tank.

“A part of being a pro is even when you don’t know when your opportunity is going to come, you have to be ready when your opportunity does come up,” the linebacker said. “That’s what I’ve focused on my entire career.”

Defensive coordinator James Bettcher even raved about Mayo’s work ethic:

“I love what David Mayo has done, I really do,” Bettcher said. “He’s come and worked his tail off. David’s another guy that loves the game. This guy really loves the game, he’s tough, he’s physical.”

In his five-year career, Mayo has already set career highs in nearly every category. He currently sits at 30 combined tackles, 18 solos, 0.5 sacks, and 1.0 QB hit. Those numbers don’t necessarily jump off a screen and poke you in the eyes, but his 12 totals tackles last week, and two fourth-down stops justify the decision made by Gettleman to sign him.

Mayo is quickly becoming accustomed to the defense and is seemingly thriving in the role. That’s a massive benefit to a team that lacks depth at nearly every position. The Giants will likely extend him and utilize his talents in a reserve role once Connelly returns in 2020.

New York Yankees: 3 reasons the Yankees lost the ALCS to the Astros

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

With Jose Altuve ending the New York Yankees hopes of a potential comeback in the latter part of a game six ALCS game in Houston, it leaves plenty of questions on the table to consider. First and foremost, catcher Gary Sanchez comes into question.

In a year where expectations were high, Sanchez struggled behind the plate in the postseason, hitting just .130 over nine games. He also allowed numerous wild pitches and was porous with respect to framing pitches. All around, Sanchez was below average, forcing the Yankees to continue on without support from their supposed ‘elite’ catcher. The Yankees losing in the ALCS boils down to a variety of factors, and while Sanchez was undoubtedly one of them, he wasn’t the most significant.

The 3 reasons the New York Yankees lost to the Houston Astros:

1.) Lack of adaptation

Houston manager A.J. Hinch was far more prepared and capable of deciphering the Yankees tendencies than Aaron Boone. He quickly identified trends and assisted in enabling his hitters to take advantage of lackluster pitching and defensive shifts. That advantage ultimately allowed the Astros to win two straight games in New York and the finale in Houston.

The Astros’ players were clearly more motivated and confident in every facet of the game. While the Yankees did have solid pitching, Houston found weaknesses in the rotation to capitalize on. They did exactly what the Yankees couldn’t — score with runners in scoring position.

2.) Starting pitching

The Yankees lacked the starting pitching quality to compete against the Astros. While the rotation of James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka, and Luis Severino are solid, they’re no match for Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Zack Greinke. Competing against an elite three-man rotation like that is nearly impossible, and while the Bombers put up a fight, the expectation of beating them was always dipped in doubt.

This offseason, the New York Yankees will pursue Cole, as he will be a free agent. Cole could earn $30 million per season, and the Yanks will have the money to spend. They cannot be conservative with their starting pitching moving forward.

3.) Hitting consistency

After the top three batters in the order (DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres) none of the remaining players averaged over .238. That’s seven players that were incapable of recording a hit at least 25% of the time. The biggest perpetrators were Edwin Encarnacion (.056 BA), Sanchez (.130 BA), and Brett Gardner (.136 BA).

Next season, the Yankees must be consistent in the post-season. They swept the Minnesota Twins with ease but struggled against a talented Astros team. It ultimately came down to pitching, and that spelled the end for the Yankees.