New York Giants Underdog Corner To Get Opportunity In Week 3

After a groin injury suffered by New York Giants corner Eli Apple in the week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, second-stringer B.W. Webb filled in to provide support.

Webb won a reserve job behind Janoris Jenkins and Eli Apple on the defense, but his abilities are far less than what is required to stop a No. 2 WR in the NFL. In fact, I might feel more comfortable with the undersized Donte Deayon.

Will Giants’ Donte Deayon get some action this week?

Head coach Pat Shurmur mentioned that Webb is next in line behind Apple if he’s unable to give it a go. Deayon lurks behind Webb, but there’s no question he will get his opportunity to shine against the Houston Texans.

Deayon finished the game against Dallas with a red-zone pass breakup that would have allowed WR Cole Beasley a touchdown.

“I went up for it but I only got one (hand) on it,” Deayon said. “I was hoping I got two because me, I always want to come down with a pick. I don’t want no breakups.”

The third-year corner earned 17 interceptions with Boise State from 2012-15. It was a primary reason he managed to secure a spot on the Giants’ practice squad and eventually elevate to the 53-man roster. The tiny corner has unparalleled passion and tenacity, and he compensates for his lack of height with a keen sense of vision and positioning.

In the final preseason game against the Patriots, Deayon recorded two interceptions…in one half.

“I pride myself on that, being a guy to go and get the rock,” Deayon said, in accordance with his pass breakup in the end-zone. “That’s why I’m disappointed I didn’t come down with the interception on that — corner of the end zone, Sunday night, Dak Prescott. I need those. That’s just dropping money right there.”

I anticipate a nice dosage of Deayon if Webb struggles in the absence of Apple, so be prepared to see a little action from the determined corner. Maybe, just maybe, he will be the difference maker in the game.

New York Giants: Shurmur and Manning Believe Season Isn’t Over

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

The New York Giants season is already lost… Or at least, that’s what many people believe. Of course, it’s one hundred percent understandable if you think that the Giants can’t bounce back. Their first two losses weren’t ones to inspire confidence in a fanbase, and whatever progress was made in the draft seemed to be wiped out by more problems. Losing to the Cowboys this season was hardly different from losing to the Cowboys last season.

But for the people who matter the most in all of this, the staff and the players, there’s still some faith there. Faith that this year can end up less like 2017 and more like 2007. Granted, comparing this team to the 2007 one just because of their opening records would be a shallow and surface level comparison at best, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything that can be learned from that year.

“Obviously there are young guys that are going to be looking at the vets to see how they respond and how they act. Guys are coming from college, where all of a sudden you lose a game, you lose two games, the season’s over, where the NFL we’re one game back in the division,” said Eli Manning yesterday.

Whether or not the Giants can improve their play and capitalize on it, Manning is right here. Every other team in the NFC East is 1-1 right now, meaning the Giants aren’t as bad off as they seem. At least not based on their record. If they continue to play the way that they have, there’s no hope of turning things around and making a Wild Card run, or even being semi-competitive in general this year.

But if adjustments on the coaching side work out, and the players step up their performances, particularly on the offensive line? It’s only two games into the season and the Giants aren’t exactly in a hole that can’t be overcome. It is easier said than done, however, to just improve the play when the team has the roster of one that should be in a rebuilding phase.

“At one point for the Houston Texans last year it wasn’t going so well for them and then at one point there was a stretch where they were lighting up the scoreboard and then [Deshaun Watson] got hurt,” said head coach Pat Shurmur, making a point about how it’s possible for a team’s fate to change from bad to good and then change back all over the course of a single season.

Do things look bleak right now? Yes.  But looks aren’t always everything and it’s impossible to know how well the team is actually adapting following their bad start. We’ll see that against Houston, but if there legitimately is an improvement and the Giants manage a 1-2 start instead of an 0-3 one? Well, it wouldn’t be time to call off the season just yet.

New York Giants: How Should The Offensive Line Be Approached?

After witnessing the New York Giants‘ offensive line endure a heavy dosage of stunts and blitzes against an average Dallas Cowboys defensive front, it was apparent that something needed to be changed.

A season ending injury to center Jon Halapio wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it might open the doors to trying different combinations on the line. Reserve lineman John Greco will be filling in for Halapio, according to head coach Pat Shurmur.

Greco has always been an offensive guard, but being a reserve requires diversity and the ability to fill any role. The former Brown will be at center for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spencer Pulley, a player who started in all 16 games last year, take over so that Greco can be moved to right guard.

The Giants can only suffer for so long, they might need to make a change soon:

The Giants signed guard Patrick Omameh to a five-year, $15 million deal over the offseason. This move was made to offer some solidity to the right side of the line, where Ereck Flowers is now featuring. So far, the right side has been abysmal. Minimal communication, missed assignments, and a lack of recognition only scratches the surface of the present issues.

An alternative solution:

An alternative method to fixing the line would be to bring in new players to compete. This has a low probability of success, but the current state of the line can’t get much worse…can it?

With the Giants waiving full-back Shane Smith and placing Halapio on IR, one spot on the roster remains after the signing of FB Elijaah Penny.

Some options that might spark an interest:

OT Will Beatty

OL Chaz Green

OL Cyrus Kouandijo

OL Cornerlius Lucas

Giants fans might be familiar with Beatty, who formerly played for Big Blue and won Super Bowl 52 as a member of the Eagles last season.

These options wouldn’t be able to make a difference right away, but I feel as though it would be worth a try given the inadequacies on the line.