New York Giants: More Players Like Shepard Needed, Says Engram

The New York Giants are going to make some team improvements soon. That’s a fact, and with the NFL Draft quickly approaching, many are wondering just how the team is going to approve. The big argument is about whether they should draft a quarterback or not but that argument isn’t one that everyone is concerned with. According to some players on the team right now, the important thing isn’t the position drafted but the mentality of the new arrivals.

“I think the big thing that Shep brings to this team is a dog mentality, and that mentality that we hate to lose. That’s Shep on and off the field,” tight end Evan Engram said last week.

Shepard, of course, recently received a big contract extension to secure his role as one of the top receivers on the team for years to come now that Odell Beckham Jr. is off the team and with the Cleveland Browns.

“That sends a message to our locker room that we need more guys like that. We need more guys with that mentality, that work ethic, and the ability to do whatever we need and whatever we can on the football field to win. And that’s Sterling Shepard,” Engram continued about Shepard.

Engram himself will have big expectations this season after falling out of favor with the coaching staff last year and struggling to come back from injuries. If he can stay healthy, however, it would be a major help to the Giants offense if Engram managed to repeat the six touchdown performance from his rookie season, or even build  upon it and increase that total.

Odell Beckham Jr. Holds Nothing Back in New York Giants Tirade

New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr.

While former New York Giants star wideout, Odell Beckham Jr., isn’t to blame for the consistent losing seasons over the past four years, there’s certainly enough blame to go around.

Locker room antics and negative publicity stained his image in New York, but Beckham is excited for a new start in Cleveland with his best friend, Jarvis Landry.

The duo played together in high school and both attended LSU featuring as their dynamic playmakers. Jarvis was drafted by the Dolphins in 2014 and Beckham by the Giants, but they have reunited in Cleveland as they once dreamed of back in their younger days.

Beckham should be in a state of happiness considering his move, but he has engaged on Twitter in a tirade over his former team and the complications he endured.

What did Odell Beckham Jr. have to say about the New York Giants?

Clearly, there is still bad blood from the divorce between the Giants and Beckham. General manager Dave Gettleman is known for his harsh dealings with players, and I’m sure he’s happy to be on this side of the street now that OBJ’s full personality has been released.

If there’s anything we can take away from this slew of tweets, it’s that the former regime of the Giants had a ton of issues, and Beckham was a big part of it. For an emotional player, losing is the worst thing to deal with, and Beckham was put in a position where he was forced to play with a generally bad team. The new management has begun to piece together a new roster and plug holes that needed to be filled.

Hopefully, the decision to trade OBJ will end up being beneficial, as the opposite would be devastating.

New York Giants’ Eli Manning Sat Down With Dwayne Haskins During Visit

The New York Giants could draft Dwayne Haskins with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The New York Giants are certainly looking for their quarterback of the future in the 2019 NFL Draft, and current starter Eli Manning is aware and expecting his job to be in peril. However, his class has yet again stood out to the masses, sitting down with potential draft pick, Dwayne Haskins, during his two-day visit with Big Blue.

NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano stated that Haskins and Manning sat down for lunch as the younger passer picked the brain of the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback and has begun developing a pre-mature relationship ahead of the draft.

Could this be an indication of what the Giants are thinking? Certainly…but I wouldn’t look into it too much. Equate this to a job candidate sitting down with a current employee to talk about the position and what they should expect.

General manager Dave Gettleman mentioned that whoever succeeds Eli Manning must have a tough mindset and be strong against the New York media. Haskins surely has the intangible skills to hold his own against a vicious fan-base, something Manning has dealt with over the course of his tenure. Luckily, he has managed to stay off of social media and maintain his stature.

The New York Giants could grab Dwayne Haskins at No. 6:

It’s very possible Gettleman elects to spend the 6th pick on Haskins, passing on premium defensive talent to ensure he gets his guy when the opportunity arises. Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns last season and just eight interceptions. With only one-year of playing experience under his belt in college, sitting behind Manning for a season would do wonders for his development. That might be the mindset Gettleman and Pat Shurmur have as we edge closer towards draft time.


New York Giants: Dave Gettleman’s Future Depends On The 2019 NFL Draft

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The 2019 NFL Draft begins this Thursday, April 25. The New York Giants hold the 6th overall pick and the 17th overall pick in the 1st round of the draft. This draft will be crucial for the Giants’ future.

The Giants passed on a quarterback last year. With the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Giants drafted running back Saquon Barkley. Barkley went on to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, however, the Giants have been continuously scrutinized for passing up on a quarterback.

The Giants’ current quarterback, Eli Manning, is 38 years old and well past his prime. The Giants need to find Manning successor as soon as possible in order to be prepared for Manning’s inevitable departure.

For this and many other reasons, the 2019 NFL Draft is crucial for the Giants’ future success. General Manager Dave Gettleman is fully aware of this. Gettleman needs to crush the 2019 NFL Draft in order to secure his future in New York.

Dave Gettleman’s Controversial 2019 Offseason

Dave Gettleman has gotten away with a lot this offseason. He has made multiple moves that have been heavily scrutinized from fans and experts alike. Moves such as trading Odell Beckham Jr. and refusing to franchise tag Landon Collins have brought a lot of controversy to the Giants.

Dave Gettleman needs to make these moves look reasonable with a strong draft in 2019. Collins and Beckham were two young, talented players who made a great impact during their time in New York. Getting rid of these players leaves big shoes to fill on the Giants’ roster, and Dave Gettleman needs to fill those shoes.

If Dave Gettleman does not find solid replacements for Odell and Landon (whether at their positions or elsewhere), he will look like a fool for letting them go. Big losses need to be replaced with big wins. If Dave Gettleman can somehow bring in two superstar players from this year’s draft class, then his past decisions will not look as bad.

One of those two superstar players will need to be on defense. The Giants have holes all over their defense and are in need of an impact player. With the 6th pick, the Giants could look to draft players such as Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Devin White, or Josh Allen. The other superstar player will need to be a quarterback.

The Giants’ Future At Quarterback

General manager Dave Gettleman has been open about his interest in drafting a quarterback. The question is, which quarterback piques Gettleman’s interest? Whatever answer to that question Gettleman comes up with will define his future success with the Giants.

Dave Gettleman has a lot of options at the quarterback position in the 2019 NFL Draft. Kyler Murray is likely to be the 1st overall pick, so the Giants will not have a chance to get him. However, quarterbacks such as Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones will all be in consideration for the Giants in the 1st round.

If Gettleman drafts a bust at the most important position in the NFL, it will be difficult for the Giants to keep him on the payroll. There is no position more important than the quarterback position, which is why Gettleman needs to make sure he gets the right guy at that position.

Whoever Gettleman drafts at the quarterback position will be expected to start for the Giants for the next 10-15 years. Anything less than a 10-year starter is a disappointment and a failure of a draft pick. The Giants cannot keep a general manager who disappoints and fails at his job.

If Dave Gettleman gets the right man for the quarterback job, he will be admired as a successful manager who set his team up to win for the next decade. That will warrant trusting in Gettleman for the future.

Why Would the New York Giants Take Daniel Jones Over Dwayne Haskins?

The New York Giants have drafted Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Maybe the New York Giants value experience at the quarterback position more-so than the statistical output of a single season, something that Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins displayed in 2018.

The single-season production of Haskins was impressive nonetheless, throwing for 50 touchdowns and just eight interceptions. His progression throughout the course of the season was noteworthy, as he seemingly increased production and efficiency with every passing game.

However, Duke’s Daniel Jones is a three-year starter with plenty of experience to translate at the next level. Having a poor supporting cast forced Jones to elevate his game and make do with the weapons he had. Last season, Duke receivers dropped 33 balls, hurting Jones’ numbers and overall stats.

That’s an essential point when comparing Jones with Haskins – the quality of surrounding assets was far different for both quarterbacks.

Recently, Haskins’ draft stock has taken a hit, but the Giants would likely spend the 6th overall pick on him if they believe he’s the best choice to succeed Eli Manning. But, general manager Dave Gettleman could take a different approach towards the quarterback position.

It’s unlikely any team would spend a top-10 pick on Jones, which opens a door for Big Blue if they are looking to bolster the defensive line with a premium pass-rusher.

Spending the 6th pick on players like Josh Allen or Ed Oliver would immediately benefit the defense, a unit that’s lacking significant talent in specific impact positions. Adding a quality pass-rusher would make up for the loss of Olivier Vernon, for a fraction of the price.

The Giants could theoretically grab Jones with the 17th overall pick, considering Kyler Murray, Drew Lock, and Haskins will all be selected before the Duke product.

According to Gil Brandt, a Hall of Fame talent evaluator:

“I. Love. Dan Jones,” Brandt said, per Ryan Dunleavy of “I have to say this carefully: When you watch him and you go back (20) years and watch Peyton Manning, you are watching the same guy. He’s athletic. He doesn’t have a rocket for an arm, but neither did Peyton. Very smart.”

Jones has spent his days learning from legendary quarterback coach, David Cutcliffe, who played a part in developing both Peyton and Eli Manning. The connection would be helpful in Manning instilling his knowledge in the young quarterback. A year under the veteran passer would be extremely beneficial towards his growth.

What makes Daniel Jones a good option for the New York Giants:

Heach coach Pat Shurmur’s offense is a blend of west-coast and spread concepts, which should favor Jones’ abilities. He’s a fundamentally sound passer that’s accurate in the short-intermediate route-tree, but can also challenge corners on deep passes. He has solid touch but lacks elite arm strength.

However, he’s an intelligent quarterback that can look off safeties and manipulate defenders with his movement. Add in his athleticism and mobility and you have a well-rounded quarterback with solid potential. He has more tangibles strengths than Haskins which could lead the Giants towards favoring him, but his consistency has been an issue in the past. A year behind Manning would likely do wonders for his development.

New York Giants Could Draft Great Compliment to Saquon Barkley

Could the New York Giants take a flier on Miles Sanders?

Managing the health and fatigue of New York Giants star running back Saquon Barkley must be a priority moving forward. Spending the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft forces the team to utilize Barkley as a workhorse, but prolonging his career and ensuring he can remain in form requires adequate depth at the position.

The New York Giants might want to add more quality depth at RB:

While Wayne Gallman is a decent option when it comes to providing Barkley with the time to rest and maintain his stamina, there are other quality options in the upcoming draft that would make more sense in relation to the Giants’ scheme.

Penn State running back and heir to Barkley’s throne, Miles Sanders, mimics his alma mater in some ways. His shiftiness in the open field and ability to pick up extra yards with his agility closely resembles Barkley. However, he does lack the home-run feature Saquon brings to the field.’s Lance Zierlein stated:

Well-built glider with the instincts, footwork and agility to shake tacklers but the frame and pad level to finish with some authority. He can clearly create yardage for himself, but he has average acceleration and might need to expedite his downhill process as a pro. Sanders is more skilled than explosive, but he has the size and talent to develop into a future starter with every-down potential.

While Sanders has the potential to become a starting level runner in the NFL, he would be a fantastic compliment with the Giants, allowing them to continue with their offense when Barkley isn’t on the field. Gallman struggles to maintain the level of effectiveness as he’s not a skilled pass catcher.

Sanders has some kinks to work out in his game:

Sanders tends to lean towards his mobility too frequently instead of attacking a hole and confidently bursting through. He finds himself dancing and losing yardage at times when he could pick up a few yards and put the offense in a better position.

This generally comes down to discipline and coaching, something Barkley struggled with when first trying to break bad habits. Luckily, his quick learning and action-first mentality allowed him to overcome his “bounce it to the outside” tendency.

Barkley would be a fantastic mentor for Sanders and would put the Giants in a position to utilize two effective players consistently, even using both at the same time in specific packages. Additionally, he could turn into a solid trading piece if he manages to reach his potential.

I expect Sanders to be a potential third-round pick, very reachable for Big Blue.


New York Giants: Executives Believe Team Will Go QB At No. 6 Overall

The New York Giants drafted

Perhaps the biggest question of the offseason for the New York Giants is whether or not the team will take their quarterback of the future in the 2019 NFL Draft. Eli Manning can’t play forever and the question is going to be looming in the distance until the Giants either reach a resolution or are forced to make a change at QB before they’re ready.

Many think that this year’s draft class provides a good chance for the Giants to find their future starter before it’s too late for a new player to come in early and train under Eli Manning. But that opinion isn’t just shared by fans. There’s also executives who think the Giants are going to spend the sixth overall draft pick not on a defensive player, but on a quarterback.

“It’s fascinating for me from the amount of people I’ve spoken with who now are convinced — convinced — the Giants take [a quarterback] at six. A week to go, this one is going to be very interesting,” said Ian Rapoport last Thursday.

Draft takes frequently change once there’s only days, rather than months and weeks, to go. At first, a lot of analysts were sure that the Giants were going to use the sixth pick for Dwayne Haskins, possibly the most ‘obvious’ choice to make a good transition from college to the professional level.

But there’s every player one year that seems to benefit massively from hype just before the draft, and it looks like that player this year could be Daniel Jones, the Duke quarterback who doesn’t have a great track record of college success but has still attracted scouts for other reasons.

“I have to say this carefully: When you watch him and you go back [20] years and watch Peyton Manning, you are watching the same guy. He’s athletic. He doesn’t have a rocket for an arm, but neither did Peyton. Very smart,” said Hall of Fame talent evaluator Gil Brandt on Sirius XM when speaking about Daniel Jones.

Jones was considered a fringe prospect but now it looks like if the Giants take a quarterback, Jones is one of the two possible options along with Dwayne Haskins.

Regardless of which quarterback the team does prefer, though, the writing on the wall seems to be shifting once again during draft week towards the idea that the team is going to take someone at the position. It’s possible that it’s a smokescreen, which wouldn’t be the most surprising thing in the world based on the unpredictability of the Giants offseason so far, but drafting a quarterback would address a major need.

Still, we won’t know that the team is doing for sure until draft day. If there’s one thing they’ve proven so far, it’s that the Giants under Gettleman are one of the harder to read teams in the league.