New York Giants Expected To Have 11 Picks In 2019 NFL Draft

New York Giants. Dave Gettleman, Pat Shurmur

The New York Giants are heading into the offseason with a disappointing 5-11 record. That record awarded them the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. In this draft, the Giants are expected to have eleven total draft picks. With that kind of draft capital, the Giants should be expected to make some big moves this offseason.

Where Are The Extra Picks Coming From?

Typically, NFL teams have one pick per round, in each of the seven rounds. The Giants own their first round, second round, fourth round, and sixth round picks. That totals to four picks of their own and no pick in the third round. The Giants used their third round pick in the 2018 Supplemental Draft to take cornerback Sam Beal.

In addition to those picks, the Giants have acquired several picks via trades. The Giants received the Saints’ fourth round pick in the Eli Apple trade. They Also received the Lions’ fifth round pick in the Damon “Snacks” Harrison trade. Their two seventh round picks come via trade also. The first pick comes from the Vikings via the Brett Jones trade. The second seventh round pick was received from the Rams in the Alec Ogletree trade.

The Giants will receive two more picks in the fourth and fifth rounds. These are compensatory picks. The fourth round pick comes from the Giants losing Justin Pugh in free agency in 2018. The fifth round pick will be granted to the Giants due to Geno Smith signing with the Chargers in 2018 and Devon Kennard signing with the Lions in 2018.

With so many picks in the upcoming draft, the Giants will have many options. They could hold onto their picks and select multiple impact players, or they could trade their picks. They could trade these picks for veterans or for more draft picks. If the Giants like a specific prospect, they now have the draft capital to trade up and select him.

Why The New York Yankees Should Kiss Manny Machado Goodbye

New York Yankees, Manny Machado

There’s no question that the New York Yankees are willing to splash significant cash when it comes to signing high-profile free agents, but at the end of the day, the 10-year contracts some of these players are seeking aren’t worth the hassle.

Superstar third-baseman Manny Machado is in the market for a 10-year deal worth north of $300 million, an unrealistic amount at this point in time. Teams are unwilling to go over $250 million and the Yankees are not even willing to breach $200 million, according to reports.

Why should the New York Yankees bail on Machado?

Most are aware of the  complications with Machado’s lack of effort and lapses of judgement. From not running hard to first base to watching a long fly-ball smack off the wall resulting in just a single, his persona can be depicted as arrogant or cocky.

While those negative attributes certainly raise some red-flags, there’s no question he’s a generation talent with an above average glove and bat. He’s a well-rounded player with the ability to raise the game of any team. My biggest issue with him is the money and opportunity cost, not so much his character issues – relief pitcher Zach Britton stated that Machado was a great teammate while on the Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees would put themselves in a tricky situation if they choose to sign the free agent. If Machado and his two Gold Gloves are to feature at third-base, they must find a way to utilize young phenom Miguel Andujar, and I’m hesitant to trade him away.

How franchises are built:

The traditional way to build a quality team is through home-grown players, and Andujar is a perfect example of what hard-work and persistence looks like. Trading him away for a veteran or value deal isn’t in the best interest of the club, despite his 15 errors in 2018. He was just a rookie after-all and had little to no experience in the majors. If he continues to work at his defense he could become the Yankees’ franchise third-baseman for the next decade.

The bottom line:

It really all comes down to their confidence in Andujar and what they would do with him if Machado is signed. The alternative would be to stick him at shortstop and keep Miguel at third. But that would make the signing of Troy Tulowitzki redundant and Didi Gregorius an almost guaranteed goner at the end of 2019.

The New York Knicks And Kristaps Prozingis Will Move Forward Together

Since he was drafted, New York Knicks‘ Kristaps Porzingis has been a better player then most expected. The 7’3 Latvian shot blocker, big dunker, and three point shooter is supposed to anchor for the Knicks future. Many fans hope the future includes Kevin Durant, Kemba Walker, or Anthony Davis. The only problem is that Porzingis will be a free agent this summer, but a restricted free agent.

Porzingis’ significant injury:

It’s early February, the Knicks are preparing to take on the Milwaukee Bucks. However, nobody knew would be Kristaps Porzingis final game of the season. When Porzingis went down to the floor, after trying to dunk over the Greek Freak, Madison Square Garden fell silent. What had just happened to the cities Unicorn?

It turns out that the Unicorn has torn his ACL. Before he tore his ACL he was working his way to a max contract extension from the Knicks, but now it is in doubt how much that contract will be, as it has been 11 months since Porzingis has stepped on a basketball court.

Porzingis will be a RESTRICTED free agent this offseason. That mean that if the Knicks offer him a qualifying offer (which they will) then he can sign an offer sheet with any NBA team. The Knicks will be able to match any of those contracts (which they would). Or, the Knicks can work on a contract extension with the Porzingis. If no contract is reached between any team, Porzingis can play the 2019-2020 season on the qualifying offer, and prove he is healthy.

There are many scenarios for Porzingis upcoming free agency, but Kristaps Porzingis will be a Knick for at the very least one more year. Porzingis will not be a Spur, a Celtic, or a member of the rival Brooklyn Nets.

Why Kristaps and the Knicks will remaind together:

Due to Porzingis contract situation, the Knicks hold the leverage. They can match any offer from another team, and use that perk to there advantage. The Knicks can also offer Porzingis more money, for more years. Like the Sixers did with Joel Embid’s contract, the Knicks can put incentives in Porzingis contract like staying healthy. Also, I think Porzingis wants to stay with the Knicks, as he enjoys New York City.  He like being the face of the Knicks.

New York Yankees Battling With One Team For Manny Machado Deal

While the New York Yankees pick up value players like Troy Tulowitzki, the Philadelphia Phillies have seemingly put all their chips in on acquiring a big-name free agent.

Currently, both the Yankees and Phillies are pursuing Manny Machado, who prefers the Yankees but for the right price. The superstar free agent want money upwards of $250 million, an amount the Bombers don’t seem to keen on spending at this point in time.

How much would the New York Yankees drop for Manny Machado?

Reports have indicated that New York doesn’t want to spend more than $200 million while the Phillies are preparing a second-offer that could surpass $220 million. With a generational talent like Machado, any team would be instantly upgraded, especially in the infield.

The 26 year-old is a .282 career hitter and batted .297 in 2018. He’s a stellar option to take over at third-base if the Yankees choose to move away from Miguel Andujar, their young rookie who allowed 15 errors on the corner last season. The question would then become: What should the Yankees do with Andujar? Personally, I’m not willing to let the young phenom go.

For now, we can expect that Machado picks between the Yanks and Phillies, simply due to the fact that the Chicago White Sox are far away from being a World Series caliber team. If he wants to win now, he will joining the former two, with the Yankees being an even more enticing option due to his personal preference.

Either way, it seems as if Philadelphia will come away with Manny or Bryce Harper, who isn’t a bad consolation prize. The White Sox have gone the extra mile signing both Machado’s brother and best friend Jon Jay. They’re doing everything in their power to lure him to Chicago, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like wearing the Pinstripes.

New York Giants: The Absolute No.1 Priority For The 2019 Offseason

Most fans and analysts will look at a developing New York Giants team and say, “well damn, Eli Manning seems about as done as an overcooked T-bone.” While I would agree, the Giants will need to move on from the veteran quarterback sooner rather than later, there’s another position on the team that needs to be improved drastically.

The defense had ‘NO’ pass rush in 2018:

When looking back at the 2007 and 2011 seasons, you likely remember the dominate force that once was the Giants’ defensive line. The pass-rush and sack-totals were astounding, but that time is long gone and the roster is void of any true sack-connoisseur.

In 2018, the team recorded a total of 30 sacks, ranking 31st in the league. To add to the embarrassment, they were 24th in rushing-yards allowed (103.1). Overall, the Giants ranked 16th in overall points allowed per-game, (23.1). A major improvement from the 2017 season – 24.3 (27th).

Despite the success the defense saw in terms of lowering the points-per-game totals, the defensive front was abysmal. Rookie B.J. Hill was a bring spot and outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter flashed potential, but overall, it was a development and experience year for both. Interior lineman Dalvin Tomlinson was ‘average’ and pass-rusher Olivier Vernon was what some might call “garbage.”

In 11 games, Vernon recorded 30 tackles and seven sacks. Let’s put that into perspective. Vernon costed the Giants $17 million against the cap in 2018 with seven sacks, while the infamous JJ Watt costed the Houston Texans a mere $15 million against the cap with 16 total sacks, more than double the total of Vernon. Yikes.

What should the Giants do with the struggling pass-rusher?

Personally, I would cut Vernon and move on from his terrible contract. Thanks again Jerry Reese! GM Dave Gettleman can release him and save $11.5 million in cap-space – he will cost $8 million in cap if he’s cut, otherwise he would be $19.5 million.

With that money, the Giants can go out and sign a quality right tackle and utilize draft picks to bolster the defensive line. With the defense moving to the 3-4 scheme under James Bettcher, I would look for the Giants to go after a top edge/interior rusher that can get after the quarterback but also stop the run – a player like Eagles’ Brandon Graham would fit the bill. Ezekiel Ansah could also be a potential option, despite coming off a quiet year plagued with injury.

Ansah might accept a one-year prove it deal after recording only four sacks in a year where he played in only seven games. He’s one year removed from a 12 sack season. That type of production would be welcomes nicely to a Giants team that’s in dire need of a true pass-rusher.

Will New York Yankees’ Luis Severino Finally Make The Jump To Ace?

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

Going into the 2018 offseason the New York Yankees has one priority to focus on – the staring pitching rotation. Trading for Mariners ace James Paxton and retaining J.A. Happ could be a viewed as an improvement, but you could make the case that the Bombers lack a true ace. I’m here to talk about Luis Severino and if he can finally make the jump to the next level.

Before the 2018 All-Star break, Severino had a 2.31 ERA and was 14-2 on the year. After, he recorded six losses, five wins and a 5.57 ERA.

How did this happen and what were the factors for his struggles?

Reports have indicated that Severino was tipping pitches, with proof bubbling to the surface after the Boston Red Sox were effectively calling his pitches from the dugout during the ALDS.

The Yankees will likely work with their star-pitcher to correct this mistake, as it played a huge part in him being trounced in three innings for six runs and seven hits in the ALDS. He was dominated from the get-go, and it was obvious that the Red Sox knew every pitch he was about to throw.

The Yankees had a consistent ace in the first half of 2018:

Luis earning a 2.31 ERA for the first half of the season convinced some that he could be their top-man, and I wouldn’t rule this idea out just yet. It ultimately comes down to him being more careful with his pre-pitch actions and tightening up so that can be more effective. The Yankees’ bullpen coaches need to be more aware of this issue and correct it before it becomes a legitimate problem.

Teams focusing on the analytics and tiny giveaways from players will notice those significant details that can give away a pitch, etc. Some believed that Severino might have been injured which could have caused a drop in effectiveness, but his fastball didn’t lose any velocity throughout the year with the exception of some minimal fatigue. On opening day, he threw his fastball 97.9 mph, and on the final day of the season he threw 97.3. This would prove that his health wasn’t an issue and that it had to be a fundamental lapse.

Fixing something as small as tipping pitches could be difference between All-Star Severino and third-tier pitcher Sevvy.