New York Giants: Ereck Flowers Could Face Former Team In Washington

The two games this year between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants are going to be interesting ones. The teams already have a historic rivalry but that rivalry was added to recently by multiple former Giants players – of varying levels of popularity – making the switch to the Redskins. The most notable, of course, would be Landon Collins, who left the Giants as a free agent to take a much larger deal in Washington. However, Collins isn’t the only one to make the jump.

Ereck Flowers was much maligned at the right tackle for the Giants for three years, and last season, departed the team for the Jacksonville Jaguars after his release. His performances were poor enough for the Giants to completely pull the plug on him despite spending the ninth overall pick to get Flowers in the first place.

Now it looks like Flowers could meet his former team on the field after moving from the Jaguars to the Redskins, leaving the former as a free agent and signing a one year contract with the latter. It seems like a strange move for Washington to sign a highly criticized player such as Flowers to protect their rookie quarterback, but it’s one that might benefit the Giants, if Flowers does start.

And so far, Flowers is surprisingly set to open training camp with Washington as starter.

“He’s long, he’s square, obviously he can play in the short area so those are things we kind of identified during free agency that we liked and we are trying to fit him into that mode. So it’s been a work in progress, we got a long ways to go yet, but he’s made a nice transition,” Washington assistant head coach Bill Callahan stated.

It seems Flowers may be improving, but some positive things were said about Flowers before last season and it didn’t help much when it came time to perform on the field. The matchup between Flowers and the Giants, however, has some interesting aspects to it. If Flowers starts and performs well this season, it may look bad on the Giants coaching staff that failed to get even average performances from the player.

Between Landon Collins and his statements, the Giants passing on Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr., and Ereck Flowers ending up in the starting lineup at this point for Washington, the rivalry between these teams might just be interesting again. One can only hope the Giants are the one that comes out on top this season, in their two meetings.

New York Yankees: Clint Frazier’s Attitude Becoming A Serious Problem

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

Since being sent to AAA from the New York Yankees, outfielder Clint Frazier has made some questionable decisions that shine a negative light on him.

This isn’t the first time this has came up over the last few weeks. After several misplays against the Boston Red Sox on June 2nd, the way he acted with the media postgame left a lot to be answered for.

Frazier was optioned to AAA after Saturday night’s win over the Chicago White Sox. Since then, he unfollowed most Yankee players on Instagram and deleted most of his photos on the platform. He is also hasn’t physically reported to Scranton. He has “reported” and is on the Railriders active roster due to the team playing shorthanded, but has yet to enter the Scranton clubhouse, per Conor Foley (@RailridersTT).

In comparison, Mike Tauchman was sent down Monday night and was in the lineup for Scranton on Tuesday. But, New York is only two hours from Scranton compared to like 14 hours driving from Chicago, but Frazier should of reported on Monday if he went straight there.

This whole situation with Frazier is starting to become so weird. It’s like he is taking everything way too personal, when it’s a business decision. The way Frazier has been acting of late has frustrated Yankee fans, and I’m sure it’s frustrated the front office, too.

If he continues to act this way, he will for sure be traded by July 31st.

New York Yankees: 3 pitchers that could provide immediate value

Are the New York Yankees interested in trading for Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman?

With Nationals star Max Scherzer essentially off the board for a potential trade with the New York Yankees, it leaves us seeking quality elsewhere.

There’s plenty of pitchers that will be available on the trading block in the next few weeks, it ultimately comes down to what the Yankees are willing to give up in a deal and if they can manage to secure a pitcher with a proven health record that won’t be a potential problem.

Here are three pitchers the New York Yankees could pursue:

1.) Mets – Zack Wheeler

The Mets are in a position where trading players for youth value might be a good idea. The current season hasn’t panned out as expected and adding building blocks for the future is ideal. That’s where Zack Wheeler comes into play – the question is, are the Mets willing to deal with their cross-town rival?

If it includes Clint Frazier, they shouldn’t even hesitate to pull the trigger on a potential deal. Sitting at 5-4 on the year and 4.87 ERA, Wheeler is a solid option for the Yankees, especially when you consider his 97 MPH fastball. He’s one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the league and represents a ton of value if the Bombers can secure him.

2.) Giants – Madison Bumgarner

Despite a 3-6 record, Bumgarner is one of the better pitching option available via trade for the Bombers. He featured a 3.87 ERA and 90 strikeouts over 93 innings pitched. He’s an elite talent that can help the Yankees immediately, however, it would likely cost them a pretty penny.

Factor in Frazier and a few minor league prospects and it’s possible the Yankees could convince the Giants to pull the trigger. Sitting in last place at 30-39 are the Giants, who are desperately in need of run support. Adding a quality hitter in Frazier that’s only improving would be exactly what they need to begin building for the future.

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3.) Blue Jays – Marcus Stroman

With Stroman coming off his worst season in the MLB – 4.54 ERA over 102 1/3 innings pitched, he’s a solid target for GM Brian Cashman. Add in shoulder fatigue and a blister issue on his right middle finger, he would be a great value pickup for the Yankees if they’re not looking to spend major bucks.

Sitting at 4-8 on the season, Stroman is putting up much better numbers than his record indicates. He has an ERA of 3.18 but isn’t known to be a strikeout pitcher. He’s having a much better campaign this year, but the concerns mentioned before still bring down his value. He would cost much less than Bumgarner, but likely similar to Wheeler.


New York Giants: What Will Be Oshane Ximines’s Role In 2019?

One of the New York Giants‘ biggest needs heading into the NFL Draft was their need for a pass-rusher. They had the opportunity to get one of the best pass-rushers in the draft class with the 6th overall pick but opted to controversially select a quarterback instead.

The Giants then went on to drafts two defenders in the 1st-round, neither of which were pass-rushers. Big Blue waited all the way until the 95th overall pick at the end of the 3rd-round to select a pass-rusher. With the 95th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Oshane Ximines.

Oshane Ximines was the first player from his college, Old Dominion, to ever be drafted to the NFL. Ximines was a star defender for four years at Old Dominion, propelling him into the NFL Draft. After finding copious success at the collegiate level, the question is, what will Oshane Ximines’s role be with the Giants?

How Oshane Ximines Will Make His Impact In 2019

The New York Giants traded away their best pass-rusher, Olivier Vernon, during the 2019 NFL offseason. Vernon was with the Giants for three seasons and did not exactly live up to his contract. He failed to have a 10-sack season in New York, which lead to his eventual departure.

Now the Giants are left without a star pass-rusher and a ton of unproven talent on the edge. Lorenzo Carter looks to make a jump in his second season. Markus Golden is coming off of an injury and the Giants are hoping he can bounce back. And Oshane Ximines is coming from a small school, despite a ton of talent, and getting ready to compete in the NFL.

Oshane Ximines was phenomenal in his 2018 senior season. In 2018, Oshane totaled 58 tackles, 11.5 sacks and 18 tackles for loss. He also added 4 forced fumbles, 2 passes defended, and even 1 interception. This type of playmaking ability and versatility could be exactly what the Giants need.

However, the question is, how much of Ximines’s talents will be on display in 2019? During OTA’s Oshane Ximines took occasional snaps with the first team defense, so Giants fans might see more of X-Man than expected. Especially with his underrated coverage skills.

While practicing with the first team defense, Oshane was put in coverage against Golden Tate. Tate is one of the better route runners in the NFL, but somehow, Oshane surprised everyone and stuck with him in coverage, forcing an incompletion. Ximines is a versatile pass-rusher with the ability to occasionally play in coverage. This could make X-Man a secret weapon for the Giants.

Oshane Ximines will be a rotational pass-rusher for the Giants in 2019. Having a rotational pass-rusher will be key for the Giants in 2019. Ximines totaled a plentiful 55 pressures in 2018. That pressure total would have lead the Giants in 2018, as Vernon’s 47 pressures were the most for New York last season. He is not yet a starting edge rusher- that title belongs to Golden and Carter- however, he should see ample playing time, getting after the quarterback in passing situations and third downs.

New York Knicks should focus on building around RJ Barrett first and foremost

New York Knicks, Duke, RJ Barrett

One of the most polarizing scorers in college basketball, Duke star RJ Barrett will, in all likeliness, be bringing his talents to the New York Knicks next season.

Despite the rumors indicating the Knicks will pursue several high-profile free agents with plenty of cap space, their youth agenda should be prioritized, especially when it comes to Barrett. Building around him and his lethal style of play will, probability wise, end up being the route they take.

Adding a superstar like Kevin Durant is very possible, and more than welcomed, but the reality is, there are other teams more suited to win now than continue on towards a full-rebuild.

The focus needs to be on Barrett and what he brings to New York. At the forefront is his elite confidence – Kobe Bryant-style mentality that believes he’s better than the player in front of him. He is looking to embarrass them at every turn.

The New York Knicks are headed in the right direction if they pick RJ Barrett:

“This kid is like a real 1988 New Yorker. He’s not some 2016 Instagram model. He’s trying to kill you,” Barrett’s youth coach Dwayne Washington stated (The Knicks Blog). “He is what people say New Yorkers are supposed to be — aggressive, determined, confident and always pushing the envelope. That’s how you get to greatness.”

Quietly building a case for himself behind Zion Williamson, Barrett earned impressive statistics – 22.6 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. Without Zion taking the spotlight, RJ would’ve likely been the 1st overall pick in the draft.

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A superstar will only benefit Barrett in New York:

The fact of the matter is, Barrett will need a star player to help him develop at his own pace. He won’t be able to come to the vicious media-driven spektical of New York and shine with ease, there will be a learning curve he needs to overcome. However, he has tangible and intangibles skills to eventually develop into the top player for the Knicks, but a veteran mentor that can carry the load early on is necessary.

So, while the Knicks need to be focused on Barrett and building around him, it’s essential they lure a max-contract player to help him in his growth and ultimate succession of the throne.

New York Giants: How Saquon Barkley will elevate his game in 2019

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

Starting off a career with 2,000 all-purpose yards and offensive rookie of the year accolades is impressive, a statistical production that most veterans are seeking, yet New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley earned it in one season.

Elevating his level of play spells trouble for any defense in his path, and that’s exactly what we should be expecting in the year ahead, but why?

The sophomore slump is certainly a thing, but Barkley has the ability to skip right over the dreaded season and enjoy another successful year. The reason he will — the improvement of the offensive line.

The New York Giants invested heavily in rebuilding the O-line:

A line consisting of Nate Solder in a new system and injured, rookie Will Hernandez, backup Spencer Pulley, a joke in Patrick Omameh, and a turnstile in Ereck Flowers isn’t something to write home about. In fact, it’s more of an embarrassment, or rather the start of a transition to a line worth talking about.

Now, it is built on a solid duo on the left side including Solder and Hernandez, a capable Jon Halapio returning from injury, a top-5 guard in Kevin Zeitler, and a much improved right tackle in Mike Remmers over Flowers and Chad Wheeler.

This line will open up holes big enough for Barkley to swim through, something he surely didn’t experience in 2018. However, Barkley led all 47 running backs with 100-carries in breakaway percentage at 54%, according to PFF. His production was reliant on his ability to break into the secondary and pick up big chunks of yardage, and that’s not a bad thing. Making up for two short runs with a long touchdown carry is acceptable at the professional level.

He gained 54% of his total 1,307 rushing yards on 20 carries he took for 15-plus yards in his rookie year. Adding better offensive lineman will only increase that statistic and allow him to work with more space on the line of scrimmage. I imagine two-yard runs will become four and his breakout potential will remain the same.

The offensive line is the catalyst for a dynamite 2019 for Barkley, and we will be able to witness his greatness.


New York Yankees: What would Max Scherzer cost the Bombers?

Could the New York Yankees pursue Max Scherzer in a trade?

The New York Yankees are in dire need of starting pitching support, which is why they went out and traded for first-baseman Edwin Encarnacion…joking. The need still remains but adding the American League leader in home runs (21) helps bolster the batting order and adds more firepower to a team that’s clearly focusing in power-hitting.

Additionally, plucking a known Yankee killer out of the AL certainly helps. You know what they say if you can’t beat em, buy em. The Yankees often take that quote to the bank…pun intended – they call me butter, cause I’m on a roll.

Anyway, back to the pitching rotation. Rumors have indicated that the Bombers might be interested in Nationals star pitcher, Max Scherzer. The reality of bringing him to the Bronx is next to none, why? Because his price tag would cost general manager Brian Cashman a large fortune.

A deal involving the New York Yankees and Scherzer would be of astronomical proportions:

“If you want to convince the Nationals to trade Max Scherzer you call up Mike Rizzo and offer Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, Estevan Florial, Thairo Estrada, and Albert Abreu, then you might be able to get the conversation started” Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio

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Trading away a team building block isn’t suggested regardless of the assets willing to be exchanged. If the deal would start with Gleyber Torres, it’s not even worth considering.

Torres is a foundational player that will be a significant part of the infield for years to come – he’s untradable. The Yankees need to find a trade partner willing to take on Clint Frazier and minor league prospects. Cameron Maybin holds average value considering his career .255 batting average. He’s having an above-average year with the Yanks, which seems to be a trend if you look at the minimal talent shining beyond our wildest dreams see Gio Urshela for more justification.

Cashman is better off looking elsewhere for pitching support, simply because at some point they will gain back Luis Severino and the starters will be healthy. It’s just a matter of waiting out the injury bug. There should be a short list of players that are considered trade bait, and Frazier should be at the top of it.


New York Giants News, 6/18 – Evan Engram primed for a big year?

New York Giants, Evan Engram

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The departure of Odell Beckham Jr. will certainly hurt the production from the offense in the coming season, but the positive is that it will help incorporate all of the playmakers more frequently. If we look at Evan Engram’s numbers dating back to the four games Beckham missed in 2018, we see that his yards-per-game jump from 36.7 to 80.

The fact of the matter is, OBJ drew Eli Manning’s attention more than any other receiver. Improving the offensive line will provide Manning with more time to move through his progressions with added efficiently. It will also enable him to spread the ball around to his receivers.

Manning often used Beckham as a safety net in 2018 and utilized his high catch-rate to supplement his lack of time in the pocket. Engram should benefit from having two receivers in Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard that will move around the field and draw extra attention. I anticipate Engram dominating the seam in 2019 and having his best statistical season yet.

Hopefully, Engram can further develop his blocking skills and make more of an impact in the running game with Saquon Barkley. Adding that element to his game would make him significantly more dangerous, yet there’s little reason to believe he will emerge as an improved blocker. Staying healthy should be the priority, as Engram has already missed time this offseason with a pulled hamstring.


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New York Giants: Kyle Lauletta Was Told Not To Worry

One of the more interesting players on the New York Giants at the moment is second year quarterback Kyle Lauletta, who many thought would be a longer term project player when he was drafted last offseason. However, Lauletta’s regular season appearance in 2018 left a lot to be desired and the brief hype was never really lived up to – fans sometimes called for Lauletta to start following the team’s disaster of a beginning to the season, but those calls seemingly vanished as soon as Lauletta had time in an actual game, resulting in multiple turnovers.

This offseason, the Giants made a move which looks suspiciously like they’re moving away from Lauletta entirely. They brought in Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick in the draft, and Jones has immediately moved up in the depth chart to take the spot behind Eli Manning for a year, or possibly more, before his own time in the spotlight comes.

With the Giants also drafting Syracuse QB Eric Dungey and retaining last year’s third stringer, Alex Tanney, it looks like Lualetta could also end up pushed out of the depth chart entirely, not just the main backup spot. However, according to the New York Post, the team told Lauletta to not worry about that possibility and to just do his job.

“After the draft they just told me, ‘Don’t worry about that … just do your job.’ The minute I start worrying about another guy, it’s just wasted energy for me. Look at last year, I got drafted and Davis Webb did the year previous. We’re all professionals, we’re all trying to play. I’m going to continue to be a pro and do everything I can to impress the coaches and play well on the field. I’ll just wait for my next shot,” Lauletta said.

Lauletta also claims to have improved and that last season was similar to his first year at the University of Richmond, where he eventually became an accomplished starter. “I look at the rookies walking in and just see their faces, it’s just like being a freshman in college all over again. I remember even at the University of Richmond, I wasn’t that great of a quarterback my freshman year. I think I’ve make some serious strides.”

Despite this, however, it looks increasingly like Lauletta might join a list of wasted mid round picks that the Giants have spent on quarterbacks, only to have them not make any difference on the field. That list also includes Davis Webb, who Lauletta was able to beat out last season. Lauletta hasn’t been cut out of the running completely, but with the Giants investing heavily in Daniel Jones, it’s going to be hard to win back last season’s spot as backup for the second year player.