New York Giants: One Major Positive Dave Gettleman Has Brought to the Giants

New York Giants, John Mara, Dave Gettleman

While the Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Apple antics are a thing of the past, the New York Giants are still weeding out the bad “apples” from the bunch.

General manager Dave Gettleman was hired to do one thing – clean house and start fresh. He surely made an immediate impact trading away half of the team and releasing the rest in his first year. He turned over the defense entirely and rebuilt the offensive line from left to right tackle. Every decision has been calculated, while others have been forced.

ESPN recently reported that edge rusher Olivier Vernon had a run-in with head coach Pat Shurmur:

“Vernon had a run-in with Shurmur during a team meeting last season when he took offense to the coach’s public criticism; it occurred in front of the entire team,” Raanan said.

What has Dave Gettleman brought to the New York Giants?

Gettleman’s major influence has been establishing a success-driven locker room culture. The new GM is a no-BS type of businessman, seeking clear-cut production and positive reinforcement.

Bringing in players like Alec Ogletree, Jonathan Stewart, Conor Barwin, Michael Thomas, Nate Solder, and even Saquon Barkley assisted in the changing of the culture. It’s one of those intangible factors that’s often overlooked, but it’s a necessity when it comes to building a winning team.

Remember when the locker room was falling apart at the seams with Apple and Landon Collins getting in weekly fights? That’s unacceptable.

Only 14 faces remain from the previous regime that lost the battle at Metlife to retain their jobs in 2017. Beckham is gone along with Vernon, Collins, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damon Harrison, and the ever annoying Apple.

Some quality players, others were perennial Pro Bowlers. Cleaning house isn’t an easy task to finish – it requires plenty of difficult decisions that provide other opportunities by means of draft picks or players in return. There’s no clear-cut blueprint to turning over a franchise and coming out on the other side.

Gettleman has made several questionable calls, but at the end of the day, the team has begun to fill in the holes left behind from the Jerry Reese and Marc Ross era. There’s still plenty more to do, but the Giants are on the right track, so it seems.

New York Knicks: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Interested in Buying Knicks

New York Knicks, Charles Oakley

According to, Ex-Knick, Charles Oakley, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has interest in buying the New York Knicks.  Oakley made these claims on The Bill Simmons podcast for The Ringer.

Where did the former New York Knicks player hear this rumor?

Oakley stated that “he heard” there is interest from Bezos in buying the Knicks.  That is all speculation and rumors at least point.  Nothing to get excited about, considering we have been hearing these rumors for years now.

To be honest, Oakley is just trying to stir the pot when it comes to James Dolan and the Knicks.  Not the Knicks themselves as a team, but Dolan.

We all know that Oakley and Dolan have not had the most pleasant relationship.   Dolan had Oakley escorted out from a game and yada-yada-yada.  This feud will be going on until the end of time, there is no ending in sight.

As for the Bezos rumor, Oakley needs to be right on this one.  All Knicks fans should want Bezos to somehow buy the team.  Seeing what he has done with Amazon and making it into an e-commerce juggernaut, why not the Knicks?  They are already the NBA’s most valuable team.  Perfect match.

But to be real, Dolan isn’t selling the team.  We all know that.  The only realistic way Dolan would sell the team if he doubles what the Knicks are worth, an astronomical amount of dough.  It is fun to daydream about these rumors, but that is exactly what they are…rumors.

Could Russell Wilson Become a New York Giant? Here’s How it’s Possible After Seahawks Ultimatum

Could the New York Giants find a way to acquire Russell Wilson in a potential trade?

The idea of a New York Giants blockbuster trade for Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson might be far-fetched and full of speculation, but it isn’t impossible.

Seattle has been delivered an ultimatum by Wilson – they have until April 15th to unload a new deal for the six-time Pro Bowler. What comes next could be what gives the Giants an opening into a potential trade scenario.

Working through the longshot scenario of Russ finding his way to New York:

Unlike the Josh Rosen trade rumors ahead of the draft, the Wilson option would undoubtedly be an expensive one. The Giants have approximately $11.78 million in remaining cap space, far less than Wilson is expected to earn in a new deal, but there are ways to open up wiggle room that could make a trade possible.

In comparison, Green Bay signal caller, Aaron Rodgers, is earning $26.5 million for the 2019 season, which is right around what Wilson would likely earn. Similar to Rodgers, the Giants could theoretically increase his cap-hit in the later years. Rodgers will bring in $33.5 million in 2021 and $37 million in 2022.

If the Seahawks balk on a new deal, possibly due to the inevitable drop-off of aging quarterbacks, especially one who relies on mobility like Wilson, a small window of opportunity opens. Giants GM Dave Gettleman would have to come to terms with two realities – Eli Manning must either be traded or cut, opening up $11 million in cap space.

Such an end to the Manning era would be an abrupt way to close the book on 15 years of service, but this isn’t Geno Smith. Fans will thank Eli, but should quickly adjust to the new normal.

With the trade of Odell Beckham Jr. locking up $16 million in dead cap money, it leaves the Giants a bit hamstrung, but 2020 opens the flood gates for spending.

How does the 2019 NFL Draft factor into this deal?

The No. 6 overall pick in the draft costs $4.6 million and the 17th pick $2.3 million, equaling about $7 million in allotted cap-space. A deal including Wilson would likely cost the Giants both picks, clearing that $7 million to go toward the veteran QB’s new deal in 2019.

One downside? This trade prevents the Giants from using high picks to address its holes on the defensive line, at linebacker, and in the secondary. But, trading for a top-5 quarterback could be worth it – there are ways to compensate for lack of star-power on defense.

Additionally, finding Saquon Barkley a top-tier compliment to lessen his workload and savor his health is essential. Wayne Gallman is talented but can’t be trusted to compensate for Barkley not being on the field. This is just another assumed priority that must be added to the long list of unresolved holes on the team.

What is Eli Manning’s role in this speculative scenario?

Manning has a no-trade clause and counts $11 million in dead money (Spotrac), which leaves him with the final word. He’s either included in the deal and is sent to Seattle, or he can be cut. Either way, the Giants are out the $5 million roster bonus Manning received in March, but the move still opens up a vital $11 million in available cap space to allocate towards Wilson.

In total, getting rid of Manning and trading the first two picks would clear up $17 million in cap. This still isn’t enough to reach Russell’s worth on a per year deal. Again, Rodgers is earning $26.5 million in 2019, making that the benchmark for passers of such quality.

What else can the New York Giants open up cap?

The obvious move is for the Giants to restructure newly acquired guard Kevin Zeitler’s contract for savings against this year’s cap. By converting $6.5 million of his 2019 salary into a signing bonus, they can spread the money over the remainder of his deal. It would open up about $4.333 million in space, according to

With these moves, the Giants could have roughly $26 million in total cap space to work with in a potential deal for Wilson, which is more than enough if they backload his salary to later years in the deal. Though some cash would have to be retained to sign the remainder of the draft class — about $6 million spread between 10 picks if the Giants chose to hold them all.

Again: While this remains purely speculative, there are ways to manipulate the salary cap to make interesting scenarios like this a possibility.

The consequences:

The downside to this deal is losing the draft picks. The two first-rounders lost limit the Giants’ ability to allocate resources towards the defense. However, a host of mid-round picks (10 remaining) can be used to secure depth and potential upgrades on both sides of the ball. Additionally, 2020 would offer around $80 million — minus whatever cap number Wilson commands — in available cash for the Giants to be aggressive on the free agent market.

This theory negates the idea of building around a young, inexpensive quarterback or keeping Manning for any longer and jumping right into a position of contention. With one year of chemistry building and draft pick experience, building around Wilson seems to emerge as a realistic option if the front-office can accept letting Manning go.


New York Yankees: Aroldis Chapman Blows Game in Unusual Form, Losing 3-1 Vs Detroit

New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman

With the game going to the top of the ninth, New York Yankees hard-throwing lefty Aroldis Chapman was called from the bullpen to get three big outs, even though it wasn’t a save situation.

One problem: he didn’t get the job done.

The Detroit Tigers scored two runs off of Chapman before the Yankees were shut down in the ninth inning, losing 3-1.

After a strikeout to John Hicks, Niko Goodrum walked, then Dustin Peterson followed with a double to score Goodrum. Chapman then retired Grayson Greiner, but gave up a single to Jordy Mercer, which scored Peterson before finally retiring the side.

Dismal offense:

You couldn’t say that the Yankees had trouble hitting with runners in scoring position because there were barely any runners in scoring position. They only had three attempts with runners on second and/or third, and converted zilch.

Their only run came off a sacrifice fly by newly recalled Clint Frazier after DJ LeMahieu singled and new Yankee Mike Tauchman hit a ground rule double down the left field line.

Tauchman got his first career Yankee hit, while back-up catcher Austin Romine and also newly recalled Tyler Wade got their first hits of 2019.

Tanaka did his part for the New York Yankees:

Masahiro Tanaka had his second start of the 2019 season, and though he allowed several well hit balls to deep in the park, he got the job done. He pitched 6 2/3 innings while giving up eight hits, allowing one run, and striking out seven.

The 1-2 punch of the splitter and the slider seemed to work well yet again for the right-hander from Hyogo, Japan, getting most of his strikeouts from it along with a few fastballs. The splitter definitely worked the very best, minimizing contact with that pitch. The hard hit balls were with the slider and the fastball. Jeimer Candelario of the Tigers hit a hard double off of a curveball, one of the few he threw all night.

So despite not having his best stuff, anytime you pitch 6 2/3 innings and only give up run, it means that you are doing something right. Another good start for the righty, I just wish there could be more offense.

The rubber match of the series will be Wednesday late-afternoon with a 4:05PM start time.  Jonathan Loaisiga will take the ball against the Tigers’ Matthew Boyd. The game will be on YES Network and Fox Sports Go.

New York Knicks: Mitchell Robinson has Been a Better Pick Than Kevin Knox

New York Knicks, Mitchell Robinson

The New York Knicks had a great draft in 2018, on paper. The team had a lottery pick and selected Kentucky’s Kevin Knox with the ninth pick. In the second round, the Knicks chose Mitchell Robinson with the 36th pick out of Chalmette High School in Louisiana.

At the beginning of the season, it appeared that Knox was the better pick.  Robinson was battling an ankle injury, but Knox just seemed more fluid.  Robinson did not play competitive basketball in a year while training for the draft.

However, the roles have been reversed.  Robinson appears to be the better pick as Knox struggled mightily in the second half of the season.

How New York Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson has performed:

Everyone knew that Robinson has potential and fans have been given the pleasure of seeing what Robinson is capable of.

Robinson has been killing it on the glass and blocking shots, basically all season.  He capped it off with that 21 rebound game against the Raptors on March 28th.  Robinson has also been shooting 69% from the field for the seaosn.  I know, it has all been alley-oops have buckets around the hoop, but you need a player that can be automatic around the rim.

The potential is there and we see it.  I can only imagine once Robinson continues to bulk up, gain even more confidence and develop under Fizdale.  He can be a serious problem in the East.  He’ll be a much better Clint Capela.

Kevin Knox

Knox started off the season, I mean the summer league looking like the next NBA sensation.  In the summer league, he was playing with confidence and looked unstoppable.  Then, the ankle injured occurred.

The injury seemed to slow his confidence and development. Knox has shown glimpses throughout the rollercoaster season of his potential as well.  He can shoot, needs a lot of work, drive, and jump.  Defense needs a lot of work also.

Knox has had spurts of showing and gaining confidence in his production and then it seemed to tail off.  The main concerned despite his lackadaisical defense is his shooting percentage.

When you look at his stat sheet, it appears that Knox can score points, which rightfully so.  But, when you look at his stat sheet, his field goals and attempts is cringe-worthy.

Knox is only shooting 37% from the field on the season.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but it always seems like Knox shoots 3-12, 6-15 or 8-17 from the field.  That is not the type of production you want out of a lottery pick.  Fizdale needs to do some heavy shooting exercises with Knox on the off-season to boost that confidence.

Both players have a lot of potentials. We have seen it from both, but more so Robinson.  The season has been a downhill rollercoaster for the most part, but most fans can all agree on one thing.  Mitchell Robinson has been the bright spot for the Knicks this season, not Kevin Knox.

New York Giants: Locker Room Reportedly Played Role In Roster Moves

New York Giants, Damon Harrison

There are multiple sides to every trade and offseason move, and some more information is coming out about some of the ones the New York Giants have made under the new regime of GM Dave Gettleman. Some of those moves were more controversial than the rest, but it’s safe to say most of the fanbase wasn’t that satisfied when run-stopping defensive tackle Damon Harrison was traded last season for the low price of a fifth round draft pick.

The trade signaled to many that the team would focus on rebuilding rather than trying to win. It didn’t seem likely, after all, that the Giants would be desperate to move one of their best defensive players for such a low price if that wasn’t the case. Now, however, a bit more is coming out about the circumstances around the trade.

“Pierre-Paul and Harrison had a confrontation late in 2017, right around the time Gettleman arrived. Harrison then wasn’t around for most of the new regime’s first offseason, which didn’t seem to sit well,” reported ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan. It looks like these issues in 2018 tied into the Giants’ decisions, with Pierre-Paul leaving the team through free agency and Harrison ending up traded to the Lions.

But just how good of a choice was it to let something like this impact the Giants’ decisions when it came to who to keep and who to let go or move?

Letting Jason Pierre-Paul move to Tampa may have been an advisable move, as the player had already been on the decline for at least a couple of years. but with the loss of Harrison, the Giants lost one of the best players against the run in the entire league, for a low price.

The locker room does matter, on one hand, but when the team has traded or let go of a number of their top players and locker room matters likely played a part in it, you have to ask whether or not the moves are legitimate or simply because the sensibilities of the General Manager were offended.

Regardless of any locker room problems, after all, the Giants did see their last playoff appearance when the team still had the likes of Harrison and Odell Beckham Jr., which is something the Giants under Gettleman were never even in the running for.

New York Giants: Star Pass Rusher No-Brainer at No. 6 Overall Pick

Could the New York Giants grab Nick Bosa at No. 6?

The New York Giants are in dire need of pass rushing solutions after losing Olivier Vernon in a cap-clearing trade this offseason. Options like Montez Sweat, Josh Allen, and even Nick Bosa are premier options in the first six picks of the draft.

Let’s focus on Bosa, who’s scheduled to meet with the Giants on Tuesday as his brother, Joey Bosa, features in a Game of Thrones episode. The former Ohio State star left the team in 2018 to ensure he entered the 2019 NFL Draft healthy and ready to perform.

Why Nick Bosa would be a huge pick for the New York Giants:

While Bosa only played in three games last season, he recorded four sacks and 11 solo tackles, six of them going for a loss. has the pass-rusher graded out as a potential Pro-Bowl Caliber player, which likely indicates his selection in the top three picks in the draft, but we’ve seen crazier things then a player drop a few selections.

For all we know, the Giants could trade up and grab him if they think he’s worth the investment. Similar to his brother Joey, Nick is a chiseled monster. His frame is packed with muscle and strength. His high-intensity motor and unreal power push offensive lineman back into their seats.

His ability to engage and leave his assignment to chase the ball is top-tier, making him arguably the top option in a defensive heavy draft full of talent. For the Giants, he would offer a solution to Vernon’s departure immediately, in fact, he would probably be an upgrade at a fraction of the price.

Having a player like Bosa on a five-year rookie contract would put the team in a position to win now and have one of the more premier defensive lines in the NFL. Already consisting of a young core – Dalvin Tomlinson, BJ Hill, RJ McIntosh, and Lorenzo Carter, Bosa would impact this unit significantly.

Look at the motor on Bosa, he simply overpowers and bursts through two defenders attempting to land blocks on him. He’s not even phased by their weak arm blocks, running through them with ease. At the NFL level, it will take real engagement from quality offensive lineman to stop Bosa from getting to the quarterback. His strong legs allow him to simply run through players at will.

The bottom line, the Giants would be silly not to take him if available at No. 6. While I don’t imagine him falling that far, we’ve seen it happen before in favor of quarterbacks.