New York Giants: Forgotten Wide Receiver Making Big Strides

New York Giants Corey Coleman

It’s easy to forget about some of the less famous receivers for the New York Giants with a lot of the attention from the press and the fans rightfully going to Sterling Shepard, who recently signed a large contract for four years, as well as Golden Tate, who joins the team from the Eagles as one of the better slot receivers in the league. There’s also others such as Cody Latimer and Russell Shepard, both of whom are among the players that will fight to work their way up the depth chart this offseason.

So it’s forgivable to forget about Corey Coleman. The receiver is on his fourth team but this will be his second year with the Giants after joining the organization in 2018, and from the looks of it, the Giants may have found a player that they can keep around – even if other franchises haven’t seen the same value in Coleman, who bounced between the Bills and Patriots in 2018 and found a home with neither.

“Who was the Z, who was the X, he’s very interested in all that. He’s learning our system, he’s doing a great job learning it. He’s fast, he’s really a terrific talent, so hopefully we can get him on the field and make a difference for us,” head coach Pat Shurmur told on the subject of Coleman.

“I’ve got a lot of great people around me. Starting from the ground up, you get to build a base. I get to know the Day 1 install instead of coming in halfway during the season [when it is] just game plan stuff. So it’s helped a lot,” Coleman himself stated.

Shurmur also spoke about just what Coleman added to the team after joining it last season. “As we all know, we really didn’t have an established punt returner to start the year, one that we were total comfortable with. He was able to come in and help the return game. He was basically on kickoffs and then he worked on his punts,” Shurmur said.

“Then he made a couple plays in the passing game at wideout, he got more and more comfortable. He’s getting more and more comfortable now. I think him having the full process, we are going to see the best of him.”

Both Coleman and Russell Shepard commented on the state of the receivers room right now, praising it. Coleman specifically claimed that not every team has a group of players such as the Giants.

“I know this dude next to me, if I need help – ‘Hey, what do I have on this?’ – he helps me out, he knows it’s the same with me. It’s really rare to be in a receiver room like that,” Coleman said.

Hopefully, that early chemistry carries over into the season and is enough to bring the Giants more wins in 2019.

New York Giants: Comparing Saquon Barkley To NFL Legends

There is no doubt that New York Giants‘ running back Saquon Barkley is a generational talent. After only one season, Barkley is arguably the best running back in the NFL already. He was an incredible prospect coming out of college and he proved it was not just hype in his rookie season.

Barkley’s rookie season was legendary and if he continues at this rate then he could be one of the best running backs of all time. So how does Saquon Barkley compare to other NFL legends before him?

Leading The League In Scrimmage Yards

In 2018, Saquon Barkley lead the NFL in scrimmage yards with 2,028 total yards. Even though he was just a rookie, Barkley was dominant as a runner and as a receiver.

Plenty of legendary running backs began their careers leading the league in scrimmage yards. For example, 5x First-Team All-Pro and Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson led the NFL in scrimmage yards as a rookie. Dickerson totaled 2,212 scrimmage yards in 1983.

Barkley cracking 2,000+ scrimmage yards as a rookie is highly impressive. To put it in perspective, NFL legend Barry Sanders only accomplished this feat twice in the entirety of his historic career.

Explosive Running Style

Saquon Barkley played behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines in 2018. For Saquon, it did not matter at all. Barkley still averaged an insane 5.0 yards per carry while totaling 1,307 rushing yards and winning AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.

A lot of Barkley’s yards came from big plays. Saquon Barkley had 8 plays over 40 yards last year. In the last 28 years, that has only done been twice. Barry Sanders did it in 1997 and Chris Johnson did it in 2009. Barkley is a generational talent and it is almost unbelievable he was able to do this as a rookie.

If Saquon can continue to be such an explosive runner, he will get his name into the same conversations as Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, and all the other legends.

Saquon’s explosive running style did not get him into any trouble though. Barkley was a clean runner who never put the ball on the turf in his rookie season. Barkley had 350+ touches and 2,000+ scrimmage yards with an amazing 0 fumbles.

Other rookie legends with the same number of touches and total yardage were not nearly as efficient with the ball as Barkley. With the same touches and yardage requirements, Barry Sanders fumbled 10 times as a rookie, Emmitt Smith 7 times, OJ Simpson 6 times, Marcus Allen and Zeke Elliot 5 times each, David Johnson and Adrian Peterson 4 times each, and Todd Gurley 3 times.

The legendary runner that Barkley has been compared to most is Barry Sanders. Sanders was a tackle-breaking machine and Barkley has proven to be one as well. In fact, Saquon forced more missed tackles than anyone else last season with 71 total avoided tackles (Pro Football Focus).

Here is a video of the elctrifying running style of Barry Sanders:

Now check out this video of Saquon Barkley:

The two players run with such similarity. They are insanely agile and can make jump cuts whenever they please. No one seems able to tackle Sanders or Barkley. Saquon has a running-style so similar to the legends and put up record-setting production as a rookie. If Saquon can continue with this level of play in his career, he will be one of the best running backs of all time.

New York Knicks: Ignas Brazdeikis can be steal of the draft

New York Knicks, Michigan Wolverines, Ignas Brazdeikis

The New York Knicks didn’t even bring in Ignas Brazdeikis for a workout thinking he would be drafted well before the 55th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Moving up with Sacramento Kings to the 47th pick to steal the Lithuanian might have been one of the most sneaky-good moves of the draft.

The 6-foot-7 forward is a proficient scorer but needs to develop his defensive skills at the professional level. The Knicks, however, were keen on grabbing the talented Michigan product – paying the Kings $1 million in cash considerations.

The New York Knicks rookie commented on his drafting spot:

“I was kind of surprised I wasn’t drafted in the first round,’’ Brazdeikis told The Post on Wednesday after the Knicks’ summer league practice. “But I’m happy with the situation I’m in. It’s a great situation for me, and I’m proud to be a Knick. I’m definitely going to prove a lot of people wrong.’’

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President Steve Mills commented previously on the forward’s abilities, stating:

“There was toughness and competitiveness he exhibited in those games. Scott and I looked at each other, he’s high on the list, but I don’t think he’ll make it out of the first round. He’s physical, tough, can shoot. As our analytics guys laid it out, he should be a contributor on an NBA roster.’’

Assuming he would go between picks 25-40, the Knicks were surprised he dropped as far as he did and didn’t wait to scoop him up before another team realized his potential. As a productive scorer, averaging 14.8 points, 0.8 assists, 0.7 blocks, and 4.3 defensive rebounds per game, Brazdeikis will play a part in the Knicks’ plan this upcoming season, but I anticipate he will require a year of NBA experience to unlock his potential.

New York Giants: Dez Bryant emerges as possible free agent grab

Could the New York Giants consider Dez Bryant as a possible free agent pickup?

With the New York Giants lacking a true big body receiver to compete in the red zone, it’s possible they reach out to former Dallas Cowboys star, Dez Bryant.

While I don’t believe they will pursue him in free agency, it’s possible Bryant earns a workout with the team and is offered a minimum deal for one-year to see if he’s capable of producing in the NFL. Dez suffered a significant injury last season with the New Orleans Saints before even taking the field in a regular-season game.

An Achilles tear set him back an entire year, but he’s been working back from the injury with success. The Giants, an unlikely suitor, would utilize him in the slot at his age.

He doesn’t have the breakaway speed to be a wideout at this point in time, making him better utilized as a crossing-route specialist with good hands.

What would the New York Giants be getting from Dez Bryant?

The 30-year-old racked up 838 yards on 69 receptions with six scores in his final season with Dallas in 2017. The Giants currently have a solid amount of talent on the roster with Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate, making Dez unnecessary, but it’s never a bad thing to add competition and kick the tires on a once-dominant player.

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I would consider bringing him in on a test trial for no guaranteed money and an incentive-based contract. There’s no team that will likely consider him a starting option at this point in his career unless he really proves the Achilles injury hasn’t set him back. Being a veteran, however, does present value for the younger receivers.

He’s also a capable leader with the fire to promote success on the offense. An interesting idea that I anticipate will amount to nothing.

New York Yankees could be without Luis Severino for entire season

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

As the New York Yankees crawl towards the All-Star break, the expectation was that ace pitcher Luis Severino would return in August, but his timetable for return keeps being pushed back and is now in jeopardy of missing the entire season.

Manager Aaron Boone stated that he believes Severino will return at some point, but he’s stopped providing timetables due to recent setbacks in his program.

“I expect both back,’’ Boone said. “I stopped giving a time. I want them to be right.’’

The other pitcher mentioned is relief option Dellin Betances who has also been struggling with getting right and making a return.

Next week, Severino should begin playing catch again, the first steps in a return that’s becoming more improbable. Being on the injured list since March 28th with a grade 2 lat strain doesn’t bode well for the right-handed pitcher. He’s already missed 85 games on the season.

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Boone mentioned that Sevy should begin throwing relatively soon, possibly next week. He’s a bit more down the line than Betances. Having both return later on in the season would be an ideal scenario, hopefully in time for the playoffs as the Yankees currently sit at 56-29 holding the second-best record in baseball.

Having both quality pitchers available during the postseason would give the team the extra push to succeed beyond the second round in which the Bombers were knocked out last year.

The Yankees made a mistake with Severino’s recovery:

When the Yanks began Sevy’s throwing program, they were not aware of how sensitive the shoulder really was. Instead of doing an extra MRI to ensure he was prepared, they put him into the program which eventually saw his timeline to return set back not only weeks but months. That could prove to have a significant influence down the stretch, but the Bombers have survived so far.

“Clearly, in hindsight, he never should have started his throwing program,” Cashman said. “He passed all his physical testing. He was strong. They made a determination not to do an MRI and normally they don’t do an MRI to follow up after the down period of time they test him out, they test you out and any individual. But in hindsight, clearly and MRI probably would have been warranted to make sure and it wasn’t.”


New York Knicks fans should not be mad over Kawhi decision

News broke two days ago that the New York Knicks backed out of meeting with free agent Kawhi Leonard.  The Knicks were suppose to meet with Leonard on Wednesday after he met with the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers.

Let’s be honest, the meeting was not going to lure Leonard to New York.  It would have been a courtesy meeting for one of the biggest basketball markets and nothing more.

Kawhi Leonard was not going to play for the New York Knicks.  There was a very small chance of the Knicks actually landing him.

The Knicks said they made a ‘tactical’ move by backing out of meeting with Leonard so they did not lose out on other free agents.  That seems odd, especially when the meeting with Leonard was not suppose to happen until Wednesday, after free agency opened.

Kawhi just won an NBA title and MVP.  He has been winning his entire career.  The Knicks are not doing anything close to those things.  It really does not make any reasonable sense for him to select the Knicks.

The Knicks brass made a very wise decision in backing out of the meeting.  It seems like they knew that they were a long shot to sign him and did not want to tease the Knicks faithful with any more fairy tales.

Many fans, analysts and talk show hosts continue to crush the Knicks for doing this.  However, it was the right move.  They were not getting Leonard, so why get the fans hopes up for even the slimmest possibility of signing him.

This was a smart decision made by Scott Perry and Steve Mills.  Let the Knicks move on with the young, fun core of players they had and have brought in for the upcoming season.

New York Giants News, 7/5 – Is Mike Remmers really that much better?

New York Giants, Mike Remmers, Minnesota Vikings

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The topic of the day is new right tackle Mike Remmers for the Giants. The former Minnesota Viking has experience under Pat Shurmur and will likely be the starting option on Eli Manning’s vision side this upcoming season.

Remmers, a true veteran, will replace the formerly undrafted Chad Wheeler, a player who has struggled at times but showed resiliency throughout his 2018 campaign. Big Blue signing a one-year, $2.5 million deal with Remmers puts Wheeler’s spot in jeopardy, and to be quite frank, he will probably be replaced if he hasn’t been already.

On a positive note, Remmers is coming off back surgery but is expected to return to 100% this offseason and be ready for training camp. A small glimmer of hope remains for Wheeler if Remmers can’t regain his form from previous seasons.

Head coach Shurmur stated in regards to Remmers:

“He is a pro, a real pro, and he played winning football for us in Minnesota,” Shurmur said.

The narrative as of late has been that Remmers wasn’t a good player in his most recent season (2018), but he was playing out of position at right guard and will return to his natural tackle spot. An upgrade at the position for the Giants should not only help Eli Manning succeed but Saquon Barkley as well.


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