New York Yankees: Encouraging return for Giancarlo Stanton

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton played in his tenth game Wednesday night for the New York Yankees against the Los Angeles Angels. He looked strong and healthy in everything he did last night.

“(It was) encouraging,” said manager Aaron Boone on Stanton. (He) got off some good swings, obviously the double, smoked the ball back up the middle. Made a great throw to the plate early… I thought he was moving [well] on the bases.”

Getting behind in the count 0-2 in his first at-bat, Stanton slugged a double into the left-field gap. Running the bases he looked well and comfortable, which is a great sign for the Yankees.

His second at-bat he grounded out but still hit the ball very hard. Having his bat back in the lineup who provides consistent high power regardless of what he does is huge for the lineup.

Boone had originally planned to have Stanton go half the game, “I only planned on going four, maybe five innings there, but he was doing well and we kind of talked through it there in that fifth, ‘You want to go back out for the sixth and get that last at-bat?’ And he did.”

As the New York Yankees prepare for the postseason, having Stanton’s bat back in the lineup in monumental. He’s able to go on tears where he’s terrifying at the plate.

The 29-year-old is expected to be back in the lineup tonight for the final game of the series against the Angels. A win tonight could clinch the AL East for the Yankees and bring them to their 100th win.


New York Mets: Are They Really Making Another Run at It?

yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

This entire Mets season has been the definition of a roller coaster. After seemingly dying for the fourth time this season after their Sunday night loss to the Dodgers, all the Mets needed was a trip to Denver to revive themselves. The Mets rode on the back of Marcus Stroman on Tuesday, then used a Wednesday afternoon comeback to move within three games of the second wild card spot.

They have to make up three games within the last 10 games of the season just to reach a one game playoff…to play in a one game playoff. The Mets will have a weak schedule for their next seven games, but then they run into the Atlanta Braves for the final three games of the season. It would be a terrific momentum builder for the Braves eliminate the Mets to close out the season.

What about the Cubs and Brewers?

Seven of the last ten games the Cubs play will be against the St. Louis Cardinals. That will certainly help the Mets who play under .500 teams for seven of their last ten. The Cubs are actually 7-5 against the Cardinals this season, but they have not faced each other since the end of July/beginning of August.

The Brewers schedule is the easiest out of the three teams. The rest of their games are against teams who are under .500. This leaves them with the best chance to secure the second wild card spot, but like with so much throughout this season we have no idea what will happen. All the Mets can do through the last 10 games is win out and hope for a beautiful collapse from the Cubs and Brewers.


New York Knicks: Should The Allocation Of Minutes Really Be a Concern For The New York Knicks?

New York Knicks, Dennis Smith Jr.

David Fizdale and the rest of the New York Knicks coaching staff allegedly have a dilemma on their hands regarding playing time amongst the deep, young, and hungry roster. Many players on the Knick roster are entering the 2019-20 NBA season with severe chips on their shoulders due to their contracts. Will such a deep roster ruffle any feathers when it comes to playing time?

The allocation of minutes shouldn’t be a concern for the New York Knicks. Training camp is an opportunity for guys to earn their position. Nothing will be handed to anyone. Plus, the Knicks got the type of personnel the NFL would welcome with open arms. They wouldn’t want anything handed to them anyway, they’d rather fight it out and may the best man win. Players have a job to do, and Fizdale isn’t scared to delegate what each player’s job description is. Professionalism and stifling defense are a big part of this current Knicks culture. Whoever gets upset, with their role better not sit and sulk on the bench. They better play smart team basketball. Everybody won’t be comfortable, however, being out of the comfort zone will be extremely beneficial for each player. Diamonds are formed under immense pressure. The Knicks roster is filled with upside, but will they exceed expectations? We will surely find out this upcoming season.

The “Keep What You Kill” mindset brought forth by Fizdale will boost competition and encourage the “iron sharpen iron” culture being built in New York. A mix of talented players practicing hard against each other on a nightly basis will only improve the team in the future. If the Knicks continue this kind of culture, they won’t have to chase free-agents, the free-agents will chase the Knicks.

Overall, the allocation of minutes won’t be a big deal due to the personnel, depth, and coaching style of Fizdale. Fizdale will push the Knicks to play at an aggressively fast offensive pace and at a very high energetic, aggressively disruptive defensive pace. With players leaving it all on the court, coming out of the game will be desired due to the pace. The allocation of minutes will turn out to be a good problem for the Knicks this upcoming season.

New York Knicks already taking major steps forward in rebuild

New York Knicks, Kevin Knox

The New York Knicks have officially executed Plan-B this offseason after missing out on superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Settling for second-tier free agents like Julius Randle and Marcus Morris, the Knicks are in a good place moving forward, despite not being in the ideal scenario.

However, their youth foundation and progressive agenda have begun to take shape. Practicing hard, listening to their mentors, and refining their skills will be the priorities for the second-year players and rookies on the squad.

Players like Kevin Knox will now have to battle for their starting position on the team. The signing of Morris will present a legitimate challenge for Knox, who understands that his playing time moving forward wholly depends on his efforts and development. This is a good thing, though, as building a successful team requires competition and the desire to win. Being given starting minutes and playing time is a luxury, and Knox will have to face off against veteran players.

Coming off a 17 win season in 2018, the team can finally now begin to bond on a different level and develop chemistry with one another. Youth is a great thing, but it also presents challenges.

Here’s what Knox had to say about the growth of the New York Knicks this offseason:

“Very competitive practices so far,’’ Knox said. “You can tell all the guys are hungry and looking forward to training camp. A lot of guys have been impressive. You can tell a lot of guys have been working on their games all summer. I watched a lot those guys playing on TV last year. Everyone’s game has gotten a lot better. I can’t wait to get to training camp and jell together.”

Family has been an essential factor for the youngsters and veterans since the roster has come together:

“We just got guys now who are going out, playing hard, talking trash,’’ Knox said of the workouts that began in late August, per the NY Post. “We’re a family, smile with each other after, but between the lines, it’s a totally different team than last year. You can definitely tell — the whole tenacity we’re playing with. It’s definitely going to carry over to the season. We have a lot of guys going after each other. That’s what we want.”

These comments are incredibly encouraging and exciting for Knicks fans, who have waited a long time to enjoy competitive basketball.

Could the New York Giants be looking to trade for Pro Bowl corner Jalen Ramsey?

Should the New York Giants pursue Jalen Ramsey?

Housing a secondary comparable to swiss cheese, the New York Giants would be smart to consider trading for any player that can improve the unit quickly. The objection would be their current rebuild and that the team is not prepared to contend for the playoffs, which would argue against the trading of assets (draft capital, cap space).

However, with Janoris Jenkins set to make $14.75 million in 2020, finding a younger, better replacement could be a positive move. That’s where one of the league’s best corners comes into play.

Should the New York Giants pursue Jalen Ramsey?

Jacksonville Jaguars star defender, Jalen Ramsey, engaged in a confrontation with head coach Doug Marrone during a live game, which spurred Ramsey’s displeasure and trade request. The Jaguars accepted his invitation and began fielding offers from other teams, and one NFC team has reportedly offered a first-round pick for his talents.

Ramsey is scheduled to earn $13.70 million next season, but he will become a free agent in 2021. The team that signs him will have to be competitive and prove to Ramsey that they’re worth signing an extension with. In the case of the Giants, that reality is far fetched.

With Eli Manning being benched for Daniel Jones on Tuesday and the secondary a band of misfit toys, Ramsey is likely informing his agent that the Giants are at the bottom of the trade list. Even if Jones miraculously turns the offense around and wins the next two games to climb back to a .500 record, the Giants defense is at least two seasons from being above-average.

Ramsey would have to play through the 2019 rebuild and continue with only a glimpse of hope beyond 2020. It would be a significant risk on his end, and he might be better off sticking with the Jaguars in that case. For argument’s sake, the Giants are trying to change the culture and adding an unpredictable diva to the locker room is not at the top of their priority list either.

A marriage between Ramsey and the Giants seems to be unlikely, but we’ve seen crazier things happen in the NFL before. Big Blue is far better off waiting until the 2020 offseason to pursue top corners like Chris Harris and Jimmy Smith — more to come on those two options!



New York Giants News, 9/19 – What to expect from Daniel Jones against Tampa Bay

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

For those concerned with New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur’s play-calling and operation of the offense, wait until he unleashes rookie passer, Daniel Jones. Shurmur’s playbook is better suited for quarterbacks with some mobility. Recall Case Keenum and the success he had with Pat’s playbook.

Expect the offenses RPOs to increase exponentially and the play-action to be far more effective. With a top-five offensive line through two weeks and Saquon Barkley heading the charge, the Giants are in a high position to plug Jones in at the quarterback position.

While the lack of pass-catchers is concerning, he will likely gain back Sterling Shepard, and Golden Tate will be available in a few weeks. Getting him the necessary experience is essential, and it will not only give the Giants more film on the rookie, but it will help him work out the kinks in his game he will inevitably face.

His first start in the NFL comes against no better team, as the Tampa Bay Buccanneers defense has allowed 45 points through two games. The Giants offense has scored just 31 points over two games under Eli Manning, which was a reason for the switch.

We should anticipate Jones using his legs to create space and passing lanes, but to also take risks downfield. Manning and the Giants offense has been known for throwing three-yard passes on 3rd-and-8, but this will hopefully change. Also, the mobility of the rookie quarterback should force opposing defenses to compensate, dropping defenders out of coverage to force Jones back into the pocket. This is a factor Manning was never able to provide, and it should be an asset for Shurmur moving forward.

Here are Jones’ stats from the preseason and some highlights:

Completions/attempts: 29/35

Completion percentage: 85.3%

Passing yards: 416

Touchdowns: 2


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The New York Yankees are once again stunned by terrible injury news

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Dellin Betances

The New York Yankees enjoyed a splendid Tuesday night with Luis Severino making his season debut, pitching four innings and striking out four batters and allowing just two hits. His anticipated start was the first of a grueling season plagued by injuries and rehab, but he didn’t fail to dominate.

After speculation that Severino could be utilized as an opener, the Yankees tested him with four innings of work. His quality on the mound provides a considerable boost for the starting pitching rotation, especially with playoffs right around the bend. However, the Yankees received very disappointing news in addition to Severino’s fantastic debut.

Relief option Dellin Betances was ruled out for the season with a partially torn Achilles tendon, an injury he picked up while jumping off the mound after recording his second strikeout in his debut.

“Heartbroken for Dellin,” said Boone, who called the injury “about as freak as can be.”

The Bombers were extremely excited to get back one of their top bullpen arms, and now he will go into free agency with a torn Achilles and a lot of money left on the table. The Yanks could re-sign Betances, who is effective when healthy; however, his lack of health has hurt him this season and could force general manager Brian Cashman to take a different route.

When Betances arrived at the team’s facility on Tuesday, he was unable to stand on his toes which required further evaluation. After further review, the injury was determined, and surgery could occur shortly.

Boone further commented on New York Yankees reliever Betances’ ailment:

“We’ve been one of the best teams in the sport all season and I would say our bullpen’s been one of the overwhelming strengths of this club, and that doesn’t change,” Boone said. “We know how great he is and what a difference-maker he is, but we certainly have the people there to continue to have our bullpen be a strength.”