New York Giants: A Great Rebuild Opportunity (Opinion)

Dave Gettleman, the New York Giants’ General Manager, holds the franchise’s future in his hands.  He has a great rebuilding opportunity that starts with the 2nd overall selection in the 2018 NFL draft. Blow it and the Giants are doomed.

Take a quarterback to replace Eli Manning?

Why do that? Isn’t Eli several years younger than Tom Brady? Eli has been less injured than Brady.  If the gold standard of the NFL, the New England Patriots, can trade away Brady’s successor to the 49ers, we are in no hurry.  Another problem is that there is only one, count them, one quarterback worthy of a top five selection and that is Sam Darnold.  For the purposes of this article, let us assume Darnold is gone.  Do not take the second best quarterback.  There is no Carson Wentz available this year once Darnold is off the board.

Trade the 2nd overall pick?

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This is the dream scenario for the Giants given the state of the salary cap and roster that Jerry Reese left the team. The team has needs at offensive line, running back, linebacker, defensive line and cornerback. I am pretty sure that Saquon Barkley as special as he is, can’t fill all of those holes himself.

This team is not a star running back away from a super bowl. The dream scenario for the Giants would be to trade down to the fifth pick. Denver would need to cough up the 5th pick and their first round 2019 pick. This is very reasonable for them and not dissimilar to what the Giants gave up to acquire Eli Manning.

In this scenario, the draft goes QB, QB, QB, and then Barkley. Why? I said there was only one quarterback worthy of top 5 selection.  This is true, but in an NFL starved league where you can’t win with guys like McCown who are starters at age 38, desperation takes hold and the best player available becomes moot.

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Trade the 5th overall pick?

Same scenario as before.  In the game of musical chairs, there are four top quarterbacks available.  The Bills and Cardinals will still need a quarterback. Rosen, Mayfield or Allen will still be available at five assuming that the Browns don’t trade the pick.  Do the Browns need more picks?  All they have been doing is picking.

I believe they will use the pick on Barkley.  Now, the Giants can demand from the Bills the 12th, 22nd pick this year and their 2019 first round pick next year.  I don’t care what the draft value chart says. The Bills are desperate for a quarterback.

In this scenario, the Giants would have two first round picks in 2018 and three first round picks in 2019. This would allow for a proper rebuild with an infusion of five total first round picks in the next two drafts. Moreover, should the Giants, Broncos or Bills falter in 2018, the Giants might be able to find their quarterback next year, after having the current incoming management team make a proper assessment of Davis Webb.

Select a non Quarterback at 2?

Is Barkley, Nelson or Chubb worth four extra first round selections as in my double trade down scenario?  The answer is a resounding no!!  The desperation of the NFL for quarterbacks must be cashed right now.


New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Prepared To Hold Out Amid Contract Negotiations

The New York Giants have a contract situation on their hands, and it revolves around star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Just a few months ago, Beckham Jr. made it clear that he wouldn’t engage in any hold-outs or take time away from the field to force a contract extension. I mean, after all, the guy has proved his worth on the field, but the better questions is: Can he prove it off the field?

According to NFL reporter Ian Rapaport, the Giants’ receiver will force his way into big money:

Negative publicity has surrounded the athlete in recent weeks, putting him between a rock and a hard place. His antics on the field have been well documented, and things are now starting to appear off the field as well. For the owner of a franchise to invest top dollar into a player, they have to ensure he won’t bring the franchise down with him due to silly behavioral issues.

Co-owner of the Giants, John Mara, stated recently:

“I guess my response to that is I’m tired of answering questions about Odell’s behavior,” Mara said, per the New York Post. “He knows what’s expected of him, and now it’s up to him.”

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When asked about the affect of the video on OBJ’s mega-deal, Mara said:

“It wasn’t helpful.”

With the Giants and GM Dave Gettleman trying to change the culture in New York, Beckham Jr. is sure making his mark on their attempts. The last season’s New York Giants was thought to be a thing of the past, but inexcusable mistakes seem to be appearing from one player on the team, and that’s the star wide receiver.

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Beckham Jr. deserves a big-time contract, but he must show that he can be the face of the franchise and not put its image in jeopardy. Only then will he receive what he seeks.


When asked if OBJ would still be a Giant next season:

“I can’t answer that one way or the other,’’ Mara said. “We’re certainly not shopping him, if that’s what you’re asking. When you’re coming off a season when you’re 3-13 and played as poorly as we played, I wouldn’t say anybody’s untouchable.’’

In regard to the video of him appearing to be in the vicinity of illegal drugs:

“Angry? No, I mean, more disappointed than angry,’’ Mara said. “I think too often he allows himself to get put in bad situations and he needs to use a little better judgment.’’

New York Giants Sign Former Dolphins Safety And Defensive Captain

For the New York Giants, the anticipated culture change is still in full effect. GM Dave Gettleman has signed former Dolphins safety and defensive captain Michael Thomas.

Thomas is one of the league’s most active special teams, as he played more than 70% of the Dolphins’ special teams snaps in the past four-seasons. He also leads the NFL in special teams tackles during that time.

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Bringing back a quality special teams has been an essential part of the change in regime this offseason, as Big Blue has struggled greatly in recent years on kick-returns and significantly on punt-returns.

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Thomas is a high-class player that loves the game and goes 100% on every down. He fits the mold perfect for Gettleman, and adding a player that has a ‘voice’ in the locker room extends further than his on-the-field play.


Here’s A Package Deal That Could Land the New York Giants 2 Offensive Lineman

What’s the No. 1 ‘need’ on the New York Giants’ roster right now?

Hogmollies! And GM Dave Gettleman is keen on collecting as many as possible. So, how can the Giants secure two quality and potential day-one starters at the position in the draft?

Big Blue already holds the No. 34 pick in the draft, putting them in prime position to grab UTEP guard Will Hernandez. The stud offensive lineman recorded 37 reps on the bench press at the NFL combine and is one of the strongest available at his position.

“Team sources say that Hernandez has interviewed well with teams. If Hernandez was taller with longer arms, a little quicker, and a little more athletic, he would be a sure-fire first-round pick. As it stands, he is likely to go in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. ”

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Grabbing a man that can dig his hands into a defensive tackle’s frame and stop them in their tracks is essential. The strength Hernandez possesses is unparalleled. He would be an immediate upgrade for the Giants at guard, where they currently have John Jerry and Patrick Omameh.

The package deal:

For the Giants, addressing the offensive line should be the priority in rounds 2-3. They recently received an additional third-round pick from the Jason Pierre-Paul to Tampa Bay trade.

With the Giants now acquiring the No. 69 and No. 66 picks in the third-round, they could potentially package those picks to move up into the second round.

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What players would be available that may entice Gettleman and the Giants?

1.) Isaiah Wynn

Wynn was a tempered run blocker for the Bulldogs last season. His fierce mentality and aggressive nature is exactly what you’re looking for in an offensive lineman. He’s on the shorter side at 6-foot-2, but his strength and bullish attitude raises his stock.

The Georgia product is projected to be a guard or center in the NFL, which could be a good haul for the Giants. Grabbing Hernandez and Wynn would plug in two quality guards, or they can keep Omameh at left guard and plug Wynn in at center. Brett Jones can once again be utilized as a quality depth player.

2.) Orlando Brown

Moving up into the second could also give the Giants a shot at Oklahoma lineman Orlando Brown. Despite the fact that he had one of the worst combines in history, he has the tools to develop into a quality tackle. He’s eerily reminiscent of Ereck Flowers, so this time around the Giants can’t botch the investment.

Brown is projected to be either a guard or right tackle. New York would be smart to take a flier on him and develop his physical abilities to eventually plug him in at right tackle. Flowers was rushed into playing time far too quickly, and they can’t rush the process if they were to grab brown.

The final haul:

Acquiring Will Hernandez and either Wynn or Brown would immediately upgrade the offensive line and set them up nicely for the future. They would still have several holes on both sides of the ball, but ensuring that the trenches are addressed is a big plus for a team that has struggled to build a solid offensive line in recent years.


New York Giants Draft Profile: OL Isaiah Wynn

The New York Giants and Dave Gettleman have made it a point to address the offensive line this offseason, and they have been quite successful in doing so. They signed Nate Solder to play left tackle (the position Jerry Reese forget existed) and Patrick Omameh who started 13 games for  the Jaguars last season.

Even with these two acquisitions there are still some holes on the offensive line that need to be addressed. The Giants will have that opportunity beginning April 26th with the NFL Draft.

One player that the Giants will be keeping a close eye on is Isaiah Wynn from The University of Georgia. He is just the type of versatile offensive lineman the Giants would love to get their hands on and he may just be available for them with their first pick in the second round.


Wynn is a physical blocker with a mean streak. He has heavy hands, stays connected to his blocks and almost always finishes. He is an excellent run blocker due to his ability to get off the ball quickly and he is also a reliable pass protector.

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Wynn is a disciplined blocker with good footwork and great technique. He is versatile, as he has experience at guard, which is where he started most of his sophomore and junior seasons before moving to left tackle his Senior season.

The Bulldogs were 19 and 2 when Wynn started at left tackle. He is an intelligent player who has had experience playing against NFL level talent.

The NFL draft is approaching and the New York Giants can go several different directions. You don’t want to miss out on any BREAKING news! Sign up for FREE here.


He is undersized for an NFL offensive lineman. Wynn stands 6’3” and weights 313 lbs and his arms are on the shorter side at 33 ⅜”. At times there was a lack of patience  and he chased blocks instead of standing his ground and letting defenders come to him.


Isaiah Wynn is the type of prospect that can slide in and start right away. He has experience at both guard and tackle. Some scouts think there is even a possibility that he can be an effective center as well.

During his Senior year he did not allow a single quarterback hit and only gave up 3 hurries. Pretty impressive numbers, especially considering he played in the SEC. His numbers stack up pretty well in comparison to Notre Dame guard Quentin Nelson.

According to Pro Football Focus, Nelson has a run blocking grade of 96.4, a pass blocking grade of 87.5 and an overall grade of 95.1. Wynn was not far behind with a run blocking grade of 88.6, pass blocking grade of 85.5 and an overall grade of 88. If Wynn falls to the 2nd round the Giants should not hesitate in drafting him. He would be a great asset to a rebuilt offensive line.

New York Yankees Player Preview: Jonathan Holder

Jonathan Holder is the youngest guy in the New York Yankees’ bullpen. He has shown over the past two seasons that he has the potential to be a dominate reliever in the major leagues. Holder is a nice player to have in the bullpen as he is young and can definitely handle pressure situations. Holder has the benefit of being in a bullpen with a lot of veterans who can be valuable teachers to him .

Holder’s numbers last season:

3.89 ERA, 40 K, 8 BB, 2 SV


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Holder attended Gulfport High School in Gulport, Mississippi where he was born. Holder enrolled at Mississippi State University where he was a star reliever for the bulldogs. Holder in his career at Mississippi 11-2, had a 1.59 ERA, 191 K and 37 SV. His 37 saves are a school record. Holder was selected by the Yankees in the 6th round of the 2014 draft.

Yankees Reliever:

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Holder was promoted quickly through the Yankees minor leagues. He made his debut in 2016 with the Yankees on September 2. Holder pitched in eight games in the 2016 season.

Holder was called up on July 8th last season and was moved back and forth between Scranton and the Yankees.

2018 Season Outlook

Holder beat out Domingo German for the final spot in the bullpen for the the Yankees opening day roster. He acquires a fastball, cutter, curve and changeup that he uses to get batters out. He will probably be moved back and forth again between Scranton ,but if he is dominate he might make it hard for the Yankees to send him back down.

New York Mets 40-Man Roster Overview: Paul Sewald

Paul Sewald, the 27-year old reliever, will likely be one of the last few relievers to make the New York Mets roster. He had an up and down rookie season with the Mets and will try to look for more consistency in the 2018 season.

Sewald Has Been A Lifelong Met:

The  Mets drafted Sewald in the 10th round of the 2012 MLB Draft from the University of San Diego. The Mets Sewald sent to the Brooklyn Cyclones and excelled in his first year of professional baseball. He had a 1.88 ERA and only walked two batters in 28.2 innings.

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He earned a promotion to the Savannah Sand Gnats in 2013 and was just as strong with a 1.77 ERA and picked up eight saves. His control was something that made him stand out, only walking seven batters in 56 innings. Outside of 4.1 innings with the Binghamton Mets, Sewald played with the St. Lucie Mets in 2014 and 1.92 ERA with 11 saves.

Sewald continued to dominate with the B-Mets the next year with a 1.75 ERA and 24 saves which earned him and Eastern League All-Star selection. 2016 was his last full year in the minors and he spent it with the Las Vegas 51s. His ERA rose to 3.29, as most do, but the Mets still had plans for Sewald’s future with the organization.

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Sewald’s Mets Debut:

In 2017, the  Mets called-up and sent down Sewald a couple of times in April but spend the rest of the year with the Mets. From May through September, Sewald would have a good then a bad month. He never found the consistency that he was able to show in the minor leagues. He finished the 2017 season with a 4.55 ERA but pitched 65.1 innings out of the bullpen.

Sewald has had a solid Spring Training with a 3.75 ERA in the 12 innings he has pitched. Sewald is likely going to be a middle reliever this season potentially is an underrated reliever for the Mets. The fans and organization seem to think highly of Sewald because they did not trade him for Cleveland Indians second baseman, Jason Kipnis. Fans around the league should not be surprised if he has a breakout season in 2018.