New York Giants: Saquon Barkley Could Bounce Back Much Earlier Than Planned

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

It seems like New York Giants Saquon Barkley is always finding new ways to amaze the fanbase – Barkley didn’t just have an abnormally quick rise in the league, finishing as one of the top running backs in the NFL by total yards as well as rushing yards in his rookie season, but it also looks like Barkley may come back from his early season high ankle sprain on an abnormally fast timetable.

Barkley was seen moving around in practice and, while not participating in full, it seems like Barkley is on a very early recovery timetable compared to most players. The expected time for a recovery is, of course, 4-8 weeks, which makes this return to the training field an ahead of schedule one.

The star running back was injured in the first victory of the season for the Giants, against Tampa, but the team was able to go on to get a win without his presence the following week against the Redskins, Daniel Jones being the main factor in the first win and the defense largely helping the Giants to a dominant result in the second.

Wayne Gallman did put on a good performance in the absence of Barkley, against Washington, but it remains to be seen how long the third year back is going to perform like this – it’s hard to tell whether or not the performance was due to Gallman’s own merit entirely, or whether a major factor was the other team being unprepared for Gallman after much speculation going into the game about just who the Giants would start at running back.

But according to Pat Shurmur, there may not be a need for the Giants to start another running back in their next game, against the Vikings. Barkley may just make his return at that point, which would be exceedingly quick.

Then again, it’s not the most surprising thing in the world considering that few other things about Barkley’s production have been normal so far. We’ll just have to wait and see, but as unlikely as it would have sounded, we might just see Saquon Barkley in the starting lineup once again in week five.

New York Yankees: Edwin Encarnacion Ready For ALDS

New York Yankees, Edwin Encarnacion

New York Yankees DH/1B Edwin Encarnacion should be ready to play in the ALDS versus the Minnesota Twins. Encarnacion hasn’t played since September 12th. He was out with an oblique strain.

He was supposed to play sometime during the team’s final road-trip, but his return date kept getting pushed back. Aaron Boone finally said that he would just get a ton of simulated at-bats during the off days.

Boone said that Edwin looked and felt 100% in his simulated at-bats on Tuesday and Wednesday. He had “hard cuts” and seemed ready to go. He could play the field if needed, but Boone wants him to stay in the DH role.

Wade And Ford Stay, Estrada And Frazier Go?

Though nothing is official, rumors and speculation show that Tyler Wade and Mike Ford will be on the roster, while Clint Frazier and Thairo Estrada won’t be. Wade and Ford could be reserves, but what we have heard and their performances show, they deserve spots.

Tyler Wade put a celebratory post on social media the other day, pumping fans up for Friday. If he wasn’t on the roster, he likely wouldn’t of done that.

Mike Ford has reportedly taken Clint Frazier’s locker, meaning that Frazier won’t be with the team for the playoffs, but should be on standby. Ford taking his locker is obviously an indicator that he may have a roster spot.

We have also heard that the team doesn’t plan to include Thairo Estrada on the postseason roster.  These are just speculations, be we do know for sure that Encarnacion will be ready for the ALDS.



New York Mets: Pete Alonso Gives Custom Gear to 9/11 Memorial

Pete Alonso simply has what it takes to be a leader and a captain. Despite growing up outside of New York for a majority of his life, the Mets first baseman quickly understood the impact of the attacks. He even ordered custom cleats for him and his teammates to commemorate those affected by the attacks and on Tuesday, he donated them to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Alonso remembered being pulled out of school during the attacks, but he was not old enough to truly realize the impact it had. When he went to Brooklyn to play for the Cyclones in 2016, he started to learn how deep of an impact it had on the city.

Man of the People

When the MLB continued to deny the Mets from wearing first responder hats on 9/11, Alonso knew he had to figure out a way they could show their support. The custom cleats with the colors of the American flag and first responder logos were on display during their 9/11 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Alonso was an All-Star, home run derby champion, owner of the rookie home run leader, but has been even bigger off the field. He has been proud of what he can do since he has a much larger platform to do good. When he won the home run derby, he donated $100,000 to charity, half of it went to Tunnel to Towers. It is a non-profit for families of NYC servicemen and women.

Alonso says he is never going to fully understand the impact, but all he wants to do is help. For the Mets they look like they have their leader and face of the franchise for the next decade.

New York Jets: Calvin Anderson Heads to the Broncos

New York Jets

NFL offensive tackle, Calvin Anderson comes from an athletic family.  His grandfather was a professional tennis player and his father DeVry, who is now Colonel in the army,  played football at Army.

Anderson has talents that go beyond being a star on the field.  In high school, he also played basketball and tennis.  He worked hard at The University of Texas and Rice University football teams.   He truly is quite amazing as a fun fact he uses the Japanese game of Soduku to help solve a Rubik’s Cube behind his back!

October 1st the New York Jets announced that Anderson had been signed by the Denver Broncos to their active roster, after being on the New York Jets practice squad.

Anderson is only in his rookie year and has not truly had the chance to shine yet, but great things are in his future.  Although no longer a New York Jet, he will surely prove to be an asset to the Denver Broncos.

Anderson brought class and kindness to New York always stopping and posing with fans at training camp and after New York Jets preseason games.  Every single picture, he is gleaming and beaming, a testament to his sweet, positive, outgoing demeanor.  He is a true footballer and true family man and cherishes every moment given to him both professionally and personally.  He has always been one to achieve his dreams and reach his goals, graduating college with a degree in finance, and the NFL will be no different!

New York Giants: Austin Walter is Patiently Waiting

There are many new faces this year to the New York Giants, one of them being rookie newcomer running back, Austin Walter.  After playing at Rice University for the Rice Owls football team, he went undrafted in the 2019 NFL draft and signed with the San Francisco 49ers.  After being waived by the 49ers, on September 18th, Walter signed with New York Giants practice squad.

Athleticism is a family affair.  His twin brother Aston is a running back for Walter’s alma mater Rice University.  Not only are the spitting images in looks, but they are also equivalent in the sense of their football skills and kind hearts.

At Rice University, Walter rushed for a collegiate career total of 1,744 yards for 13 touchdowns, 803 receiving yards for five touchdowns in 49 games.  He also served as a kick returner for the Rice Owls football team.  Walter led the country in all-purpose yards and ranked sixth in all-purpose yards per game.

Sure,  Walter may have excelled on the field, but what makes him even more admirable are not just his amazing football skills, but also his giving ways.  Walter jumps at every and any opportunity to help others.  He knows the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and does so.

Walter is no stranger to adversity.  Critics have told him he is too small and that he could never play in the NFL.  He never let this bother him though and proved the critics wrong, by playing each and every game with vigor and skill.  He has shown and proven himself time and time again and has not let any negativity defeat him.  Walter has the agility, speed, endurance, dynamism, and intensity any good running back has and he just needs the opportunity to show the world his drive and capacity.  He will not only make his family and father proud by carrying on his legacy, but also New York Giants fans as well!

New York Jets: Sam Darnold Shouldn’t Play Yet

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

The New York Jets are set to face the Eagles this week with a squad that was expected to be at nearly full health. That now appears to be less likely. Despite not being fully cleared, Sam Darnold is still not a lock to be out this week. He could play despite concerns with his spleen. At 0-3, with an offensive line that couldn’t seem to hold a block for more than 2 seconds and a coach still getting adjusted, the best-case scenario is not to start Sam Darnold.

The Offensive Line Puts Him In Serious Danger

The offensive line features a group that hasn’t gelled together yet and features a unique collection of talent. Kelechi Osemele is talented. Brian Winters, Kelvin Beachum, and Brandon Shell are below average. Ryan Kalil isn’t readjusting to the game quickly. Those are optimistic/positive reactions. The fact is this offensive line has been horrific. It’s been baring quite a resemblance to the situation Andrew Luck had in Indianapolis.

Don’t Repeat What Happened In Indy

That’s a key piece of why Sam Darnold can’t play till he’s at full health. Andrew Luck tried that and with an abysmal offensive line how did that turn out? It left the Colts in a poor scenario when they finally could contend. For the long term success of this team, Sam Darnold shouldn’t risk it and leave the team in a bad spot. Also, a spleen isn’t something to mess with it. It could leave serious issues beyond the game and could seriously hurt Sam. These are not positive situations to put your Quarterback in. Don’t risk long term turmoil for potential immediate success and don’t risk hurting the franchise guy.

If Adam Gase Is Smart, Sam Sits

Adam Gase is in a tough spot and is far from living up to expectations. A smart head coach doesn’t risk your QB for a potential win. Especially if you’re a realist and realize how unlikely it might be anyways. The Eagles are a really good team. The New York Jets at this point aren’t. So if you’re going against that level competition at 0-3 it definitely is a must-win scenario. BUT, you shouldn’t risk a QB’s health for that level of risk. Fletcher Cox and that Eagles defense is not something to ignore and Joe Douglas knows that well having played a part in its construction. Putting Darnold against that is just way too risky to do. Gase can make the right move even before kickoff it he sits Sam.

I would love to see Sam play. Just like every fan, I miss seeing him out there. However, after the Andrew Luck scenario, it’s evident that longevity is more important. Behind that offensive line, it’s just to risky to let Sam Darnold out on that field. It’s time for the Jets to be realists and see that.

New York Giants: The Daniel Jones To Golden Tate Connection Is Coming

The new and improved New York Giants offense has helped the team achieve a .500 record for the first time since 2016. The Giants made an important offensive change in week three when they decided to bench franchise legend Eli Manning in favor of rookie quarterback Daniel Jones.

Since anointing Daniel Jones the starting quarterback, the Giants have averaged 28 points per game. New York has improved drastically on third down and has been finishing drives with touchdowns.

Daniel Jones’s chemistry with Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram has been immediately evident. Jones has developed a strong connection with the team’s plethora of offensive playmakers. Fortunately for Daniel, he is about to get another playmaker to throw to.

Golden Tate Officially Activated

This offseason, the New York Giants rebuilt their receiving corps. They traded away superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. They also gave Sterling Shepard a contract extension ensuring that he will be around for the long haul. Then the Giants also went ahead and signed veteran wide receiver Golden Tate to a three-year, $27 million contract.

The Giants viewed Golden Tate as a high-character player that could add veteran leadership and performance to the team. The picture of the locker room class from Tate was quickly washed away when the receiver was suspended for the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Golden Tate appealed the suspension and failed, resulting in a four-game suspension for the veteran. Golden has now served his suspension in full and is back with the team. The Giants officially activated Tate on Tuesday. He will make his regular-season debut in Big Blue this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Jones To Tate Connection Is Back

Giants fans were able to catch a quick glimpse of the Daniel Jones to Golden Tate connection in the preseason. Tate was allowed to play in the preseason despite his suspension. In limited exhibition playing time, Tate was able to get some snaps with his new rookie quarterback and made a couple of big plays.

Golden Tate caught 4 passes in the preseason for 53. This includes this awesome reception down the left sideline for a 23-yard gain:

This throw was a beauty by Daniel Jones while under pressure and getting hit. It was also an excellent catch by Golden Tate as he had to track the ball over his shoulder and keep himself in bounds. This type of vertical threat down the sideline will be key for the Giants’ offense moving forward.

New York Jets: Team Quarterly Report Weeks 1-4

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally made it to October, the most glorious month in sports. Unfortunately for New York Jets fans, October will only cause tears to flow out of our faces. We’re only a quarter into the NFL season and the Jets have proven to be one of the worst teams in the league. Let’s evaluate how the Jets have performed as a team over the past four weeks and why there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

Week 1

Well, we all remember this day, don’t we? A day full of excitement and hope for our bright future and potential emergence into the NFL spotlight. Oh, how we were all misled. We all know the story, the Jets come out and bully Josh Allen take a 16-0 lead and blow it. But why did that happen? We can all blame Kaare Vedvik for being probably the worst kicker the Jets have had ever but let’s dig deeper. Why was Adam Gase so conservative in his game plan against the Bills? I understand Bill’s defense is a top unit but look at how many opportunities the Jets had to close out that game.

I find it hard to believe that a missed extra point and field goal in the first quarter was the main reason we lost that game. The defense collapsed in the fourth quarter after losing C.J. Mosely. The entire team looked tired and unenthused when the game mattered most. Let’s call this a mulligan because there is no way we’re this bad of a team, right?

Week 2

It’s Monday night football baby we’re scheduled to play the Cleveland Browns on national television what could go wrong? Unfortunately for the Jets, everything went wrong. Let’s skip over losing our franchise QB to Mono and get right into the disaster that was our game against the Browns. The entire game we seemed to not be able to move the ball at all on offense even before we lost our Trevor Siemian to an ankle injury. The game plan was pathetic and was filled with nothing but crossing routes, bubble screens, and flats.

The defense wasn’t much better either they did as best as they could but if weren’t for the browns having the second most inept offense in the league the team would’ve gotten annihilated. Gregg Williams is probably our best coach but when both sides of the team can’t work cohesively it all fails. It was a bad loss for the Jets and it only got worse the next week.

Week 3

Let’s be real right now, nobody in the world thought the Jets had a shot in this game, but nobody thought the Jets would be this bad. With Adam Gase trotting out Luke Falk in his first career start the Jets offense seemed overwhelmed with the Patriots defense. The offensive line for the third week in a row has been terrible but even worse is the fact that Adam Gase gave up with just over four minutes left in a two-possession game. There is no excuse for that.

The defense struggled early on but recovered after the first half allowing the Jets to have a chance. The Offense, on the other hand, didn’t get past the 50-yard line until the 3rd quarter. The Offense went 0-12 on third down the entire game. This was a total embarrassment of a game. The Jets were lucky not to get shutout as their only point came from a muffed punt and a pick-six from the Patriots backup QB Jarrett Stidham. At least the football gods showed mercy by allowing the Jets to have an early bye week so their fans could rest their eyes after that brutal game.

Bye Week

Jets fans had a lot of optimism going into this bye week as it gave the team an opportunity to heal up for a brutal week 5 game against the Eagles in Philadelphia. Sam Darnold unfortunately still has mono, but he can do non-contact drills in practice. Adam Gase has stated that offensive line changes are coming, and I know every Jets fan cannot wait to see Ryan Khalil get replaced by Jonotthan Harrison. The Jets season has been a disaster so far but maybe just maybe they can pull a win out in Philly.

New York Giants: Is DeAndre Baker finally stepping up?

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

Wasn’t it great not hearing DeAndre Baker’s name during the New York Giants vs. Redskins game? It went from Baker blowing coverage on every play in the Bills game, to radio silence in the Redskins game. As a Giants fan, you have to ask what happened?

Minor Tweaks

Pat Shurmur stated that there have been minor tweaks on the defense and that is the reason why they have only given up six points in the past six quarters. As a cornerback, usually, if the announcers are saying your name it’s not a good thing. After the first half of the Buccaneers game, we started not to hear the name “Deandre Baker.” Is it that the quarterbacks were not looking towards him or was he finally doing his job?

After watching the film, it is clear what that “minor tweak” is for Baker, it’s press coverage. During the Bills game, Baker was playing ten to twelve yards back on some plays and was allowing whoever he was covering to take the easy five to eight-yard gain. There were also numerous plays where he did not sit in his zone and let a wide receiver get opened.

During the Redskins game, Deandre Baker covered mainly Paul Richardson, Robert Davis, and Kelvin Harmon. Yes, these players are not close to Julio Jones or Keenan Allen, but that was not his job this week. His job was to cover these players and he did an excellent job doing it. When he plays press coverage he just looks like a totally different player. Bettcher game plan has to have Baker pressing the wide receiver because that’s when he plays best. In addition to press coverage, there was actually a couple of times throughout the Redskins game where you would see him point out to the outside linebacker or the safety where they should be covering. It is amazing how much progress he has made in six quarters.

But with all of the said, the New York Giants are facing the Vikings this week. Kirk Cousins has never been a great quarterback, but he has two great weapons, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. Baker has an extremely hard matchup against Thielen this week and he has to press against Thielen if he wants to be successful.

New York Knicks: Daymean Dotson out all preseason

New York Knicks, Damyean Dotson

The New York Knicks will be without the services of Daymean Dotson for the entire pre-season.  Dotson is still recovering from right shoulder surgery earlier this year.

It is also up-in-the-air if Dotson will be ready for the beginning of the season.  Dotson is still not able to participate in contract drills for an unknown timetable.

This comes as a big blow to the Knicks shooting guards.  The Knicks do not have a true healthy shooting guard on the roster at this point, with Dotson out.  Maybe Allonzo Trier?

If healthy, Dotson could have been a serious candidate to start this season.  Unfortunately, that is not the case now.

Dotson is one of the Knicks top two-way players.  He has showed that given the opportunity he can score while also providing good defense for 94 feet.

With Dotson most likely not going to start, due to his injury, the shooting guard or two position is up for grabs.

With his performance in the FIBA World Cup, this could be the opportunity that Frank Ntilikina needs.  Ntilikina should be given a chance regardless.  Rookie RJ Barrett could step into the starting role depending on how he performs in training camp, but most likely he will start on the bench.

Trier will put up a fight for the two position along with Wayne Ellington.  Trier would get the nod as long as his defense improves as Ellington is more of a 3-point specialist.

There will be a lot of battles for certain starting positions.  Dotson not being fully ready-to-go opens the door for others to capture the moment.  Nothing is set in stone, according to coach David Fizdale.  The starting line-ups will be juggled a lot at the beginning of the season until Fizdale finds what works best for the Knicks.