New York Yankees: Clint Frazier Details The Symptoms That Ended His 2018

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier might want to take a moment to thank his lucky stars after suffering through extreme concussion symptoms and coming out on the other side unscathed.

Frazier detailed his experience, and he mentions feeling like he was in “a state of euphoria,” according to the New York Post. The year was full of up-and-down memories and experiences for the Yankees, but Frazier doesn’t remember portions of it. His suffered from short term memory loss and still can’t recall some events that occurred in 2018.

“I felt like I wasn’t physically there, like something I couldn’t get out of. I was scared,” he said on Tuesday. “There were times I’d be driving like I was on auto-pilot or something. I’d look around and think, ‘How did I get here?’ ”

The return of Red Thunder:

Despite the scary mirage that draped itself over the young speed-hitter, his services are being called upon by the men in Pinstripes. The attributes that once made him an appealing prospect seem to be present, and he’s confident that his health won’t be an issue moving forward.

Frazier will have the opportunity to beat out veteran left-fielder Brett Gardner for the starting spot, and his youth certainly gives him the advantage.

Clint Frazier must be careful:

“You ever been on a treadmill, going really fast, and then suddenly hop off?” Frazier asks. “There’s that brief moment when you don’t really feel your feet. That’s what I felt like all the time.”

The Yankees need to ensure that he’s back to full health and is ready for the work-load ahead. Compromising his health and restarting the symptoms again would be catastrophic.

Hopefully, he returns with no limitations and can make a difference on the starting team right off the bat.

New York Yankees: Neil Walker Signs With Marlins Despite Return Rumors

New York Yankees utility man Neil Walker has reportedly signed a one-year deal with the Miami Marlins, for two million dollars. Entering this off-season, there became a lot of talks about the Yankees possibly resigning him for another year.

Before the Yankees got Troy Tulowitzki and had announced they had serious interest in Manny Machado, Walker may have been an option to start the season at second base while Gleyber Torres shifted to Shortstop to fill the shoes of the injured Didi Gregorious.

Yankees’ Walker 2018 performance:

In 2018, Neil Walker had statistically his worse season after getting off to a dreadful start, before finally picking it up just before the all-star break. He hit .219. had an OBP of .309, and had a slugging percentage of .354, all career lows. Though he did have several clutch hits to start rallies and a couple walk-offs.

He wasn’t able to really get it going until he saw more of a role with the team. He first saw an everyday role when Gleyber Torres saw DL time in July, then playing some RF when Aaron Judge was injured and Giancarlo Stanton needed to rest or DH to nurse hamstring tightness.

Walker had previously not seen OF action, but needed to when the team was in a ‘next man up mentality’. He also learned how to play third base after Brandon Drury had gone down with an early season injury, and knowing that they may need help on defense with Andujar having fielding skills that need development.

How he will impact the Marlins

Walker will serve as a veteran in another utility role in Miami, but most likely playing more first base. Ex-Yankees Starlin Castro and Martin Prado occupy second base and third base, and the most support will be needed at first base.

The Marlins no longer have a true first baseman after they traded Justin Bour to Philadelphia, now signing with the Los Angeles Angels. The Marlins have a very young, underdeveloped team that needs veteran support and all-around depth. I know that Walker would much rather play for a contender, but this is a good fit for him.

New York Giants: Major Rumors Surrounding A Draft Day Trade

The New York Giants could look to draft Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick.

The New York Giants are reportedly searching for their successor to Eli Manning. There are a few quarterbacks expected to go in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The top quarterback prospect is Dwayne Haskins Jr. from Ohio State University.

Many believe the Giants will be targeting him in the draft to succeed Eli Manning. However, the Giants are picking 6th, and there is a chance other quarterback-needy teams might trade ahead of the Giants to take Haskins. But if the Giants want to prevent that from happening, they could make a trade of their own.

Giants And Cardinals Trade Rumors:

The Giants hold the 6th pick, which might put them in a precarious position when drafting a quarterback. The Arizona Cardinals hold the 1st overall pick in the draft this year. Last year, the Cardinals traded up to the 10th pick to draft quarterback Josh Rosen. Because of this, they do not need a quarterback and could trade their pick away to a quarterback-needy team. That team could be the Giants.

If the Giants want to prevent teams like the Broncos, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Raiders from taking their quarterback of the future, they could trade for the 1st overall pick. Then the Giants could select whoever they wanted. If the Giants were to make this move, they would do so in order to select Dwayne Haskins.

It is rumored that the Giants and Cardinals have been in contact regarding a trade for the number one pick. The rumor states that the Giants called to ask the Cardinals their price and the two teams have been in contact since. Trade talks have not been confirmed, but a few outlets have been circling this rumor around this week. This rumor is very exciting for Giants fans, but unfortunately, at this point, it is only a rumor.

What Would It Take To Make The Deal?

If the Giants were to make the Cardinals an offer, Draft Tek‘s NFL Draft Trade Value Chart could help us project what the Giants might need to give up. The 1st overall pick has a value of 3,000 points, and the 6th overall pick has a value of 1,600 points.

The Giants would have to give up the 6th pick, of course. But on top of that they would likely need to give up at least two more picks. The Giants’ second round pick is worth 530 points, totaling the two Giants picks at 2,130. In order to make up the 870 points the Giants are missing, they will likely need to throw in their 2020 1st round draft pick. The fact that the Giants would be getting a quarterback with this deal may inflate the price. So if the Giants need to throw in a 2020 second-fifth round pick also, that should come as no surprise.

In 2004, the Giants made a draft day trade to acquire Eli Manning. Manning was selected first overall by the Chargers, so it was essentially like they were trading for the 1st pick. The Giants held the 4th pick and selected Philip Rivers with the intent to trade him to San Diego. The Chargers and Giants did strike a deal, bringing Manning to New York.

The Giants traded Philip Rivers (the 4th pick), a 2004 third round draft pick, a 2005 first round draft pick, and a 2005 fifth round draft pick in order to acquire Eli Manning. Some would call that a king’s ransom. Most would consider it a fair deal considering Manning lead the Giants to two Super Bowl victories en route to a Hall Of Fame carer.

If the Giants want to move up to select Dwayne Haskins (or any other quarterback), the 2004 trade for Manning could be a good model to project what they would need to give up in 2019.

New York Knicks: Diving Into The 2019 Trade Deadline – What Will Happen?

When I think of New York Knicks center Enes Kanter, I think of a famous line from “The Social Network,” where Rashida Jones’ character Marilyn Delpy tells Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg:

“You’re not an a–hole Mark. You’re just trying so hard to be.”

Enes, you’re not an a**hole. You’re just trying really, really hard to be. Kanter is a great guy off the court, and his bravery in standing up to the Turkish government should be well-noted. But the guy simply does not get it. He does not understand that defense is half the battle in basketball. He does not understand that sending cryptic tweets and veiled shots at coaches and teammates is unprofessional. He does not understand how he, Enes Kanter, could possibly be given a DNP-CD, or how Mitchell Robinson and Luke Kornet are getting minutes over him.

Well, Enes, YOU opted in knowing all too well that this would be the case. I understand that the 18.6 million dollar player option was millions more than other teams would have offered, but you chose to remain in New York. So please, please, just shut up until the Knicks can either trade you or buy you out. Thank you. Anyway, let’s get to some trades, and assess the potential deals the Knicks could make.

Will the Knicks be involved in the Anthony Davis Sweepstakes?

Maybe. The Knicks don’t have the assets in player form currently on their roster to compete with the Lakers at the deadline (Boston is unable to make a Davis trade until the summer, due to the Rose Rule), and while there maybe a team or two that enters the fray, it looks as though L.A. is best-positioned to nab Davis, who recently requested a trade out of New Orleans, and whose agent, Rich Paul, is one of LeBron James’ best friends.

What the Knicks do have, however, is that 2019 first-round draft pick, which will almost certainly fall in the top six, and has a better-than-not chance of being top three, and could potentially be number one, which would mean Zion SZN.

That pick, however, would almost certainly decrease in value if Davis, a top-five player, is added to the roster since the team would win more games. The pick is probably the best asset that either team (Lakers and Knicks) possesses along with L.A.’s Kyle Kuzma.

The Knicks could construct a deal similar to what the Boston Celtics gave up in 2017 for Kyrie Irving. The Celtics gave up Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, the 2018 Brooklyn Nets, and a 2020 second-round pick in order to acquire Irving. This was clearly a steal by Boston, but when a star demands a trade AND is a free agent in 1-2 years, their value diminishes.

That said, Anthony Davis is a 25-year-old megastar who has yet to fully reach his prime and doesn’t have the same injury history and character concerns that Irving did.

A potential Knicks deal could go one of two routes. First, a deal centered around Kristaps Porzingis. A Porzingis, Kanter, Knox, second-round pick swap for Davis could work. The other option is the 2019 first-round pick as the centerpiece. That pick, combined with Knox, Ntilikina, Hardaway Jr., and someone like Damyean Dotson could also work.

So how likely is it that the Knicks could even get Zion? I simulated the lottery ten times on Tankathon to get a very rough estimate. The results were as follows: #3, #3, #5, #5, #5, #1, #6, #1, #6, #5. So while the Knicks do suck, and currently have the second-worst record in the league, you’ll notice that they didn’t once end up second overall, and had an average of pick #4, which would not only mean no Zion, but it would also mean no R.J Barrett or Ja Morant, the two players that make up the next tier in this draft class.

It ultimately comes down to the question, does having Anthony Davis on the roster make up for the loss of several young talents? If Scott Perry and Steve Mills think so, they’ll pursue a deal. Is a Davis-Porzingis tandem good enough to win a championship? Or would they need to add another star (like Kevin Durant) in order to reach that goal?

These are all fair considerations, and while it’s improbable, it is not implausible that New York could do a deal with New Orleans.

What About Enes Kanter?

Okay, let’s get it over with. There’s no need to sugarcoat it: Enes Kanter and the Knicks need to part ways, and with Kanter being an unrestricted free agent this summer, it will certainly happen by then. However, his antics and attitude have gotten to the point where it might be worth offloading him now just to get rid of him.

The issue is finding a partner, and while there were rumors about a potential Zach Randolph-Kanter swap between the Sacramento Kings and Knicks, nothing materialized. That was probably the best chance New York had of finding someone to take him on, and so the most likely path is a buyout.

For those unfamiliar, a buyout is a mutual agreement between a player and team which sets the player free, as long as he clears waivers. Sometimes the player can opt to give the team some money back, but it’s been reported that Kanter wouldn’t do that. In short, the team and Kanter would part ways, and after this season he would be off the books. That appears the best scenario because Kanter’s recent comments and actions have made him unbearable in the eyes of most fans (though apparently not some).

The Other Guys

The Knicks have several other guys who have been put on the trade block, most notably guards Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr., and Trey Burke. Let’s start with Lee, a 33-year old veteran who will make 12 million a year through the 2019-20 season. He has been a capable veteran throughout his career, but amidst a year plagued by injuries, Lee has only played in 12 games, averaging 4.7 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game, and only shooting 5 of 16 from three. There’s some upside there, especially for an established playoff contender, but it would mean parting ways with 12 million (at least) in salary, which most teams of that caliber can’t do unless it’s an expiring contract.

I could see him being packaged in a deal with Noah Vonleh to a team like Philadelphia, who needs both shooting and a versatile big. The deal could be Lee and Vonleh for Wilson Chandler, which gives Philly two solid players for a playoff run, and New York the expiring contract it needs to shed Lee’s salary in order to create the requisite cap space to sign a max free agent this offseason. The Sixers appear to be the most logical destination for a Lee trade, but there are several other directions New York could go.

For Hardaway Jr., a player who can score, albeit inefficiently, as he averages 19.5 points per game this season on just 38% shooting and 34% from three. He also makes 17.3 million this season and has a 15% trade kicker, which would put him up to 19.9 million.

While Hardaway does have a bad contract, there will be suitors if he’s truly available strictly to acquire cap space for the offseason. For example, the Mavericks could offer Wesley Matthews and his expiring contract in exchange for Hardaway and maybe a Luke Kornet or other small asset. This would give the Mavs a legitimate player who could excel as a sixth man or 4th/5th scoring option, and the Knicks would again have another space this offseason for a top-tier free agent.

A team like Sacramento may be looking for scoring and shooting on the wing and could offer the expiring contracts of Zach Randolph and Kosta Koufos in exchange for Hardaway. How about the cross-town Brooklyn Nets, a team that could use scoring on the wing?

They could deal expiring Allen Crabbe for Hardaway, or go crazy and do a Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, Jared Dudley for Enes Kanter, Hardaway, and Noah Vonleh swap. That’d give them three solid players in exchange for three irrelevant expiring, and could accelerate their rebuild.

Burke is a case where the Knicks have asked for a second-round pick, and there are several playoff contenders that may meet that asking price. He is a score-first, defense-never guard who can provide a spark in spurts off the bench, and could certainly contribute in a playoff series for a good team. I’d expect him to be gone by the deadline.

Anyone Else?

Outside of a potential Davis deal, and the candidates like Kanter, Hardaway, Vonleh, Burke, and Lee, the Knicks are probably not going  to make a move at the deadline. There’s been some speculation around young point guard Frank Ntilikina, but that seems unlikely given his youth and potential upside.

While the Knicks will be one of the more active sellers, don’t look for them to be buyers, and hold your breath on a Davis trade, because the chances of that are slim to none right now. Here’s hoping New York doesn’t mess this year’s deadline up. We’ll need everyone’s collective prayers.




New York Giants: Connor Barwin Released After First Season With Team

Connor Barwin isn’t going to go down in the record books as having a long career with the New York Giants. The outside linebacker who was brought in last offseason to improve the pass rush had high expectations after making the switch from the Los Angeles Rams, but after only spending one season with the team, Barwin has been released with one year left on his contract.

The contract originally had two years and was worth $3.5M. Many believed that Barwin’s role would be to help out the pass rush and support younger players such as Lorenzo Carter, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what happened. Rather, Barwin was overshadowed this season by the others at the outside linebacker position.

Barwin played in 15 games this season and registered only 12 tackles. That’s the worst number of his career, even worse than his rookie season in 2009 where the total came to 16. Barwin also had only half as many tackles as he did in the previous season, with the Rams. After picking up 34 tackles in both 2016 and 2017, the 2018 season will go down as a major disappointment.

The production in the sack department wasn’t much better either. Barwin had five sacks during each of the two prior years, but could only manage one in 2018. Not good numbers for someone who was mainly brought in because of being a talented pass rusher. The poor performances led to Barwin starting most of the team’s game on the bench, appearing in the starting lineup only three times.

The Giants will save some money with the release, but will still have to spend $365k in dead money after releasing Barwin from a contract that had $1.25M left to be paid this year. With the release, second year linebacker Lorenzo Carter should have a larger role. After all, the Giants no longer need the player that was brought in partly for the purpose of helping him improve his game.

New York Yankees Look Past Manny Machado And Strike Free Agency Gold

New York Yankees, Manny Machado

The New York Yankees looking past superstar free agent Manny Machado and focusing on strengthening the weaker units on the team in a cost-efficient manner has put them in a position to win. Yes, Machado is a generational talent that has a career .282 BA and hit .297 in 2018, but his price-tag makes his services a huge risk.

The former Oriole and Dodgers is looking for a 10-year, $300 million deal. The Yankees reportedly didn’t want to surpass $200 million, and they certainly didn’t as they elected to take a cheaper route that included several veterans. Machado’s skills would have benefited the infield greatly, but it would’ve forced the team to rearrange their positioning – Miguel Andujar would’be been forced to move.

The New York Yankees need to stay simple:

Shifting the starting unit could’ve created development problems, and to be quite frank, it could have been simply too complicated. Addressing the weaknesses with value and not compromising the talent already on the team was the most effective method in regard to improving the Yankees.

A forgotten point:

Most tend to forget that the Bombers finished last season with 100 wins. They lost star slugger Aaron Judge for nearly nine weeks, their young catcher had the worst season in his career, big-money free agent Giancarlo Stanton had a relatively off-year, and their first-base situation was a revolving door of problems.

Next season, they will return with Judge 100% healthy, Gary Sanchez will have a fresh start, Stanton will be used to the New York atmosphere, and the first-base position will remain a question mark.

Additionally, general manager Brian Cashman allocated resources to improve the infield’s defense, and he signed several talented relief pitchers to upgrade the bullpen. He also traded for James Paxton to ameliorate the starting pitching.

So, to those that continue to complain that the Yankees did the wrong thing by skipping right over Machado, you will soon understand that there’s more value in four talented players the refine several units than one to improve a single position that’s already filled by the runner up for Offensive Rookie of the Year — Miguel Andujar (2018).