New York Giants Attempted Trade To No. 10 After Jones Pick

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants were widely criticized for taking quarterback Daniel Jones at the expense of neglecting the team’s defensive concerns and possibly passing on a higher rated quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, during the 2019 NFL Draft. This came after they passed on Josh Allen, possibly the best pass rusher available, who was taken immediately after the Giants’ selection of Daniel Jones by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The pick also ruled the Giants out from getting any of the other highly rated defensive players that could have been on their draft board such as Ed Oliver, Devin Bush, or Rashan Gary. Could the team, however, have gotten one of these players not with the sixth overall pick but with the tenth? According to Broncos GM John Elway, who talked with Peter King, the Giants made a competitive offer to move up to number ten overall.

The report claims that both the Giants and the Falcons talked to Denver about a trade but in the end of the day, despite a competitive offer from the Giants, it was the Steelers that won out. The trade was made and the Steelers picked up Michigan linebacker Devin Bush, while the Broncos dropped down later in the round and would select Noah Fant before getting their quarterback in the second round.

While it is encouraging that the Giants tried to gain another top ten pick after spending the number six overall one on a player that most aren’t very confident in, something which could have offered more improvement to the defense while also letting the team take the quarterback they wanted, one must ask why the team prioritized Jones so highly in the first place.

It would have made more sense to most if the Giants selected Allen with the sixth pick and then tried to trade up to draft Jones if they still believed that Jones was the best quarterback available. Instead, they took Jones with the one pick that they did have and assumed they would be able to trade up to find another player. Which of course, ended up being a bad assumption as Pittsburgh was able to offer more.

But you can’t change the past, and the Giants will have to live with the choices they made. Choices which could look genius in the future, but more likely will result in the end of Dave Gettleman’s time as General Manager.

Dave Gettleman Is Leading The New York Giants Into Bat Country

The best way to get through it is to take it one day at a time. Wake up, get through the first hour,  then the next until it’s time to go to sleep again and repeat the cycle. Try not to think about what happened, maybe even pretend it’s still February and none of The Idiot’s damage has been done yet. This is what I keep telling myself….but it doesn’t work. The Idiot is still running the New York Giants and there is nothing we can do about it.

There is a world where the Giants have Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, and Landon Collins. It’s a wonderful place where a young nucleus is building towards respectability and there’s a clear path for the franchise. It’s made of candy canes and planes and bright, red choo choo trains and you know, I wish that I could go there.

Instead, I’m stuck in this reality where we have Eli Manning for 3 more years, to be followed up by Lloyd Christmas. All because of The Idiot…

He did his best to do the same thing in Carolina. How many times have you seen a team fire and replace a GM with the guy he replaced? It happened to The Idiot. He took a team (built on Cam Newton, Luke Keuchly, Thomas Davis and Greg Olson….all acquired before his tenure) that was 15-1 and a super bowl contender and brought them to 6-10, alienated the players, coaches and organization staffers and tried to force out most of the teams best players as their contracts came up….sound familiar?

Now like all GMs that don’t work for the Redskins, The Idiot has had his ok moments. He drafted Star Louteilei and Kawan Short back to back in the same draft in Carolina and took Saquon Barkley when everyone demanded a QB last year. Unfortunately, he continues to trade quarters for two nickels and a dime in the name of “team culture” and clearly has a plan in the same sense that Wily E. Coyote has one to catch the roadrunner. I’m pretty sure Golden Tate and Jabril Peppers came to the team in boxes stamped Acme.

So what do you do when your favorite NFL team is in the hands of not just an idiot but The Idiot? Well, you can move on for a few years and wait for him to be fired and catch up with the team when an executive who isn’t displaying signs of suffering from a head injury is running the franchise.

You can take to social media and throw your insults and frustration out into the other of the interweb and commiserate with other miserable fans. Finally, you can always drop some acid and act as if maybe his plan is so ingenious that you just can’t comprehend it, and Eli Manning will lead the team to back to back Super Bowls and the retire John Elway style.

I currently reside in Seattle and it’s almost shocking to watch a competent GM rebuild on the fly and keep his team in contention while turning over the roster. Schneider has let aging or expensive vets go at the right time, replenished with mostly mid to late round draft picks, and low-cost free agents. They may not be Championship contenders, but you can see the direction of where they are going, and the team surprised the NFL with last seasons strong showing in what was supposed to be a down year.

So what am I going to do this year? I’m treating the Giants season like a Pink Floyd laser light show at the planetarium and once again channeling my inner Hunter S. Thompson.  In my world The Idiot will be a genius, every wounded duck pass will leave trails in the air, and Eli Manning will be avoiding lizards and bats as he leads the team to victory. I’m psyched and ready for the season to come….now if only I could get some golf shoes…

Would The New York Knicks Want Carmelo Back?

New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony

The New York Knicks are heading into the biggest off-season in team history.  There are a lot of rumors circulating on the internet these days.  All fans know about the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving rumors, but Carmelo Anthony’s name is back in the mix.

Anthony has not ruled out returning to the Knicks.

Anthony, who owns the Knicks single game scoring record with 62, most recently had a stint with the Houston Rockets before parting ways.

Melo’s Decline 

Anthony’s career started down hill after wanting out of New York.  The Knicks sent him to Oklahoma City, which was not a good fit.  Anthony was traded to Atlanta, bought out and signed with Houston.  Houston saw the problem as well and parted with Melo after 10 games.

With all the buzz about the Knicks getting big name free agents this off-season, Anthony’s name could be in the mix.  Could Melo reunite with the Knicks in a veteran bench role?

As nice as it would to see Melo back in a New York Knicks uniform, it might not be the greatest idea.  Anthony loves having the ball and control, we all know that.  However, if Durant and Irving do in fact come, it will be their team, not Anthony’s.

I could see Anthony having a problem with that and his overall role with the team. Why would it work in New York with Durant and Irving if it did not work in Houston with James Harden and Chris Paul?  Or Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook and Paul George?  Deja Vu all over again.

We have our memories with Carmelo, the good and the bad.  The Knicks are heading in a different direction for the better.  It is best for both parts that we enjoy the time we had with each other.

New York Yankees Close to Gaining Three Starters Back

New York Yankees, Aaron Hicks

While Gio Urshela and DJ LeMahieu are the latest to go down in an unnatural bout of injuries for the New York Yankees, there are several starters that are almost able to return to the lineup.

Third baseman, Miguel Andujar, who is coming back from a minor labrum tear, performed as a designated hitter in an extended spring training game, going 3-for-5 at the plate with three singles on Saturday. He will feature defensively in the next spring training game and GM Aaron Boone stated that his youth star could return to the team as soon as next weekend.

Starting shortstop Troy Tulowitzki participated in a simulated game on Saturday and will play in an extended spring training game on Monday. A strained left calf has kept him out of play but he’s also close to returning. He might need a bit more time to get back into his groove than Andujar, primarily due to age, but I would expect him to return in the next two weeks or so.

New York Yankees are close to gaining their center fielder back:

A stiff back has been plaguing center fielder Aaron Hicks for quite some time now. He faced live pitching on Saturday for the first time since March 1. He could feature in an extended spring training game as early as Wednesday. The Yanks have taken a more conservative approach towards Hicks, but have been ramping up his workload in recent weeks.

GM Aaron Boone stated that Hicks “has been good for a while.”

Other than the three impact players, the oft-injured Jacoby Ellsbury remains out and picking up new injuries while rehabbing. A Plantar Fasciitis issue has now magically blossomed into a shoulder injury, putting his timetable for return in question. He will likely not play this season as the Yankees look to collect insurance on his contract.

New York Knicks Can Only Have One: Zion or Durant & Kyrie

The New York Knicks are very open about drafting Duke superstar, Zion Williamson.

Just two more weeks for the New York Knicks and their fans. Well, 16 days, to be exact. May 14, 2019, the draft lottery; the most important day in Knicks franchise history. Then, it is just 48 more days until July 1. Another day that is astronomically important to the future of the New York Knicks.

But now, we have to play the waiting game as Knicks fans. And part of that game is hypotheticals. You know, the endless hours spent configuring different potential lineups and scenarios for next season and beyond. A tweet this morning from the ESM Knicks account got me thinking:

So, let’s come to a conclusion. Zion but no KD/Kyrie, or KD/Kyrie, but no Zion?

The Zion Williamson Scenario:

To start, let’s examine the first scenario. The Knicks win the draft lottery. They get the man who is heralded as the best prospect since Anthony Davis with the number one pick. However, they strike out in free agency and don’t add any top-line guys.

In this scenario, the Knicks add a highly-talented player, but are still a long ways from being a championship contender. The young players who showed promise this year, such as Mitchell Robinson, Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, Allonzo Trier, Damyean Dotson may improve, but just adding Zion – amazing as he may be – won’t lead to anything more than a first-round playoff exit next season, and maybe no playoffs at all.

Of course, this scenario is a long-term move. Once Zion gets a few years under his belt, he likely becomes a top-20 player in the league. Then add pieces around him, that championship window theoretically opens up.

However, I question whether or not Williamson will ever be the best player on a championship team in the league. Sure, he was amazing in college, but his game is built on physically overwhelming opponents. That won’t be easy in the NBA. I think he will be a 20/10 guy every night. But in order to get into that top-tier player category, he’ll have to significantly improve his jump shot and handle.

The KD and Kyrie Scenario:

This scenario would include the Knicks falling in the lottery. Let’s say to the fifth pick, which their odds are 49% for – and selecting a player such as Virginia’s DeAndre Hunter. Hunter is a solid player who can contribute in the NBA, but he is certainly no Zion. The disappointment of lottery night would soon be erased when the team lands both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Free Agency.

Durant has, in my opinion, proven himself to be the best player in the world in the playoffs, and Irving has carried a Boston Celtics team to a perfect 5-0 record so far. Both players are bonafide superstars, and are capable of being the best player on a championship-level team. The duo would be a fantastic pairing, with Irving acting as the primary ball-handler and facilitator, and Durant being set free to maximize his scoring capabilities.

While a player like Hunter has some long-term upside, this scenario would primarily focus on the now, when Durant and Irving are in the middle of their respective primes. Signing both players would immediately vault the Knicks into a tier of about five other teams with legitimate championship aspirations. Only a handful of teams would be able to match the type of offensive firepower of this squad. While they probably wouldn’t win the championship in their first year, they might become the favorites in years two, three, or four of the two players’ contracts.

The Verdict

Personally, I would much rather the second scenario happen. Sure, I’d be bummed about not getting Zion – if not only for his amazing highlights at MSG – but adding a solid player like Hunter, and then signing two full-fledged superstars would be an unbelievable consolation prize. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I do have questions about Zion’s potential to be a top ten player in the league, and getting two surefire top ten guys is preferential to me.

With Durant and Irving in the fold, the minimum expectation for the Knicks would be a second round playoff exit. That’s something the team hasn’t had since the one year in 2012-13, and who knows when before that. If the second scenario were to happen, the New York Knicks would have an admissible shot at an NBA Championship. Yes, I just said that. And to me, that’s worth missing out on a player like Zion Williamson.

Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments, or on Twitter. Would you rather have Zion Williamson OR Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving?







New York Giants Likely To Sign Veteran Right Tackle if Physical Comes Back Clean

New York Giants, Mike Remmers, Minnesota Vikings

The New York Giants passed on high-quality offensive line support in the first few rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft, electing to address the secondary with premium talent.

However, the right tackle spot is still in need of assistance as Chad Wheeler is the penciled starter for the upcoming season. Wheeler was undrafted out of USC and has struggled since his inception in the NFL.

After passing on players like Cody Ford, Jawaan Taylor, and Andre Dillard in the draft, the Giants will likely look to free agency to fill the spot.

The New York Giants would be smart to consider Mike Remmers as a viable option:

Veteran tackle, Mike Remmers, seems to fit the bill well for Big Blue, as he’s experienced and has had success in the past. He’s not a top-tier option by any means, but he can offer more than Wheeler.

The interest between the Giants and Remmers remains alive – GM Dave Gettleman stated that they were monitoring his progression through back surgery.

“Well, he’s still rehabbing, and we’re continuing to talk with him, so we’ll see,” Gettleman said. “Time will tell. Got to rehab. Going to bring him in and take another look eventually.”

The 29-year-old has played on seven teams over seven seasons. He’s played in 65 total games with 64 starts, some of which were under current Giants head coach Pat Shurmur in Minnesota. Last season, the Vikings moved him to guard after starting 2017 as their right tackle.

Remmers would undoubtedly be the front runner to earn the starting RT spot but would be expected to compete with Wheeler for the role. It’s not ideal, but if there’s any position that can be a little weak on the line it’s at RT. Eli Manning’s vision allows him to feel the pressure coming from the right but not from his blind side where Nate Solder is now holding down the fort.



New York Yankees Receive Even More Devastating Injury News

New York Yankees, Gio Urshela

As if losing Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton for additional time wasn’t enough, the New York Yankees are continuing to drop like flies amidst an impressive winning streak.

Third baseman Gio Urshela, who is filling in for the injured Miguel Andujar – rehabbing from a partial labrum tear, exited Sunday’s game early with an apparent injury.

Urshela was hit by a fastball on his left hand but luckily x-rays came back negative. Even if he’s lost for a couple of games, there’s no question the Yanks should keep him on the 25-man roster as he’s an improved hitter and elite defender.

Gio managed to walk to first base but was grimacing in pain and couldn’t stay to walk the bases. He was immediately pulled. The 27-year-old third baseman has been a fantastic defensive addition for the Yankees so far, recording 7 double plays – Andujar turned just 6 in all of 2018. Offensively, he’s improved dramatically – with a pair of hits today, he brought his season batting line to .351/.415/.509 (147 wRC+) over 65 plate appearances.

Andujar is still a few days away from returning, which makes losing Urshela that much more significant. In addition, one of the Yankees more consistent players, DJ LeMahieu, also left with an ailment.

The utility man had inflammation in his right knee, but x-rays came back negative, thankfully. Losing him might have been the final straw before the Bombers lost all sense of hope.

The Yanks currently have 13 players on the injured list – most of the starting team. The bullpen is rattled with injuries and the infield/outfield is down to minor league players filling in regularly. Losing two influential starters would certainly push them to the limit.





New York Giants: Janoris Jenkins To Have Veteran Role In New Secondary

A lot of people didn’t think cornerback Janoris Jenkins would survive the offseason with the New York Giants, following a number of other roster moves such as letting Landon Collins walk as a free agent and trading away defensive starters Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon. The Giants are getting a new look on defense and it looked like Jenkins could go away too as part of overhauling the secondary, but somewhat surprisingly, that’s not happening.

Instead, Jenkins is going to be one of the players relied upon this season to help out the new group of players coming in following the NFL Draft. While Daniel Jones might be the headline player in this draft class for better or worse, the Giants did make big strides to improve the secondary with a trade into the first round to secure Deandre Baker, as well as the decision to draft Julian Love later on.

Both players are expected to make an impact and both players are believed to have been drafted by the Giants for less than their actual value. And with the Giants coming into the draft without much secondary depth and drafting these players to help solve the problem, as well as fellow defensive back pick Corey Ballentine, there’s a lot of teaching to be done.

“Janoris has a bunch of puppies he’s got to train,” said General Manager Dave Gettleman, following the Draft.

Head coach Pat Shurmur also had some things to say, showing just how highly the team’s management thinks of Jenkins.

“He’ll become a good teacher. I admire Janoris. He’s tough. He’s competitive. He always answers the bell, and I’ve gained a huge appreciation for him coaching him… Put all these young guys in a room with him, and I think Janoris will be Janoris, and if these young guys are smart enough to listen, then they’re going to learn a lot of really good stuff,” said Shurmur.

Jenkins definitely has big expectations this season, both as a leader and as one of the leading members of the secondary, and one of the main members of the defense in general to survive the sweeping changes implemented by Gettleman. Based on past play, it looks like Jenkins might just be up for the challenge.