Why You Should Ignore The Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Rumors

Have you ever felt like you’ve experienced something before? Most fans of the New York Giants should have a bad case of deja vu right now, because it’s that one time of the year when the media is reporting on Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors. It’s a process we all went through last year, when there were plenty of people who were sure that Beckham would be a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

To their credit, that move didn’t seem as unlikely at the time. The Rams had already made high profile moves, and while it would have been surprising, it hardly would have been shocking for the Rams to acquire Beckham as the last of those roster changes. But the move never happened, Beckham signed a new contract to play with the Giants long term, and a lot of reporters had to eat their words after pushing the rumors that a move was about to happen.

We’re going through the same thing again this season, even though it’s even more unlikely that Beckham leaves the Giants. Realistically, it’s hard to say that the New York Giants front office went into this season expecting very much. If one more bad season was all it would take for them to change their minds about Beckham and trade him away, potentially to the 49ers for the 2nd overall draft pick, why would they have signed him to a huge contract in the first place? Why not begin the rebuild earlier and trade him without signing him to a new contract?

That $95M contract makes it much harder to find a trade partner, too. If the Giants wanted to make a trade, they wouldn’t have agreed to it. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the value they get from a trade is better than the value that they would get from keeping Beckham, especially if the theoretical trade involves the Arizona Cardinals and the second overall pick. The Giants have already shown that they’re committed to rebuilding around Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. It just wouldn’t make sense for them to turn that around right now and make a trade in the buildup period to the draft.

We’ve already been through this, everyone. You might see more and more rumors about a trade in the coming weeks, but just remember: the speculation this year isn’t even as tense as it was last year during the offseason. Just because the rumors are being repeated again doesn’t mean that reporters know more about the Giants front office than they did at that point. And that’s why, going into the draft, there’s more important things to focus on.

New York Yankees Proving To Be Super Cheap In 2019

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

With history telling us the New York Yankees have been one of the more high-spending teams in Major League Baseball, we expected a bit more of the same in 2019. General manager Brian Cashman took a more savvy approach to the offseason this year, passing on players like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper to sign cheaper veteran options.

Cashman brought on Troy Tulowtizki on a veteran minimum deal and DJ LeMahieu on a two-year, $24 million deal. While the latter appropriated some cash to the free agent pool, the investment wasn’t mind-blowing. Machado was in the market for a 10-year, $300 million contract, a deal the Yankees clearly weren’t interested in.

Have the New York Yankees been cheap this offseason?

Besides making Machado a legitimate offer, they elected to hang back and snag some veterans to improve the defense in the infield. Additionally, they took starting pitcher Luis Severino to arbitration over 850k. Severino was asking for $5.5 million while his expected rate was $5.1 million. The Yanks offered just $4.4 million which sent both parties to arbitration.

The 24-year-old earned a 3.39 ERA with a 2.95 FIP over 191.1 innings in 2018. The first half of the campaign was CY Young award-worthy, while the second saw him tumbling towards the bottom half of the league in overall pitching-quality.

Personally, I think the Yankees should have met in the middle of his asking price to instill confidence in the young pitcher, but they decided to make a problem out of less than $1 million.

What have the Yankees done so far?

By signing Tulo and LeMahieu, the Bombers have added five Gold-Glove awards to the infield without breaking the bank. My biggest argument is that the organization isn’t giving the players their piece of the pie, electing to take a more cost-efficient route, making the Steinbrenner family more rich and putting the Yanks in a more difficult position heading into what most thought to be a World Series contending year.



New York Giants: Which Are Players Set To Become Free Agents In 2019

The New York Giants have a crucial offseason coming up for the future of their franchise. They will have to make multiple tough decisions in 2019, such as who to cut and whether or not to find a new quarterback. Along with that, they will need to decide who they want to resign and who they want to let walk in free agency.

When The Giants Can Start Signing Players:

The 2019 New League Year is on March 13 at 4:00 p.m. This is when all contracts expire and players officially become free agents. Teams can negotiate new deals with their players beginning on March 11. March 13 is the first official day of free agency. The Giants will need to have made decisions on their soon-to-be free agents by that date.

New York Giants With Expiring Contracts:

The Giants have 25 players with expiring contracts this offseason.  Among those 25 players are multiple starters. Players such as Landon Collins, Cody Latimer, Jamon Brown, B.W. Webb, Jon Halapio, Aldrick Rosas, Curtis Riley, Corey Coleman, Elijah Penny, Josh Mauro, and Zack DeOssie are starters on the 2018 Giants who will be free agents this offseason.

In addition to the starters just listed, plenty of depth players have expiring contracts also. Mario Edwards, Kerry Wynn, Russell Shepard, John Greco, Nathan Stupar, John Jenkins, Scott Simonson, Bennie Fowler, Alex Tanney, Kristjan Sokoli, Jordan Williams, Antonio Hamilton, Spencer Pulley, and Alonzo Russell are depth players for the Giants with expiring contracts.

Key Players For The Giants To Resign:

Among these 25 players are a couple of Pro Bowlers and key starters. Landon Collins is a former all-pro who will be looking for a big payday this offseason. In addition, Pro Bowl kicker Aldrick Rosas will look to get paid handsomely after being the best kicker in the NFL in 2018. These are two key, extraordinary players that the Giants will look to resign.

Aside from the Pro Bowl caliber players, the Giants will need to resign a few other starters this offseason. A pair of solid offensive linemen will need new contracts in 2019, Jamon Brown and Jon Halapio.

Jamon Brown was acquired by the Giants during their bye week in 2018. He was a massive improvement over their former starting guard, and quickly became a fan favorite. As soon as Brown stepped on the field for the Giants, the teams started to win and Eli Manning started to play better. Jamon Brown is a player that the Giants must resign in 2019.

Jon Halapio is a quality center who went down with a leg injury in week two of the 2018 NFL season. He was playing the best out of any of the team’s lineman through the first two weeks, and Dave Gettleman was quick to point that out in his post-season presser. The Giants plan to move forward with Halapio as their starting center, so expect to see him get resigned in 2019.

New York Yankees: There’s Something About Manny – Union Over Before It Started

New York Yankees, Manny Machado

First things first, everyone needs to breathe. Now take a second breath, feeling better yet? Maybe some herbal tea is in order something to relax the nerves as it becomes apparent the New York Yankees will NOT be signing Manny Machado. That’s right folks, Manny may want to be in the Bronx, but apparently the Yankees were not interested at the price tag he required.

Unless the earth tilts off its axis, or maybe the Yankees sign Manny’s third cousin to be the bullpen catcher, Manny will choose dollars over pinstripes.

The New York Yankees need some help…or luck:

I guess if you squint hard enough you could see a scenario where LeMahieu becomes a Ben Zobrist type super-sub, the Yankees end the Tulo experiment before it begins (which might be the case anyway) and they still bring in Manny, but…I doubt it. Like that high school crush you never quite got over, Yankee fans are already missing a player they never had in the first place, maybe in a few years they can have Matt Dillon look him up and see how he’s doing.

In this post apocalyptic wasteland left in Mr.Machados wake the Yankees can possibly trot out a three-time gold glove winning batting champion, two rookie of the year candidates and either Greg Bird or Kevin Maas, I mean Luke Voit at first base.

First base seems to be the Yankee equivalent of drumming for spinal tap, didn’t Dustin Ackley actually spontaneously combust in 2016 in a game? But that’s a discussion for another time.

My point is it’s not like the team is closing its eyes and sprinkling pixie dust over Tyler Wade hoping he’ll become a real boy this season. Plan B is actually something that could result in better campaign than last year. When Didi comes back LeMahieu can shift to third, Andujar to first, and barring Andujar falling into the Springfield Mystery Spot the Yankee infield will be set for the next few years.

Will the Yankees sign more free agents?

What does this mean for the “fully operational death star” for the rest of the offseason? I think they may sign another starter and Adam Ottavino as spring training nears, but that’s not going to move the needle for fans crushed by missing out on Machado.

There is still one big fish floating around though, that the Yankees could sneak in Teixiera style and grab at the last-minute. Bryce Harper in left, with Brett Gardner going into a 4th outfielder/soccer mom type role would still very much be a viable option. The left-handed bat would be a better fit than Manny in the lineup, and while his valleys may be lower his peaks are way higher than Machados.

I’m not sure how you can have too many outfielders when Gardner is old, Frazier missed an entire season from concussions, and Jacoby Ellsbury is….Jacoby Ellsbury.

The Yankees actually played regular season games last year with Shane Robinson (24), Neil Walker (16) ,and Tyler Wade (7). That’s 47 games that Gardner or Frazier could start this year, without factoring off days for regulars. There’s plenty of room in the Yankee outfield for one more player. Hey Mr.Cashman, I have two propositions for you, one is Bryce Harper in left field on opening day, the other is six-minute abs. If you’re not interested in either than please…step into my office.

New York Knicks: Looking Into Top Prospects For The 2019 NBA Draft

With the New York Knicks back on the east coast after a long road trip through the West Coast, the Knicks come back with one of the worst records in the NBA. Primed for a high draft pick in June, New York should have their choice at some players with great potential.

So who might the Knicks draft?


Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton called Zion the greatest player the NBA has seen since Michael Jordan. There is lots of hype around Zion, a player who can do 360 dunks, and dribble up the floor as a player that weighs more then the Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

There’s good reason for all the hype as he is averaging nearly 21 points per game to go along with 10 rebounds. If the Knicks don’t have the 1st overall pick, there’s a chance that they won’t be able to draft Williamson.


The 6-foot-7 freshmen who also plays for Duke is scoring more points that his star teammate, Zion. He is averaging 23 points per-game, with 4 assists and 6 rebounds. If the Knicks are looking to pair an elite scorer with Kevin Knox (possibly Kevin Durant) on the wings, RJ Barrett could be the perfect fit.


Sensing a theme here? Three players, all Duke prospects. The Blue Devils are stacked this year with players oozing with potential. Out of the “big three” freshman, Reddish has been the biggest disappointment of the three. Reddish is a few inches taller then Barrett, and not as good of a scorer. My guess is that the Knicks would pick Barrett over Reddish if they have that choice in June.


The little guard out of Murray State has lit up the college basketball world, and has soared up mock draft after mock draft. Morant is 6-foot-3 and some consider him the next Russel Westbrook. At one point Morant was leading the NCAA in assists, and will more then likely be the first point guard off the board. Do the Knicks want to take Morant and make him their future point guard, moving Frank Ntilikina to the bench, the shooting guard position, or another team?

Out of those four players, I think there is a decent chance that one of those four will be a Knick next season. Of the four players, RJ Barrett seems to be the best option in regard to the Knicks’ needs.

Yes, I’m aware of everything Zion has done in two month of college ball, and I think he has great potential, but if I’m in Scott Perry’s shoes I don’t want another big-man. Forwards and Centers are currently the strength of the Knicks’ future.

Kevin Knox, Kristaps Porzingis, and Mitchell Robinson all have immense potential as a cohesive unit. At the shooting guard position the Knicks have Dameyon Dotson, who, as much as I like Dotson, I don’t view as a starter on a championship team. I could see Dotson being a quality bench guard for a top-team.

The New York Yankees Need Aaron Boone To Limit His Mistakes in 2019

The Alex Cora and Aaron Boone competition has only contributed to the New York Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox rivalry. Both managers had stellar campaigns with their respective teams last season, with Boone winning 100 games and Cora earning a World Series title.

The New York Yankees need their manager to improve:

While the Yankees have worked tirelessly on improving the defense of the infield, their manager will need to contribute to the betterment of the team as well – by means of turning his previous mistakes in 2018 into successful actions.

In the ALDS against the Red Sox, Boone allowed a struggling Luis Severino work through a tough three innings and start the fourth. He allowed six runs on seven hits and two talks. His outing was disgraceful in a playoff game, but that’s besides the point.

Boone should have been aware that his accuracy and location weren’t consistent though the first two innings. While it’s unreasonable to expect the Yankees to have relievers warming up in the second-inning, there should have been a plan in case Severino struggled out of the gate.

To make matters worse, Severino loaded the bases immediately in the fourth-inning and Boone elected to bring in converted starter Lance Lynn and leave strike-out specialist Chad Green on the bench. Green strikes out 33.3% of the batters he faces with Lynn striking out only 22%.

Preparation and efficiency:

This decision was simply bad and was only one example of the speculative season Boone had. He needs to be more efficient and prepared when it comes to facing adversity. Now, of course it was his first season as a head coach in the MLB and all of these mistakes were lessons-learned, he must eradicate these mishaps in 2019 completely – especially if he wants to contend for a World Series title.


New York Jets Hire Adam Gase as Head Coach: Darnold Pleased

After a coaching search that lasted only 10 days, the New York Jets have hired Adam Gase as their head coach. Gase has been the head coach of the Miami Dolphins for the past three seasons. While fans may not like seeing a former division-rival patrol the sidelines, there are reasons to be hopeful.

The Case for Gase:

Despite a losing record as the man in charge in Miami, Gase’s resume holds a lot of promise. He’s the first coach of the Jets since 1997 who has prior head-coaching experience. He’s the first coach with an offensive background since 1995.

With a healthy Tannehill in his first year in Miami, he made the playoffs. In 2013, in his first year as offensive coordinator for the Broncos, he helped Peyton Manning have the best season of his career. It was a recommendation from Peyton Manning himself that gave Gase an advantage while interviewing this year.

Gase also has the seal of approval from the current quarterback of the Jets. A day after the hiring, Darnold said that “with his offense and with his mind for the game and our ability to go out there and score touchdowns, the sky is the limit for us. I really do believe that.”

The Other Candidates:

The Jets seriously considered several candidates in their interview process. Among the top applicants was Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Todd Monken. Monken is considered a great offensive mind with top level experience going back to his days coaching at the collegiate level. Apparently, the Jets also really liked Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule. Taking a chance on Rhule would have been a mistake. The chief concern is his lack of experience, specifically, the ability to put together a coaching staff.

The clear choice by the fans was Mike McCarthy, the former head coach of the Packers. McCarthy is a Super Bowl winning coach, and those are hard to come by. He is also often credited as a great offensive mind who tutored Aaron Rodgers. At one point, late in the Jets search it was reported that McCarthy only coveted the Jets job. This left fans’ scratching their heads as to why he wasn’t hired.

Clearly the Jets organization did not feel comfortable with McCarthy. It could be argued that McCarthy did not have enough success as a coach. Winning only one championship with the person who is considered the greatest natural thrower of the football on the planet, is questionable. As recently reported, the talks ultimately fell apart over putting together a staff.

Another popular choice was Kansas City Chief’s offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy. Bienemy benefited from an explosive offense in Kansas City this season. Having learned from head coach Andy Reid is also another highlight on the resume. However, Bienemy does not call plays and has only been a coordinator for one season. Ultimately, the Jets and other teams felt Bienemy needs a little more experience.

Was Gase the Right Choice?

Whether or not Gase was the best choice right now, he is most definitely last head coaching hire that Mike Maccagnan will be involved in. The Jets didn’t like McCarthy or Bienemy, and apparently only seriously considered Monken and Rhule as alternatives.

Gase has the offensive football knowledge to help mold the most important player on the team, Sam Darnold. Darnold himself has given him the seal of approval. Adam Gase has the potential to be a good hire, but ultimately a lot will depend on the staff he puts together.