New York Yankees: Aaron Judge To Return Friday

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees announced before Thursday’s game against the Houston Astros that right fielder Aaron Judge will be returning on Friday to the line-up.

Judge was batting .288 in 73 at-bats before his injury. He pulled a muscle in his oblique on April 20th on a swing against the Kansas City Royals.

Judge hit .125 in 16 at-bats in rehab with the Railriders over the past week. He also hit a home run in his final game with the team’s AAA affiliate.

What Will The Yankees Do?

The Yankees have a tough roster decision to make on Friday.

They need to decide weather the team will carry 12 or 13 position players. By having 13, you keep Cameron Maybin and choose to option a reliever. By keeping 12, you have to do something with Cameron Maybin.

The Yankees could try to waive him in hopes that he clears waivers and goes to the minors, but that isn’t likely. WIth his .300 batting average, he would likely be claimed.

Or, maybe Brian Cashman has another deal coming that could involve Maybin. But, if neither of those options are the case, the Yankees will have to release the speedy outfielder.

It will be great to have Aaron Judge back, but it sucks that the team will have to make a decision to either keep or dump Cameron Maybin, someone that has been extremely productive for the Yankees.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones is Eli Manning reincarnated and more

New York Giants, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

From first glance, New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones almost looks as if he could be Eli Manning’s offspring. Not only does he portray similar facial expressions, but he has the same demeanor and attitude towards success as Eli.

The Giants really outdid themselves in finding their new quarterback. The plan seemed simple – find a passer that resembles Manning but with better physical attributes.

Jones has similar mechanics, given to him by a shared coach in David Cutcliffe. The rookie’s arm motion nearly replicates Peyton Manning’s. The way all three have dealt with the media, especially Eli in New York, the methods they utilized to prepare for big games, and their mentality towards practice, is almost eerie.

Maybe it was destiny for Jones to succeed Manning after all. However, he has one advantage over the veteran going into his 15th season in the NFL. Jones can run…fast.

Daniel Jones’ tangibles traits will help the New York Giants:

The mobility Jones has will allow him to do things Manning was always hesitant to attempt. Picking up yards with his legs, aggressive quarterback-sneaks, third-down runs, etc. Manning was also versed in the play-action and was great at throwing on the run when it was designed.

Off-script success was always an issue for Eli as his lack of speed would often see him succumb to pressure. Manning has been sacked 406 times in his career, that’s a deafening number that likely keeps Eli awake at night. Jones will see that issue alleviate to a certain degree.

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The last two seasons have been particularly interested in regards to Manning’s success. He’s only completed one fourth-quarter comeback, the most lackluster streak in his career. In 2016, he recorded three comebacks alone. This can be appropriated towards Manning’s lack of time in the pocket and inability to compensate. Jones will be able to cover up that problem to a degree. However, ensuring he has a solid offensive line must be a priority.

General manager Dave Gettleman has appropriated plenty of resources towards rebuilding the line, a necessity moving forward. In 2020, when Jones could take over, it’s essential he starts off strong with plenty of weapons and protection to build upon his confidence.


New York Yankees: 4 Potential Pitching Targets and their cost

Could the New York Yankees pursue Max Scherzer in a trade?

The New York Yankees have been stuttering a bit lately. After winning eight straight series’ for the first time in over 20 years, the team hasn’t won one since the beginning of the month. While the offense has struggled at times, the main reason for the recent slide has been because of pitching. Besides Domingo German, who was tied for the AL Lead with 9 wins before going down with an injury, the rest of the rotation has not been doing their job. They need another starter, preferably an elite one, if they plan to be playing baseball come late October.

4 Potential Pitching Trade Targets for the New York Yankees:

Max Scherzer

2019 Stats: 5-5, 2.81 ERA, 15 Starts, 99.1 IP, 1.08 WHIP

Why Scherzer?

Assuming that the Nationals put the 3x Cy Young Winner on the trade block, he will be the best pitcher available on the market. Even at age 34, the former 11th overall pick has shown little sign of slowing down. Scherzer has had an ERA below 3.00 every year since 2015, the only pitcher in baseball to achieve the feat. Simply put, “Mad Max”, if available, will be the best pitcher available in years.

What it Would Cost

Besides the financial part of it (Scherzer is due over 30 million each year through 2021), the Yankees would have to give up a lot of young talent. If Scherzer does become available, it signifies a complete rebuild in Washington. A possible trade that would be enticing for Washington could be: OF Clint Frazier, RHP Domingo German, INF Thairo Estrada, OF Estevan Florial, another young pitcher, and taking on most of Scherzer’s contract.

Madison Bumgarner:

2019 Stats: 3-6, 3.87 ERA, 15 Starts, 93.0 IP, 1.17 WHIP

Why Bumgarner?

His playoff experience and success is what will make most teams call the Giants about Bumgarner. In 14 career playoff starts, “Madbum” has posted a 2.11 ERA over the course of 102.1 IP. Even more impressively, in the World Series, he is 4-0 in his career with a 0.45 ERA in 36.0 IP. The guy has given up just ONE run in the World Series. If you are a team that plans to be playing in October, you want him on your team; or more importantly, you don’t want him on the team you’re playing.

What it Would Cost

Bumgarner is one of the best pitchers that will be on the trade market this summer. It is not often that a team ships off one of the best postseason pitchers of all-time. The Giants would not get as much with Bumgarner as the Nationals would with Scherzer, but they would still get a major haul. A possible trade package could include: OF Clint Frazier, OF Estevan Florial, RHP Jonathan Loasiaga, and another young pitcher.

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Trevor Bauer:

2019 Stats: 5-6, 3.41 ERA, 16 Starts, 108.1 IP, 1.12 WHIP

Why Bauer?

With Cleveland likely going to be out of the playoffs this season, they can look ahead to the future. While they won’t let go of ace Corey Kluber, there have been many talks of them putting the 28-year-old Bauer on the trade block. While he isn’t quite in the Scherzer elite class, he is a more than capable starter. Last year, Bauer posted a 2.21 ERA in 27 starts, second only to Cy Young winner Blake Snell. He would be a great addition to a rotation that has struggled for the majority of the season.

What it Would Cost

As you’ve noticed by now, the most likely Yankee to be traded for a pitcher this summer is Clint Frazier. That trend continues as he would be the centerpiece of a trade that would send him back to the team that drafted him fifth overall in 2013. Along with Frazier, other players that could be included in a deal to bring Bauer to the Bronx include: RHP Jonathan Loasiaga and OF Estevan Florial.

Marcus Stroman:

2019 Stats: 4-8, 3.18 ERA, 15 Starts, 87.2 IP, 1.31 WHIP

Why Stroman?

Stroman has been in talks with the Blue Jays about a new contract for multiple months now, and no progress has been made. With a new deal not in sight, it is very likely Toronto will look to trade the star pitcher. Stroman, a Gold-Glove winner in 2017, has gotten back on track after a poor season in 2018. He has put himself back in the category of the best pitchers in the game.

What it Would Cost

Of the names mentioned above, Stroman would be the cheapest. Like every other trade scenario that involves the Yankees this summer, Frazier would headline it. The only negative of acquiring Stroman is that the team would most likely have to work out a new contract for the 28-year-old. A trade that could happen for Stroman includes: OF Clint Frazier, INF Thairo Estrada, and young pitching.


New York Knicks: RJ Barrett is a must draft, Coach K reaffirms talents

New York Knicks, Duke, RJ Barrett

The New York Knicks hold the 3rd overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft which will commence on Thursday, and after fending off the Atlanta Hawks, they’re in a position to select a true building block.

Duke star RJ Barrett was the consensus No. 1 pick before Zion Williamson took college basketball by storm, but his talents shouldn’t be overlooked.

The almighty “Coach K” has advocated for the star player, stating:

“RJ will flourish here in New York,’’ Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said on his SiriusXM on Tuesday. “He wants to be here. He is so mature. He just turned 19 last Friday, but he’s been a part of the Canadian basketball program since [he was] a little guy, always played up.”

At just 19 years-old, Barrett is in a great position to develop his abilities and mature in a city that doesn’t sleep on tearing players apart in the media. He has the intangibles traits to brush off the criticism and begin convincing New York he can be the star they need for the next decade.

The 6-foot-7 swingman will be an elite presence on the court alongside Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, and hopefully a max-contract player or two. He’s a part of the future for the Knicks or at least should be, considering his capabilities and potential at the professional level.

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Coach K further said in regards to the Duke product:

“This kid is a multi-dimensional player,’’ Krzyzewski said. “He would start right away. He has the potential to be a double-double guy. He’s a great defensive rebounder, and if he gets the defensive rebound he can push, and he can play one through four. Because he can pass, too. As he grows, there’ll be times in this kid’s career where the triple-double will happen more than once. He’s a star. There’s no question. Beautiful, beautiful kid.”

Coming from one of the best coaches in the history of college basketball, it’s fair to say his opinion is held in great regard. There’s little doubt the Knicks will take Barrett with their first-round selection because if they don’t, the fan-base might riot Steve Mills and Scott Perry out of the front office.

New York Yankees: Where does Cameron Maybin fit in after Aaron Judge returns?

New York Yankees, Cameron Maybin

The New York Yankees are faced with the best, worst decision possible. They have too much talent to choose from. Outfielder Cameron Maybin has been on fire as of late, enjoying a four-game home run streak. With slugger Aaron Judge returning on Friday, it poses a difficult decision for the Yankees.

How will the New York Yankees utilize Aaron Judge when he returns?

There’s no question Judge will be inserted directly into the lineup, but in what capacity is my primary question. Maybin is hitting .315 on the year with five homers and 12 RBIs. Additionally, he’s a serious threat on the basis, which helps in run support and getting runners in scoring position.

However, Judge’s return will ultimately lead to Maybin being designated for assignment. But it seems as if the surprisingly productive player is at peace with the reality of his position:

“It’s a business and things happen,” Maybin stated on Tuesday. “I can’t control what decisions are made. What I control is each and every day I’m going to come out and give it everything like it’s my last game. I always talk about controlling the controllables … my effort, my energy. Control what you can control and then let the chips fall where they may.”

He handled the question far better than Clint Frazier did, as he cleared up his facebook of pictures and, to be quite frank, acted like a child that was unaware of the business side of baseball. In all likelihood, he would have likely been brought back up at some point, but his demeanor screams trade-bait at this point.

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The Pinstripes have changed Maybin:

Putting on the Yankees pinstripes has been the catalyst for success this season. Reserve players that have seldom seen success have emerged as legitimate starters. Maybin, Gio Urshela, Luke Voit…unexpected players have risen to the occasion.

“People say wearing the pinstripes isn’t for everybody, but I think it is for guys that can handle some ups and downs. I feel my personality and what I’m able to bring as a nice piece to the puzzle makes me a good fit,” Maybin stated.

The Yankees will likely keep the veteran outfielder over Frazier due to his attitude and acceptance of his role with the Bombers. His influence has been great and he will likely prove to be an impactful option once again as the season progresses.


Why the New York Knicks should keep Frank Ntilikina

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

The youth on the New York Knicks allows them to think for the future and not the present – the reality is, the organization is at least one season away from being a legitimate contender, and that’s if they can lure in a max-contract player to help spark an accelerated sense of progress.

Keeping the already applied youth players should be a priority, but there are some on the cusp of veteranship that are considered trading pieces.

According to Ian Begley of, they are reportedly shopping Ntilikina for a potential trade:

“Ntilikina has been a part of trade rumors for several months. It is unclear what the Knicks would be looking for in return for a Ntilikina deal, but the New York Post, which first reported the Knicks’ willingness to move Ntilikina, says the club is looking for a late first or second-round pick.”

I don’t believe they should trade Ntilikina for one simple reason, his defense. If the Knicks are unable to sign a quality point guard in free agency, they will be left with Dennis Smith Jr. who is more versed in scoring that defensive ability. The team has only a few hours left to acquire a draft pick this year unless they are willing to move him and earn a selection in 2020.

Letting him go would deplete the roster of a solid defender and a player with plenty of potential. Extracting it has been an issue on the scoring side, but he’s working tirelessly to improve his game.

Frank is entering his third season with the club and will carry a $6.18 million option for the 2020-21 season. If the Knicks decline, they will force Ntilikina to test the waters of free agency next summer. Gaining value now by adding a draft pick makes sense, but only if they are able to bring in a point guard like Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, or even Ja Morant in the draft.

New York Giants might have gained a steal in right tackle George Asafo-Adjei

New York Giants, George Asafo-Adjei

The New York Giants drafted a solid group of players in the 2019 NFL draft, but the late draft picks and UDFAs have really shined.

First, tight end CJ Conrad emerged as a quality athlete that slipped through the cracks and landed in the Giants’ lap. His influence so far has put Scott Simonson and Rhett Ellison’s jobs in question. George Asafo-Adjei, 7th round pick right tackle form Kentucky, though, has been another player of notice.

Coined “Big George,” the offensive lineman fits the bill perfectly in regards to general manager Dave Gettleman’s preferred “hog molly” look. At 6-5, 306-pounds, Asafo-Adjei represents a behemoth of a man on the right side of the line.

The New York Giants are approaching the RT position perfectly:

The Giants recently signed Mike Remmers to fill the spot while the late round player develops behind the scenes.

“He picked up the offense much quicker than I thought he was going to,” Giants offensive line coach Hal Hunter said last month, according to “When you compare our offense to their offense, we have a lot more volume to it with a lot of the things that we were doing.”

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The athleticism and power Big George contains will help him in his quest for taking the right tackle job. Remmers was signed to a one-year deal which leaves the position wide open for the taking in 2020. If he can develop to a point where he can stand his ground against players like Lorenzo Carter, Markus Golden, and Oshane Ximines in practice, there’s reason to believe he could emerge as the starting option in the future.

Gaining a starting offensive lineman out of an undrafted player is certainly a steal, but there’s plenty of work to be done before we can consider him as such.


New York Giants News, 6/20 – DeAndre Baker to succeed Janoris Jenkins?

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

Before the NFL draft, the Giants had one of the weakest secondaries in the entire league — three days after they had a group of talented young athletes prepared to upgrade the unit completely.

Drafting DeAndre Baker in the first round, Julian Love in the fourth, and Corey Ballentine in the sixth provides an influx of talent for the secondary. Baker, the corner who GM Dave Gettleman traded up into the first round to snag, will likely be the No. 2 option alongside Janoris Jenkins.

In fact, I see Baker eventually succeeding Jenkins after his contract expires in 2020. However, the Giants could look to trade Jenkins later on in the season to a contender for a second or third round pick. This would put Baker in the top corner role and provide the Giants will additional draft capital for next year.

The reality is, the Giants aren’t in a position to compete for the playoffs in 2019, so helping the youngsters develop and grow should be the priority. A year of experience should put the team in a place to really begin clawing out wins in 2020. Baker will ultimately play a big part in that — he’s a physical corner with elite speed. He’s great in coverage and can stick tight to opposing wide receivers.


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New York Giants News, 6/18 – Evan Engram primed for a big year?

New York Giants: Offseason cuts are coming – who’s on the chopping block? (PODCAST)

New York Giants

Welcome to episode seven of Keeping up with the Gmen, New York Giants fans!

With training camp just around the bend, the Giants are preparing to focus on several positions that could see several surprising cuts. In this week’s episode, we discuss the quarterback position and much more. We go over Saquon Barkley and PFF ranking him as the 43rd overall player in the NFL – whether we agree or disagree with that grade.

In addition, we tell stories of our favorite game as a Giants fan and who our favorite player is or was. Personally, I’m a big Victor Cruz fan, considering what he brought to the team as an undrafted free agent and how there are several rookie UDFA’s this year that could make an impact on the team.

Players like tight end CJ Conrad and right tackle “Big George” could prove to be influential pieces down the road, and Conrad specifically, could be the catalyst behind a surprising cut in Rhett Ellison. We talk about much more, including a great story from your host Alexander Wilson on when he met Jerry Rice as a youngster.

Every week our conversations improve and its flow smoothens out. Thank you for joining us on this journey and being a part of the Big Blue crew along with our co-hosts, Anthony Rivardo, and Christian Morell.

Once, again, enjoy, and don’t forget to leave us a rating on Itunes!