BREAKING: New York Yankees Sign RP Adam Ottavino

The New York Yankees have added a key bullpen piece with the signing of former Colorado Rockies RHP, Adam Ottavino.

Ottavino reportedly has inked a 3 year, $27 million deal with the Bronx Bombers. Ottavino has a career ERA of 3.64 with 464 strike-outs in 366 appearances. Ottavino was drafted out of Northeastern University in the first round of the 2006 draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. He debuted in 2010 for the Cardinals, appearing in 5 games, 3 of which were starts.

In April 2012, the Colorado Rockies claimed Ottavino off waivers. His role was then switched to a relief pitcher, where he has remained and amassed the numbers listed previously.

Ottavino replaces relief pitcher David Robertson for the Yankees who earlier in the off season was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies.

New York Yankees Honored: Mickey and Whitey in the Hall

New York Yankees

On January 16, 1974, New York Yankees star Mickey Mantle became the seventh player to be voted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. He had played for the Yankees only from 1951-1968, during which time he blasted 536 homers, knocked in 1,509 rbi’s, and sped to 153 stolen bases.  Quite an honor, but not unprecedented. The thing that makes it special is that on the same day, Mickey’s teammate Whitey Ford, the “Chairman of the Board,” achieved Hall of Fame status too.

Number 7’s Numbers

Mickey was the AL MVP three times, came in second in that vote another three times, and in third once. He came in first in offensive categories time and time again: batting average in 1956; rbi’s in 1956; home runs in 1955, 1956, 1958, 1960; triples in 1955; extra-base hits in 1952, 1955, 1956; total bases in 1956, 1958, 1960; runs in 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961; on-base percentage in 1955, 1962, 1964; slugging percentage in 1955, 1956, 1961, 1962; OPS in 1952, 1955, 1956, 1960, 1962, 1964; and walks in 1955, 1957, 1958, 1961, 1962.

Number 16’s Numbers

Whitey’s pitching stats are pretty impressive as well. His winning percentage was almost 70 percent (236-106) over a Yankee career that spanned 1950-1967. He won the American League Cy Young Award in 1961, and on a team that shattered the record for team home runs in that same year, it was Whitey who won the World Series MVP. First places in pitching stats include era in 1956 and 1958; wins in 1955, 1961, 1963; innings pitched in 1961 and 1963; shutouts in 1958 and 1960; starts in 1961 and 1963; and complete games in 1955. In 1961, Ford bested the (29.67) consecutive scoreless innings streak in World Series play that Babe Ruth had set with Boston in 1918, when he extended his to 33.67 frames in 1962.

In Addition

On January 16, 2001, long-time Yankee Dave Winfield was voted into the Hall of Fame, along with Kirby Puckett. Dave pounded 205 of his career 465 homers and drove in 818 runs of his 1,833 in pinstripes. Winfield had a falling out with George Steinbrenner in New York,  and he wore the cap of the San Diego Padres in his Hall plaque. While Winny did not perform well in the postseason in New York, he did drive in the World Series-clinching runs for the Blue Jays at age 41 on October 24, 1992.

They Say It’s Your Birthday

A stalwart on the mound for the 1995 Wild Card team, Jack McDowell (1966) is joined on the Yankee birthday list by five other players, most notably Steve “Bye Bye” Balboni (1957). Also born this day was Hall of Fame hurler Dizzy Dean (1910), along with current Anaheim Angel Albert Pujols (1980).

Should The New York Giants Make A Change At Offensive Line Coach?

On January 15, the Indianapolis Colts made a position coach change. The Colts fired their offensive line coach, Dave DeGugliemo. This move by the Colts prompted plenty of Giants fans to wonder if their team will make a change on their own coaching staff and pursue DeGugliemo.

Dave DeGugliemo’s Resumé And Connections With The New York Giants:

Dave DeGugliemo actually used to be part of the New York Giants’ coaching staff. He was a part of the 2008 Super Bowl victory in which the Giants had one of the league’s best offensive lines. DeGugliemo served as the Giants’ assistant offensive line & quality control coach from 2004 to 2008.

In 2018, the Indianapolis Colts had arguably the best offensive line in the NFL. They showed massive improvement from 2017 to 2018. In 2017, the Colts had the 25th ranked offensive line according to Pro Football Focus. DeGugliemo helped turn that around in 2018, as they were the 6th ranked offensive line per PFF.

Part of this change came from having DeGugliemo as the offensive line coach. He was brought to Indianapolis in 2018 by head coach candidate Josh McDaniels, who was later replaced by Frank Reich. Dave was the only assistant coach that Reich did not hire himself, so after one season he has decided that he wants to make his own hire.

Dave DeGugliemo has been part of some of the best offensive lines in the NFL over the past 15 years. Aside from working with the Giants, DeGugliemo also worked as an offensive line coach for the Dolphins in 2009-2011. The Dolphins 2009 offensive line unit was ranked second in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus. They also ranked 8th in 2010.

The Dolphins’ offensive line struggled in 2011, and DeGugliemo moved on to become the offensive line coach of the Jets in 2012. The Jets’ offensive line ranked 3rd in the NFL in 2012. He only spent one season with the Jets and did not coach in 2013. In 2014, Dave went to the New England Patriots and coached the Giants’ current starting left tackle, Nate Solder.

Dave DeGugliemo has an extremely impressive track record. The New York Giants offensive line has been struggling for years and did not show much improvement when new offensive line coach Hal Hunter took over in 2018. The Giants could look to bring DeGugliemo back to New York in order to fix their offensive line issues in 2019.

How The New York Giants Should Handle Eli Manning This Offseason

While we analyze draft prospects at the quarterback position and soak in the rumors of Nick Foles coming to the Big Apple, there’s one thing that most continue to look past. Eli Manning will likely be on the New York Giants in 2019…why? Because he has one remaining year on his contract and there’s no better alternative at this point in time.

If the Giants were to cut Manning and his $23.2 million cap-hit next season, they would save approximately $17 million. It’s unlikely the team keeps him at that price, but there is no easy way to release a player that brought two Super Bowls to New York and has the last name, Manning.

In fact, it seems as if the Giants have made it apparent that disrespecting him in any shape or form is unacceptable, given how former head coach Ben McAdoo fared after the benching debacle.

What must the New York Giants do with Eli Manning?

It must be a priority that the succession of Manning is treated very delicately, as disrespecting him will cause an uproar in the media and draw unnecessary attention to a relatively new front-office.

The Giants must give Manning two options:

Either he stays and he takes a significant pay-cut, or he retires instead of being cut by the team. The pay-cut would ultimately represent another chance for him to prove that he can still be an efficient passer at the professional level.

Of course, Manning will accept nothing less than the starting job, but there will be a caveat. If the veteran signal caller is inconsistent and is clearly holding the offense back, he will be replaced by a potential rookie quarterback – Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray, etc.

This way, it’s on him and he will have a fair opportunity at earning the starting job. If he can operate at a high level, it will give a potential rookie first-round QB time to develop and learn from Manning, and if he struggles, they can make the change sooner. Putting the ball in Eli’s court is the only way to come out unscathed, and that’s what the Giants will likely do.

Youthful New York Yankees Infielders Expected To Make Major Jump In 2019

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Despite the New York Yankees bringing in veteran infielders Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu, the team plans on featuring both Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres in their regular starting roles.

Some might get the feeling that the Yanks brought on five Gold Gloves between the two signings to supplant the youthful duo if they begin to struggle defensively. Andujar recorded 15 errors at third-base and Torres a combined 17 errors at shortstop and second-base.

It was clear that Torres was better fit for the second-base position, simply due to his lack of experience at shortstop and the requirements it demands at the professional level. Constant action and challenges arise in the most important part of the infield. Didi Gregorius racked up six errors in 2018 (132 games) – he had a stellar year defensively and set a record for homers at SS for the Yankees with 27.

I wouldn’t anticipate Torres moving from the second-base position for the time being. General manager Brian Cashman made it apparent that Tulowitzki would have the first crack at SS while Gregorius recovers from Tommy John surgery.

New York Yankees must instill confidence in their young players:

One of the most important actions the Yankees must take moving forward is to instill confidence in their younger players. Putting Andujar and Torres back into the fire right off the bat is essential, as pulling them will only batter their confidence and show the team’s lack of faith in their every-day starters.

While Andujar will likely struggle defensively his first few years, he was a revelation offensively – .297 BA with 47 doubles and 27 homers. Keeping him in the lineup at all costs is a priority, especially if he continues to develop at third-base. His potential is sky-high. If he can round-out his defensive skills he could be one of the better infielders in the game.

How about Gleyber Torres?

The Yankees’ home-grown talent began the year on fire, finishing with a .271 BA. He hit above average in total but also smashed 24 homers for a player that wasn’t considered a slugger. It’s possible the Yankees influenced him to increase his swing dynamics to produce more homers, which ultimately paid off. It will be interesting to see what the Yanks do this offseason to help him improve his game.

New York Yankees Need To Re-Enter Manny Machado Race At This Price

The current teams involved in the race for Manny Machado are the Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies, with the New York Yankees waiting idly by as the market unravels.

Recent reports have indicated that the White Sox are offering Machado a seven-year, $175 million deal, far below his 10-year, $300 million asking price. It seems as if the teams interested in his services are driving down his market-value by offering him less-than adequate monetary compensation.

MLB teams have been keeping more money and not spending their general revenue on bringing in new high-profile players. Players like Bryce Harper and Machado should be garnering $300 million and more, but owners are keeping their investments rather than injecting it into the heart of their team.

If the price-tag for Machado remains around $175 million, the question is – do the Yankees re-engage?

New York stated earlier in the winter months that they would not surpass the $200 million mark for the superstar free agent. Being that other teams aren’t offering him more than that number, it’s certainly possible that the Yanks are quietly making deals behind the scenes.

Yankees bring in veteran support:

Despite bringing on two veteran infielders in Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMehieu, the team could surely use a long-term option in the infield that can hit consistently and bring two Gold-Gloves with him.

My primary concern is the longevity of the contract and if he can maintain his quality over the course of 7+ years. Historically for the Yankees, contracts of that length haven’t panned out exactly as planned, which is why signing the two veterans makes more sense and offers more immediate value.