New York Giants: War Of Words With Odell Beckham Jr. Continues

The breakup between the New York Giants and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. might just be the messiest one of the NFL offseason so far – Beckham is just one of the players that the Giants moved on from this offseason, and like Landon Collins, has been plenty vocal since joining his new team. It doesn’t really seem like either player left the team on their own terms, and as a result, there’s been plenty of talk about the circumstances that led to the departures of both players.

There’s also been a lot of talk about Beckham not fitting into the Giants as an organization, and that was one of the driving factors for the plentiful trade rumors that were abound before the deal to send Beckham away actually happened. When Beckham spoke to Complex recently, it became clear just how deep the divide between the player and the Giants as an organization really was.

“I can’t wait to get going. I just felt with the Giants I was just stuck at a place that wasn’t working for me anymore. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to reach my full potential there; mentally, physically, spiritually, everything I felt capable of doing, I just couldn’t see it happening there,” Beckham said, able to speak more honestly after moving on from the team.

“I’m just excited about being able to play football again and not have to deal with all the other stuff and politics that came with my previous role,” Beckham added, which is likely referencing his interactions with the front office and the media during his time in New York. One of the major controversies of last season was Beckham’s ESPN interview with Lil Wayne, which drew direct criticism from co-owner John Mara and became more of a controversy than it initially seemed like.

From controversies over celebrations, attendance at offseason activities, and tense contract negotiations, plenty of drama has followed Beckham throughout his career in New York. Potentially, moving to Cleveland offers a fresh start in a less demanding market, with an organization that’s more willing to accept a star player as they come rather than asking as much as the New York press and the Giants front office did.

We’ll have to wait to see, however, if the move to Cleveland benefits the Giants as much as it benefits Beckham – the team’s passing offense with an aging quarterback and without their main receiver is still largely a question mark.

New York Yankees: Luke Voit Continuing To Live Up To Expectations

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

New York Yankees first baseman Luke Voit has been continuing to live up to the expectations that he set at the end of 2018.

Over 268 at-bats, Voit has a .269 average with 17 home runs and 46 RBIs. He’s drawn 48 walks, but has 84 strikeouts as well. But, all of that is good enough to become a finalist for the starting spot at first base in the 2019 all-star game in Cleveland.

Proving everyone wrong

In July of 2018, the Yankees acquired Luke Voit from the St. Louis Cardinals for Chasen Shreve and Giovanny Gallegos. Gallegos hadn’t spent much in the bigs, but Shreve did and constantly struggled with the Yankees.

So, the trade was basically a salary dump so the Yankees could make more trades at the deadline, and thought they were just getting a AAA first baseman.

But, Greg Bird wasn’t producing with the Yankees so the team called Voit up and gave him a shot. He had a successful final month and a half of the season in the majors, batting over .300 and leading the MLB in home runs during that time.

Though he isn’t batting .300 this year, .270 is still real solid. He continues to drive in runs and get on base, while playing solid defense for a first baseman.

His impact on the Yankees continues to be felt, and hopefully he will get the shot he deserves to start the all-star game.


New York Giants: 3 rookies that could earn playing time on starting team

New York Giants, Julian Love, DeAndre Baker, Julian Love

Looking at three underrated New York Giants rookie that can make a difference during the 2019 season:

The Giants drafted ample talent in the 2019 NFL Draft, some of which will be immediate starters with impactful roles. However, there are multiple players that will fight for their right to earn even limited reps, while others will emerge as starters after training camp.

Here are 3 New York Giants rookies ready to steal starting jobs:

1.) CB – Julian Love

Julian Love, drafted in the fourth round, was an absolute steal. Ranked as a top four corner entering the draft, Love is a tenacious athlete. He’s great in off-ball coverage and has adequate speed to keep up with receivers. He will likely slide into the slot corner spot and compete with Grant Haley, formerly undrafted in 2018.

Haley played in 11 games last season and proved he’s capable of playing at the NFL level. Love is more refined in his skill-set, though, which gives him the upper hand in stealing the job away from Haley. This will be an exciting position battle to keep an eye on.

2.) TE – CJ Conrad

An undrafted free agent this year, Conrad is a big tight end that has looked fantastic so far this summer. He was one of two players to earn first-team reps at the end of OTAs. He’s an above average receiving tight end and has the size to block at the line of scrimmage.

Coming out of Kentucky, a team that didn’t have many offensive playmakers, Conrad shined despite opposing defenses focusing on him. He’s one of my darkhorse players for the season ahead and could steal starting reps away from Scott Simonson and Rhett Ellison.

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3.) LB- Ryan Connelly

The fact of the matter is, BJ Goodson never really lived up to his potential coming out of Clemson. Believe it or not, he played in 15 games last season, and I barely remember seeing him on the field. That should give you an idea of his influence on the team and the lack of impact he provided on the defense.

Ryan Connelly, however, is an instinctive linebacker with the ability to get into the backfield in a hurry. Racking up 89 total tackles as a senior for Wisconsin, Connelly showed what he’s capable and why he belongs on an NFL team. He also picked up 10 tackles for a loss and three sacks in 12 games (Sports Reference).

I’m anticipating him breaking through at some point in 2019 and earning reps during the regular season. Aside from his abilities close to the line of scrimmage, he can also cover running backs and tight ends. He’s a player that I believe will blossom with a bit of development – he’s a well-rounded player that can be a three-down linebacker.


New York Giants: Lorenzo Carter Is Ready To Make A Leap

One of the New York Giants‘ biggest positional weaknesses is at the edge rusher position. The Giants knew this heading into the 2019 NFL Draft but passed up on the chance to draft elite pass-rusher, Josh Allen.

The Giants were in need of pass rushers heading into the 2019 offseason but ended up trading Olivier Vernon anyway. This leaves the Giants defense with a minimal number of talented pass-rushers. One pass-rusher that the Giants will need to improve is Lorenzo Carter.

Thanks to the Olivier Vernon trade, Lorenzo Carter will likely be placed in a starting role with the New York Giants. After flashing potential in his rookie season, Lorenzo Carter looks ready to make a leap in 2019.

Lorenzo Carter Stats And Highlights

Lorenzo Carter was drafted by the Giants in the 3rd-round (with the 66th overall pick) of the 2018 NFL Draft. Carter was an underrated prospect coming out of college and the Giants were lucky to get him in the 3rd-round.

Carter is a fast, uber-athletic edge-rusher. He demonstrated elite explosiveness at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine, setting a record for the longest broad jump ever by an edge rusher at 10 feet and 10 inches. He also ran an impressive 4.5s 40-yard dash time.

Lorenzo Carter saw minimal playing time as a rookie, playing in 15 games but starting in only 2 games, yet he still flashed true potential. He posted a 65.8 overall Pro Football Focus grade in 2018, which they consider being “above-average.” That was also one of the highest grades among rookie edge defenders.

Lorenzo totaled 4 sacks and 10 quarterback hits in his 2018 rookie campaign. He also recorded 43 combined tackles and 7 tackles for loss. Additionally, Carter played surprisingly well in pass defense, finishing the season with 4 pass breakups.

These statistics are even more impressive when considering that Carter was held to playing only 40 percent of defensive snaps last season. That percentage is likely to increase drastically in the 2019 season. Lorenzo Carter will take a leap as a starter on the Giants’ defense this season.

New York Jets: LeVeon Bell is going to make Sam Darnold that much better

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell

The New York Jets are in great shape moving forward with LeVeon Bell at the helm:

While Isaiah Crowell presented a decent running back option in 2018 for the Jets, he doesn’t even compare to the talent they acquired in LeVeon Bell.

Despite the rumors that Adam Gase wasn’t interested in signing the star running back, his influence will be impactful, and he will elevate Sam Darnold’s numbers and success exponentially. Having a safety option like Bell in the backfield will give Darnold an extra progression in case his receivers are bottled up.

To give you some context:

Bell, who missed all of 2018 with a contract dispute, earned 1,291 rushing yards the year prior to go along with 655 receiving yards and 11 scores. As a dual-threat back, Gase will be able to open up his playbook and really exercise screens more effectively and efficiently. It will be interesting to see how Gase utilizes Bell’s unique skill-set and implements it on the offense.

Darnold commented on his abilities and how he is going to confuse defenses, according to ESPN:

“When he’s out there in the huddle, the defensive coordinator doesn’t know where he’s going to line up. He doesn’t know what’s coming his way. With Le’Veon out there, we’ve become a little more unpredictable, just because he’s such a great route runner. He’s not just running a ‘smoke,’ and he’s not just running 5-yard routes. He could run deep on you. He could run a slant … and score. There are a lot of different things he can do.”

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That’s one of the more underrated aspects of Bell, he can run routes like a legitimate receiver — post routes, slants, etc. Unpredictability will be the word to use when it comes tot he Jets’ new running back – Gase said it himself:

“Is he going to be in the gun? Strong? Offset? Weak? Is he going to be under center [in the Wildcat]? Is he going to be split out wide? Is he going to be the single receiver? Is he going to be in empty? Is he going to be in the slot? There are five different spots he can go if we go empty.

I anticipate Bell not only being the leading rusher for the Jets but also their top receiver. Adding just Jamison Crowder in free agency to bolster their receiving corps simply isn’t enough to get the job done for Darnold. They still have Robby Anderson on the team but lost Jermaine Kearse – this unit surely needs a boost otherwise opposing defenses will look to scheme Bell out of the game.

Bell had Antonio Brown to help deter defenders from stacking the box against the running back in Pittsburgh.

New York Giants: Eli Manning biggest fear has been alleviated in 2019

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

The New York Giants have made aggressive efforts to rebuild the offensive line the past two season, with general manager Dave Gettleman setting a record-breaking contract with left tackle Nate Solder’s four-year, $62 million deal (Spotrac).

He then spent a high second-round pick on Will Hernandez and recently traded the team’s best pass-rusher for right guard, Kevin Zeitler. Several weeks later they upgraded the right tackle position with Mike Remmers over Chad Wheeler.

Veteran quarterback Eli Manning will be the benefactor of these improvements, however, he will have to shake off years of wear and tear and muscle memory in what could be his final season.

Watching Manning play, you can tell how comfortable he is by looking at his feet. If they’re stable and not too jumpy, you know he’s locked in and relying on his awareness to avoid pressure, but when his feet start to scramble and lose sync, you know he’s feeling the incoming pressure.

More often than not, he’s in total disarray at the expense of the offensive line. This will be the first season in years since he’s had solid protection capable of providing him with time in the pocket. Given, this unit looks great on paper and nothing more. It’s expected Solder and Hernandez will develop into a solid duo and Zeitler will pick up right where he left off as a top 5 guard in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns.

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The New York Giants need to help Manning get rid of his fear:

Years of inadequate line play has left Manning shell-shocked, anticipating a lethal pass-rush that can’t be stopped. He’s in a different situation this year and will need to revert to his old self and rely on his protection to come through. When Eli is focused, he can be deadly, but when he’s rattled there’s nothing stopping him from throwing multiple interceptions.

That’s a reality that he has faced from the beginning of games in recent years — he was expecting little help in the trenches. The muscle memory he’s developed because of that will need to be re-written, and he will need to do it quickly in what could be his final year.

Luckily, Gettleman has given him the tools to change, it’s up to him now to take advantage.



New York Giants: Daniel Jones Not Shaken Up By Yankee Stadium Boos

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones.

Analysts might be getting more positive about New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, but it’s going to take more to convince the average fan that the team made the right decision with the sixth pick when they took Daniel Jones controversially over other players such as edge rusher Josh Allen and higher rated quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr., the latter of whom may just end up becoming another star quarterback in the same division as the Giants with the Washington Redskins.

It’s going to take good play on the field to win Jones over, rather than just offseason hype. That became painfully clear when Jones showed up at a Yankees game and received the same treatment that many have gotten from the Yankee Stadium crowd: boos. However, the rookie quarterback doesn’t seem shaken up by the incident.

“I certainly don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it…” Jones told the Rich Eisen Show. “I’m focused on what we are doing here and trying to practice as well as I could these last six weeks and show some progress. At the end of the day, I’m grateful to be part of this franchise and get this opportunity. I’m looking forward to keeping it going.”

Jones also talked about the competition in training camp, but claims that he wasn’t told that he could start this year – something which realistically is an extreme longshot, even if plenty of rumors continue to fly around about it. “No one has said anything like that. We’re just trying to do all we can to make sure this team is ready to play in August,” explained Jones.

Chances are, the matter of the 6th overall pick this year and whether or not the player selected with it is worth it or not won’t be settled within this year or maybe even next year… Whether General Manager Dave Gettleman, who is responsible for originally making the pick, is still in his position by the time we find out what the Giants are really getting with Jones is something that remains to be seen.

New York Yankees: Clint Frazier is surely on his way out

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

With the impending return of Aaron Judge and the magnificent play of Cameron Maybin offensively and defensively, the New York Yankees are in a great spot. So good, in fact, Clint Frazier has become expendable after hitting .283 over 191 at-bats this season, helping the Yankees to a 46-27 record despite a bad case of the injury bug.

Now, with the starting pitching rotation in shambles, Frazier has become a trading piece, being sent down to the Triple-A to ride out the remaining days of his Yankee career.

However, Yankees principal owner, Hal Steinbrenner stated:

“I think he’s got a great career ahead of him,” Hal Steinbrenner said Wednesday at the MLB owners’ meetings in Midtown. “He’s got a lot of talent. … He’ll be a big part of this team going forward. He certainly has the capability of doing that.”

While his vote of confidence might indicate he’s not on the trading block, the Bombers recently traded for slugger Edwin Encarnacion, which supplants Frazier’s spot in the lineup and puts one more talented option in front of him that he must overtake for the starting job.

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New York Yankees: Clint Frazier needs to improve drastically on defense

Clint’s lack of defensive efficiency has hurt him badly this season, making him a glorified designated hitter, but with the Yankees’ home run-centric mindset, Encarnacion fits the bill much better. That’s why Frazier is certainly on his way out – despite him having a solid hitting streak this year — his defense is so poor that there really isn’t a spot on the team for him unless multiple players pick up injuries.

Now is the best time to utilize his value in the open market and bring in a starting pitcher that can help immediately. With Luis Severino months away from a return and Domingo German on the injured list, adding an option like Mets’ Zack Wheeler or Noah Syndergaard would be perfect. Frazier would headline a potential deal on the Yankees side.

New York Giants News, 6/21 – Daniel Jones’ intelligence on full display

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones during voluntary OTAs.

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

Most aren’t aware that Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones passed on attending Stanford to walk-on to the Duke football team. His intelligence is one of the more exciting aspects of the young passer – a factor that will help him excel in the future.

However, he’s already put his intellect on full display, learning the playbook very quickly. The method of preparation and learning Jones has been through repetition, continuously reviewing the playbook looking to further understand and comprehend what the offense is trying to achieve.

Here’s what Jones had to say about his process in an interview on the Giants Huddle podcast with Dan Salomone.

“I’ve found that once you write it down a lot, you draw it, you see it, and then you can kind of take that into your head because on the field you don’t have a piece of paper,” Jones said. “So you’re going to have to visualize it in your head, and that just kind of helps you organize the play call and then see it on the field. That all takes place in the meeting room, and obviously watching film is a huge component of that and seeing it in a moving picture. But in the notebook, I’ve found that just writing it down and seeing it on the paper is a good way to kind of get a lot of reps and do it over and over and over again.”

While studying the playbook on paper is helpful, he will have to physically practice and work through the plays to full understand what’s expected of him. This is the process he will undergo over the course of his rookie season, and why Eli Manning is still around to help him develop.


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