New York Yankees: April 3 Game Review vs Tampa Bay

New York Yankees

The home opener for the New York Yankees which was postponed from yesterday and rain delayed today was worth waiting for. Yankees shortstop, Didi Gregorius, put on a hitting clinic as he went 4-4, setting a new record for Yankee shortstops with 8 RBI’s in a game. He also had a single and double.

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Jordan Montgomery limited the Rays bats to one run, over 5 innings and threw 80 pitches. It seemed that the Yankees pen was going to stumble again as Holder took over for Montgomery and yielded a double and four consecutive singles.

Enter Kahnle who got out of the inning. In his Yankee Stadium debut, Giancarlo Stanton was struck out in all five plate appearances. Didi and the rest of the offense picked up and gave excited fans an offensive show, and notched the team their home-opening victory, 11-4 over the Rays.

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The teams meet again tomorrow at 1:05 P.M.

Rams Make Blockbuster Wide Receiver Trade: Odell Beckham Jr. Rumors FALSE

Hey everybody, guess what!? The New York Giants didn’t trade Odell Beckham Jr., but a big wide receiver deal did go down on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Rams are receiving former Patriots WR Brandin Cooks and a fourth-round pick, while New England is receiving a first-rounder and sixth-rounder. This gives New England two first rounders entering the draft.

This trade ends the Beckham Jr, trade rumors, as if they were ever true!

Naturally, the new rumors have already sprung. The most recent ones: The Patriots could offer the 23rd and 31st picks in the draft for Odell Beckham Jr.

Again, this is nonsense. Bill Belichick would never spend over $18 million per-season on a player, especially one that’s a wide receiver.

Raiders Sign Dwayne Harris After Release From Giants

It took less than a couple of weeks for ex-New York Giant Dwayne Harris to find a new team. The Oakland Raiders are picking up the 30-year-old return man and wide receiver, and the terms of their deal with him haven’t been reported.

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Harris played three years with the Giants, joining them from the Dallas Cowboys after being drafted in the sixth round by Dallas in 2011.

If you look at his statistics through his first two years, he didn’t perform too badly. He had 341 punt return yards and 631 kick return yards in 2015, and his longest return during that year was a 100 yard touchdown on a kickoff.

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He also had three receiving touchdowns and ran back a punt return, too. He began to decline in his second year with the team, recording 170 yards returning punts and 533 on kicks.

In 2017, Harris was injured early in the season when the Giants played the Chargers. He finished with only five games on the season, and had to undergo surgery on his foot that put him out for the rest of the season. Harris was released on March 22 and reached a deal with the Raiders, who announced the signing on Monday.

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The Giants will save a few million on the salary cap from the deal, and as they didn’t offer Harris a pay cut to stay with the team, that was apparently their intention by cutting him.

New York Giants Mock Draft 2.0 – The Bills Trade Back Scenario

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The most recent draft rumors going around are that the Buffalo Bills are apparently desperate to get into the first five picks. The New York Giants could be looking to trade down if they are not looking to take a quarterback second overall.

What would a trade between these teams look like?

For the Bills to trade up to No. 2, it could require both of their first-round picks, their second-round pick and next years first. That means the Giants would get No. 12, 22, 56, and a 2019 first round pick.

On top of their current second round pick, this could give the Giants four picks within the first two rounds. That would certainly shake up their draft strategy.

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Who the New York Giants could draft:

No. 12 Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama

  • One of the best defensive backs in this draft. The best available player and one that fills a need with the departure of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Fitzpatrick can be plugged in day one as a “do it all” safety. He can play deep at free safety, at the line of scrimmage, and everywhere in between.

No. 22 Will Hernandez, Guard, UTEP

  • Dave Gettleman addresses the offensive line with this pick. Will Hernandez is an absolute beast and will help improve the offensive line immediately. Hernandez would be a steal, and if he is on the board the Giants must take him. The level of strength, size, and athletic ability he has is unlike no other at his position.

No. 34 Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

  • For those that are upset the Giants were unable to acquire Saquon Barkley, this pick is one to be excited about. Guice is another extremely talented runner that can do it all. Has shown tremendous toughness as he played through injury all last season, and runs with a level of aggressiveness that reminds one of Marshawn Lynch.
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No. 56 Dorance Armstrong, Edge, Kansas

  • Here the Giants fill the void Jason Pierre-Paul left behind. Armstrong may be a better fit than JPP for this new defense. He played 4-3 in college but is better suited to play 3-4. Can play both standing and with his hand in the dirt. With the proper coaching and scheme, Armstrong can develop into a complete player and still contribute right away.

No. 66 J.C. Jackson, CB, Maryland

  • The Giants can fill a major hole at cornerback with the drafting of Maryland standout J.C. Jackson. Once a troubled athlete, Jackson has turned his life around and shown his true potential at Maryland. He has man-coverage abilities and is capable of becoming a starting player for any NFL team.

No. 69 Braden Smith, Guard, Auburn

  • Drafting Braden Smith would give the Giants a bit of breathing room when it comes to the offensive line. Smith is massive at 6-foot-6, 315-pounds, but doesn’t show that kind of power on the field. He had a great year with Auburn but will need to work on building his power in the NFL.

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No. 108 Javon Wims, WR, Georgia

  • The Giants could use another big-bodied receiver and adding a player like Georgia’s Javon Wims would be an excellent choice. Wims recorded 720-yards and seven touchdowns in 2017, making him a legitimate red zone target. With a year left on Brandon Marshall’s contract, Wims could utilize that time to develop and become a solid option in 2019.

No. 176 Colby Gossett, Guard, Appalachian State

  • If GM Dave Gettleman is going to be looking for a potential gem in the late rounds of the draft, Appalachian States’ Colby Gossett is where he should be looking. Offensive line coach Hal Hunter was sent to scout Gossett and others at Appalachian State, which is a good sign. With a year or two of development, Gossett could grow into a starting caliber player.

Bringing Back The Tradition Of Great New York Giants Running Backs

Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw…

A few names to consider when thinking of good New York Giants Running Backs. Lately though in the horrible Mcadoo era, the position has been modestly ignored except for the drafting of Wayne Gallman out of Clemson in the 4th round –110th overall.

Gallman had decent stats starting late in the year. He rushed for 476 yards and caught one touchdown. Running Backs that can create balance were essential keys when the New York Giants and Eli Manning won both of their infamous Super Bowls.

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The next Giant Running Back?

There is a possibility with the 2nd pick in the 2018 NFL Draft the New York Giants could select Saquon Barkley out of Penn State.

Barkley essentially showed at the combine that he was the all-around most tantilizing back potentially in the last decade. He recorded insane numbers: Official 4.40 in the 40-yard dash at 233-pounds which was outrageous, and that came after 29 bench press reps the day before.

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Barkley also clocked a 4.24 time in the short-shuttle drill, which was the eighth-fastest among running backs in attendance. Barkley has shown he can be the first top three running back pick since Reggie Bush in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Barkley could greatly help Eli Manning to bounce back and create balance the New York Giants offense hasn’t had in a long time. The Penn State phenom has lightning quick speed, and can catch the ball out of the backfield, and can block.

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There’s no doubt that Barkley could bring back the days if Tiki Barber or Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. He packs a punch, he’s quick, agile, powerful and intelligent. An offense with Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram would be lethal against any defense in the league.

-Davis Webb

-Saquon Barkley

-Odell Beckham Jr.

-Sterling Shepard

-Evan Engram

-Nate Solder

These core players could easily be successful in the current day NFL. Having a polarizing running back and stellar left tackle is a successful formula alone, and adding a generational wide receiver to the mix only improves those odds.


Comparing The Top NFL Draft Quarterbacks To Current And Former Players

Whether or not the New York Giants use the second pick on this position, many fans expect them to come away from this draft with a quarterback.

There’s no clear cut number one prospect this year, and mock drafts have linked the Giants with Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, or even dark horse Josh Allen, from Wyoming. To help you get a better idea of what these players might look like five or six years down the road, here’s some comparisons between some of them and NFL quarterbacks from the past and the present.

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold, who was the top prospect going into the college season last year, is like Matthew Stafford. They have the exact same physical build, with Darnold’s weight only being off by about a pound, give or take. If you compare their numbers from last year, they also had similar passing performances. Darnold had a 63% completion percentage and threw for a little over 4,000 yards.

While Stafford threw for more yards and had three more touchdowns, and three less interceptions, his completion percentage was only slightly higher at 65%. Darnold does have a turnover problem, but Stafford used to have a worse one than him. Stafford threw 16, 17, and 19 interceptions from 2011 to 2013, and that’s worse than Darnold’s 13 from last year. Stafford proves that a quarterback can get rid of their turnover problems, and if the Giants draft Darnold, it will be in the hope that he develops down the same path and finds similar success.

The NFL draft is approaching and the New York Giants can go several different directions. You don’t want to miss out on any BREAKING news! Sign up for FREE here.

Josh Rosen

I’m going to say that Josh Rosen is Aaron Rodgers. Not in skill, but in the kind of player that he is. This isn’t really an original take, because Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback that gets used as a comparison these days for the QBs coming out of college who can make all the throws, but that’s the mold that Rosen fits. It’s not hard to be impressed just from the eye test while looking at his college highlights, where he largely carried his UCLA team at times and made plenty of NFL caliber throws.

There’s also the talk of character concerns, for both players. I’m not going to take a side, and I will admit that we don’t really know how much of those concerns are true, for either Rodgers or Rosen. In the case of Rosen, UCLA players have defended him on Twitter in the past. But usually, the word of NFL scouts isn’t completely meaningless. He’s more outspoken than the average quarterback and that can either be a good or a bad thing depending on what you want from your QB.

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Both he and Aaron Rodgers can fit the ball into most windows, but both of them also have their own brands of controversy. The latter might just play a role into Rosen’s draft position, especially with the context of him coming to New York as the second pick and having to deal with the infamous media.

Josh Allen

There was a time when I was a big supporter of Josh Allen being a first round draft pick. But Allen’s last season wasn’t as impressive as the one before that, and his accuracy hasn’t improved enough to warrant him being more than a project quarterback that gets stashed behind a more experienced starter. I don’t mean someone that sits for one or two years and then starts, either. In my opinion, he could be a Case Keenum type of player that gets forgotten about for awhile before showing up somewhere and finding a starting job to the surprise of everybody.

However, Allen is one of the top prospects this year and whoever takes him will likely give him game time before he’s ready. I’m going to compare him to former Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman, who was another guy taken in the first round because of having a large frame and arm strength while lacking some of the other necessary skills to have success in the NFL. Note that Freeman didn’t wash out of the league immediately, and had a starting run for a few years with the Bucs.

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Allen won’t be an immediate bust either, but I think he’ll be considered a bust because of being drafted in the first round and under performing, and that’s another similarity to Freeman. If the Giants take him with the second pick or trade down and take him later in the first round, the expectations will be far higher than they were in Tampa for Freeman.

Baker Mayfield

I’m going to take a bit of a reach here and compare Mayfield to Steve Young. He can beat defenses with both his legs and his arm, and both players come from college offenses that are distinctly different from the pro style ones run in the NFL. Despite Mayfield’s small size compared to other NFL quarterbacks, he also throws on the run well and doesn’t need to stay in the pocket to make plays.

His skill outside of the pocket could be particularly relevant to the Giants, if the addition of Nate Solder doesn’t immediately improve the passing protection by much. Of course, good scramblers like Young know when to stay in the pocket and when to tuck and run, and part of Mayfield’s development will involve knowing when to settle down and check down on his receivers instead of trying to make plays on his own.

Like Young, Mayfield could also end up sitting behind a more experienced QB like Eli Manning for a year or two, before becoming a starter and surprising everybody with how good he is.

New York Mets Injury Report

Three games into the season and the New York Mets already have their first injury in the regular season.

The Mets scratched Brandon Nimmo (flu) from Sunday’s lineup because of his flu like symptoms. Juan Lagares got the start and some rest/medicine should take care of the sickness. This is not the worst injury but it qualifies since it kept him from being in the lineup.

The Latest Mets Injury

Anthony Swarzak (oblique) suffered the injury Saturday and was evaluated on Sunday. On Monday he underwent more test and an MRI. It is a little surprising the Mets have not put Swarzak on the 10-day disabled list so they do not have to play with 24 players. The 10-day DL was created so teams did not have to lose a player for two weeks if they did not need to. Once the MRI results comeback, the Mets will likely make their decision then.

Michael Conforto (shoulder) is moving ahead of schedule from his injury and could be activated on Thursday. Conforto faced Jason Vargas in a simulated game Monday will start to workout with the team this week. The Mets start their first series with Washington Nationals Thursday and with minor league spring training over, he will likely join the team at that point.

The aforementioned Jason Vargas (right hand) threw a bullpen session over the weekend and pitched in a simulated game Monday. He still is not able to catch with his glove hand yet which does not allow the team to give a set date for his return. Vargas is still building up his stamina as well, so a mid-April return should be in the works for the veteran left-hander.

Dominic Smith (quad) started the season on the 10-day DL and headed to Las Vegas to start the season at Triple-A. The road back to the big leagues for Smith has grown longer since Spring Training started. Hopefully, he can right himself because the Mets have high hopes in him.

Rafael Montero (right elbow), David Wright (back and shoulder) and T.J. Rivera (right elbow) all remain on the shelf and currently have no timetable to return. There has been no further news on their recoveries.