New York Giants: The Different Ways Saquon Barkley Will Be Used

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants haven’t had a running back like Saquon Barkley since the days of Tiki Barber, and even then it’s not even comparable. Barkley brings strengths in every aspect of the game – blocking, running, and catching. His ball security is also impeccable, which was something Barber struggled with early on in his career.

For the Giants, Barkley will be a godsend for quarterback Eli Manning, and will keep the hounds off of Odell Beckham Jr. in the pass game. Defenses will be forced to play close to the line of scrimmage in anticipation of the wheel route. Additionally, the Penn State star has the ability to swing out into a wide receiver spot, which will confuse the defense to no end.

How will the New York Giants use Saquon Barkley?

With the starlet running back holding a bountiful number of skills in his waistband, the Giants will be able to utilize him all over the field. Just check out this clip from Thursday’s training camp practice.

Having a back that can swing out wide from the shotgun formation will open up the field considerably – especially when facing off against a linebacker. Even Olivier Vernon, who has dominated at the outside linebacker position after making the transition from defense end, has been smoked by Barkley time and time again.

So, we can establish several points now that we’ve seen the different looks head coach Pat Shurmur has thrown Barkley’s way:

1.) He can catch seamlessly

2.) He can lay a tough block on a linebacker or blitzing safety

3.) He can avoid tacklers close to the line of scrimmage

One of the most daunting attributes that Barkley possesses is his ability to move laterally. While he may not rely on patience to find holes in the defense, his speed and agility make up for it ten-fold. In college, he often bounced the ball to the outside in an attempt to beat the edge and pick up extra yardage. Don’t expect that to stop in the NFL. Of course, the coaches will advise him to shoot through holes rather than run towards the boundaries, his speed and power will allow him to win those battles consistently.

The bottom line, he’s a revolution back that will take the Giants’ offense to the next level.

New York Giants: Davis Webb Is The Quarterback Of The Future – Here’s Why

When the New York Giants drafted quarterback Davis Webb out of Cal in the third-round one year ago, the consensus was that he would be another backup signal caller destined for a life behind Eli Manning and his predecessor. Webb has effectively take that narrative and blown it to pieces with his non-stop desire to improve and make the most out of his career as a professional football player.

With every passing binder Webb manages to fill out with notes, tricks, and daily knowledge on how to conduct himself on the field, the product he displays becomes incrementally more impressive. This offseason, he’s brought a new game to the Giants, something that wasn’t visible in 2017 but is becoming more apparent in 2018.

How good has Davis Webb been in New York Giants training camp?

We all remember hearing the interceptions, missed passes, lack of knowledge in the pro-style offense arguments against Webb. He used those points as fuel to improve in every aspect of the game – learning from under center, becoming more accurate and mobile under pressure. His skill-set has quadrupled over the course of one offseason, and as Giants fans, we should be ecstatic he’s willing to dedicate every day of his life to succeeding Eli Manning as our franchise quarterback.

Taking a look at this throw – this is a completion that last year’s Webb would only dream of hitting. That’s a 40-yard throw on the run, towards the sideline to an in stride receiver – giving him enough space to get his feet in bounds. An impressive toss nonetheless.

These are just a few votes of confidence for the young quarterback.

Davis Webb said via

“I think I really worked hard this summer on pocket movement and escaping, and avoiding the rush, and throwing on the run. That’s something I really try to enhance – throwing on the run once the play breaks down; getting out of the pocket.”

While we know what Manning is capable of when flushed from the pocket…not much – Webb is able to quickly move outside of the pocket and deliver strikes. His youth and athleticism allows him to be more mobile, which will be refreshing when he likely gets the first crack at taking over after the age of Manning has come to an end.

Ohio State Football: Who Is Acting Head Coach Ryan Day?

Ohio State’s offseason is going very differently than expected. The Buckeyes have one of the most talented teams in the conference and were picked as the big favorite to come away with the Big Ten title at the end of the year. However, things aren’t so stable on the coaching side of things. Head coach Urban Meyer has been placed on administrative leave, which isn’t the easiest thing for a head coach to come back from.

Why is Ohio State’s Urban Meyer being investigated?

The suspension is because Meyer allegedly knew about domestic violence allegations against former Buckeyes receivers coach Zach Smith and didn’t report them, and while the matter is still under investigation, things don’t exactly look good for Meyer. Which means that Ryan Day could very well spend the 2018 season as the head coach.

Who is Day, who was named the acting head coach on August 1st? Well, Ohio State fans are already familiar with him as the quarterbacks coach and one of the co-offensive coordinators. That was his position since January of last year, and as quarterbacks coach, Day was able to get the most out of J.T. Barrett last year. Additionally, the offense that he contributed to tied Penn State for the highest points per game average in the conference.

Day has never been a head coach in his career, and is only 39, but has considerable experience working on coaching staffs. He was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and and began his coaching career at UNH before making stops in Boston College and Florida as a graduate assistant. Interestingly, the year that Day was a GA at Florida was the first one that Urban Meyer was the head coach there, 2005.

His stint at Boston College, which lasted from 2007 to 2011, convinced Temple to bring him on as their offensive coordinator in 2012. It was his second stop at Temple, as he had already spent one year with the Owls as a wide receiver coach after moving on from Florida. It only lasted for one year before Day made his third and final stop at Boston College, spending two years as an offensive coordinator before joining Chip Kelly’s staff as the NFL.

Neither Day or Kelly could survive Philadelphia, though, and he followed his head coach to San Francisco in 2016 before joining Ohio State after Kelly was fired from the 49ers. He became co-offensive coordinators with Kevin Wilson and also became the team’s offensive playcaller in January, 2018.

Little did anyone know back when the decision was made, however, that Day could enter the season as the head coach. It’s not the best situation for Ohio State, who is relying on someone who only has very limited experience as a coordinator at a big school. There’s a big difference between Boston College and OSU, but since the season is only a month away, the Buckeyes can’t be choosy and have a head coaching search.

Still, Ohio State fans shouldn’t completely write this season off as being lost just yet. Teams have rallied under new or interim head coaches in the past, with Clay Helton of USC being a notable recent example. We’re only one month out from the season, so either way, we’ll find out soon just how competent Day is.

Why The New York Giants Defense Is Going To Increase In Turnover Production

The New York Giants defense ranked 21st in the league in turnover ratio last season, but 2018 should promote a revitalized offense and upgraded defense, hopefully improving the ratio. Making the transition to the 3-4 scheme under James Bettcher will increase the potential of making big-plays (aka turnovers).

The defense will be unpredictable, unique, and aggressive. Linebackers will be darting beside the line of scrimmage while the defensive line prepares to wreck havoc in the trenches. The safeties will sit back and spy on the quarterback, occasionally blitzing and forcing the opposing quarterback to rush the pass and make a mistake. Ultimately, the Giants will benefit extremely from the movement and constant blitzing from all angles.

How did the New York Giants defense perform in 2017 in regard to turnovers?

The defense recorded just 13 interceptions and six fumble recoveries all of last season. To put that into perspective, the No. 1 ranked turnover team amassed 22 interceptions and 12 recovered fumbles. A large aspect of the lack of product for the Giants was due to injury and lack of depth. This offseason, general manager Dave Gettleman, made it a priority to solidify the defensive line and provide Bettcher with a tough group of linebackers to help create turnovers.

The secondary will be the biggest weakness on the team and likely be a liability later in the season. This will put extra stress on the defensive front to rush the quarterback and force errant throws. Despite the lack of depth in the secondary, the Giants still have cornerback Janoris Jenkins. He alone recorded three interceptions and scored two touchdowns. His presence on the field will be essential for the defense to remain consistent and relevant throughout the year.

Additionally, third-year corner Eli Apple will be looking to make a comeback after a disastrous 2017. His blatant attempts at breaking the moral of the locker room and coaching staff are a thing of the past as he’s displayed legitimate effort and quality during training camp. If his abilities can translate onto the field he should add a few more turnovers to a defense that saw him fail to record a single INT last season.

New York Knicks’ Frank Ntilikina Primed For A Breakout Year

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

New York Knicks’ second-year point guard, Frank Ntilikina, is preparing to have a breakout season, despite struggling offensively in his rookie season. After Kristaps Porzingis went down with a significant knee injury, the French star was forced into a big role.

Ntilikina averaged just 9.8 points and 5.3 assists per game for every 36 minutes played. His offensive production lacked the spark that most thought he had coming into the organization. In 2018, he’s primed to take a major developmental leap. The young guard has worked tirelessly to improve his game and work on his jump shot to create a well-rounded attacking presence on the court.

How will the younger additions help Frank Ntilikina on the court?

Drafting Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson will help take some of the weight off the shoulders of the sophomore, although he will still remain an important piece moving forward. Ultimately, he’s the future point guard of the franchise and will have his chance to display his true potential in the months ahead.

It’s important to recognize that Ntilikina joined the ranks of the Knicks during a trying time – Jeff Hornacek was on a do-or-die year and the veterans on the team were crumbling around him. He was forced into a conditioning program that was nothing like the programs in France. Moving forward, he will have a solid supporting cast and several young players to develop alongside him. He will no longer be the lone-ranger of the team, but rather the veteran on a roster that features an 18 year old phenom.

This provides reason for hope in regard to Ntilikina, and we should expect to see major improvements in 2018.