New York Giants Will Select Best Player, According to Dave Gettleman

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

If General Manager Dave Gettleman is to be believed, the New York Giants will take the best player available in the NFL Draft. Now, this doesn’t sound like a controversial statement at first glance, but taking the “best” player rather than a player at a position of need can sometimes be anything but expected. The Giants did just shock many people around this time last year when they drafted Saquon Barkley instead of a quarterback, going for the best player over the one that plenty of experts believed they needed.

Could they do that again and take a player on the offensive line or at a defensive position instead of using the number six overall pick to take Dwayne Haskins or maybe Drew Lock?

Gettleman appeared on Good Morning Football this Wednesday and spoke about the chances of that happening.

“We’re going to draft the best player available. My theory on free agency is: If you do it right, it puts you in position where you can take the best player available in the draft. You’re not in a situation where I have to have a [certain position] and then fill in the blank,” said Gettleman.

The Giants, however, aren’t in a position to find Eli Manning’s successor in a free agent. Not this year, anyway. Could this mean that Gettleman doesn’t see the team as needing an immediate successor for Manning, or that the Giants don’t think they’ll have to use their top pick to get a quarterback? Could the front office believe that the best player available will be a quarterback?

Any of those answers could be true, but many fans will be hoping that this is just a case of a quarterback being valued by the team as the best player. While going for the “best” option rather than addressing team needs worked out for the Giants with Saquon Barkley, they might not be able to afford to make the same move again and go into another season without having someone lined up to eventually take the reins from Eli Manning.

Positives From the New York Knicks 2018-2019 Season

New York Knicks, Mitchell Robinson

With just a few weeks left in the New York Knicks season, many fans are gearing up for what they hope is an eventful and memorable offseason. The Knicks have been eliminated from playoff contention for most of 2019.  Spin zone, they are only 41.5 games behind first place in the Eastern Conference standings. However, the Knicks only have only 14 wins on the season there has been some positives throughout the 2018-2019 season.


Mitchell Robinson

Maybe the biggest positive of the Knicks season was the bigman the Knicks took with their second round draft pick. Many thought Robinson would have to spent most of the season in the G League, but we were wrong. Despite last playing basketball in high school. The fact of the matter is he is one of the Knicks best players.  He is consistently performing is a major plus for the Knicks. Robinson shows the enormous potential that the Louisiana native has.


Cap Space Galore

With the trade of Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks, the Knicks can now enter July with over 70 million dollars in cap space. But, they will need to be wise though on who they spend it on, if they can’t land a big name. The Knicks will have the potential to sign 2 max contracts, and trade for Anthony Davis.


Dennis Smith Jr.

Continuing along with the Porzingis trade, Dennis Smith Jr. has shown why he was a top draft pick by the Mavs. That is why many Knicks fans wanted him in the first place. Because, Smith Jr. has looked like the best Knicks point guard since Jason Kidd, if Ja Morant falls to the Knicks in the draft, Smith Jr. may be tradebait.


Scott Perry and the Rebuild

Coming into this season Perry was pleading for patience from the fanbase, and that this was a long rebuild, and not a short rebuild. But, despite the fact that the Knicks have been rebuilding since 2000, and have had practically a new roster every season, more fans believed Perry then previous GM’s. Perry has stayed true to his word, and got the Knicks two extra first round draft picks. We will see if Perry continues this approach, or if he signs big name free agents this summer.


While these are all positives from this season, there are more negatives. One of the big themes that came up in almost all of these positives, was the trade with the Mavericks. That makes it evident, that the trade with the Mavs, was a franchise altering trade. This will continue to alter the Knicks, and the Mavs, for the next five(or more) years.

New York Yankees: Rookie Pitcher Stephen Tarpley Turning Heads in Spring Training

Stephen Tarpley was just awarded the James P. Dawson Award for the best Rookie player at New York Yankees spring training this season. He was also added to the 25 man roster for opening day. Who is this guy and what does he bring to the Bronx?

The 26-year-old lefty pitcher from Los Angeles, California, went to high school in Arizona and was selected by the Cleveland Indians in the 8th round of the 2011 draft, but he elected to attend USC and play baseball but after one year, transferred back to Scottsdale Community College.

In 2013, Stephen was selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the 3rd round of the draft and he signed. He then played with the Gulf Coast Orioles where he posted an 0-1 record with a 2.14 ERA in 7 starts.

He was then promoted to the Aberdeen Iron Birds, in 2014 and went 3-5 with a 3.66 ERA in 13 appearances of which 12 were as a starting pitcher.

On January 27, 2015, Tarpley was traded from the Orioles organization to the Pirates. He spent that year in their Class A South, West Virginia Power affiliate, going 11-4, with a 2.48 ERA, and 1.15 WHIP in 20 starts. He was then promoted again to Class A in 2016, Advanced Florida State League where he amassed a 6-4 record, 4.32 ERA in 20 starts.

On August 20, 2016, Tarpley was the “other player named” in a trade to the Yankees for Ivan Nova. He threw one game in for the Tampa Yankees that season.

New York Yankees: Tarpley’s career begins in Pinstripes

After he joined the Bombers, he was rapidly promoted, climbing through the minor league system. In 2017 between the Tampa Tarpons and AA affiliate Trenton Thunder, he went 7-0, with an 0.88 ERA and the same WHIP. People at the big league office noticed.

Tarpley was called up to the bigs on September 1, 2018, and has 10 appearances with the Yankees with only a 3.00 ERA, 1.33 WHIP and SO/W ratio of 2.17.

In spring training this year, Stephen held opponents scoreless in 11 1/3 innings pitched, only surrendered 6 hits, 1 walk and struck out 8 batters.

Yankee manager Aaron Boone said of Tarpley… “He opened my eyes last year, he kind of started to become part of the conversations in the middle of the minor league season as a guy that kind of jumped on our radar.”

Congratulations to Stephen Tarpley, on the James P. Dawson award, making it to the 25 man roster of the Yankees and first the radar which made you noticed. Let’s see your pitches light up those guns!

New York Giants: Pat Shurmur Theoretically Rules Out Potential Josh Rosen Trade With Comments

New York Giants, Pat Shurmur, James Bettcher

The general rule of thumb for any NFL franchise is to build a playoff contending team around a quarterback on their rookie deal. With the exception of top quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, etc., most teams need to allocate significant resources to maintain a balanced team – offense and defense. For the New York Giants, it won’t be any different, simply because Eli Manning isn’t considered one of the best passers in the league.

What New York Giants’ Pat Shurmur thinks about the QB situation:

Head coach Pat Shurmur made it apparent that the team is searching for Manning’s successor, and this could be his final season with the organization that drafted him 15 years ago.

Shurmur went as far as to state, they should find a signal caller “sooner than later.” That would indicate that the 2019 NFL draft could finally represent the end of Manning’s illustrious career, and it likely won’t involve Arizona quarterback Josh Rosen in any fashion.

Rosen is entering his second year in the NFL, and Shurmur prefers to have his successor sit a year behind the Giants’ current passer to learn and develop an understanding of the preparation required to win games.

This would imply Rosen’s take over in the third year of his rookie deal. Monetarily, this doesn’t make any sense. The future depends on available cap space and building around a cheap quarterback, trying to remold Rosen’s in his third season doesn’t help the team achieve that goal.

He further stated:

“It’s not Eli’s responsibility to train the next QB. It’s their responsibility to watch him, know what he does is right and learn from him.”

That’s a strong statement that guarantees Manning’s retention in 2019 – it seems as though he’s invincible after securing a $5 million bonus several weeks ago. So, with the possibility of Rosen being ruled out at this point, we can look towards the draft confidently and begin to break down the options available.

Wilson’s take:

Personally, I’m not sold Shurmur is all in on Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins. He’s known for helping quarterbacks succeed, no matter their experience or draft pick. He turned the undrafted Case Keenum into a playoff-caliber quarterback. That being said, I wouldn’t rule out a potential change of course – drafting defenders at No. 6 & 17, while waiting until the second round to grab a quarterback.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Giants package several picks, moving into the second round and grab a prospect like Will Grier. 








New York Giants Can Address Defense in 1st Round and Still Grab Top Quarterback

Should the New York Giants take Devin White with the 6th overall pick if he's available?

With prospects like Devin White, Quinnen Willians, Josh Allen, and others potentially falling to the No. 6 spot in the upcoming NFL draft, the New York Giants have an extremely difficult choice to make. Ideally, general manager Dave Gettleman could find a way to address the quarterback position with a top option and also allocate significant resources towards the defensive unit.

The New York Giants can take the easy route in terms of value guarantee:

Selecting a player like White or Williams with the 6th overall pick would immediately install a top-tier player to impact the future of the defense. With the acquisition of Kevin Zeitler and departure of Olivier Vernon, the Giants’ defense is lacking resources, which makes the potential for a first-round allocation likely.

The question is – who should the Giants take, and is it more important than grabbing their choice at quarterback?

It all boils down to Eli Manning and if the Arizona Cardinals are set on retaining Josh Rosen. The second-year player was pummeled in 2018, being sacked 55 times behind the league’s worst offensive line. Acquiring him might be difficult, but his price tag shouldn’t be anything less than a second-round pick.

The Giants currently have the No. 37 pick in the draft – second round. They could utilize it to potentially grab Rosen, who’s only going into his second year as a professional. The down-side to this move would be his rookie contract. Head coach Pat Shurmur would prefer to find a quarterback to succeed Manning “sooner than later.”

Having him learn behind Manning for a season would be influential, but this would theoretically rule a potential Rosen trade out. However, we cannot expect anything with the new management, after all.

Moving forward, I expect the Giants to draft a quarterback in favor of trading for a player like Rosen, simply because it allows them to utilize a new QB on their rookie deal for longer, additionally, it allows them to mold him from the very beginning.

New York Giants: Three Sure-Fire 1st Round Picks to Upgrade the Team

The New York Giants could be targeting Josh Allen at No. 6.

The New York Giants will be seeking a quarterback in the 2019 NFL draft, or at least they should be. The class of QB’s this year isn’t stacked full of talent, but there are several options that represent quality with plenty of potential. There’s one simple fact about “potential,” it’s not guaranteed.

If the Giants want to upgrade their team with sure-fire players in the first round, they should look towards the defensive prospects. The upcoming draft is filled with defensive talent, and they can sure hit a home run with one of these three options.

1.) Devin White

In the last two seasons, White has totaled 256 tackles. If that didn’t widen your eyes, he also earned 15 tackles for a loss. There’s no question that the 6-1, 240-pound linebacker will be a dominant force in the NFL, and if he manages to fall into the laps of the Giants, they might have no choice but to pull the trigger.

In addition to White’s immense tangible skills, he’s a leader on the field with the ability to command his teammates and elevate their abilities. He is a ready-made NFL player with prototypical attributes – the Giants would gain a trustworthy defender for the next decade if they choose this route.

2.) Quinnen Williams

Alabama star defensive lineman Quinnen Williams is one of the top interior linemen in the draft, and maybe in the past five years. We are talking about a player so disruptive he manages to be a pass rusher from the interior very frequently. With eight sacks and 71 total tackles in 2018, he earned the 8th most votes in the Heisman race. For a defender, that’s not too shabby.

Williams is essentially the ‘most’ NFL ready player of the bunch, and this would be an easy selection given the Giants’ reliance on their three down lineman.

3.) Josh Allen

If linebacker Josh Allen falls to No. 6, he represents a top-tier pass rusher that would bolster the defensive line for the Giants. Allen was named ACC Player of the Year with 17 sacks in 2018. His immense season and combine performance have everyone buzzing, which isn’t ideal if the Giants wish to have a chance at him.

The fact of the matter is, nobody knows what will happen on draft day, his stock could drop a few spots as others climb – the Giants must leave their options open, as head coach Pat Shurmur stated that they will take the best player available.

To pile onto Allen’s impressive abilities, he racked up 88 total tackles and 21.5 for a loss in his senior year. At 6-5, 260-pounds, the Kentucky product has the size and speed to be a dominant force for years to come.