New York Giants: Just How Much Has Davis Webb Improved?

Flashback to the New York Giants‘ training camp where rookie quarterback Davis Webb took the field for the very first time with pads on. Many mistakes and miscues later, Webb noticed how difficult becoming a franchise quarterback in the NFL would be, but that didn’t stop him from giving every inch of his being to achieve his dream.

Webb maintained his confidence and work ethic throughout the obstacles of progression; staying late after practice, following Eli Manning around like a puppy dog, working on his free time, and hiring a personal trainer to refine his skill-set. All of the tools he’s built over the last year have been at the hands of his superb mentality and drive for success. Becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL is no fluke, and the rising sophomore signal caller knows that, but he also knows dethroning Manning is impossible. He must wait for his opportunity to take the torch and run with it, and that chance will arise in pre-season, just a few months away.

His work ethic:

When the Giants hired offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur to take over the head coaching position, Webb made sure his preparation and first impression were impeccable. Him and Eli spent countless hours at the training facility memorizing the system and understanding the offense before they could even speak with the coaches. While the playbook wasn’t directly made available, both quarterbacks studied his scheme in Minnesota, watching every move on the line of scrimmage and every mismatch Shurmur looked to exploit.

Manning has learned three different offensive systems in the last five years, and Webb two in just his second season. The former Cal product is a dedicated note taker and learning connoisseur. He understands defenses and the positioning of the players, giving him an advantage mentally. Manning does something similar, given his physical attributes fail to blow anyone away. Webb has his youth and is learning how to understand the psychological aspect of the game far ahead of his time. Often times, a young quarterback will overwork their bodies in favor of avoiding the mental preparation before games. Take RG3 for example – he relied on his legs far too often while he failed to understand the mental aspect of the game and how to prolong your career by not taking unnecessary hits. With the league focusing on head injuries, players are now aiming for the knees and legs of runners, making the game more dangerous from the waist down.

The preparation:

If you’ve ever played on a sports team you’ve heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” For Davis Webb, this statement couldn’t be more true. His ability to learn the scheme and invest himself in his passion is unique. That’s why when minicamp rolled around, he stated, according to Forbes:

“I just said, ‘Hey, this is what I’ve been watching and this is kind of what I think we’re going to do,’”

“We ended up doing a little bit of what I saw, though some of the other stuff I saw on film didn’t carry over and I don’t know if it will.”

Shurmur tailors his offensive scheme around the strength of his players and what best suits their needs. Adding Saquon Barkley completely turns the offense on its heels, as they now have a tantalizing threat out of the backfield to compliment Odell Beckham Jr.

While Webb is itching to get on the field and utilize these weapons, he understands that learning and watching from a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is something that doesn’t come around very often. Extracting the most value and knowledge from Manning is his No. 1 priority and it will remain that way until the very second he retires.

“I don’t know what life would be like without him as a teammate, but I do know he’s the best teammate I’ve ever had,” Webb said. “So when you get to see the best guy that ever played in this franchise’s history—to see the way he handles himself in interviews, how he does charity functions and how he even handles his kids—you take just about every freaking note you can.”

“Now I’m just adding on to it big time under the best player ever. He sets the tone every single day. And he’s really been fun to watch this spring—I’ve never seen him practice this good.”

The development:

Webb has a long way to go before he has reached a place of starting potential; his life revolves around improving in any way possible before his big opportunity comes knocking on the door. His mentality towards perfection and development has not wavered, despite Manning stating he would like to play several more years.

“I’m planning to study at least four hours a day, things like protections and stuff,” Webb said. “When I look back at this spring, it was probably the most practice reps I’ve had since coming to the Giants. I still made mistakes, but I didn’t make the same mistakes twice.

“Before I get back to training camp, I want to study my notes, study the things I did well and the things I messed up. I want to go back and watch every play from OTAs—there’s maybe a 1,000 or so—and get ready to build on all that in training camp.”

When you’re a player in the NFL you never know what’s going to happen. What may seem like a normal day at one moment, might result in a devastating injury the next. Playing a sport offers a risk every time you step on the field, and Webb knows that. If Manning were to go down, he believes that he could fill his role admirably, and if that circumstance arises, I wouldn’t prefer any other backup to take his place.

The Absolute Weakest Link On The New York Giants

While the offensive line was the weakest link on the New York Giants in 2017 by far, the unit has been upgraded substantially over the course of the offseason. The line remains unproven, despite the additions of left tackle Nate Solder and guards, Patrick Omameh and Will Hernandez. We can assume there will be an improvement nonetheless.

Now that the line has been solidified, the unit that remains untouched and stripped are the cornerbacks. With Janoris Jenkins in a bit of legal trouble as a dead body was found in his home, the group is in serious danger of being left with little depth and talent. It’s likely that Jenkins is found not-guilty of being an associate in the death of his family friend, due to him being in Florida since the commencement of mini-camp.

Why are the cornerbacks the weakest link for the New York Giants?

General manager Dave Gettleman heavily invested in the offensive line, choosing to disregard the secondary, similar to what he did with the Carolina Panthers. Gettleman’s ideology is – strength in the trenches equals wins. He signed several corners this offseason, but none are considered starting quality talent.

Jan 1, 2017; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins wide receiver Maurice Harris (13) is tackled by New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple (24) in the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Giants won 19-10. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The current unit consists of Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple, William Gay, Chris Lewis-Harris, Grant Haley, Teddy Williams, B.W. Webb, Curtis Riley, and Donte Deayon. While some of these options, likely Williams, Webb, and Lewis-Harris are on the bubble, the retained talent still doesn’t present means for optimism.

The Giants ranked 31st in pass-yards allowed in 2017, averaging 252.4. They didn’t do much to improve their unit and may have actually gotten worse after letting Ross Cockrell leave in free agency. In addition, no draft picks were spent on upgrading the position, but rather undrafted free agents were brought in to earn a starting role on an NFL team; that’s never a good idea.

A lot of expectations for William Gay:

The overall depth is a major point of concern with the cornerbacks, which puts a lot of pressure on Gay, the Giants’ third-option at CB. Gay played in just 271 defensive snaps with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season; their secondary recently went through a major youth overhaul. Gay will be 34-years old this season, but is a stellar cover-corner when at the top of his game. It’s possible his best days are behind him given his age, but there’s a reason he was signed to play a reserve role. Injury concerns will, as always, be something to look out for in a veteran corner, but if the starters can remain healthy, he can play an essential role in keeping Jenkins and Apple fresh throughout the season.

Justin Tuck Offers Leadership Advice To Giants’ Landon Collins

New York Giants, Landon Collins

Immature and juvenile would be two descriptive words to break down the New York Giants in 2017. The organization fell apart at the seams and begun a whirlwind of degradation and humiliation. Since cornerback Eli Apple anonymously ripped the coaching staff and several players on the team, star safety Landon Collins has publicly addressed the situation, not always in a good light.

Collins is arguably the Giants’ best defensive player, making him the de-facto leader. His voice stands taller than the rest and echos through the locker room and media. After calling Apple a cancer in 2017, the media took hold of his words and begun to question his ability to lead in a positive light.

Giants legend offers advice to Collins:

Former defensive end for the Giants, Justin Tuck, offered support to the star safety, stating:

Being a leader is tough: You have to make fast decisions and be an outspoken person and you have to gain the respect of others so they will listen to you,” Collins told Ryan Dunleavy of “It’s hard, but it’s a role I’ll always take heavy on my heart.”


Collins and Tuck have formed a great relationship over the years, which attests to the offering of advice as to how to be a successful leader. Tuck left the Giants in 2014, heading to the Oakland Raiders after enjoying two Super Bowls with Big Blue.

He’s one of the guys you want to groom to be that guy because he is one of the best players. As time has evolved, he did it kind of how I did it: Slowly putting himself in those situations. I’ve told him he needs to be that guy.”

Collins will look to change the course of the Giants in 2018, as they finished last season with the 26th ranked run-stop defense. After breaking his arm, Collins has returned to full activity- a second required surgery set him back several weeks in his physical therapy.

Look for Collins to play a major role on a James Bettcher defense that heavily relies on blitzing and shooting the gap. As a strong safety, he will play closer to the line of scrimmage and be a primary factor in stopping the run.

The Reason Yankees’ Aaron Judge’s Stats Are Declining In 2018

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is having another amazing season for the league leading New York Yankees. He is currently tied for 4th in MLB with 20 home runs and tied for 5th in RBI’s with 52. He is currently on pace for 43 home runs, 111 RBI’s, 117 walks with a .277 average. That’s a pretty impressive stat line and is similar to the one he put up in 2017 as the chart below indicates.

Yearly Breakdown

Stat 2017 2018 (Projected)
Home Runs 52 44
RBI’s 114 111
Walks 127 117
Strikeouts 208 220
Average .284 .277


Based off of projections, Judge will take slight dips in production in regards to RBI’s, walks, average and strike outs. The most notable dip in production for Judge would be home runs. He is currently on pace to hit 8 less which may not seem that drastic of a drop until you dive deeper into the numbers.

In 2017, Aaron Judge averaged a home run every 9.6 at bats (which included his deep slump from mid July to early September). This season he is averaging a home run every 7.2 at bats. He is also on pace for 51 more at bats this season. That means, if you were to extrapolate his 2017 numbers with the projected at bats for the 2018 season, his 2017 home run total would jump from 52 to 57. Theoretically, you are looking at a difference of 13 home runs based off of these numbers.

Why the Drop?

Nobody is complaining about a projection of 44 home runs but why is there a drop in production for Judge? This had me dive into baseball analytics and look into stats such as exit velocity and launch angle.

Here is a quick review of what each term means:

Exit Velocity measures the speed of the baseball as it comes off the bat, immediately after a batter makes contact. Essentially, how hard you hit the ball.

Launch Angle represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being struck.

The following chart compares Aaron Judges 2017 season to his 2018 season.

Exit Velocity and Launch Angle

Year Exit Velocity Launch Angle
2017 94.9 mph 15.8 degrees
2018 95.9 mph 11.3 degrees


As we can see from the chart, Judge’s exit velocity has gone up from 2017 to 2018 which means he still hits the ball extremely hard, extremely often. He is currently tied for 1st in the major leagues in regards of exit velocity with Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers. The fact that Aaron Judge is hitting the ball harder than last year is a great sign.

The launch angle is where we see the major decrease. In 2017 his average launch angle was at an impressive 15.8 degrees and has dropped this year to 11.3. So what does that really mean? In order to make sense of of we will compare Aaron Judge’s launch angle to the other Major league home run leaders.

Player Comparison

Name Average Launch Angle Exit Velocity Home Runs Average Strikeouts
Aaron Judge 11.3 96.5 20 .277 103
Mike Trout 16.8 92.5 23 .325 68
J.D. Martinez 8.6 94.7 23 .325 76
Nelson Cruz 13.4 95.7 20 .270 52
Joey Gallo 22.6 96.5 18 .191 111


As you can tell from the chart is that there is a wide range in regards to launch angles and these 5 prolific home run hitters. J.D. Martinez’s launch angle is only 8.6 and Joey Gallo’s is as high as 22.6. In comparison, the MLB average is 10.8. The one constant among these home run hitters is the exit velocity. All five are close to the highest in the league. The league average for exit velocity is 87.3.


Although Aaron Judge’s launch angle has dramatically decreased in comparison to last year I do not see cause for concern. He is not currently on pace for the 52 home runs he hit the year prior but one hot month (last September he hit 15 home runs) will get him there. I believe he will finish right around where he ended up last year and be in the MVP running once again.


So why the current dip in home runs? It’s rather simple, it’s baseball.


Grading The Draft For The New York Knicks

Did the New York Knicks finally get it right in this year’s draft?

After much anticipation of whom the Knicks might select, the time has finally come and with the 9th pick – the New York Knicks drafted Kentucky star freshman, Kevin Knox. Knox is a 6’9 forward with close to a 7-foot wingspan and a 9-foot standing reach. All of those measurable are unteachable. He’s an athletic wing. While he only shot 34% from deep in college, he’s got a pretty stroke and projects to be good shooter from the outside on the next level.

Who should they have taken?

Most fans who attended the draft clearly wanted Missouri Forward, Michael Porter Jr. When Cleveland drafted Collin Sexton with the 8th pick, Knick fans across the Barclay’s Center all felt a sigh of relief and a rush of excitement that they may actually get a player who was once a top 3 projected pick.

As we know, they passed on MPJ for seemingly obviously reasons and grabbed Knox, much to the dismay of numerous fans in attendance.

This was clearly the right choice. Porter Jr. was saddled with a back injury for all but 53 minutes in his lone year at Missouri. He reportedly failed multiple physicals and had to cancel workouts due to a bad hip. Can he turn out to be a star? Absolutely. But once he had to cancel workout, the Knicks had to pass on him. Hell, NBA Legend Jerry West passed on him – twice.

Mikal Bridges is a nice player but he is going to start his NBA career 3 years older than Knox and doesn’t project to be a major impact player on offense.

What does Kevin Knox potentially bring to New York short term and long term?

Drafting Knox proves that Scott Perry and Steve Mills are ready to build up the right way. For years, the Knicks have always overpaid for average players past their primes and never properly built a roster with capability of sustaining success. Knox doesn’t turn 19 until August 11th. Frank Ntilikina will only be 20 next season. They don’t seem to have any intention of signing players to long term deals this upcoming free agency but it’s still too soon to tell.

Coach Fiz has no pressure to win this year and should focus on developing the youngsters and that means letting Kevin go through growing pains this year.

Long term? Can he be the next Paul George? Maybe he is a bigger version of Suns star Devin Booker? The talent is there. He can be your coveted wing for the future and go to scorer. If he works hard and continuously improves, there is no reason that he can’t be one of the best to come from this draft class and a future Eastern All-Star.

Where the heck was Mitchell Robinson this past year?

The Knicks took 7”1 center, Mitchell Robinson with the 36th pick in the draft. Robinson is the ultimate “boom or bust” player. He is freakishly long and athletic as seen in this short clip. He can be of great value to the Knicks or to any for that matter, however, he need to apply himself mentally.

Mitchell Robinson was ranked 11th overall by ESPN coming out of High School just behind top 10 picks Jaren Jackson and Kevin Knox. He originally committed to Texas A&M until de-committing shortly after. He then went on to commit to play for Western Kentucky, the highest recruit they have got in decades until he one day just packed his bags and left the campus.

Is this cause for concern? Of course it is. He trained on his own and he didn’t play any competitive ball over the year. No one really knows how his development progressed and there are obvious character concerns. That being said, that’s primarily the reason he dropped to the second round.

He has the talent and physical tools to become the next Clint Capella or Hassan Whiteside. I would be patient with him, get him some NBA minutes and some G-League time. I am really optimistic about him as an athlete. He can be one of the best centers in this draft and a key contributor to the Knicks and a backup center or starting next to KP. I am happy with the selection, the second round is usually reserved for question marks like Robinson and we could only hope we get a steal.

How will UDFA Allonzo Trier help the team?

The once highly touted guard didn’t have the best college career. He was signed shortly after the conclusion the NBA draft. He missed 7 games in 2016 due to a hand injury. In 2017, he was suspended for 19 games for violating the drug policy.

He did however have some success on the court. As a sophomore, he earned second-team all-conference honors in the PAC-12 and was named the most outstanding player in the PAC-12 Tournament. In 2017-18, Trier scored 18.1 PPG on 50% shooting while nailing 38% of his triples, not bad for a 6”5 athletic guard.

He has the talent to become a solid scorer off the bench in the NBA and can prove that in the summer league. He is a 3rd year player so we usually know what they are but there have been players like Draymond and Paul Millsap that exceeded all expectations. Obviously that isn’t whats expected of him, however, you never know.

Overall, for the first time, I really thought the Knicks did everything right. Knox was the right pick whether he pans out or not. Robinson has a TON of talent and for the second round, you accept that. Trier can maybe turn into a bench player this year and gives them more flexibility to trade Courtney Lee. Now it’s just up to the coaching staff to develop this newly acquired talent and for the players to work hard and bring a ring to the Mecca.

Overall Grade: B +

The Knicks earned a solid grade this draft simply because of the pure youth they added to the team. They drafted high reward players that have plenty of of room to grow, resulting in a good draft.


New York Yankees: Luis Severino’s Pitches Are Too “Crispy” For Phillies’ Hitters

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

The New York YankeesLuis Severino was doling out triple digit strikeouts on Tuesday night in Philadelphia in his 6-0 win over the Phillies and Jake Arrieta.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone spoke to Coley Harvey of ESPN after the game, saying:

“It seemed like the life on his fastball, it’s always good. [Tuesday] it seemed really special,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “As I like to say, that thing was ‘crispy.’”

Severino, according to Harvey, leads all major league starters with a “crispy” 44 100 mph pitches this season and increased that total by 12 pitches of 100+ mph on Tuesday night.

Severino throws 6-7 innings of 100+ mph fastballs and is relentlessly consistent. Phillies announcer Larry Andersen noted humorously that he is essentially a two-pitch pitcher:

In the 4th inning of Tuesday’s game, Severino struck out Odubel Herrera with his fastest pitch of the season and the fastest by a starting pitcher this season.

After a somewhat disappointing outing, despite getting the win, his last time out against the Mariners on June 21, in which he pitched only 5.2 innings, giving up eight hits and three runs with only five strikeouts, Severino posted six hits, nine strikeouts and no walks through seven shutout innings against the Phillies.  He was in Cy Young form, as’s Bryan Hoch points out:

“Severino has allowed one or no runs in 24 starts since the beginning of 2017, the most in baseball over that span. After finishing third in the American League Cy Young race last season, behind the Indians’ Corey Kluber and Chris Sale of the Red Sox, Severino could be in position to bring home hardware in the near future.”

Severino’s shut out record is impressive and results from the consistency with which he is able to pitch at an elite level.  As a result, he was the first pitcher in Major League Baseball to win 12 games this season.

Severino’s next outing will most likely be against the Boston Red Sox on Sunday night in the Bronx and he told ESPN’s Harvey that he looks forward to the outing:

“I want to face any team,” Severino said. “I’m not scared of anybody.”

After a loss and a no-decision earlier in face-offs with the Red Sox this season, Severino seems primed and ready to deliver another elite performance.

Body Found At House Of New York Giants’ Cornerback Janoris Jenkins

The New York Giants might have been on the upward trend this offseason, but as usual, something bad must happen for it to be true.

A body has been found at the house of cornerback Janoris Jenkins while he was away in Florida, according to TMZ.

Police have arrived at the scene and are investigating the matter.

In the meantime, the Giants will address the matter internally. Hopefully, Jenkins played no part in the death. Being that it was at his house, consequences aren’t out of the question.

New York Giants Legend Advocates To Pay Odell Beckham Jr. Now

There’s no question that New York Giants star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most prolific offensive threats the game has seen in years. His presence raised the entire team in terms of quality and success. His ability to turn the game on its heels has been apparent over the course of his career, and there has been no signs of slowing down, despite a broken ankle in the 2017 season.

His return is imminent, and pairing him with first-round pick Saquon Barkley only makes the Giants a more tantalizing and intimidating team. His return is a blessing for quarterback Eli Manning. Beckham has expressed his desire to attent training camp, although voices have echoed a holdout is possible. Beckham stated that he would not hold out this season, and why should he? We all know the value he offers to his team and what he means to the Giants on and off the field.

New York Giants legend has some advice for the front-office:

Phil Simms may have had a stellar career, but he never had a receiver like Beckham and oh boy, would he have liked him. Simms has all the faith in the world in the maturing receiver, stating, ” Odell is one of the best weapons on offense I’ve seen in the NFL in a long time. I look at Odell Beckham and, man, I don’t know what to say. Pay the man.”

Take it from him Dave Gettleman – if a quarterback says he needs him, you should probably consider keeping him at all costs. In terms of Beckham’s presence on the team and locker room, Simms said, “I’ve never heard a teammate say a bad word about Odell.”

Despite all of the antics and wild celebrations Beckham has pulled out of the hat, his teammates love him and the coaches rely on him to make play week in and week out.

“We had a guy who has some antics too, it worked out pretty well.” I’m sure you all remember the great Lawrence Taylor. I could make the argument that Taylor was even more of a distraction, but on game day, he earned his paycheck.

New York Yankees Flashback: Murcer’s Big Day

New York Yankees

The late New York Yankees outfielder and broadcaster and true fan favorite Bobby Murcer had his most famous day on June 24, 1970, as he stroked four home runs in four at bats (though five plate appearances) in a doubleheader split with the Indians. Bobby hit a ninth-inning shot off “Sudden” Sam McDowell in the first game, a 7-2 loss. Murcer then homered, walked, and homered twice, the last one tying Game Two at 4 in the eighth, and the Yanks pulled it out in the bottom of the ninth, 5-4. Steve Hamilton unleashed his “Folly Floater” to devastating effect twice on first baseman Tony Horton and struck him out in this game too.

Joe DiMaggio posted his unequaled 56-game hitting streak in 1941, and it was in full swing when he homered in a 9-1 Yankee victory over the Browns on June 25 of that year. With that drive, he broke the record set by Wee Willie Keeler in 1897 by running the streak to 45 consecutive games.

It was a little disconcerting, as the Yanks held Mickey Mantle Triple Crown Night on Friday, June 24, 2016, a gorgeous night in the Bronx, because ex-Yank Eduardo Nunez promptly put the visiting Twins up 2-0 with a double in the top of the third. But Masahiro Tanaka righted the ship, and the home team prevailed 5-3, with five different pinstripers scoring, and five knocking in a run apiece as well. The only players to notch one of each were Carlos Beltran and Aaron Hicks, the latter by stroking the game’s lone home run.

The Yankees posted a 5-0 win over the White Sox in Yankee Stadium on June 24, 1934. Babe Ruth broke a 21-at-bat hitless streak with a grand slam for the game-winning blow.

New York Giants: Top 3 Most Difficult Games In 2018

When considering the strength of a schedule in the NFL, a lot of factors play a part. We are going to take a look at the New York Giants‘ top three most difficult games for the season ahead, and a majority of those games come in a mentally and physically tough stretch.

To start off the season, Big Blue will take their first shot at a solid Jacksonville Jaguars team, stacked full of defensive talent and youth on the offensive side of the ball. They added star-studded guard Andrew Norwell and a serviceable receiver in Donte Moncrief. They also grabbed tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and corner D.J. Hayden. They proceeded to terminate the contract of Allen Hurns, but drafted D.J. Clark in the second-round of the 2018 NFL draft out of LSU.

There’s no doubt that the Jags will provide a good test for a young Giants team featuring Saquon Barkley, Will Herenandez, Nate Solder, and Odell Beckham Jr. Taking on a solid opponent in week one could get the ball rolling early in a tough first-half of the season, or it could present a serious struggle as they take on Dallas the following week.

For the game, though, the Giants will fail to pull out a victory despite a strong effort, given our prediction. Testing their resilience is not a bad thing either, as they will need to learn to lose as a team before they can make a playoff run.

Final Score: 23-17 – Jaguars

The second most tantalizing matchup comes only a few weeks later, as they take on the Eagles in a Thursday night football showdown. This game is coming off a tough road matchup against the Carolina Panthers, Dave Gettlman’s old club.

The Eagles are coming off their first Super Bowl win ever and will be looking to continue the success they had in 2017. The Eagles will be an extremely dangerous team in the coming year, as they added pieces to the defensive line and signed speedster receiver Mike Wallace. The return of Carson Wentz further puts the Giants in a bad position, as they have too much youth on the offensive side of the ball to be considered the favorites. Their secondary is also thin, which doesn’t bode well against one of the NFL’s top pass-throwers. It’s yet to be determined if Wentz will return from a torn ACL fully, and if there will be any lingering effects, but it’s likely he will make a full-recovery, putting the week six game for the Giants very much in question.

Final Score: 27-24 – Eagles

The final game that presents a major issue for the Giants will be the week 17 matchup against the Cowboys. Despite losing to both the Jags and Eagles in their previous two intimidating matchups, they will have the opportunity to stifle the Cowboys at MetLife. The reason this game will be so important is the fact that both teams will be vying for a playoff spot, and whoever manages to squeak out the win will earn the spot in the Wild-Card.

We all know the Cowboys will not give this game away to the Giants, so it’s extremely important that Big Blue brings their A-game. Dallas added several new pieces on the defensive side of the ball – one being Leighton Vander-Esch, their first-round pick out of Boise state. The linebacker brings an instictual prowess to his game, making him the exact type of player that haunts the minds of Giants fans twice per-year.

Luckily, they lost Dez Bryant and the “Giant killer” Jason Witten. They signed Allen Hurns, but his impact could be a lot, or nothing at all.

The Giants will need to utilize their prized possession in Saquon Barkley to get this win, as baiting the secondary with long balls to Beckham, Evan Engram, and Sterling Shepard, and dumping it off to Barkley will be the winning formula. Getting passed their first-level is the key to success against the Cowboys, as they made building their defensive line and linebacker corps a priority this offseason.

Final Score: 32-27 – New York Giants