New York Giants: What Daniel Jones said in the huddle to fuel his teammates

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

When New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones stepped into the huddle on what was the game-winning play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he was as poised as ever.

Having already rushed for one touchdown in the game and thrown for two more, Jones had a slew of choices he could make to pull ahead of the Buccaneers late in the fourth quarter. On fourth down, Jones entered the huddle and did something no player would have ever expected.

“(He) cussed one time,” wide receiver Russell Shepard said. “I ain’t never heard him scream. He started screaming and cussing. We were in the red zone and he was like, ‘Let’s f—ing score.’”

On the very next play, Jones ran for a seven-yard touchdown on a run-pass option that capped off an impressive drive that included a 36-yard pass to Sterling Shepard to set the Giants up at the 12-yard line.

“The fact that the did that (curse) was an eye-opener because we never seen him get out of his personality,” Shepard said. “He’s very mellow, very mild-mannered individual. He doesn’t get too high or too low. To see him get like that was pretty impressive. That was the thing that propelled us offensively to keep fighting.”

For a player like Jones to curse, it was not only surprising but needed for the players around him. His excitement clearly got the best of him and he will never live down the time he cursed in front of his teammates.

The Giants overcame an 18 point halftime deficit against Tampa, while Jones was the catalyst in regards to the comeback. He now has one accolade that Eli Manning failed to earn over his 15-year career that has included two Super Bowl wins, coming back from 18 points down.

Jones did it in his first start, completing 23 passes for 336 yards. He also led the Giants in rushing with 4 carries for 28 yards and two scores. Overall, it was an incredible performance from the rookie against one of the NFL’s up and coming defenses. He not only put up over 30 points but he also nearly totaled the point production from the first two games with Manning under center.

It is becoming clear that Jones is the future and will be starting for the remainder of the season. He managed to put his team on his back and carry them to victory — that’s something we haven’t seen in quite some time.

New York Yankees: Luis Severino continues to dominate in his comeback

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

Luis Severino made his second start of the 2019 season with the New York Yankees Sunday against the Toronto Blue Jays where he looked utterly dominate. Pumping 98mph heaters, Severino finished with no runs on three hits while fanning nine.

“Our ace is back,” said Aaron Judge. “I’m excited about it. And just at the right time.”

Severino threw a total of 80 pitches, 54 being stikes. He produced 13 swings and misses, 11 of those being fastballs while the remaining two being sliders.

Manager Aaron Boone said that he plans on using Severino in the postseason rotation, including James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka. With Domingo German’s absence due to his administrative leave, having Severino in the postseason is relieving.

“I think he’s going to play a huge role for us,” said Boone. “If we’re going to get far in this thing, he’s going to have to pitch well.” Boone continued, “I thought he did a great job of that his first time out. As well as having all of the electricity that we’re used to seeing with (Severino) on the mound, his fastball and his fastball command the last time out is something I was really impressed with.”

The most encouraging thing about Severino’s start was his control of all his pitches. There was a concern that he would have trouble controlling his offspeed pitches, but he’s proven those thoughts wrong.

“I feel fresh and I feel good to go,” said Severino. “The velocity is there.”

The New York Yankees finished with a 57-24 record at home this season and improved to a 102-55 record on the season. Tomorrow they’ll have an off day and then begin a two-game set against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They’ll finish off the regular season with a three-game series against the Texas Rangers.


Current State Of The New York Jets Offense

New York Jets

The New York Jets are 0-2, severely struggling and heading to New England to take on the Patriots. The state of the Jets offense is a poor one right now but each position has its one situation that I’ll run through right now.


Sam Darnold looked okay in game one but the game planning seemed to be an issue and things had to be ironed out. Mono will only prolong the process significantly. Trevor Siemian was tabbed to go in and fill in for him while he missed time and he is now out for the season. For the short term, Luke Falk now runs the show but for the long term, a healthy and well prepared Sam Darnold is a good Sam Darnold.


Le’Veon Bell has established himself as the workhorse and key piece of the offense. Ty Montgomery has all the talent and versatility to be a key piece in the offense but he hasn’t been given a fair shot to work yet and demonstrate his full skill set. Plays with Bell and Montgomery could be dangerous. The rest of the backs have been nonexistent. Aside from Cannon’s returns he hasn’t done much yet either.

Wide receivers

This position had lofty expectations coming into the season. Despite injury concerns, this position was still expected to be a successful one of the New York Jets. Quincy Enunwa went down with a season-ending neck injury and Demaryius Thomas was just acquired and already can’t stop getting hurt. The Jets WR core had a lot of potentials but now Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder will see even larger roles within the team. Who ends up in the slot becomes the newest question. Greg Dortch continues to be a potential option and would provide some energy immediately upon his presence.

Offensive line

On paper, this unit should be impenetrable and protect the QB with ease. Trevor Siemian didn’t get hurt because of a competent offensive line. He got hurt because although all talented alone, together they suck. They need serious help because with all that talent this line should be great and right now it looks incompetent. It’s dangerous to put Darnold behind that and they need to get it together.

Tight end

Chris Herndon will immediately improve the state of this position upon his return but right now this position is not a factor. Ryan Griffin has been the starter and seen a few touches but none as impactful as what Herndon could do. Wesco, the rookie who was supposed to be a blocking TE has seen little time and instead the worse blocker, Griffin, is facing dominate defensive lineman who runs him over. Herndon’s return will reinvigorate the offense but for now, they must make do.

Why The New York Yankees Should Want To Face Tampa In The ALDS

New York Yankees, Masahiro Tanaka

With just a week left in the regular season, the AL Wild Card has yet to be decided. The New York Yankees have clinched the AL East, but they still have to fight for the best record against the Astros.

If they Yankees were to get the best American League record, they would be facing off against the winner of the Wild Card Game. Entering today (9/22), the Athletics have a two game lead over the Rays, who have a game lead over Cleveland. This puts the A’s and Rays in the Wild Card game with the A’s hosting.

But between all three teams, the Yankees should really want to face the Rays.

Five Home Games

As many people know, the Rays have trouble filling up their stadium and Yankees fans travel well. That combination means that games at Tropicana Field would feel like home games for the Yankees.

That stadium is a dump, but it is big knowing that Yankee fans would pack the stadium. Most years in the playoffs, the home team wins almost every game so it would be a way for the Yankees to go against the trend.

Season Domination

Through 17 games, the Yankee have owned the Rays this year with a 12-5 record. The two teams finish their season series with a two game set in Tampa in just a few days.

In comparison, the Yankees are a combined 5-8 against the Indians and the Athletics.

The Yankees would love to face the Rays in the first round of the playoffs, but can only do so if the Rays win the Wild Card game and the Yankees get the best record in the AL.


New York Giants: What’s Going On With DeAndre Baker?

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The New York Giants‘ secondary has been one of the league’s worst over the past two years. In 2017, the Giants’ secondary allowed 252.4 passing yards per game (ranked 31st in the NFL). In 2018, the Giants’ secondary allowed 252.8 passing yards (ranked 23rd in the NFL), showing minimal to no improvement. Through the first two weeks of the 2019 season, the Giants’ pass defense somehow looks even worse.

DeAndre Baker is a first-round rookie corner back that has struggled immensley transitioning to the NFL these first two weeks. He needs to improve in a hurry if the Giantss want to win games this season. But is DeAndre Baker fully to blame for his poor performance or are there other factors involved?

How Bad Has He Been?

DeAndre Baker was a strong prospect coming out of college. He was well worth the first-round pick that the Giants spent on him and could have easily been picked higher. Unfortunately, that impact has not been seen yet on the field for Big Blue.

Through two games, DeAndre Baker has allowed 11 receptions on 13 targets, 272 yards, 2 TD’s, and a 158.3 passer rating to opposing to QB’s. Opposing quarterbacks have been simply picking on Baker and his inexperience.

DeAndre Baker has been a huge liability on the Giants’ defense so far. For a rookie that had so much promise coming out of college, it sure has been disappointing to watch him fail to live up to the hype so far. But maybe his poor performance is not all his fault.

Is James Bettcher To Blame?

Many will make the case that DeAndre Baker’s recent struggles are not to his own fault. Some will argue that defensive coordinator James Bettcher is truly to blame. It is likely that both Baker’s and Bettcher’s performances are working hand in hand.

The Giants’ defense has been caught making numerous mistakes that demonstrate an overarching issue from the coaching position. Multiple times per game, the Giants’ defense is seen making a miscommunication that leads to a huge gain for the opposing offense.

Below is an animated clip from the Giants’ week two loss against the Buffalo Bills. On the play being animated, the Giants were completely confused while running a basic cover three defense, causing them to let up a 51-yard gain to Cole Beasley.

DeAndre Baker made a mistake on this play. But so did Antoine Bethea. Bethea is a fourteen-year, 35 year-old veteran safety that has played in James Bettcher’s system before as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. So why is it that both Baker and Bethea made a mistake on this play?

Both players, the veteran and the rookie, made a mistake and mixed up the coverage assignments on this play. These mistakes occur far too frequently for the blame to be placed solely on one rookie cornerback. Granted, Baker has a lot to improve on, but he is not the only one struggling to find their place in this defense.

Here is another play to demonstrate the bigger issue on defense (James Bettcher). This is a crucial 3rd-and-4 early in the first quarter. The Bills had receiver Cole Beasley out wide to the left, matched up against him was DeAndre Baker. In this third and short situation, one would expect the Giants’ cornerbacks to be in press coverage to keep the Bills from gaining the short four yards underneath. Instead, Bettcher calls a play that puts DeAndre Baker six yards away from the line of scrimmage.

The Bills picked up this first down on a slant route to Cole Beasley. Because DeAndre Baker was playing so far off of Beasley, he was allowed to run this slant with a free release and no cornerback guarding him as he cut towards the middle of the field.

This is poor situational play-calling. Simple pitch and catch for the Buffalo Bills. Sure, this is technically DeAndre Baker’s fault for allowing his matchup to make the catch and gain the first down. But why is James Bettcher not calling plays that require DeAndre Baker to be playing press coverage in this situation.

The tweet also points out something very important to consider when breaking down this play: DeAndre Baker is a press-man cornerback. That is what he was good at in college. That is what he will be good at in the NFL. Baker is physical at the line of scrimmage. James Bettcher needs to be aware of this and needs to scheme his defense according to his players’ strengths and weaknesses.

New York Jets vs. Patriots Week 3 Predictions

Adam Gase and the New York Jets are off to a rough start to the season, losing their first two games of the season. This week the Jets will be traveling up the coast to play against the New England Patriots in what should be a bloodbath. The Patriots are looking as deadly as ever and the Jets are looking like an easy target, how will this game play out?

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are on a roll right now destroying everything in its path thanks to a dominant defense and an ageless Tom Brady. The Patriots have a chance to set NFL history this week is the only team since the 1937 Bears to not allowing a single touchdown through the first three weeks of the season. The Patriots have outscored their opponents this season with a 76-3-point difference. Bill Belichick is notorious for keeping his foot on the gas pedal throughout the entire game. The only thing the Patriots need to do this week is just showing up, they have no weakness.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are looking like a total circus this year, whether it is our head coach looking like he sniffed a kilo of cocaine before his introductory press conference or our franchise QB contracting Mono, it hasn’t looked great. The Jets will be going into Foxboro with a very undermanned staff due to a series of unfortunate injuries. Luke Falk will get the first start of his career and so far, he’s looked like the team’s best QB this season. If Falk can pull a magical game out of his helmet it will give the Jets a lot of momentum going into the bye week. If Adam Gase decides to let his QB throw more than 5 yards, then the Jets might have a shot.


The New York Jets virtually have no shot this week and probably shouldn’t even show up considering how badly they are about to get beat. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots will take so much joy in brutally murdering the hopes and dreams of many Jets fans out there this Sunday. If I were to be a homer id say this game ends 14-27 Patriots win, but I’m not a homer and I have an IQ above -5 so this game will end 38-6 Patriots win.

New York Yankees: We don’t need Stanton back in the lineup… right?

New York Yankees, Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

NEW YORK YANKEES – There’s been a ton of hate on Giancarlo Stanton since the beginning of the season. His absence due to injury all year have cast talks of we don’t need him in the lineup. That belief is absolutely crazy.

Stanton’s last three games back have proven what he can do at the plate. He’s knocked in two runs on three hits, not to mention sending one 420 feet during Saturday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Having Stanton’s bat back in the lineup in monumental. He’s a guy who consistently hits the ball over 100mph which is more useful and productive than most think.

Yankee fans really haven’t seen what Stanton can do when he’s in a groove. This is a guy who won the NL MVP two seasons ago where he hit 59 home runs. Yes, 59 home runs – also knocking in 132 runs that year. His first season in pinstripes, Stanton slugged 38 home runs and knocked in 100 runs and fans still gave him hate. What else does he have to do?

Not only is he a slugger, but Stanton doesn’t get the defensive credit he deserves. He’s a better than average left-fielder and is among the premier defensive outfielders in the major leagues.

Manager Aaron Boone has spoken on how he plans on using Stanton for the remainder of the regular season. “Just building him up, and hopefully getting him at-bats where he can get into a good rhythm,” Boone mentioned that they’ll use Stanton in a DH role as well.

New York Mets: An Old Foe Comeback to Haunt Them

24 hours ago most of us may not have even realized Christian Colon was still on a major league roster. After Saturday’s game he made his horrid presence known again in the minds of Mets fans. He poked a single up the middle to give the Reds a 3-2 lead over the Mets, which would end up being the final score in a crushing Mets loss.

For those who forgot (probably not many of you), Colon stroked a single in the 12th inning of game five in the 2015 World Series to spark a five run inning, which won the Royals the championship. Colon was even in the Mets minor league system last season. Instead of Addison Reed, Colon ripped out Mets fans hearts against Seth Lugo.

Colon Was Not the Only Foe

The Mets bullpen was the main reason why the Mets have been trying to claw themselves out of the grave since the All-Star break. It was only fitting the combination of Justin Wilson and Seth Lugo lead to their undoing. The two anchors of the bullpen who anchored the team through the second half, simply did not have enough.

The loss makes things nearly impossible for the Mets to mount their magical wild card comeback. Thanks to a Brewers 10-1 win over the Pirates, the Mets are now 4.5 games out of the second wild card spot, with eight games left. Even if the Mets went 8-0 to end the season, the Brewers would have to go 3-4 just for them to meet in a one game playoff.

The math says the Mets are not done yet, but this loss had the feeling that the season had come to a disappointing end.  It did not help the pain either when Raisel Iglesias struck out the side to end the game. In the end, the Mets bullpen costed them way to many times this season and unfortunately, it did them in once again.

New York Yankees: Who is Michael King?

New York Yankees, Michael King

While the Domingo German investigation continues, the New York Yankees have signed Michael King to the major league roster on Thursday. The 24-year-old has been in the minor leagues for four seasons and has had a great career so far.

“Pure joy,” King said about his emotions when being called up. “I had to immediately call my parents, I texted one of my buddies, it was just pure joy.”

King said he found out he was being called up when he was down in Tampa. He was in the weight room when one of his coaches came up to him and said, “You’re gonna get activated tonight for the big league team.”

The team’s number five ranked prospect is credited to a career 2.93 ERA and a 28-19 record, King is known for his below-average groundball rate. This season with triple-A affiliate Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders, King went 3-1 with a 4.18 ERA. He fanned 44 batters over 46 innings pitched and walked none.

The right-hander throws 92-95mph two-seam which is regarded as his best pitch. He also flashes a slider and a changeup which can be quality. King is known to have the best command out of all the New York Yankee pitching prospects.

The Yankees project him to be a back-end starter, but he’ll most likely find himself coming out of the bullpen which is usually the norm for young pitchers entering the show. He’ll be eligible to pitch during the postseason.

King was drafted in the 12th round during the 2016 draft by the Miami Marlins. The Yankees acquired him during 2017 that sent Garrett Cooper and Caleb Smith to Miami.



New York Giants: Dexter Lawrence continues to show improvement

New York Giants defensive lineman, Dexter Lawrence.

New York Giants rookie defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence isn’t versed in losing consistently, considering his track record with Clemson and National Championship victory in 2018.

Lawrence knows how to win, but he, unfortunately, cannot play every position by himself. Elevating his teammates’ play and continuing to improve is the only way to help the efficiency of the defense moving forward.

“I mean I have lost before,” said Lawrence. “It’s just not to keep letting it happen. It has to stop somewhere. It just takes everybody believing, the whole team in all three phases, special teams, offense and defense, believing that we can win and believing in each other. Getting a team morale and just going out there and playing football.”

Finishing his Clemson career with a 41-3 record, he has almost matched his loss total in two games as a professional athlete. However, the deficiencies on the team don’t land on him but rather the secondary and pass rush. Lawrence has done his job quite well — drawing double teams and wreaking havoc in the trenches.

The New York Giants need to see more from Dexter Lawrence:

Despite earning just two solo tackles and three assists, Dexter’s influence has been present. The pass-rush has been the process, and while the Giants expected the massive defensive tackle to help in that facet, there’s only so much he can do in year one.

Last week, cornerback Janoris Jenkins threw the pass-rush under the bus, stating that he cannot cover receivers for 10-seconds and he needs more support. Players like Markus Golden, Oshane Ximines, and Lorenzo Carter need to answer the call. Not that the secondary hasn’t been the catalyst for failure, but every unit on the defense needs to improve…quickly.

The entire defensive line has been sluggish, and Dexter knows how prepared he is to take on NFL-level opponents, it just boils down to him executing on his expectations.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I think I’m pretty prepared just from what I’ve been going against in practice in the offseason. Those guys got me ready for the regular season. I feel like it’s just me going out there and just proving it and showing it.”

Losing 28-14 to the Buffalo Bills exposed even more weaknesses on the Giants’ defense. Miscommunications, lack of effort, youth, were all present against a far lesser opponent comparable to the Dallas Cowboys. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offer a weaker opponent on Sunday, which should give players like Dexter Lawrence the opportunity prove their worth.